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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Angie find proof that David been behind changing the prescription labels on the pills that had been given to Adam. Amanda interrupts Angie and Jake. Jake questions Amanda as to what she is doing here. Liza tells Jesse to let her explain. Jesse tells her that he bets she can. Liza tells Jesse that she had seen Kendall on the patio with a gun. Kendall tells Ryan that Zach had told her to stay away from him. Ryan lets her know that Zach is trying to protect her. In the courtroom, Zach tells the judge that he had waived his right to an attorney. Kendall steps up and tells the judge that she is his lawyer. Zach denies Kendall being his lawyer. The judge orders Kendall to sit down. Jake tells Amanda what David had done to Adam. Krystal tells David that Angie had proof that David had switched the labels on the prescription bottles. David assures her that he had a plan. Zach pleads guilty to murder. Kendall tells J.R. that Zach confessed to murder. David, Angie, Jake and Gayle appear before the ethics committee.

Scott points out to J.R. all the things that had gone wrong because of the heart valve and that Scott intended on burying the heart valve with his father. Jesse questions Ryan about his involvement with Kendall the night that Stuart was murdered. As a result of Ryan’s testimony, Jesse arrests Ryan for obstruction of justice. Kendall meets up with Liza in the corridor and offers her her sympathy in the death of Stuart. Marian and Liza offer each other support in the death of Stuart. Marissa comes back to see Krystal and decides to give Krystal and David one more chance. Gayle takes the blame in changing the prescription labels because she loved David. Dr. Polansky relieves Gayle of her duties. David gives Gayle a very large payoff for her testimony. Jesse questions Kendall. Ryan visits Zach and tells him that Jesse has a witness.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Paul pleads with Rosanna to let him and Eliza stay at the Co-op farm for a few days until he can figure out what to do. Rosanna refuses at first because she doesn't want Paul to ruin her peaceful life. Rosanna changes her mind later because of Eliza. Rosanna talks to the Co Op committee and persuades then to allow Paul to stay for a few days. Edna one of the members of the Co-op doesn't like Paul but in the end the committee a favor for Rosanna. Paul agrees to pay for everything he uses and is happy to have a place to think and rest for a few days. Paul promises Rosanna that he won't cause any trouble for the co-op. Rosanna hides Paul from Len the cop who she occasionally dates even though she can't understand why she is helping Paul.

Allison's celebration dinner is ruined when he father Larry arrives and asks for a chance to make amends. Allison tells Larry that she doesn't ever want to see him again and runs off crying. Hunter apologizes to Allison for bringing Larry there and she tells him that he didn't know about the tense relationship between her and her father. Casey makes it clear to Hunter that he should stop trying to score points with Allison because she already has a boyfriend who loves her and will be their to help her when she needs him. Hunter gives Larry directions to Casey's house because he wants one more chance to talk to her. Larry admits to Allison that he has made mistakes but he has always loved her . Larry tells Allison he has always wanted to be a part of her life but as the years passed he got scared she would reject him. Allison realizes that she no longer needs her father's approval and after he leaves she decides the time is right for she and Casey to make love and since Tom and Margo will be gone all night Casey and Allison make love in Casey's room.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna calls Stephanie the Queen of Melodrama. All that indignity to her children…..a day of reckoning…..is Stephanie going to swoop down from the Heavens and smite them with her mighty sword? She gloats that Eric trusts the Logan’s. They are on the inside and Stephanie is now on the outside. They are going to survive and run the company no matter what Stephanie does. Stephanie tells Donna that she has nothing to fear then if she isn’t going to take her seriously. She states that Donna is too dumb to even know when trouble is staring her in the face. Jackie is in a bubbly mood due to Owen helping her download some music for her new gadget, the I-Pod. She’s ecstatic when talking to Nick that Katie is taking the break-up so well. Now Nick doesn’t have to have a guilty conscious. He says that it is embarrassing that she has to pay for sex. He doesn’t want to hear all her sexy details. He just wants to say that he thinks Owen is using her. He went from stock boy to Chief Of Staff. She remarks they are only living for the moment, but boy does it feel so good. For the first time in a long time she is happy and it’s all because of Owen. Likewise Bridget tells Owen that she is shocked that he has hooked up with Jackie. So he likes sleeping his way to the top. He claims he likes his work and the promotion was just a fringe benefit. He likes it when Jackie beckons and he comes running.

Eric fumes that Bill is devaluing the company so he can swoop in and buy it for a bargain basement price. Donna reminds him to calm down. Ridge offers that with all the in-fighting it was only a matter of time before the company would be compromised. They’ve made mistakes and had problems before, but getting rid of his mother was the biggest mistake of them all. Eric tells Ridge about Stephanie’s blackmail offer. Stephanie speaks with Bill and he doesn’t want to hear of her pulling out of their agreement. No, quite the contrary, she is ready for her next Logan Chronicle and web cast. Eric refused her offer. Bill says he will bring Eric to his knees. He will buy at a lower price and sell for a profit. She wants to buy the company when that happens and put the focus and control of that company back in the hands of her children. Jackie hugs Bridget. She is so happy that she and Nick are back together. Bridget tells her they are going to take is slow this time and do it right. Jackie claims that Nick will come around too about her and Owen. However, Nick calls Owen into his office and tells him that he doesn’t like what is going on. Men like him come with a price tag. He’d like to know what it’s going to take to get him out of his mother’s life. Owen says he doesn’t understand. He genuinely likes Nick’s mother and he will stay here as long as she wants him around. Nick scowls and says he will be watching him. Ridge tells Eric that he has to face it….. the company is in serious trouble. Stephanie fills Bill in on her company history, her children’s legacy, and she will not allow it to collapse. She is very determined and Eric may not realize that. If she can get control of the company, she thinks she and her children can push the Logan’s out. Bill says Eric was a fool to think he could dump all over Stephanie. Now he’s going to learn his lesson. Bill calls Eric and says that he is going to be a sport. He will now offer $80 million. Eric tells him no way. Bill says just wait until he sees the next copy of the Chronicles. Stephanie smiles and tells Bill that they will just have to wear Eric down. Between the two of them, Eric won’t have a chance. Donna comforts Eric and reminds him that Stephanie is just trying to get her family and she is hurting the entire company instead. Stephanie leaves a message for Ridge and he joins her for lunch at Giardino’s. She needs his help. His dad has lost his way and she’d like to get the company back. He does not want to have this conversation. She cites Eric’s fantasy to have his entire family, both sides, working together. He reminds her that he’d like to strangle Rick too, but when all is said and done that he is still Brooke’s son. She knows he does not want to hear this, but he needs to get Brooke out of his life. His future is with Taylor. He needs to come with her and she can get control of the company. It’s for his children and for their children. They need to push the Logan’s out and that means Brooke must go. That is just the way it is.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nicole tries to get EJ not to go to the police about Stephanie, saying that he will go to prison, and that she and his daughter need him. Bo arrests EJ for assaulting Phillip, and tells him things will go easier on him if he helps them to find Stephanie. Bo threatens that if he doesn’t, he’ll be brought up on kidnapping charges. EJ agrees to cooperate. Stefano wakes up and the two have a brief reunion before EJ is taken to jail. Stefano tells Nicole a curious story about his phoenix ring, and how it makes him indestructible. Brady hunts for Phillip while Victor maintains that he is out of town. Bo and Victor get into it, and Victor accuses Bo of being ashamed of him. Bo admits he is glad Victor didn’t raise him. Later, Victor disowns Brady and throws him out of the mansion. While Phillip ducks the police, Melanie talks to him about Stephanie’s earring, and the strange behavior of Owen. Phillip and she decide that Owen must be behind the kidnapping and work on getting more information about him. They find out his father owns a mortuary and head over there to talk to him. Owen overhears Phillip threatening to kill him and sneaks out of the Kiriakis mansion. He finds Stephanie unconscious in the morgue drawer. After reviving her, he takes out a gun and tells her that everyone is on to them, and that they can’t run away together as planned. Horrified, she watches as he cries and apologizes, waving the gun around.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Robin calls Patrick and says she’s completed her treatment. Robin suggests the two meet at a restaurant to discuss things before she returns home. Patrick says Robin is the center of his and Emma’s world. Michael says he wants to live with Sonny. Edward, Sonny, and Carly argue. Michael has an outburst and asks everyone to leave his room. Jason arrives and asks everyone to leave. Michael later tells Jason that he couldn’t control his anger. Michael and Jason seem to bond over their respective brain injuries. Jason calls on Monica and she promises to handle Edward. Sonny worries that having Michael at home will be too difficult for Carly to handle. Michael is resentful when Carly says he (Michael) will be living with her and Jax. Holly claims Ethan is her son with Robert Scorpio. She says she “used” Ethan to manipulate Luke. Ethan is angry with Holly for using him as a “pawn” to get to Luke. Olivia shows up at the garage and interrupts a conversation between Maxie and Johnny. Spinelli tells Lulu about Johnny and Olivia. Lulu goes after Ethan when he leaves the casino upset. Holly tells Luke she’s unhappy with the way she handled things with Ethan. Robin goes home to see Emma.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Shayne and Dinah are alone. Shayne says, "Henry is with Mallet and Marina, where he belongs." Blake corners Daisy. James is at Towers looking for his parents. Phillip asks him to sit down and listen to them. Beth tells James that Phillip got Bill and Lizzie out of town so that she and Phillip can work on cleaning up James' mess without them knowing. Mallet and Marina get good health news about Henry from the doctor. Beth wants answers from James. He says it wasn't meant to hurt Bill or Lizzie. James is upset that he hasn't gotten what he wanted. Phillip apologizes for not being there. He says the money is being wired. James will have to pay it back to Phillip. Lizzie and Bill enjoy a moment alone in bed. Daisy joins James, Phillip and Beth for lunch and talk. Daisy shows them a picture and surprises Beth. Someone slugs Bill in the jaw. Shayne and Dinah are at Company having a meal when Mallet and Marina along with Henry come in. Mallet is excited about the news of Henry's health and orders drinks all around. Marina is startled to see Shayne there with Dinah. Lizzie spots a patrol cop and wants to report that someone hit Bill. The patrol cop doesn't do anything. Phillip is on the phone telling the person on the other end not to do anything, that he'd take care of it. James kids with Daisy about the picture. At a police station, Bill and Lizzie are waiting for info on the guy who hit Bill. They are about to leave the police station and a the cop says, "Not so fast." Marina and Shayne are talking about Henry. Marina thanks Shayne again for what he did. She says it is up to her to tell Mallet. Shayne says, "I won't." Dinah is talking to Mallet about Henry and other things. Mallet and Dinah agree not to dwell in the past. When Marina and Shayne walk back to the table where Dinah and Mallet are, they toast. Mallet and Marina are home and thankful. At the police station where Lizzie and Bill are, an agent from the Securities and Exchange Commission finds Bill. Phillip is on the phone when Alan overhears him talk abut paying it all back.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Now that Jessica is recalling that her baby died, Bess has come out to protect her. She drives with baby Chloe and a plan, ready to hide and protect her situation. Yet, Tess comes out and tells her that it won't work. Tess urges Bess to let Jessica know the truth and return Chloe to her real family and a real life. Natalie and Jared announce that they have secretly gotten married and eloped. Todd is waiting to find out what will happen to Tea after she's in critical condition from the explosion. Blair is with him and they have hope now that they know their grandchild is alive. Kyle Lewis is ready to go to jail for aiding and abetting Rebecca and Powell. But he gets Stacy to bail him out by threatening to tell Rex her secret. She knows how to get the money because it appears she stole it from the casino she worked in Vega. Meanwhile, Schuyler Joplin goes to visit Gigi and tells her he knows that Stacy blackmailed Gigi by forcing Gigi and Rex apart in order to get the stem cells to save Shane's life. And he informs her that he is almost certain that Stacy falsified the stem cells as hers to save Shane when they are not hers after all. And he's ready to prove it.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Olivia and Victor comfort Ashley after her bad dream. Victor and Olivia encourage Ashley to try to remember her dream, but Ashley cannot remember. Adam watches them via his webcam and tells Ashley to remember her dream so that he can make it come true. Gloria and Jeff arrive back at Crimson Lights. They are distraught over them losing all their money. Jeff and Gloria also realize that they have no place to live. Jeff encourages Gloria to sell her diamonds, but Gloria refuses. At the Chancellor mansion, Mac walks around the pool when Raul comes out to join her. Chloe walks out to join them and lets them know that she had left Billy. At the Abbott house, Jack swallows down the last swallow of his drink when there is a knock on the door. It is Jill, who has a business proposition for Jack. Jack refuses Jill’s offer and puts her out. Raul asks Mac to go home with him to Washington, D.C., but Mac refuses. Mac offers her sympathy to Chloe for what is going on between Chloe and Billy, but Chloe refuses to accept Mac’s sympathy. Jill pays Billy a visit and finds out that Chloe and Delia are gone. Jill tells Billy that he has to decide whether he wants in or out of this marriage. Ashley receives a visit from her dead father. Adam watches.

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