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AMC Recap Written by Mary

ABC aired the February 16, 2009 episode, when Kendall’s car forced Greenlee off of the road and Bianca and Reese exchanged marriage vows.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Allison is informed that she will be getting the most improve student award when she graduates from the nursing program. Casey is so proud of her he throws her a surprise dinner at the Lakeview with her family. Casey also buys Alison a new dress for the dinner. Hunter overhears about the dinner and tracks down Allison's dad Larry McDermott and invites him to the dinner. Emily is very upset with Hunter for doing this and explains to him that Larry has never really been a father to Allison. Hunter is embarrassed that he misunderstood things and goes to the Lakeview to try and stop Larry before he sees Allison. Larry arrives and asks Allison if he can give her a hug and she refuses to give him a hug.

Barbara goes to meet Paul hoping to persuade him to bring Eliza home but Lisa overhears she is going to the airport and informs Meg and Damien who follow Barbara. Paul spots Meg and Damien at the meeting place and despite all of Barbara's attempts to persuade Paul that she didn't say a word to Meg and Damien Paul tells Barbara that she betrayed him and she will never see him again. Barbara yells at Meg and Damian for ruining her attempt to persuade Paul to bring Eliza home. Barbara also decides to have a talk with Lisa about her spying for Meg and Damian. Paul tells Rosanna that he and Meg are divorced and he couldn't bare it if the court took away Eliza which he says is his only reason for living. Paul asks Rosanna to allow him to stay at the Co-op while he figures out his next step. Rosanna refuses to allow Paul to stay because she thinks that Paul should take the baby back home to Oakdale. Rosanna is also afraid that Paul will complicate her simple life at the co-op farm.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna talks to Katie on the phone to see how she is now that she and Nick have broken up. Bill calls Donna and inquires if she is thinking about him as he is definitely thinking about her. Pam overhears just a bit of Donna’s conversation. Stephanie barges into Bill’s office and asks if he is using her. He states that is just what her ex-husband told her. She once called it a whore house over there, so don’t go soft on him now. She’d asked him for an outlet for her opinions and information, but she did not expect him to try to buy Forrester’s. Eric vents to his lawyer that he wants to stop Bill Spencer from spewing all this garbage. Donna steps in and tells him about last night. Perhaps Bill is not quite as bad as they thought. There might be a shred of decency in him after all. Sheepishly, Katie tells Nick and Bridget that she is sorry that she wasn’t more honest with them months ago. She knows they still love each other and belong together. She hopes they can forgive her. Bridget says she already has. Nick smiles at their hugging and bonding. Katie also goes to see Bill and wants to apologize for anything she said or did last night that she doesn’t remember.

Katie tells Bill that she intends to spend all her time fighting these assaults of his. She pours his little headache concoction right into the trashcan. Stephanie tells Eric and Donna that Bill is trying to drive down the price of the company. She thinks she can stop Bill if they want her to. She has a list of four conditions. Bottom line, she wants Ridge back as president, Rick never working there again and Eric must make a new will. He can divide up his assets as he wants, but 100% of FC must go to Ridge, Thorne and Felicia. That’s it, take it or leave it! Donna tells Stephanie that she is blaming the Logan’s, but Stephanie is the one who is destroying the company. She is hurting her own family. Her efforts to get rid of the Logan girls has failed. Donna is married to Eric and Brooke is married to Ridge. Stephanie smiles and assures her that day of reckoning will come.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Lucas and Daniel both have disturbing dreams about Chloe. Daniel decides to take a leave of absence from the hospital and leave town, but changes his mind. Chloe runs into him and confides that she isn’t happy with Lucas. She also worries that Lucas may be close to figuring out the truth about their affair. Lucas confides in Maggie, saying he fears Kate and Chloe are keeping something from him. He begins to have flashes of Maggie talking to him about the affair the night he got drunk. Owen tells EJ that he refuses to hand Stephanie over to him. Phillip and EJ meet at the pier, but get into a fight when Phillip realizes EJ doesn’t have Stephanie. Thanks to Brady, Bo is able to get to the pier and arrest EJ. Phillip gets away, and Stefano is taken to the hospital. Owen tells Stephanie that he wants the two of them to run away together and locks her back into the morgue drawer even though she pretends to agree to his plan, saying she needs her clothes from the mansion first. Owen heads over there. He almost runs into Phillip, who’s looking for Victor. Melanie comes in, having talked to Brady about the earring and having learned of Stephanie’s disappearance. She tells Phillip all she knows, saying the only person she saw around the mansion that night was Owen. EJ visits with Stefano in the hospital, but he flat lines shortly after he arrives.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Today GH reran the April 4, 2008 episode of Michael’s shooting.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Mallet questions Reva about seeing Edmund. She tells him that the first time he asked about Edmund that he didn't ask if she saw him. Christina wants Buzz to help her surprise Remy at work with his favorite from Company, he refuses. At a bar, Dinah and Remy are having drinks. Remy ask Dinah if she is ok. She says, "Call me in an hour and I'll tell ya." Shayne wants to talk to Marina, but she thinks it is about the investigation. He say, "It isn't." That it is about Henry. Marina says, "That if they could find his biological parent.." Shayne interrupts her and say, "I am Henry's biological father." She is shocked. After questioning Reva, Mallet lets her go with Jeffrey. Christina doesn't understand why Buzz won't help her. He says Remy isn't working where she thinks. Remy shows Dinah the bag of diamonds he found near Edmond's body. She says they are real. He gets excited. She questions him. before leaving Remy at a table. Dinah pats his hand. Shayne tells Marina that Dinah know all and helped. Shayne says he didn't know and that Dinah found out. Marina angry says, "He's my son!" Shayne tries to calm her down. She gets up and goes to Henry's stroller, she says, " My son has a very important doctor's appointment he can't miss." She leaves after Buzz gives up stopping her. At Reva's and Jeffrey's, Jeffrey questions Reva. Jeffrey says to Reva that she told 2 stories. One to him, one to Mallet. Reva says, " I did not kill Edmund, believe me!" Jeffrey says, "In all my years in court I have never seen anything like this." Reva tells Jeffrey to trust her. Christina corner's Remy about being laid off. That he can trust her. Mallet sees Dinah at the Mart and she is getting baby things. He ask her in a kidding way if she is pregnant. She says, " No, just getting thing for a friend. She doesn't say who. They talk about Edmund loosing a child. Dinah says, " Everything is going to be fine." At the hospital, Dinah gets paranoid and blames Shayne for following her. He says he is here for a friend. Back at Reva and Jeffrey's, he says he trusts her. He says he knows Reva would do anything to protect them. He'd do the same. Reva says the same. They kiss. Mallet is on the phone with a Coroner. The Coroner says, " Pieces of plastic are in his (Edmund's) skull." Christina and Remy go to Company to tell Buzz about Remy's job of coming back to the force. Mallet comes in Company and Remy tells him also. Mallet is thrilled. Buzz asks about Little Henry. Mallet says he is at Cedars. Back at Cedars Marina is still reeling from learning the truth about Little Henry's paternity. Shayne tells her, " If Dinah hadn't gotten the test results and told him, he wouldn't have known. All he wants to do is give him his blood. Shayne mentions when he was a kid and Reva and Josh divorced he always wanted the other to be there to help him. Marina takes that the wrong way and thinks that Shayne wants her to divorce Mallet. Shayne say, "No that is not what he meant. That he just wants to be there for Henry when they need him." Back at Jeffrey and Reva's, Jeffrey wants to make love with Reva, but she hesitates worried about the baby. Jeffrey assures her that he has the baby monitor set up. Reva goes for the liquor. Jeffrey reminds her that she can't drink that yet. Reva says it is ok. At Company talking about Remy's return to the force, Christina says, "They know he is good. That is obvious since they wanted him back on the force. Mallet shows up at Cedars. Marina doesn't tell him of her conversation with Shayne.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Today OLTL reran the episode of Cole and Matthew’s car accident from March 9, 2009.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Victor visits Adam in his bedroom and asks Adam to talk to Ashley to maybe seeing a psychiatrist. Adam suggests that he would be spying on Ashley for Victor. Cane arranges a surprise for Lily to be brought up with dinner. Lily walks in and questions him if he is already keeping secrets from her. Cane tells Lily that he has a surprise for her. Lily admits that she has a few surprises of her own now. At the Chancellor mansion, Kay tells her grandson how much she had missed him. Nina gives Kay something that her grandson had wanted her to have today so he’d be thinking of her, too. Sharon tells Jack that she had had a conversation with someone that she would like to share with Jack. Jack confronts Billy about him sleeping with Sharon. Billy confesses that he had slept with Sharon. Mac agrees to marry Raul. Sharon and Chloe barge in on Jack and Billy’s conversation. Jack confronts Sharon as to what she has to tell him.

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