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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Tad starts to dance in the corridor of the hospital with Gail when he suddenly collapses. Jake rushes to Tad’s side. In the corridor of the hospital, Colby tells Scott how sorry she is over the death of Stuart, but Scott doesn’t want to hear it. Jesse meets up with Liza in the corridor of the hospital. Jesse begins to question her as to where she was when Stuart was killed. Annie is brought into the police station and handcuffed to a chair just outside of Zach’s interrogation room. They hurl insulting remarks at each other. Kendall dreams, once again, of the night when Stuart was killed. She awakens with a start and finds Ryan looking at her. Kendall tells Ryan what had happened at the Chandler mansion. Ryan lets Kendall know that Annie had turned herself in. Liza tells Jesse a lie when it came to where she was the night that Stuart was killed. Zach meets with his lawyer and gives his statement.

Marian, in the Chandler living room, looks at the blood stain on the carpet and begins to cry. Scott walks in to comfort her. Adam demands to see Stuart. Liza tries to talk Colby into being her alibi for the night that Stuart was killed. Zach’s arraignment is today, but he doesn’t want Kendall there. Ryan visits Zach to let him know how the children are, but Zach tells Ryan not to let Kendall know that his arraignment is today. Kendall finds out from a nurse that Zach’s arraignment is today. Kendall arrives for Zach’s arraignment.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Vienna wakes up and finds out from Henry that it is 4:00. Henry suggests that they go out and get a bite to eat and some champagne. Vienna refuses. Vienna notices that Henry had packed up the baby things. Brad advises Katie that it will not help Henry and Vienna by her not eating. Katie wishes that there was some way that she could help Henry and Vienna. At the police station, Jack questions Carly about her being drunk and driving. Craig is there and interrupts Jack’s questioning of Carly. At home, Parker finds out that Janet is fixing dinner for him and Sage. Parker wonders where Carly is, but then he realizes that Carly is drunk again. Sage arrives home and questions Janet as to why she is here. Janet begs Parker not to say anything. Jack places Carly in lock-up. Katie visits Vienna to see if there is anything that she could do for her. Henry arrives at the studio and lets Brad know that he is suing the station, as well as, Katie.

Craig urges Carly to get help. Carly promises that she will go to a psychologist. Jack, Janet take Sage and Parker home with them to spend the night. Vienna forgives Katie for what had happened to the baby and invites her to the memorial service for the baby. Craig and Carly arrive home to find Sage and Parker gone and to the smell of fresh lasagna. Carly, immediately, wants to go and get her children at Jack’s. Vienna and Henry have a memorial service for the baby. Katie arrives with some balloons, but Henry goes ballistic and lashes out at Katie. Katie leaves. Katie goes home and tells Brad what had happened that Henry didn’t want her there. Carly talks Jack into letting her take Sage and Parker home. Jack agrees against his better judgment. Vienna wants to try to have another baby, but Henry refuses.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bridget is surprised to find that Jackie is the woman that Owen is interested in. Nick can’t believe this is the first time he’s hearing about it too. He wishes she had taken up knitting or cards like other grandmothers do. He chastises Owen for dating Bridget at the same time Owen was seeing his mother. Owen says he wasn’t engaged and he thought Jackie would get tired of him quickly. Jackie tells Nick for heaven sake’s say what he came to say to Bridget. Donna inquires of Eric if he is coming to bed, and he says he has plenty to think about so he will stay down in the living room as he is too upset to sleep. Bill Spencer really got to him. And then on top of that, the phone call he got was from two of their biggest boutiques that won’t be carrying the fall line. Bill smoothes Katie’s hair as he arranges her on the bed, even tucking a blanket over her. A lady at the door tells him that the young lady he was with left her purse at Café Russe. He looks for identification, and smiles when he realizes it is Katie Logan. Bridget is apprehensive, but allows Nick to bring her to his home. Bridget finds the letter and the engagement ring that Katie left and shows it to Nick. Katie thanks him but wants to do what he did for her by giving him his life back with Bridget. Bill calls Donna and she threatens to call the police if he doesn’t stop harassing her. When she realizes this involves Katie somehow, she grabs her purse and runs out of the house. Eric has invited Stephanie over and she laments that she did not think her little bit of success would upset him so. He states that her so-called success is allowing Bill to drive nails in this company’s coffin. She quips that he is spending too much time with his wife; she’s never known him to be so melodramatic. Eric says that she may think when it comes to Bill that she is in the driver’s seat, but she is not. Bill is using her. She tells him that she is looking at the one and only man who made his fortune off her back, but she does not hate him. He informs her they have just lost 35% of their Manhattan area retailers because her readers are boycotting three of his stores. If Bill has his way, all the others will be blockaded too. She says that isn’t Bill; that is karma. He comes back with that karma didn’t offer him $100 million. This internet business of hers is embarrassing herself, it’s disenfranchising her children and stealing her grandchildren’s legacy. Surely that isn’t what she wants.

Donna bursts into Bill's suite and demands to see Katie. She panics when she sees her comatose sister. She thinks Bill drugged her. He says Katie just tied one on. Katie cries that she broke up Nick’s marriage and she can not stand by and watch him be miserable. She dashes to the bathroom just in time. Bill quips to Donna that he has a way with women. Donna comes out of the bathroom and asks Bill if Katie can take a shower. She’ll need a plastic bag to put her soiled blouse in. She asks Bill to turn around so she can take off her own blouse for Katie to wear home. He doesn’t. He seats himself comfy in a chair and tells her to begin anytime. She changes her mind and Bill hands her a t-shirt for Katie to wear. He asks why she married Eric? She claims because she loved him. He says he loves the Mona Lisa too, but it’s old, just like Eric. She can’t believe he can be so ugly while also being so nice to her sister. She thanks him for taking such good care of her. If she is going to thank him, he wants her to start. He walks to her and without putting his hands on her, he kisses her. She’s left unsettled; Bill is enjoying this. Bridget is uneasy. She tells Nick that she can tell him that she loves him for the rest of her life, but the trust is the tough part. He knows they had it all and he was the one who screwed up. And he is hearing her standing here saying there is no way back for them. Nick apologizes for breaking that thing inside her called hope and for hurting her so badly. But he claims that he knows what he is going to do. He’s going to be the man that he promised her he can be….he’s going to raise his son and be an example to him. He’s going to show Bridget that he can be true and faithful. She says she should run right now. She knows it is not going to come back all at once. There will be days she needs proof. He quickly agrees and he will give her whatever she wants. She says just him being faithful will put her back home. He kisses her, then scoops her up to take her upstairs and says she is back home. He lays her back on the bed to make love and she begs him not to break her heart again.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Sami and Will argue about Rafe adopting Grace. He accuses her of lying. She later runs into Rafe and Arianna arguing at the pub about her. When she frets about lying to Will, Rafe tries to reassure her, telling her that she just needs to relax and lean on him for support. Will confides in Mia about Rafe adopting Grace and his suspicions about his mom. She helps him baby-sit Grace and wonders if her biological mother misses her. Victor and Phillip arrange for Stefano to be taken to the pier for the exchange with EJ for Stephanie. Brady overhears the two making plans, and when Phillip refuses to give him details, he calls Bo, saying he thinks something bad has happened to Stephanie. EJ finally gets in touch with Owen and arranges to meet him. Stephanie convinces Owen that EJ will kill her if he gets his hands on her. Later, Owen tells EJ there’s been a change of plans. Meanwhile, Stefano is fading fast.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Alexis let it be known that she still has reservations about Rebecca. Nik told Alexis that he and Rebecca aren't sleeping together. Lucky made it clear that he has no brotherly love for Ethan. Jason advised Carly to give Michael some space so he can warm up to her in time. Michael talked with Lulu and Edward about the Q mansion. Mike told Sonny that Edward is trying to convince Michael to move into the mansion. Sonny told Claudia about the hook up between Olivia and Johnny. Sonny warned Olivia that Johnny is unstable and a bad choice for her. Claudia told Olivia to stay away from Johnny. Before Spinelli could fill her in, Maxie overheard the commotion and confronted Johnny about his fling with Olivia. Maxie admitted she is attracted to Johnny. Tracy wondered if Luke will choose Holly over her if he's Ethan's dad. Ethan reminded Luke that Holly can't be trusted and Tracy is a loyal wife. Holly claimed that Ethan is her son with Robert Scorpio. Carly told Michael he would be coming back to live with her but Michael said he wants to live with Sonny instead.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Marina and Mallet share some morning time with Henry before Mallet has to go to the office. Olivia is at the park having a cup of coffee. Jeffrey is at home reading the front page of the morning's newspaper. Shayne wakes up from a dream startled. He tells Dinah about his dream. Dinah asks him about his dream and Shayne just leaves the room and house. Jeffery talks to Reva about the front page article on the death of Edmund. Mallet is looking at pictures of suspects. Shayne questions telling Marina and Mallet he is Henry's biological father. He talks this over with Dinah. The Mallet family enjoy time before Mallet heads out. Mallet and Marina also talk about the suspects. Shayne calls over to the Mallet's and Marina answers. The conversation is about Edmund. Marina tells Mallet about the call. Mallet hands over Henry to Marina and leaves the house for work. Remy and Christina are still talking about money. Remy says, "Miracles do happen." Remy gets a call on his cell from Mallet, who wants him to help him on the case because Remy was a least a witness to seeing the body. Olivia and Jeffrey talk about when Rafe comes home. Jeffrey thinks Olivia is scared to think that Rafe will take Olivia and Natalia's friendship the wrong way. Reva buts in. Mallet is in his care and has a picture of Reva leaning on his steering wheels looking at it. At the police station, Mallet is in the conference room looking at photos of suspects when a patrolman comes in with a package telling Mallet it is a video. That he should see. It is of Edmund. Shayne calls Reva about the memorial he is planning for Edmund. Reva jokes, "I hope you planned a football Stadium." Reva hangs up and tells Jeffrey and Olivia, who has just arrived what Shayne is doing. Olivia is looking a little scared. Josh runs into Shayne and Dinah outside at the pond. The Marina and Henry arrive. Dinah complements on how Henry looks health wise. Shayne makes a toast to life. Jeffrey, Reva and Olivia arrive. Jeffrey makes another toast. Shayne then makes a speech about who he thinks Edmund felt about him. They remember certain events like the burning barn that involved Edmund. Mallet, Remy and Christina arrive, Remy is unsure about pitting one of his friends as a murder. Mallet then suggests doing it as a audio lineup. They all view the video tape that Edmund made. On the video all Edmund talks about was being a prince and being call Prince Edmund of San Cristobal. And the change he went through with Lara's mother. After they view the video, Josh comments on what Edmund said about his daughter. That maybe he had changed. Reva says, "I hated the man". Reva goes on a rant about him dying and what it means to her. She scares Christina a little by the look Christina gives as Reva is talking. Reva, Jeffrey and Josh are alone. Reva remarks that Shayne still wanted to believe good in Edmund. Mallet and Marina head back home with Henry. Before they go, Shayne wishes her good luck at the doctor's with Henry. Dinah and Shayne then talk about how to tell Marina about his being Henry's biological father. He says he can't disrupt Marina's whole world. Olivia is on the phone with Natalia telling her that she and Rafe can count on her if they need anything. Mallet meets with Remy and Christina and the voice they say they heard was Reva's. Mallet is not happy and neither is Christina or Remy about it. Mallet stops Reva from leaving the park by telling her they need to talk. Shayne goes to see Marina to tell her that there is something that has been on his mind he has to tell her.......

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

As the truth comes out about baby Chloe's real identity, Jessica can sense there is something wrong even though nobody tells her. She has memories of giving birth and seems to know that Bess must come out to protect her. She turns into Bess and drives away with the baby. Her family and Brody try to find her. He demands that Viki and Clint tell him what secrets they are keeping from him about their daughter and protests that he loves Jessica. Viki then explains to him that they believe that Chloe is really Starr Manning's baby and Jessica has no clue that her baby died and that Bess swapped her for Starr's. Marty and John tell Blair what they believe. Blair is elated and knows her daughter will be also. But both she and Marty are not certain how to tell the kids knowing that it will devastate Jessica. Everybody is ok after the explosion except for Tea. She's in critical condition. Todd goes to see her and is worried. The cops get Kyle Lewis and grill him for information he may have about his sister and Powell Lord. He protests that he did not know that they would hurt a child nor that Powell is an escaped rapist. But he knows the secret about Chloe. He calls Stacy and tells her if she does not bail him out, he will expose her to Rex. Stacy is still scamming Rex and he has no clue what she is up to.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At the Chancellor mansion, Mac questions Raul as to what he is doing here. Raul explains everything to Mac. Billy interrupts. Neil commends Tyra on the excellent job that she had done. Devon walks into the room. Tyra questions Devon as to why he had been giving her the “cold shoulder.” Devon questions Tyra as to why she hadn’t told him that they weren’t related. Jana tells Kevin that she cannot wait to jump into Mrs. C’s pool. Wallace arrives. Wallace demands to know who had gotten Kevin and Amber out of their trouble with the law. Wallace hands Kevin a bundle of letters and e-mails from some very disgruntled men and women. Sharon tells Nick that she is pregnant and the baby could be Nick’s. Amber suggests to Nina that they leave out of the screenplay about the “baby switch.” Phyllis calls Jack and tells him to come to “Restless Style.”

Jack arrives at “Restless Style.’ Phyllis calls Jack “a liar.” Phyllis lets Jack know that she knows that Sharon is pregnant and that Billy could be the father. Raul asks Mac to marry him. Sharon tells Noah that she is having a baby. Billy calls Jack, but Jack hangs up on him.

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