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AMC Recap Written by Mary

In his hospital room, Tad kisses Liza. She questions him as to who the jealous husband was that had shot him. Tad lets her know that it was Jesse. In the basement of Ryan’s apartment building, Adam begins to realize that it was Stewart that someone had killed. Adam begins to have chest pains. At the hospital, Natalia gives Angie the bottle of Adam’s pills that they had found in the attic of the Chandler mansion. At the police station, Ryan shows Jesse some of the stuffed animals that they had found in the attic of the Chandler mansion. Annie tries to revive Adam, but with no luck. The camera shows Stewart in the morgue. Scott feels that J.R. doesn’t feel any remorse at all that it was Stewart, who had been killed instead of Adam. Annie finally is managed to revive Adam. Annie convinces Aidan to take Adam to the hospital. At the hospital, Angie confronts David over the medicine bottles that they had found in the attic. Tad questions Liza as to why she is back in Pine Valley. Liza tells him that she is here for Colby.

Krystal begins to question David as to what he had been doing to Adam. David owns up as to what he had been doing. David reminds Krystal of all the things that Krystal had kept from him. David reveals that he is still going after his child that Amanda is carrying. Annie calls Ryan and tells him that Emma wants to come home. Ryan arrives home and finds Annie and Emma there. Aidan soon arrives at Ryan’s. Annie begs to have a few more hours with Emma to say good-bye and then she will turn herself in. After Annie says her good-bye’s to Emma, Annie calls the police and turns herself in. Tad tries to leave the hospital, but faints in the hall. Jesse meets up with Liza in the corridor of the hospital and questions her as to where she was when Stewart was killed. Angie receives the results of the tests on the residue from the medicine bottle.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Carly and Jack get Parker to agree to see a new family therapist that works at the hospital even though Parker thinks therapy won't work. Parker tells Carly that she is a lousy mother and she is the one who needs therapy to quit drinking. Carly gets upset by Parker's words and drinks an entire bottle of vodka before driving to meet Parker and Jack at the hospital for therapy. Carly gets stopped by the police and arrested for DUI after she fails a breathalyzer test. Jack tells Carly that he won't help her get out of trouble this time.

Meg continues to worry about Eliza and Damian persuades Lisa to spy on Barbara and report any information she discovers to Meg. Paul calls Barbara and asks her to wire $100,00 to him. Paul runs into Rosanna and is surprised to discover that she lost all her money when Cabot motors went broke and she got involved in a Ponzi scheme. Rosanna asks Paul not to tell anyone that she is out of the hospital. Rosanna tells Paul she is happy living the simple life on a co-op farm.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick tells Jackie that Bridget is moving on. He needs Jackie’s help in getting Bridget back. Jackie says he must do something immediately before it is too late. Owen is pretty hot. Owen takes Bridget back to his place and announces that it is hot as he doesn’t like to keep the air conditioning on too long. She unbuttons his shirt and kisses him, and then asks if that is any better? She disrobes down to her teddy and they are moving on and about to make love. She feels the need to tell him about Nick, but assures Owen that she wants to be with him. However, she can not get in the mood or go through with it, but tells him that she needs him to sweep her off her feet and make love to her. Katie sits at a bar putting them back and telling the bartender to keep the drinks coming. Bill sits down and strikes up a conversation. He’s Dollar Bill and she’s Katie Homewrecker. She tells him her “heart” story. She wants another drink, but the bartender refuses. Bill offers to take her home instead, but will have to stop off at his suite first. Katie can’t wait to grab another drink when she gets to Bill’s suite…….she wants to have some fun. He thinks she has had enough tonight.

Katie grabs hold of Bill and says he seems like a nice guy that a girl could fall in love with. Her eyes are blurred and she sees two of him. She passes out on the bed. He takes off her shoes, smoothes the hair out of her face and looks at this delectable dish. While fantasizing about Nick, Bridget tells Owen not to stop; this is just what she needs. A moment later she is telling him that she is sorry, but she can’t get Nick out of her head and can not do this. Owen should be everything she wants, but she can not do this. He admits he can’t either. She’s shocked to hear that he has someone else in his life too….someone very unexpected and it is throwing him for a loop. Jackie directs Nick how to drive to Owen’s place. Nick bursts in, but thinks he is too late when he sees Owen and Bridget huddled under blankets on the couch. She stammers that nothing happened. Nick catches his mother kissing Owen and she states that Nick isn’t the only one who found their way to each other tonight. Nick kisses Bridget and asks for another chance….he will do anything she asks.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Victor and Phillip argue over whether or not to trade Stefano for Stephanie. Victor refuses, but Phillip says it isn’t his call, since she is his fiancée. Victor finally agrees. EJ worries that Stephanie might have escaped when he calls her phone and she answers screaming. He confides in Nicole about what he has done, and is surprised when she completely supports him. She urges him to have faith that it will all work out. Phillip later calls EJ and tells him he is ready to make the exchange. Stephanie escapes from Owen, but falls in the woods and hits her head on a rock. Owen ties her back up and brings her back to the morgue, but leaves her phone behind in the woods on accident. Rafe tells Sami that he wants to adopt Grace. She mistakenly thinks he wants to propose. The two discuss the legal problems with him adopting Grace, but apparently Rafe got Grace a fake birth certificate, so they decide to go ahead and try it. Sami and Rafe both tell Will and Arianna the good news separately. Will accuses Sami of keeping some big secret from him about Grace. Arianna wonders if Rafe has lost his mind and says this is exactly like what happened to him before.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Holly shows up at the Q mansion. Luke announces that he may be Ethan's dad. The Q's (aside from Tracy) are happy to hear that they may have found a way to rid themselves of Luke. Holly still insists on getting payment for her answer about Ethan. Lulu and Lucky discuss the Ethan situation. Michael is still upset with Carly. Carly blames Jax for making her leave the hospital in the first place before Michael woke up. Spinelli overhears Olivia telling Kate about Johnny. Poor Spinelli is shocked that Johnny and Olivia have something going on. Liz does her best to make Luke respect Lucky's feelings regarding Ethan. Tracy offers Holly money to leave town but Holly insists she wants Luke too. Edward tries to sell Michael on joining the Q family. Monica understands Carly's feelings, having been through the situation with Jason. Lucky asks Holly who Ethan's father is. Carly overhears Michael talking a less than positive about her when he visits with Lulu.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Shayne has another dream that he is with Lara and she is crying over Edmund and their baby. Dinah wakes him from it when she hears him talking in his sleep. Mallet is going nuts trying to figure out who killed Edmund and tells Marina, who asks. She advises they take 20 minutes to be alone before the baby wakes. At the Spaulding Mansion, Lizzie is in the library reading the newspaper when Bill walks in. They then start talking about the wedding. Later Bill and Lizzie are with Phillip. James sets up a romantic dinner for Daisy, who is in the next room dressing. When she comes out, James gives her a nice compliment. He gives them an idea about when the wedding should be. Phillip suggests today. James is in a meeting when Phillip calls him on his cell. James tells Phillip, "Not right now I am in a meeting." Then hangs up. Phillip says, "What?" Daisy figures out what James is going and yells at him. Telling him Bill is family to her. James tells her, "Things went wrong." She leaves. She is about to enter the elevator when Phillip who is in the elevator spots her. Phillip asks, "What's wrong?" Daisy says, "Ask your son." At the park, Marina and Shayne see each other and talk about Edmund and the questioning. Mallet and Dinah also talk about the case. Dinah get offensive. Shayne and Marina are still talking about Edmund. Shayne is not sure he likes the fact Edmund is dead. He says, "He loved Lara." Bill and Lizzie are with Ashley, who is helping them set a date. She suggests the 4th of July. She seems hurt by her suggestion. Bill says she is too good at this. At James', Phillip is furious at James. He guesses that to pay for this that James stole Alan's credit card. Lizzie and Bill are alone thinking about fireworks for their wedding. James finds Daisy and apologizes for his actions earlier and not telling her about what he did. Mallet and Marina enjoy a romantic moment at home. Shayne wants to know why Dinah was with Mallet. She tells him, "He wanted to investigate her along with Reva."

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Jessica senses that something is not right when she goes to the hospital with her baby. Outside the exam room, Viki, Clint, Todd, Marty and others are privately talking about what's going to happen when Jessica finds out that her baby died and that Chloe is actually Starr and Cole's child. At the same time, Marcie and Michael inform Starr and Cole that the baby they exhumed was not Hope and that makes absolutely no sense. Starr concludes that that could mean that Hope is alive. But Cole doesn't want to get his hopes up. Todd and Marty know they need to both get home and talk to their two respective kids. Yet they know that this will be devastating for Jessica. Blair and John are ok after the explosion. But Tea is in critical condition and taken to the hospital. Gigi takes Shane home to live with her. Rex agrees to the arrangement. Jessica knows that something is wrong. So she bolts with the baby and drives off and turns into Bess.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Cane and Lily lie in bed, just enjoying their honeymoon. Nina tells Amber they have only 2 hours and 120 pages to tell Katherine’s life story. Amber suggests that they hit the high points. On the Chancellor patio, Esther serves Murphy a soy patty with Portabella mushrooms. Mac tells Kay that there is someone else that she had met in Darfur. They both realize that if Chloe knows about the mystery man then so would Billy. At the cottage house, Billy questions Chloe as to where she had been yesterday. Chloe tells him that she had gone to see Mac. Billy wants to know what Chloe was hassling Mac about. Chloe tells Billy that they had actually bonded and goes on to tell Billy about the mystery man in Mackenzie’s life. At the Abbott house, jack offers to go with Sharon to the cemetery, but Sharon refuses to let him. At Restless Style, Phyllis advises Nick to go home and get some rest, but Nick refuses. Nick tells Phyllis that he keeps seeing Cassie’s face. Sharon visits Phyllis. Phyllis begins to tell Sharon that Nick is not here, but Sharon tells Phyllis that she had come here to see her and ask for her help. Sharon wants Phyllis to help keep Nick away from the cemetery while Sharon is there. Phyllis tells Sharon that Nick is at the cemetery now. Sharon tells Phyllis that she doesn’t want to see Nick.

Sharon visits the cemetery, thinking she is alone with her daughter when Nick comes out of hiding. Sharon starts to leave, but Nick tells her not to go. Sharon tells Nick that she is pregnant and the baby might be his. Raul Gutierrez arrives for the barbeque. Raul is glad to see Mac and they kiss.

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