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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Tad’s family stands vigil by his bedside, waiting for some sign that Tad is going to be all right. They are quite taken aback when Tad’s begins to laugh at them and begins to tell jokes. David and Kendall stand at Ian’s bedside and discuss how Zach killed Adam. Liza walks into Zach’s interrogation and declares that she will be his new lawyer. Ryan listens to a message on his answering machine which is from Annie .Ryan hears a couple of gunshots and realizes that Annie and Emma are still in Adam’s house. Running out of his apartment, he runs into Aidan at the door. Annie awakens Emma and tells her that they have to get out of there, when Adam asks them to stay. Annie explains everything to Adam as to how she had gotten him up here. Scott finds Stuart’s valise on the floor and wonders what it's doing there. J.R. and Erica I.D. Adam’s body, but the body isn’t Adam’s, but Stuart’s. Adam suggests to Annie that she let him go with her and Emma. J.R. calls Colby and tells her that Adam isn’t dead, but the body is Stuart’s. J.R. lets Jesse know that the body in the morgue is Stuart’s. Ryan and Natalia search the Chandler mansion for Annie and Emma.

Liza visits Colby. Colby finds out that Liza is pregnant. David tells Krystal that Adam is not dead, but Stuart is. Jesse tells Zach about Stuart. Erica and Kendall both open up to each other. Aidan catches Annie, Emma and Adam in the basement of Ryan’s apartment building.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Katie tries to comfort Vienna, as they wait to see the doctor. Noone can find Henry, who is at a poker game trying to win Brad and Katie back their money they lost with the lawyer. Vienna learns devastating news – her baby didn’t survive. Katie admits to Brad it is her fault. Brad goes looking for Henry, who hides from him when he shows up at a poker game thinking he is there to punch him out. Brad and Katie take home a distraught Vienna, who is leaning on Katie for support. Katie continues to wrestle with the fact that Vienna tripped going after her. Henry finally shows up at Brad and Katie’s with a gift for the baby and all of their $10,000, as Vienna has to break the news to him. Henry is shocked, as he walks Vienna back to bed. He comes back out and wants to know what happened, as Katie explains again. An angry Henry blames Katie for this, as she tries to talk to him. He isn’t interested in listening because she clearly didn’t want them to have a baby once she found out she couldn’t have theirs. Brad tries to calm him down and remind him that Katie is devastated too, as this incites Henry more because it is always about Katie. He and Vienna just lost their baby and he has to worry about Katie’s feelings. A furious Henry takes Vienna home, as Brad and Katie try to stop him, but he has nothing to say to them. Katie tells Brad that everything Henry said was true, as Brad tries to comfort her. Henry and Vienna try to comfort one another in their grief. When Vienna goes to sleep, Henry watches his taped video to his baby-to-be, as emotions get the best of him. Meg, Dusty and Damian arrive at Fairwinds only to find Paul has left with Eliza. When Meg realizes he is trying to withdraw a large sum of money and has taken his passport, she becomes distraught. Dusty goes in search of Paul and what bank he is trying to get money from while Damian stays behind with Meg and tries to comfort her. Paul is one step ahead of Dusty and is able to elude him when he heads to an airstrip to charter a plane one-way. Meg realizes that Paul would never fly commercial because he has a pilot license and when Dusty comes back and tells them that Paul has withdrawn his money and is probably headed out of town, Meg is near inconsolable. Damian promises to use his contacts at the airstrip to see if he can stop him while Dusty and Meg talk with Bonnie, who warns them to let the police and she do her job. Since Paul has custody and technically, he hasn’t done anything wrong yet, they have to tread lightly, but based on the fact that the babysitter is talking to police, she can file for an injunction to stop Paul from taking any trips. They have to do it by the book, as Dusty is sure they will be too late if they go that route. Paul charters a plane, but before he can leave, Damian comes looking for him and Paul is forced to flee. He ends up leaving his car abandoned to find another means of transportation. Damian gives Meg the news of another dead end and she is more upset thinking she caused Paul to run by her actions. Dusty goes to see if the police have anything new, as Meg and Damian go to where he saw Paul’s car abandoned. Bonnie thinks Dusty is causing a distraction because of how he is acting and advises him to not continue on the way he is going. Meg and Damian find Paul’s car, as Meg has another set of keys. She becomes emotional when she finds Eliza’s bib in the backseat. Damian promises she will get Eliza back, and that no harm will be done to her. Meg promises that she will never forget or forgive Paul this time. While walking down a street, Paul sees a woman walking nearby who resembles Rosanna, but he thinks his eyes are playing tricks on him. The woman seems to notice Paul and ducks out of the way, but when Eliza gets fussy, Paul chalks it up to an illusion. Rosanna secretly watches Paul walk away.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick looks lovingly at a wedding picture of him and Bridget. When Katie calls from upstairs, he quickly stashes the picture in the desk drawer and tells her that he has to rush off to work. She finds the picture later. Donna dreads the dinner with Bill, and begs Eric to cancel it and they go out instead. He states that Bill is too important to the fashion industry. He controls the press and they need his support. Bill arrives and tells Eric that he knows his wife, but is anxious to get to know her better. Jackie asks Owen what shall they do tonight? He states that tonight is not good for him. He has a date with Bridget and it’s gonna happen whether she or her son like it or not. Nick stares at a picture of Bridget in the paper, and jumps up and decides to leave the office. Bridget slips into Nick’s office and leaves a letter on his desk. He returns before she can leave, and he is surprised to find her letter of resignation. He knows it is not about her having just completed proving herself as a designer. It’s more personal than that. She says she had knots in her stomach just coming up on the elevator. She rails at him for kissing her earlier. That should not have happened. It only dredged up old feelings she did not want to think about. Katie spills to Brooke that she is leaving Nick. He is not over Bridget and if they find their way back to each other, she will not stand in the way. Nick tells Bridget that he doesn’t want her to resign. He’d like to hear about her memories, if they are about him and Jack. That’s all he can think of and can’t get it out of his head. She says she has been there – twice – and it is done. She has moved on and is now with Owen. Tonight she is putting Nick behind her once and for all. He warns her about going to Owen. Nick can be better for her. He will give her his best. He wants one more chance. Eric disagrees that Stephanie’s web cast is business. She is angry and bitter and is hell-bent on revenge. She’s waging all out war on the internet and in the pages of his magazine, and Eric wants it to stop. Bill suggests that Eric has other options and that is one of the reasons he is here. He shows him the cover of the next magazine – The Downfall of Forrester Creations. Eric doesn’t understand why Bill is doing this. Glibly, Bill says he too wonders what happened to the company that his readers know and love. By the end of next week they can rush to their local newsstand and find out unless they can come to an agreement before then. Bill wants something and thinks this is as precious to Eric as his reputation. Donna starts to object; just ask Bill to leave and let the lawyers work this out. Bill says, “you know, it’s quite simple, really. It’s a trade. Something you’ve got is something I want.”

Bill shocks Eric by offering him $100 million dollars for something he wants very badly –Forrester Creations. Eric realizes Bill came to town to tear down the Forrester’s so he could drop the price. Bill assures him that is more than a fair offer and Eric should take it. Next time it will be less. He states he isn’t sure how the Forrester men can even work along side those Logan minxes prowling around. Eric threatens to throw Bill out of the house. He tells Bill that his father dug him up ten years ago and made him what he is today. Bill says no, he made the company what it is and he had to work along that stubborn son of a bitch; one of the meanest, most perverted men he has ever known. Donna remarks that Bill is a chip off the old block. Bill says his father never gave anyone a second chance and he is doing that now with Eric. Eric says he is wasting his breath. Bill says it is a little late to be growing a backbone now. His father knew he was dying and yet he did not want Bill by his side. He told him to get back to work….so Eric better be sure he wants to call Bill’s bluff. Eric gets a phone call. He tells Bill not to be there when he gets back. Bill tells Donna that his offer still stands……one night with him and he will leave her husband and company alone. He adds but of course one night with Bill and she’d leave Eric anyway. Donna orders him to leave. Bill offers that she could be the heroine in this story; think about it. Owen reminds Bridget about their date in front of Nick; reluctantly she leaves. Brooke tells Katie she is making too hasty a decision when she has not even talked this over with Nick. Katie feels she has waited long enough. She is living on borrowed time, with someone else’s heart, in someone else’s house, someone else’s husband and child. Bridget invited her here and she pushed her out. Nick and Jack are not hers, they never were. She writes Nick a letter and slips the ring off her finger. Nick confides in Jackie that he now knows who he is and he wants Bridget. But he has hurt her in the past and he doesn’t blame her for being scared. He needs Jackie to help get Bridget back where she belongs.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Rafe tells Sami that he is ready to make a proper commitment, and that he wants to be a real father to Grace in every way. Arianna and Brady talk about Sami, and both admit they’re not too fond of her, but Brady thinks she means well. Melanie considers hawking Stephanie’s earring for cash, but decides against it and tries to call her to return it. Brady says he is proud of her for finally giving up on Phillip. Phillip doesn’t believe that EJ really has Stephanie, but EJ shows him the picture Owen took of her. EJ demands that they make an exchange--Stefano for Stephanie. Phillip agrees and goes to speak to Victor about it, but he refuses to let Stefano go. Stefano worries that EJ won’t get to him in time to save his life. Stephanie tries to talk Owen into letting her go, saying the DiMeras are using him, and that the Kiriakis family will eventually get revenge on him, but it doesn’t work. She then tries to escape from Owen by making up a story about her back hurting. Her phone rings, and she kicks Owen, grabbing for the phone. She answers it, screaming for Phillip, but it’s EJ calling. He’s visibly upset when he hears Stephanie and Owen struggling in the background.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Michael is angry and thinks Carly is replacing him with the new baby. Carly tries her best to reassure him but Michael is distant. Carly tells Michael she never gave up on him but he wonders why she wasn't there when he came out of the coma. Sonny tells Michael the truth about the shooting. Michael forgives Sonny. Michael still can't remember any details from the shooting. Jason confides his worries about Michael in Sam. Ethan and Luke try to get some answers out of Holly but she insists on being compensated first. Olivia and Johnny get drunk and sleep together. Sonny goes to see Olivia and finds her with Johnny.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Bill and Lizzie set a date for the wedding. After Bill kids about it for awhile. Mallet and Frank talk murder suspects. Jeffrey and Reva are talking about her seeing Edmund just before he died. Reva gets offensive, and questions Jeffrey about his trust of her. They argue. Jeffrey says, "I was trying to protect you." Reva says, "I cut a deal." That he would shut up about what they did months ago. Jeffrey doesn't believe Edmund would do that. Mallet shows up and asks Jeffrey if he can ask questions. Problem at The Beacon when Olivia and Natalia get back. Seems the banking manager messed up. Daisy and James meet at the gazebo to hang out. Phillip goes to talk business with whom he thought was an old. Phillip frustrated, leaves the office. Lizzie is talking with Phillip about her favorite toy horse and James, who gave it to her years ago.. Olivia and Natalia talk about time table to do things. Daisy tells James about being in the back seat of a car that killed her cousin, Tammy. James tells her about the stock market venture that went bust. And that he had to have Phillip cover for him. Phillip asks Lizzie about if she ever thinks about the cancer she had as a child. She said she did for a while then realized she was ok. Phillip changes the subject and says, "Your going to have the best wedding." Mallet talks to Jeffrey about when he tried to get Edmund out of town. Jeffrey says, "I thought he left town for good." Reva has her baby in her arms and hugging it like she is about to loose it. Mallet and Jeffrey talk about threat and Edmund. Mallet say, "No threat". Jeffrey says, "Because Edmund is gone." At the park, Olivia and Natalia are having a good time just relaxing. Then Frank comes by to tell Natalia about another hearing for Rafe. Franks warns her that, "It means to be released to a halfway house." She is still happy. Outside a church, Lizzie and Bill are kissing. Bill mentions to Lizzie that he can't wait to see her wedding dress at their wedding this fall. Lizzie smiles. At the cemetery, Phillip is there and Beth shows up. Phillip tells Beth of his talk with Lizzie and he now feels better and that he is at a better place with her. Then he tells her about James being in trouble. Beth can't believe it. Phillip tells her that he promises to do anything to fix Bill's problem. Phillip says that he can't believe what his father used to do with all his kids. Phillip promises that all of his kids will have a fair chance. James and Daisy are still talking. She offers to help. James is skeptical. She says not money just friendship. At the cemetery Beth and Phillip hold each other's hand. Mallet puts Reva's picture up in the Suspect lineup.

OLTL Recap Written by Jen P.

Natalie and Jared try to tell Viki and Charlie and Clint about Jessica and who Chloe really is. They don't believe their story. Meanwhile, with Brody nudging her, Jessica starts to remember the night she gave birth and then passes out from the memory overload. Powell, in the process of killing Todd, is shot by John. Marty tells John that she has her memory back. Todd and Marty take Chloe to the hospital while John goes to find Tea and Blair. Tea is in the middle of confessing her deep, dark secret when Blair passes out from the gas fumes. John finds their unconscious bodies in the boiler room and calls for an ambulance. After getting Blair out, John returns for Tea, only to have his way blocked by Rebecca. He tells her there is a gas leak and to get to safety, but instead, she lights a match. Shane wakes up Rex to tell him he doesn't feel good. Stacy says to give him an aspirin, but Rex tells her he needs to take Shane to the hospital. Rex calls Gigi, but Shane doesn't want her there, thinking she's been with Brody. Stacy gets snarky watching Gigi and Rex together. Shane is fine, it's just indigestion, the doctor says. Gigi tells Shane it's time to pack up and come home with her. Brody takes Jessica to the hospital and then calls her parents. When Marty arrives with baby Chloe in her arms, Jessica rushes out and takes her.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Billy readies to go to work, but not before Chloe changes his tie. Jack visits Chloe, looking for Billy. At the Chancellor mansion, Mac laughs. Kay comes out and wanders what Mac is listening to. Kay tells Mac that she is inviting Billy and Mac to the barbeque. Paul meets up with Mary Jane and wants to buy her lunch. At first, Mary Jane refuses, but she finally agrees. Sharon sniffles and calls out Nick’s name. She bumps into Billy. Billy tells Sharon that he was looking for Jack. Billy questions Sharon if there is another possible father for her baby. Jack interrupts Billy and Sharon and wants to know what just happened. Sharon tells Jack that she wants another chance.

Nick lets Phyllis know that he had seen Sharon. Mac tells Kay that she will always care for Billy. Chloe arrives at the Chancellor mansion, looking for Billy. Mac tries to reason with Chloe that she is not a threat to Chloe’s marriage. Mac also tells Chloe that there is someone else that she had met in Darfur. Sharon tells Jack that she needs Nick to help her get through this. Paul runs a background check on Mary Jane.

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