Tuesday 5/19/09 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, tad is wheeled into surgery. David tries to assure Opal that they will do everything they can for Tad. In Ian's hospital room, Kendall tells Erica about Adam being murdered, but Erica doesn’t seem at all surprised. At the Chandler mansion, J.R. questions Lil’ A about David’s visit. J.R. accuses David of killing Adam, but Krystal defends David. Jesse asks Zach does he want to change his plea, then Jesse will tear up Zach’s confession, but Zach refuses. Ryan, along with an officer rushes into the parlor. Ryan lets Jesse know that Annie had taken Emma. Jesse arrests Ryan for being an accomplice, along with Zach in killing Adam. Zach and Ryan are both arrested. Erica denies being at Adam’s, but Kendall notices blood on Erica’s shoes.

At the hospital, Krystal and David have a heart to heart talk about Adam’s murder. David confesses that he still loves Krystal. They hug. At the police station, Kendall makes her statement to Jesse. Jesse notices Kendall’s shoes. Liza appears at the police station to be Zach’s lawyer. Ryan arrives home to his condo to a message from Annie. Ryan realizes that Annie and Emma are still at Adam’s house. At the morgue, J.R. and Erica I.D. Adam’s body, but J.R. realizes that the body isn’t Adam’s. In some part of Adam’s house, Annie sings to Emma while Emma sleeps. Not too far away from Annie, Adam lies unconscious on the floor. Tad comes through the surgery just fine. Jake, Opal, and Krystal stand by, trying to get Tad to awaken when he begins to laugh at them.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Brad and Katie anxiously await the arrival of the adoption lawyer and the birth mother but when the lawyer is late Brad calls him on the phone and discovers that his phone has been disconnected. Katie calls Tom and Tom discovers that the lawyer has been disbarred for shady dealings and can't practice law anymore. Katie is so angry that they have lost another chance at a baby that she decides to go to work. Henry and Vienna make a video introducing themselves to their child. Henry and Vienna are unaware that the lawyer was a fake and they hope that Brad and Katie can adopt a child and they can all be friends again. Vienna goes to visit Katie at the station hoping to hear news about the baby but Katie angrily tells her about the fake lawyer and tells Vienna to leave her alone. Vienna tries to stop Katie from leaving and Katie jerks her arm out of Vienna's grasp and Vienna trips on a studio light and falls. Katie goes with Vienna to the hospital and stays with her but they are both worried something has happened to the baby. Brad takes out his anger on Henry when he tells him about the phony lawyer that they gave a $10,000 check to and Henry feels he must pay Brad the money so he plays poker and ignores the call from Brad who wants to tell him that Vienna is in the hospital.

Damian overhears Paul talking to Sally and offering her $50,000 to stay away from Oakdale for good. Damian tells Meg and Dusty about the meeting. Damian keeps Paul from going to meet Sally while Meg and Dusty persuade Sally to go to the police and tell the truth. Damian tells Paul that Sally has been caught and Meg will have her daughter back soon. Damian goes to the station to give a statement but Paul takes off with Eliza and he doesn't intend to come back to Oakdale.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor kissed Ridge and then she wonders why she did that. He also reflects on the moment. Brooke walks in and she realizes the strain has been on all of them, but states that nothing will come between their marriage. Ridge still thinks what Rick did was vile and beyond sick. He can not understand how Brooke could think that tribute was beautiful. He grouses at her that she has to stop this. She has to give him her word that she won’t continue shutting him out and always siding with her son. She questions if their marriage is that much at risk. Is he saying it is over if Steffy gets back with Rick? She does give her word, but she is worried. Bill visits Jackie M’s as he wants to see this coup they all pulled off. He congratulates them on their organization. He also tells them about Donna stopping in and seeing him and wanting him to put a stop to the Logan Chronicles. He listened but it depends on what she can do for him. Stephanie slips out when she gets a phone call from Taylor. Taylor states the moment was perfect and she told Ridge that he is not really married to Brooke. Stephanie wishes she would have waited. Taylor tells her the time was perfect and all it is going to take is one more thing….with Brooke taking up for her son and it will be the end of that marriage. Donna finds Eric in the Sky Roof Lounge and he wants to hear about her meeting with Bill and find some way to get him to back off.

Owen questions Nick about the comments Bill made to Bridget. Nick says she can handle herself with men like that. He’s concerned about Owen and his intentions as he knows he is dating Bridget now. He wants to warn him that she is a very special lady and he better treat her accordingly. Owen fires back that it’s time Nick cut her loose out of his life. Ridge chastises his mother for not telling him that she knew about his invalid marriage. He tells her that he and Brooke don’t need a piece of paper to be married. She cautions him that the marriage will eventually fall apart over Rick again….he’s not going to stop going after Steffy. If Ridge isn’t with Brooke then all of this will stop. She wants him to be happy, but it is in his hands. Taylor finds Brooke at the Lounge. Brooke says Taylor is only using this situation between Steffy and Rick to make a play for Ridge. Taylor indicates that Brooke will always be insecure about that marriage….and just know when it blows, she will be there to pick up the pieces. Jackie grabs Owen by the collar and pulls him into an empty room. She kicks off her heels and coos “the kitty is so hungry.” Eric calls Bill and invites him to his house for a welcome to L.A. gathering and they can do a little business as well. Bill accepts if his lovely wife is going to be there. Donna is not thrilled that Eric invited Bill. In her eyes, he wants something badly and spells trouble. Bridget tells Nick that she overheard what he said to Owen and it was uncalled for. He says even though he is engaged to Katie now, there is not a day goes by that he doesn’t think about what he did and what he gave up. She doesn’t want to hear this.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Sami and Rafe make love and spend a romantic evening together. Arianna has another run-in with Brady, and he admits that he likes her and is trying to flirt with her. Later, she spills coffee on him accidentally. Phillip continues to search for Stephanie. Brady thinks he ought to call the police, but Phillip refuses, railing on Brady for going to Bo behind his and Victor’s backs. Victor taunts Stefano, but Stefano is sure EJ has everything under control, and warns Victor that he won’t play by his rules. Meanwhile, EJ frets when he can’t get in touch with Owen. Nicole tries to soothe him. Owen later answers his phone around the time Stephanie wakes up. She tries to make a call from her own phone, but Owen catches her and takes it. He snaps a photo of her and sends it to EJ. Stephanie begs him to let her go, and when he refuses, she tries to stab him. Owen stops her and puts her back in the refrigerator. EJ runs into Phillip at the pier and tells him that he has Stephanie.

GH Recap Written by Lauren

Ethan tells Lulu about possibly being Luke and Holly’s son while Luke point blank asks Tracy about the DNA test which she denies faking. Ethan and Luke hunt Holly down at Patrick’s to get answers from her. Lulu goes to see Tracy and Tracy finally tells her that she did pay a technician to fake the results but she doesn’t know the truth.

Edward and Monica find out about Michael and rush to GH. There they get into confrontations with Jason, Sonny, and Olivia over what Sonny has done to Michael’s life and how they want him back. Olivia stands up for Sonny. She then goes to Jakes where she has drinks with Johnny, who has just had a fight with Claudia over how she is hovering over Michael to find out if he remembers her bedside confessions. Olivia and Johnny drink and flirt a little.

Carly sits by Michael’s bed and keeps telling him how happy she is that he’s awake. All Michael wants is to find out what happened. Carly gets light headed and Dr. Lee tells her to rest but Carly refuses to go home. Sonny wants to tell Michael what happened to him but Carly doesn’t. Jason agrees with Carly. Michael then angrily asks Carly why she wasn’t there when he woke up. When Jax tells him Carly is pregnant Michael asks if she’s trying to replace him with a new baby.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Remy's Dad visits him and feels a little down. Remy tells him they will figure out the money problems together. At the Police Station, Mallet and Frank are talking about Edmund and who they might think did the deed of killing him. Mallet suggests just about anybody from the Lewis family to Dinah. Shayne and Josh meet outside. Josh asks Shayne if he is ok. Shayne says, "I am fine". Josh asks if he needs to talk to someone. Shayne mentions he has to go to the funeral home. And that he'll call later. Reva is with Jeffrey and excited about the color of plants. Reva says, "I know Edmund is dead." Just before Jeffrey has to go she hugs him. After Jeffrey leave, she calls Josh. He says, I will be right over. Natalia and Olivia share a nice moment alone together. Clayton tells Remy that he lost the money. That it was his stupid mistake and he has to tell Remy's mother. After Clayton leaves, Christina shows up. She has seen Clayton as he is leaving and asks Remy. Remy only says, "He is the strongest person I know." Natalia goes to see Fr. Ray for some spiritual guidance. And he is shocked that Natalia has a relationship with Olivia. Olivia runs into Jeffrey and tells him she saw Reva with Edmund. And she says, "It was right before he died." Shayne is worried about Reva. Reva tells him not to be. Then she tells him, "I am free of the cancer." They hug. Olivia and Natalia are getting ready for supper and Natalia tells Olivia that Fr. Ray stopped by. She tells Olivia that he asked about Frank. Olivia intently listens to Natalia. Jeffrey tells Reva that, "You were with Edmund right before he died.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

John finds Starr, Cole and Jack alone in Todd's home. Jack informs him that Powell and Rebecca were there and kidnapped his parents and Tea. He also recalls the invitation they all got to the "spring fling" at the Frat house. At that point, John recalls that he saw the same invitation. So he goes and fins the frat house. Meanwhile, Rebecca takes baby Chloe out of her crib at Llanfair. And Powell takes her to "meet" Todd and Marty. Jessica is hysterical when she finds out her baby is missing. And at that point, Natalie and Jared suspect Kyle Lewis and don't know what to do in order to get Chloe back and in regard to the fact that they know that she is really Starr's baby Hope and that Kyle knows that also. While Powell has both Todd and Marty held captive, he informs them that this baby is not Jessica's, like they assume. She's their mutual grandchild. They don't believe it. But he tells them he can prove it because he keeps up with all the info about both of their lives and their respective kids, how Cole got Starr pregnant and the mysterious unexplained death of their baby. Downstairs, Blair and Tea attempt to save their lives and argue. But they both admit that they have one thing in common in that they are both in love with Todd. Cole and Starr have some sort of unconscious premonition that things will never be the same after they find out the answers about their baby's death. And they seem happy as if they know that they will find out what they really want.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At the cottage house, Billy dreams that he and Mac are finally together until he is awakened by Chloe, who is going shopping. At Daniel’s apartment, Howard tells Daniel that without his help more art will be stolen. Howard gives Daniel his instructions concerning the art. Amber interrupts Daniel and Howard. Amber tells Daniel that she has a meeting with Lauren about her jackets. Jana arrives and upon seeing the artwork knows that she had seen it somewhere before. At Restless Style, Phyllis tells everyone that the numbers are in and they have doubled their original estimate. Phyllis suggests to Nick that they celebrate. Jack takes Sharon to her therapy session with Dr. Mason in her old room at the Athletics' Club. Mary Jane interrupts them and thinks that it is great that they are back together. Jack tells Mary Jane that they need to talk about them. At jimmy’s bar, Mac is having an early morning drink. Kevin questions her as to what she is doing here so early. Kevin and Mac begin to discuss Billy and the remark that he had made toward Kevin the night before. Kevin lets Mac know that Billy is miserable. Sharon meets with her therapist, Dr. Mason, who encourages her to open up about her pregnancy amongst other things. Mary Jane notices that Jack had his wedding ring on. Mac tells Kevin that she hadn’t come back to Genoa City for Billy. Nick visits Sharon and wants to know what she had to tell him when they were in the park. Sharon lies and tells him that it was about Noah. Sharon suggests to Jack that they leave Genoa City tonight.

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