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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Things run amuck at the Chandler mansion. Kendall stands outside the patio doors with her gun aimed directly at Adam. Zach has his gun aimed at Adam from the back. David steps out from the one of the many tunnels that runs under the house. A woman comes out of hiding and goes upstairs. Krystal visits Opal to let her know what is going on at Adam’s. Opal and Krystal scream just as a shot rings out. Adam falls to the floor. You hear the voices of everyone, who threatens to kill Adam for what he had done to them. Jesse and the police arrive at the Chandlers' and finds Adam dead with a gunshot wound to his back. Ryan finds Kendall outside of the Chandler mansion and tells her that Ian is alive. Jesse sees a shadow outside of the patio doors and thinking that it is Adam’s killer, fires two or three shots. Jesse is stunned when he sees that he had shot Tad. Scott tells J.R. that Adam is dead. J.R. goes upstairs to check on Little A and finds Aidan with him. Sgt. Bailey finds two sets of footprints in the garden. J.R and Aidan find out that Annie had taken Emma. Zach confesses to Jesse that he had come there to kill Adam.

In the parlor of the Chandler mansion, Colby cries that she wants her father. J.R. fears that Annie had killed Adam. Zach tells Jesse what had happened that night. Erica visits Kendall at the hospital to find out that Ian is alive. Kendall realizes that Erica already knows that Adam is dead. The bookcase opens slightly and then closes when the person sees a cop walking by.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Parker drops out of school and Jack thinks its best that he be at home for now although he isn't happy with Parker's decision. Liberty tries to persuade Parker to go back to school but not even Liberty can change Parker's mind about dropping out a school. Carly wants to leave the house and go find Parker while she is very drunk but after a long argument Craig persuades Carly to dump the vodka down the drain. Craig also promises to help Carly stop drinking. Craig covers for Carly when Jack arrives to talk to her about Parker telling Jack she is resting because she has a migraine.

Hunter asks Alison on a date and she gently turns him down by explaining that she is Casey's girlfriend. Alison later tells Casey what happened and he is thrilled that Alison thinks of him as her boyfriend. Hunter tells Emily about his embarrassing moment with Alison and she agrees to teach him how to act in social situations. Hunter kisses Emily because he misinterprets her kindness toward him. Emily tells Hunter that she doesn't want to have another relationship with a younger man. Emily makes it clear to Hunter that Alison only wants to be his friend.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill corners Donna in his office and assures her that with a little “carpentry” she could help her husband. He’d like her down on her knees and saying pretty please. She reminds him that he is a lot like his father; the rotten apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Bill says yes, his father appreciated her, just like he appreciates her. She gives good sex and voilà – she is the new Queen Forrester. She makes herself clear; he will never have her. Careful, never say never. Bill says he doesn’t mind chasing her a little as long as he doesn’t have to work too hard, but it will make it all the more worthwhile. Taylor informs Ridge that his marriage is invalid. Pam made a clerical error and it’s all been kept quiet until now. Now they are both the only ones who are in agreement about Rick. She would never treat him the way that Brooke is treating him now. She points out some of the good old times. He grouses that no matter how much he has spoken his mind and made his opinions known, Brooke does not get it and goes behind his back to be an ally for her son. If Brooke continues to push this, support her son, he isn’t sure they can continue to make it. Rick can’t believe that Ridge won’t buy his peace offering. This will once again keep him and Steffy apart; a chance he thought was about to happen again. Brooke and Steffy tell Rick that he made the DVD with the best of intentions, but Ridge is still furious. She can not keep siding with Rick. Her marriage is on thin ice already and now this is not helping.

Donna questions Bill that if he admires Eric so much and is attracted to her, then why is he teaming up with Stephanie to bring them all down? There must be a very good reason. He gets a phone call and must dismiss her. He calls her Barracuda before she leaves, leaving her a little off guard. Brooke tells Rick that he needs to say goodbye to Steffy and this time really mean it. Steffy says it’s bigger than both of them and they can’t fight it. It is out of their hands. He asks her to run away with him. They can live anywhere. She says no, this is not going to work. She will not be happy when her dad isn’t. If Rick really loved her, then he would understand that. They do have to say goodbye. He gives her the engagement ring and says even if she doesn’t wear it, when she feels down and low she can pull it out and know that he is with her. He kisses her goodbye. Taylor continues on her tirade of why she and Ridge have said no, Steffy said no, yet Brooke will not hear that and continues to support whatever Rick wants. Taylor tells Ridge that she misses him. She wishes she could go back and do things over. He reveals that he is not going to file that marriage license just yet and he wants her to keep that to herself. She agrees and says she would not do this if he were still married to Brooke, but since he isn’t…….she kisses him.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Sami and EJ argue about what EJ and Stefano are up to. In anger, Sami breaks the phone EJ was using to talk with Owen. Furious, EJ demands that Sami and her orphan leave. She threatens to come back in the morning for Johnny and leaves in a huff. Arianna and Rafe argue about Sami. Arianna thinks Sami is needy and dependent, and that Rafe is just riding in to rescue her. Rafe disagrees, but when he later hears Sami complaining about EJ not giving Johnny to her, he threatens to go talk to EJ himself. Sami distracts him with a kiss. Owen panics when he can’t get in touch with EJ. We learn that his father is a mortician, and that Owen is keeping Stephanie in one of their refrigerators. Owen’s father shows up, asking why he is there, and Owen makes up an excuse about wanting to become a mortician, too. Satisfied, his father leaves. Owen discovers Stephanie’s earring is missing and panics some more. EJ finally gets hold of a phone with an untraceable line and calls Owen. Owen, however, hesitates to answer. Daniel finds Phillip on the floor of the mansion. He starts to call an ambulance, but Phillip wakes up, insisting he is fine. Daniel worries he might have been drugged again, but Phillip thinks he just had an adverse reaction to his medication. He searches for Stephanie and discovers she is missing. Phillip worries about the fight they had earlier, and if Stephanie left for that reason. Brady reminds Mia that she promised to keep her pregnancy and the adoption a secret for Nicole and Sydney’s sakes, and she agrees to continue doing so. She later tells Will that she lied to him about coming to AA meetings regularly because she didn’t want him to judge her. Will says he understands. Brady has a run-in with Arianna and the two don’t hit it off when Brady accuses her of eavesdropping on a telephone call. They later end up mending fences, anyway.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Holly shows up at the Haunted Star. Tracy arrives and accuses Holly of trying to swindle Luke. Carly has a dizzy spell at home. Michael wakes up and startles Lulu. Alexis questions Rebecca about her time in Greece and points out “a two week gap” in Rebecca’s hotel stays. Rebecca claims to have spent the time with a man. Alex says she will keep digging until she finds a connection between Rebecca and Helena. Rebecca tells Alexis that she and Nik won’t sleep together for two weeks while Alexis does her research. Lulu is unable to reach Carly so she calls Sonny. Jason and Sonny rush to GH. Sonny is very emotional when he sees Michael. Jason then heads off to find Carly. Claudia tries to head to GH but Max says she’s forbidden, per Jason’s orders. Claudia later manages to go to GH but Johnny stops her from seeing Michael. Claudia is worried that Michael will remember her visits and confessions while he was in a coma. Patrick wants to run some tests on Michael before telling him the truth about the shooting and the coma. Ethan tells Lulu that Luke may be his dad and Tracy may have manipulated their DNA test. Lulu is shocked. Holly says she’ll tell all about Ethan’s paternity “for a price.” That comment angers Tracy so Holly leaves the casino. Holly goes to Patrick’s house, looking for a place to stay. Carly arrives at GH and has an emotional reunion with Michael.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Jeffrey and Reva are home. Jeffrey tells Reva that Edmund is on the loose. That Colin checked on him and found no Edmund. Reva wants to go but Jeffrey stops her. Dinah goes to see Shayne. Remy and the police look over where Remy found the body. They turn it over and it is Edmund. Josh is outside talking to both Jeffrey and Reva. Josh tells Reva what he knew of Edmund's disappearance and when he knew it and he didn't tell her. Shayne forgives Dinah when they are in bed together talking about little Henry having a good safe home. Dinah says, "I realize I love you". They kiss. Just then the phone rings. It is Mallet calling to tell them about finding Edmund dead. Dinah hangs up and tells Shayne what Mallet just told her. Shayne is shocked. He says, "I don't know what to say about it." At the crime scene Mallet thanks Remy for all his help. Mallet questions Remy if he saw anything. Josh tells Jeffery and Reva that Edmund is dead. And that he was found in the river. Josh says Mallet called him. And that he was calling Dinah and Shayne. And Shayne called him. Reva gets worried and wants to got to Shayne. Jeffrey is unsure that it is safe. Reva goes anyway. On her way she goes to the river to look. At the river the Coroner is talking with Mallet. The Coroner tells Mallet that the body wasn't in the lake long. That he figures 2 hours. Remy goes home to tell Christina. At Shayne's, Dinah asks him, "Did you find and kill Edmund?" Jeffrey asks the same of Josh. Jeffrey says, "The threat is gone?" And he is sorry he didn't tell her sooner that he had escaped. Mallet offers Remy a position on the force. Remy says he'll think about it. Remy finds something and picks it up. It is a bag of drugs. Josh is still talking to Reva about Edmund. Josh tells her not to worry that he, "is working on it." Jeffrey tells her that he wants her to go to Cross Creek. Reva says, "No, I am not going to see my son. I beat cancer twice to come home to my boys. And I am not going to leave you. The threat is over." At Shayne's, he is in bed with Dinah and they are talking. He tells her, "I want the best for Henry." Dinah listens. Shayne then says, "No matter what you mean everything to me." Dinah tells him, "I realize you always do the right thing." Mallet then calls Dinah and tells her about the body in the water and that it is Edmund. Mallet tells her to be careful, that all they know is that they found him in the lake. She hangs up and tells Shayne. Shayne as a lot of questions she can't answer other than to answer to the question, "He's Gone." Mallet finds Remy again and questions him. Remy and Christina decide to start anew. Remy is touched. The Coroner tells them that ,"Edmund was dead before he landed in the lake." Remy says, "I heard male voices about a half hour before coming on the body, but couldn't make it out." Mallet tells Remy to have Christina call him since she was with Remy at the time. After Mallet leaves Remy at the side of the lake, Remy looks at his hand. Jeffrey has questions of Jeffrey's death. Josh says, He doesn't know. That Remy found the body, called Mallet, Mallet called him. Reva again says she wants to go to Shayne. This time she goes. At the lake the Coroner repeats the time of death. Remy and Christina talk about what Remy just went through. Christina is comforting. She says, "You did everything you could." Remy tells Christina that Mallet wants to see her. She can't figure out why. Remy tries to explain. Christina say," Well in that case it can wait and you need a shower. Shayne and Dinah. Dinah knows at first she was cold. That she didn't know what to do with the rest of her life when he came. Reva makes a detour to the lake. Jeffrey questions Josh about his whereabouts. Josh does the same to Jeffrey. Jeffrey says, "I guess this is over now. That you don't need to hang around. And I am sorry I didn't listen to you about Edmund." Josh just about to leave says, "Take care of Reva." Reva gets to the lake as Edmund's body is being carted away. Mallet sees her. Outside, Shayne says, "We're in this together. Shayne gets another call. This time to go to the Coroners. Josh goes for a walk to think. At the Coroners, Shayne gets there. Mallet wants to know if he is ready to view the body. Shayne says, "Ready. Mallet knows on the window and the curtain goes up and Shayne sees the body. Dinah comes in after him. Shayne tells her he ID the body. The coroner says, Edmund was dead before he hit the water. Reva can't still believe it.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

While Powell holds the 4 people prisoner at the frat house, he lets Todd and Marty talk alone while he takes Blair and Tea down to the basement. Tea freaks and he shoots her. But Blair motivates her to help her find a way to get out. While Marty is alone with Todd, she remembers the three men raping her all those years ago. Then she remembers falling in love with Patrick, having Cole, remembering his life until the van blew up. Meanwhile, John is frantically looking for the missing people. He goes to Todd's where Starr and Cole inform him that Kyle has snuck in and Jack tells him what Powell did to his parents and Tea. John has the cops take Kyle away. But Rebecca has already snuck into Jessica's home and taken Chloe away, aware of whom she really is.. She brings the baby to Powell. And he takes her to meet Todd and Marty although they are both unaware that she is their mutual grandchild.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Daniel suggests that a picture be taken of Cain and Lily smushing the cake. Everyone begins to giggle. Murphy proposes a toast to Cane and Lily. Virginia tells Devon that Tyra is not blood related to them at all. Kay advises Billy that he can fool some people, but he cannot fool her. Kay also tells Billy that there is no reason why he and Mac cannot be together. Lauren questions Michael if he had heard from Gloria. Michael tells Lauren that Gloria is ignoring his calls. Lauren tells Michael to only concentrate on her and him tonight. Mac tells Jana that Billy had been out of line over the remark that he had made to Kevin. Jill scoffs at the idea of a movie being made based on Katherine’s book and vows to stop Katherine. Lily considers a career as an interior designer. Jill whispers and tells Billy that she is broke. Billy offers her help. Lauren and Michael plan a trip to Monte Carlo to celebrate their anniversary. Lauren surprises Michael with a key to a hotel room where his brownies are hidden. Amber serves Daniel with an ultimatum concerning marriage. Daniel tells Amber that he is not ready to get married. Billy follows Mac home to talk to her. Mac tries to get Billy to leave, but Billy refuses. Kay walks out and orders Billy to go home.

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