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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Ianís heart machine begins to beep. Kendall cries that it is too soon. The nurse tells Kendall and Zach that it is too soon. Zach starts to go after Adam, but Jesse stops him. Zach nods at Kendall to follow through with their plan. Angie orders chest compressions on Ian. Annie tells Aidan that she is going to take Emma from the Chandlerís tonight. J.R. knocks David unconscious outside of the Chandlerís. Tad tells Opal that he is going to call Adam and issue him a warning. Krystal holds a gun on Adam and blames him for ruining her life. David wakes up and stumbles away. J.R. arrives at Adamís. Adam tells J.R. to take hold of Krystal that she had tried to kill him. Jake manages to revive Ian. Stuart catches Annie outside of Adamís house. Adam beats Tad unconscious in the foyer of Adamís house. Annie makes it upstairs to Emma and tells her that she is able to take Emma with her now. Aidan finally gets loose from his basement prison. Zach, Kendall, Tad and David all hold their guns on Adam. Krystal visits Opal and tells her that everything is going wrong. Opal and Krystal scream as a shot is fired. Adam falls to the floor.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Damian tells Lily that he had talked to Noah and Luke and since his fleet had been cleared to sail that they may want to plan a cruise for the foundation. Damian invites Lily to come on the cruise with them. Barbara stops by Paulís house to see Eliza, but Paul tells her that she should have called first. Paul tells Barbara that Meg is gone and wonít be coming back. Meg thanks Holden for coming with her to see Bonnie. Meg hopes that she had given Bonnie enough information. Jack calls Carly at home and asks her if she had heard what he had said. Jack reminds Carly if she is clear on what she had to tell Parker. Carly goes upstairs to see Parker. Carly orders Parker to hand over his car keys. Parker refuses to give Carly his car keys. At Alís Diner, Craig tells Janet that he deserves a free cup of coffee since he had agreed with Jack. Craig owns up that he was wrong in giving Parker the money from his trust fund. Parker comes downstairs, looking for his car and finds his car gone. Jack arrives at Carlyís and immediately wants to know where Parkerís car is. Barbara meets up with Meg and advises Meg to move back in with Paul in order to keep an eye of Eliza, but Meg refuses.

In investigating, Parker and Jack find Parkerís car in a chop shop completely stripped. Barbara visits Paul and suggests that she move in with him in order to take care of Eliza, but Paul refuses to let Barbara move in with him. Damian offers Meg a job on his cruise ship as a nurse. After thinking about it, Meg agrees to take the job. Lily breaks the news to Holden that she is going on a cruise with Luke and Noah. At first, Holden is against the idea, but he gives in and advises Lily to go. Jack and Parker let Carly know that his car was in a chop shop. Parker wants Craig arrested for being behind this, but Jack refuses to arrest Craig.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy is blown away by Rick’s tribute disc to Phoebe. It’s the most thoughtful gift she has ever been given. He says it is with no strings attached. It was not a bribe. He apologizes and says he should have just left it on her desk. But he wanted to see her face. He did tell her mother and dad that he would stay away, and he intends to keep that promise. She tells him to wait, not leave. She says she wanted to hate him, she tried to forget him, but now he goes and does something sensitive and good like this. She asks if he wants a future with her; there is only one way to do that and that is to make things right with her dad. That would mean no more fighting, no more sarcasm. If he wants another chance with her, it will be on her terms. He vows he wants to spend the rest of his life with her, so just tell him what he is to do and he will do it. Donna huffs into Bill’s office and demands that he pull Stephanie’s web cast. Stephanie only wants to humiliate Eric and ruin his work. Bill thinks it is admirable that she wants to do this; yet Eric is not the one standing here asking this favor. He finds Donna amusing. He says he even has power to turn this against Stephanie, if he had motivation. He gets close behind her and touches her clothes and she gets the message.

Taylor interrupts Ridge and Brooke, and blurts out that she was just in Rick’s office and he is all over Steffy. Ridge is upset and even blames Brooke for automatically being on Rick’s side before she sees for herself what Taylor is saying. Steffy comes in and shows them the disc. She tells them that she has forgiven Rick and when they see the video, they will too. Ridge agrees that he will watch, but he won’t change his mind about Rick. After seeing it and he is emotional, he says that monster is using this to lure Steffy back. He tells them this is sick, and he can’t believe Logan is going back on her word and is still siding with her son. Ridge says he doesn’t want to hear one more word about this nightmare. He does not want Rick in Steffy’s life at all. Steffy says she finally gets it. This won’t work so Rick is out of her life. Ridge laments to Taylor that all of Brooke’s promises mean nothing. She refuses to see her son as he really is. If he only knew when they married this last time……Taylor reveals that this is not just wishful thinking on her part, but he and Brooke are really not married.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Phillip, who is having an adverse reaction to the drugged lemonade, picks a fight with Stephanie, demanding to know if she is happy with her life the way it is and if she will always be happy with him in the future. She says she can’t promise anything and rushes off in tears after Phillip says they shouldn’t get married. Owen finds her alone on the patio and renders her unconscious. He kidnaps her. Melanie confides in Brady about the engagement of the two, and says she doesn’t think Stephanie will be happy with Phillip. He accuses her of being jealous. She later discovers her bracelet is missing and heads back over to the mansion to look for it. She finds one of Stephanie’s earrings on the patio. Mia tells Will that she frequently goes to AA meetings, and has to scramble to find one at the last second when he insists on going with her. She doesn’t realize the meeting is at Maggie’s place until it is too late, but Maggie assures everything is fine and that she won’t tell Will about their conversation at the café. Brady is there, too, and once alone with Mia, he demands to know what drugs she has been using. Mia claims that she doesn’t, and that she made up the lie to keep a friend from learning the truth about her. Will overhears her saying that she is keeping a secret from him. Sami is upset when EJ refuses to bring Johnny to her place. She storms over, demanding to know what is going on with EJ. All he will tell her is that he fears for Johnny’s safety, but she says she is entitled to know what he and his father are up to.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Luke, Ethan, and Tracy head back to Port Charles. Jason confronts Ric and Claudia about their relationship. Claudia claims to have baby related pain. Ric finally leaves once Claudia seems to be ok. Claudia tells Jason about the misery Ric is causing her. Jason tells Claudia she “shouldn’t even be alive.” He says Claudia is “responsible” for Michael’s condition and she will eventually “pay” for it. Claudia denies any part in the shooting. Jason says he believes Ric’s DVD story. Jason promises to find Jerry and learn the truth. Jason drops the name of Claudia’s hit man who blew Jerry’s car up. Jason says Claudia is “using” the baby to “save” herself. Olivia tries to help Jax cope. Olivia advises Jax to be supportive of Carly. Later, Olivia offers support to Sonny. Johnny tells Lulu about Michael’s operation so she heads to the hospital. Carly sits at Michael’s bedside, refusing to give up hope. She seems to be the only one who believes that Michael will wake up. After Monica tells Edward Michael probably won’t wake up, Rebecca offers comfort to Edward. Sonny, Jax, and Olivia worry for Carly’s health. Carly finally agrees to go home with Jax. Alexis again warns Nikolas that Rebecca is working for Helena. While Lulu is visiting him, Michael opens his eyes and speaks. Holly arrives at the Haunted Star to see Luke.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Dinah stops by Company. She sees Little Henry in his carrier on a table and Marina at the bar. She questions Marina about leaving him with a babysitter. Marina say, "I having new baby syndrome, I can't be away from my kid for more than 10 minutes". Josh tells Shayne he doesn't have to worry about him. Remy talks to a friend about a friendly game of poker. That he needs money. Jeffrey talks Colin out for a walk. Reva comes out and loves the interaction Jeffrey is having with Colin. Reva tells Jeffrey she is still concerned about Edmund. Later at Company, Dinah comes back for a thermos of coffee and sees Marina up in arms about loosing a pen. Dinah tells her to check behind her ear. Marina thanks her. Christina wants to talk about future with Remy. At a golf putting green, Reva is learning golf from Jeffrey. They kid about it. She wants to go and do laundry. Jeffrey stops her by telling her he doesn't want to be without her. Reva feels something up by giving him a look. Jeffrey gets a message on his phone. Reva walks away and a couple comes to see Colin. Jeffrey talks to them. Reva comes back after taking the call on Jeffrey's cellphone. She is crying. Jeffrey gets scared and asks, "What is it?" Reva say, "I am free, I am cancer free." Josh stops by Reva and Jeffrey's to find no one there so he leaves. At park' gazebo , Remy and Christina talk. Remy tells her he was roped into a card game. And he said yes, but has changed his mind. Jeffrey wants to celebrate when they get home. Jeffrey says that they should start calling the family, Hawk's name is mentioned. Then the doorbell rings. It is Josh. Jeffrey wants to know why. Josh tells him it might be Edmund. Josh not knowing the test results yet tells Jeffrey to not tell Reva. Jeffrey tells Josh that they got the results in two words, "Cancer Free!." Josh is happy, smiles and says, "How about that."

Shayne and Dinah get into it again over baby Henry. Shayne wants to babysit and Dinah doesn't like it. Shayne also tells her Edmund is missing and wants Dinah to go home and stay there. He calls after her and mouths, "I love...", it trails off. At the gazebo Christina is kissing Remy. Back at Jeffrey and Reva's, Josh tells Jeffrey to tell Reva he is happy for Reva. Jeffrey respects what Josh is doing. Josh tells Jeffrey they are on the same side. Josh ends by saying, "I am glad Reva is going to be around longer to drive people crazy." When Jeffrey goes back into the house, he sees that Reva and Colin are gone. He gets scared. Reva and Colin take a walk and run into Marina and Henry. Both Marina and Reva talk about the boys. A bit later, Marina says she has to go back to Company. Leaving Reva and Colin alone in the park. As Marina leaves we see someone lurking in the bush.. Outside her place, Marina is talking to little Henry about a bath. She doesn't know that Shayne is across the street looking at them enter the house. Dinah takes a shower and thinks. Josh goes to the church to think and pray. Reva and Colin return home to find Jeffrey gone. Jeffry come in shortly after. Reva tells him she just felt cooped up and needed to get out. Jeffrey sits by her on the couch and hugs her and says he understands. Remy finds an unconscious Edmund in the river and starts CPR.

GL Recap Written by Eva

Dinah and Shayne continue to argue about his decision not to tell Marina and Mallet he is Henry's father because even though Shayne loves the baby he doesn't feel that he can have a baby in his life right now. Shayne also tells Dinah that Marina and Mallet are wonderful parents to Henry and he can't bear to take Henry away from them. Jeffrey, Josh, Shayne and Dinah are all on edge about Edmund being on the loose. Reva is informed that her test results show she is cancer free and she and Jeffrey celebrate with champagne. Remy almost gambles again but changes his mind when he sees Christina. Christina is excited that she has found a good man who loves her and she makes plans to find a building for her daycare center. Remy discovers Edmund's body in the river and after pulling him out starts to perform CPR on him.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Jessica and Brody are secretly together and happy knowing that they must keep a secret but it won't last forever. Yet, she has a flashback of the night she gave birth, observing that Chloe was not crying and was stillborn. Meanwhile, Powell holds Todd, Blair, Tea and Marty in the frat room. He tells Todd that he must choose which woman is his favorite and one of them will murder Todd. But the woman cannot go through with it. While he's busy, Rebecca stays at Todd's home. Her brother Kyle enters ready to use the secret about Starr's baby to get money. He reveals to Rebecca that he has medical proof that Starr Manning's baby did not die after all. Jessica Buchanan stole her and it's Jessica's baby that died. At that point, Rebecca sneaks in when Jessica and Brody are distracted and finds baby Chloe. Langston and Markko are ready to sleep together. But Lola reveals to Dorian and her father that she punctured the condoms. Dorian warns Langston. Yet, Markko has his own condoms so they are able to have safe sex. Lola reveals, however, that it was she who murdered her mother and framed her father for the crime.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At the Newman house, Ashley gets a phone call from a woman claiming that she is Sabrina. Sabrina warns her that she will be the next to die. Ashley drops the phone and starts to leave when she runs into Victor. They hug. At the wedding reception, Phyllis offers Nina a job at Restless Style. Everyone begins to arrive for Cane and Lilyís wedding reception. Cane and Lily arrive for the reception and receive wild applause from everyone there when they see Cane and Lily kissing on the elevator. Jill overhears Amber and Chloe making insulting remarks about Lilyís dress. Jill puts Amber and Chloe in their place. Ashley tells Victor what had happened with the phone call. Adam listens as though he doesnít know anything. Victor checks the number on the cell phone and finds that it is an invalid number. Victor calls Olivia for help. Victor lets Adam know that the call hadnít came from Estella. Aunt Virginia arrives for the wedding and with interesting news for Devon.

Olivia tries to persuade Ashley to be admitted to the hospital in order to talk to someone, but Ashley refuses. Billy makes an insulting remark toward Kevin. Victor tells Adam how much he appreciates Adam standing by Ashley. Adam mumbles to himself that it is a little too late for that as he pushes a button under the end table. Mac tells Billy how ashamed she is of him for the remark that he had made to Kevin. Aunt Virginia lets Devon know that Tyra is no blood relation to them.

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