Thursday 5/14/09 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

David arrives at the Chandler mansion to spend some time with Little A. Little A sits in J.R.'s lap. David suggests that he take Little A to the zoo, but Little A doesn’t want to go. David leaves the Chandler mansion in a huff. Marissa visits Krystal at Wild Wind . Krystal is surprised to see her as she thought Marissa was leaving town. Marissa tells Krystal that she couldn’t leave until she had given her something. Jesse and Tad’s discuss the “Satin Slayer” case when Opal comes barging in, ranting that all she can see is blood everywhere. In the corridor of the hospital, Kendall tells Ryan how that she doesn’t know where Zach is. Kendall is relieved when Zach walks in. Tad insists to Jesse that Adam had killed Dixie and he wants Adam arrested. Jesse has his doubts about arresting Adam as of yet.

At the hospital, Kendall declares that she will kill Adam if Ian dies. Outside of the Chandler mansion, Adam tells Stewart that when he dies, Scott is taking over Chandler Enterprises. J.R. comes to visit Tad to let him know that Adam had appointed Scott to take over for him when Adam dies. Adam picks up a gun out of a desk drawer. Krystal sneaks into the Chandler mansion and has walked over to the living room when she suddenly turns around and sees Adam, pointing a gun at her. At the hospital, David gives Kendall the bad news that Ian will not make it through the night. The monitors begin to buzz and a nurse runs into Ian’s room. The nurse gives Kendall and Zach the bad news that Ian is gone. Zach starts to go after Adam when Jesse catches him in the corridor and holds him. Zach gives a nod to Kendall, who immediately leaves. Ryan watches their actions.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Jack and Carly continue to have problems with Parker and fight about whose fault it is that Parker has problems. Liberty encourages Parker to move on with his life and think about his future. Parker tells Liberty that he doesn't want to go back to school and that is why he has been skipping his classes. Liberty tells Janet about Parker skipping school and she arranges a family meeting at Carly's to talk about it. Parker gets angry at Jack, Carly , and Liberty for being on his case. Carly continues to drink to forget her troubles and Craig has a plan to make Parker stop driving his car.

Katie is heartbroken about Henry and Vienna's betrayal and Henry and Vienna continue to try and make things right. Henry and Vienna meet an adoption lawyer who tells them that he has a client ready to deliver a baby and give it up for adoption. Henry tells Brad about the lawyer and Brad and Katie decide to take a chance and meet with him to talk. The lawyer says he needs ten thousand dollars as a show of good faith before he can introduce them to his client. Brad and Katie give the lawyer a check for ten thousand dollars.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke is livid over Stephanie’s web cast. She tells Ridge they don’t need another issue to argue over. He tells her to blow this off. He asserts that Stephanie was within her bounds to lash back at Eric for firing her from the company and to Donna for stealing him away. He tells her the more she says about this, the more it will magnify the problem. A few more hits and his mother will be on to something else and this will be done. She assures him that Rick will allow Thomas to work at Forrester, and that Rick will stay away from Steffy. She’s made it clear that she won’t tolerate any of his disrespect. Ridge still thinks they can not trust him. Rick better not come sniffing around his daughter again. Steffy drops off some papers to Rick’s office and lingers a minute too long as he returns. He tells her that he is changing, perhaps a little too late, but he is trying. He realizes he betrayed her trust, but he is hoping they can still see each other and laugh and talk. He realizes too that he needs help and he needs his head examined to have let her have slipped away.

Taylor pops her head in the office just as Rick puts his hands on Steffy’s face and looks like he wants to kiss her. She runs back to Stephanie and tells her all. Her blood ran cold and she felt like scratching his eyes out. Stephanie thinks this is good news. Ridge will find out and go ballistic. Brooke will do her usual of siding with her son and this is when Taylor can go to Ridge and tell him that his marriage is not legal. Brooke argues with Ridge that Stephanie is trying to ruin their marriage. He assures her that can’t happen. His mother has no more sway with him. She has no ammunition; she can not hurt them. It is Rick who has that power if he tries to socialize at all with Steffy. He laments that if Rick goes after Steffy again, then they must be together on this and fight him together. Rick gives Steffy a Tribute disc he has created…not the best of Rick and Steffy, but of Phoebe. He doesn’t even think her family has these memories. He watches her face as she cries and laughs during the viewing. Immediately she goes to Rick and hugs him.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Owen calls EJ to tell him Phillip drank the drugged lemonade instead of Stephanie, but EJ interrupts, telling him not to call back until the job is finished. After having a heart to heart with Max and accusing him of worrying about Stephanie, Melanie heads over the Kiriakis mansion to talk to Phillip. When she learns of his engagement to Stephanie Melanie warns Stephanie that she can’t change Phillip, and that this kind of life won’t make her happy. Phillip overhears and throws her out. Stephanie is worried since Phillip is feeling the effects of the drugs, and is acting funny, but he just claims he’s tired and needs rest. Nicole congratulates EJ for coming up with a plan to get back at Victor and the two make love. Later, Victor visits Stefano and warns him EJ is running out of time. Stefano calls him, but EJ assures Stefano that he has everything under control. Stefano says he trusts him with his life. Bo confronts Victor, demanding to know what he has planned, but Hope takes a more subtle approach, asking Victor to lay off this war for Bo’s sake, who is having trouble sleeping. Victor promises to take care of everything amicably. Bo thinks he has his vision figured out when Ciara’s teddy bear goes missing, but Max finds it at the pub. Bo tells Hope about the vision, and they both figure this is another one that won’t come true.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Luke and Ethan go off to Singapore to find Holly. Luke tells Ethan about his past tryst in Singapore with Holly while he was married to Laura. Someone is watching Luke and Ethan. Tracy suddenly arrives. Tracy gets attacked but she won’t give up her jewelry. Luke and Ethan fight off the attackers. Tracy insists on waiting for Holly. Lucky fills Liz in about Ethan. Lucky tells Liz that Luke cheated on Laura. Sonny tells Claudia he “could never harm” her and asks if she was involved in the shooting. Sonny says he knows the bullet “was meant for” him. Claudia says she had nothing to do with Michael’s shooting. She claims she couldn’t live with herself if she had been involved. Sonny claims to believe Claudia. Sonny tells Jason he’s “setting up” Claudia. Sonny says Claudia is “needy” and she wants “to be his partner.” Sonny tells Jason that Claudia’s “guards are down” so he will soon learn the truth. Claudia has a run in with Ric back at the house. Claudia tells Ric that Sonny will “let it go” even if he learns of her guilt. Ric presents Claudia with a court ordered paternity test. Jason walks in just as Ric tells Claudia he has “rights” to his child. Carly hears Monica tell Jason she doesn’t have much faith in Michael’s recovery. Carly wants Michael surrounded by “positive energy.” Patrick says although the surgery went well, Michael should be awake by now. Robin has a positive group therapy session. Patrick is frustrated about the surgery and he goes home to spend quality time with Emma. Jax tells Olivia to forget about fixing up Michael’s room. Carly still believes that Michael will wake up. She tells Sonny that Patrick doesn't think it will happen.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Shayne goes to Josh and tells him he'll help him track down Edmund. Dinah is outside unsure of what is going on with her and Shayne. Buzz talks to Daisy about dating and whom she should date. He hopes not James. Daisy tells Buzz in short she doesn't have to worry about her dating James. She kids, "He doesn't even have a fake id". Then she gets a phone call from James. Phillip is on the couch in the living room of the Spaulding Mansion and Lizzie with him. He tells her that he is glad to see her get along with James. That it is more than he and Alan-Michael ever tried. Back at Shayne's, Josh wonders why Shayne wanted to leave the country so soon after coming back. Shayne says, "I've been caught up in a world of my own. And it is good to be back." Reva and Dinah talk about Shayne. Dinah tells Reva that she had an argument. Reva asks what she did to upset Shayne. Dinah tells Reva that Shayne would get upset then cool off. But not this last time. Shayne got quiet and scary. Dinah and Marina, Reva talk about little Henry and finding a blood match and how fortunate they were in finding one quick. Dinah who is holding Henry hands him off to Marina saying, "I think he wants his mama." and then says, "I have to go". At Company Buzz and Daisy are still talking about James. She says, "He's weird." Daisy points out that the Spauldings and Coopers don't work well together and tells Buzz of some examples. One is Harley and Alan-Michael. Back at the Spaulding Mansion, Phillip tells Lizzie that he is not only looking out for her but for Bill. And he'll do what it takes. Phillip goes to where he was talking to James and find he is not there but there is alit of crumpled up paper. Daisy finds James outside Company. She sees he is unhappy and asks why and if she can help. Josh gets a note that asks for his help. He tells Shayne about it. Dinah and Marina are alone with Little Henry and Dinah tells Marina she is happy for her and Mallet. Jeffrey comes in with a diaper and wipes for Marina to change Henry. Dinah is outside with Reva. Reva says she is happy that Dinah is with her son. Dinah thanks her. James wants Daisy to go somewhere with him. At the Spaulding's, Lizzie is watching TV rather than plan a wedding. Philip catches her and also catches a business news reports that doesn't make him happy. Josh and Shayne visit a hospital and a patient they think is Edmund. When the nurse lets them stay as she changes the bandages they realize the patient is not Edmund. Back at the Spaulding's, Phillip is thrown when asked what is wrong by Lizzie. He also asks her if she didn't mind if he went to town for a bit. Phillip is rambling about hurting children. When asked by Lizzie what he is talking about he changes the subject and leaves. At the hospital in Paris, Josh tells the nurse that this is not the man in question. Josh calls Jeffrey telling them they have a problem. Shayne calls Dinah and hopes she picks up. At Dinah's door, she and Marina talk more. Then Marina leaves. Josh tells Jeffrey that it is Rock in the hospital and not Edmund. Reva wants to know what he call was about. Jeffrey changes the subject and tells her he wants to sing to them. And he starts to strum on the guitar.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

The prom is underway. Langston and Markko have no clue what Lola did. But she shows up revealing that she let Asher give her some drugs. Meanwhile, Dorian and Ray are together talking about letting their respective daughters grow up. And they end up sleeping together. Starr and Cole are at the prom together knowing that as they speak, their dead baby is being exhumed. Michael, Marcie and Bo go to the gravesite to exhume baby Hope. Powell Lord has taken Todd, Blair, Marty and Tea to the frat house where he, Todd and Zach gang raped Marty. He reminds Todd that he knows all about his history with hurting women. And now Todd is going to be at the desperate mercy of the three women he has hurt. He encourages all three of them to kill Todd in order to "take back their power".

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Cane and Lily gets ready for their wedding. Colleen asks Lily how excited is she right now. Nina, Mac, kay and Murphy arrive at the church early. Mac lets everyone know that Billy is coming to the wedding. Billy is impressed with the wedding/anniversary of “Restless Style.” Chloe can’t believe that she and Billy were invited to Cane and Lily’s wedding. Jill arrives for the wedding. Ashley thanks Victor for last night. Adam practices his French through the computer and plans out his next attack on Ashley. A man arrives from the laundry service and hands Victor a tape recorder that Estella had left in her jacket pocket. Ashley hears the baby cry and confronts Victor about it. Ashley declares that Estella had been behind this all along. Victor can’t seem to want to believe that this was Estella’s doing.

Cane and Lily marry. Adam interrupts Ashley and Victor. Victor confronts Estella about the tape. Estella denies her involvment as usual. Victor fires Estella, but she declares that these things that are happening will not stop just because Estella is out of the house. Ashley receives a call, supposedly, from Sabrina, who declares that death is imminent. Ashley begs to know who this is and begs Estella to stop. Victor comes in during Ashley’s panic attack. Ashley tells them that she has to get out of here. Cane and Lily prepare to go on their honeymoon.

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