Wednesday 5/13/09 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 5/13/09 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the Chandler mansion, Erica urges Adam not to take the medicine that Gail is giving him. Erica goes on to tell Adam that Gail was sent here by David to keep a check on Adam. At Wildwind, David begins to confront Krystal about Marissa being his daughter and Krystal keeping it from him all these years. David begins to choke Krystal when Marissa comes in and tells David to stop. At the hospital, Angie tells Jesse that she has to go to Frankie. Aidan remains tied up in the basement of Ryan’s apartment building. Aidan yells for Annie. Annie watches Ryan with Emma from the window. Zach barges into Adam’s living room and wants justice for what Adam had done to Ian. At the Yacht Club, Scott and J.R. hold a press conference. Adam confesses to Zach that he had known about the defective heart valve. Ryan stops Zach from hitting Adam. Annie comes back to Aidan and apologizes to him for tying him up. Aidan confesses his love to Annie. Zach knocks Ryan out at the door and goes back to seek vengeance on Adam, Zach places a red X between Adam’s eyes. Zach tells Adam that that is where he is going to shoot Adam if anything happens to Ian. The police barge in as does Jesse. Jesse urges Zach to stop. Annie empties the contents of her purse and a knife falls out. At the Yacht Club, Marissa tells J.R. that she is Babe’s twin sister.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

When Meg blatantly ignores a call from Dusty, Paul demands answers. Meg coyly tells him that she is there to stay and perhaps even marry again. Meanwhile, a worried Dusty talks with Holden and tells him that he should be worried about Meg’s game. Holden goes to see Meg, and he offers her a place to stay so she can get out of Paul’s house, but she tells him that she can’t be away from Eliza. Carly tries to talk with Craig about reconciling with Lucy, but he won’t hear of it. Lucinda is coaxing Lucy into telling Dusty how she feels, but she is too concerned about her father forgiving her. Lucinda thinks that she will forget about that if she has love and a baby of her own in her life. Carly calls Lucy over for lunch, as she has also invited Craig. Craig is none too pleased with the ambush and tells Carly so, who at least wants him to hear Lucy out. Lucy pleads her case, as Craig can’t turn his heart back from stone. He doesn’t want her in his life and he can’t forgive her. A devastated Lucy leaves and Carly wants Craig to leave himself. She puts up with his lies, crimes and moral shortcomings because the one thing he had going for him was the love he had for his children; she doesn’t understand how he would throw his child’s love away. Craig is not convinced at first, but Carly really lays into him and reminds him all the people he loves who had to forgive him over the years. Craig is finally convinced and decides he and Carly should go find Lucy. Meanwhile, Lucy is meeting with Dusty to voice her pleasure that he and Craig may be working on custody arrangements for Johnny. She tells him that she can’t take the pain of not being able to see her father or Johnny so she is going back to East Africa... unless there is a reason for her to stay. When Dusty can commit, Lucy sadly heads on her way wishing him well. Paul wants to know what Meg’s game is with wanting to be married again, as Meg claims there is none. Paul wonders if she is going to be his wife with her mind, body and soul because anything less won’t do. Meg can’t make love to Paul and tells him that she doesn’t love him anymore and they can’t go back and pretend what has happened hadn’t. Paul is furious, as Meg tells him that she is leaving. Paul promises her that would be a mistake, but she won’t back down. Lucy shares a tearful goodbye with Lucinda and Johnny. Craig and Carly show up at Lucy’s, but she is gone. Dusty tells them that Lucy left for East Africa, as Craig is visibly upset. Holden arrives to take Meg to his and Lily’s house, as Paul promises that she will not see her child grow up. Meg promises that she will not stop fighting until she gets her daughter back, as Paul assures her that he won’t let her. Meg sadly bids Eliza goodbye and heads out the door.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie shows Pam how to access Inside Fashion, Stephanie’s new website. It’s all about the Logan Chronicles. Donna catches them and warns Pam to keep Stephanie away from the seamstresses and cutters. In her opinion, she shouldn’t be in the building at all. Donna wiggles her way into Eric’s office with her ever present jar of honey. Thorne catches her legs in air on Eric’s lap. Thorne shows him the all new smear campaign webcast by Stephanie. Across town, Owen and Jackie also are enjoying the revenge. Jackie accuses Owen of still sulking about last night. He states that he wants to be valued for his accomplishments, not just her boy toy. He warns her that he is seeing Bridget today and he’d prefer that he not be interrupted. She changes his plans of taking Bridget out to lunch, and recommends that they eat in. Owen and Bridget flirt and kiss until they are interrupted by a phone call to Owen….from Jackie. She’s right around the corner and wants to see him ASAP. Donna chastises Stephanie for making a fool of Eric on the internet. Stephanie says all she is hoping for is that Eric will come to his senses someday and leave Donna.

Owen finds himself in the steam room where Jackie is waiting. She insists that he take off his clothes and join her. When he balks, she reminds him that she thought they had an understanding. She does not want a relationship and she does not see him sleeping with Bridget yet, so what is the harm in their working relationship? Slowly and gently, she unbuttons his shirt and takes it off and rubs her fingers over his chest. He’s putty in her hands. Stephanie tells Donna than when all is said an done and that last drop of honey is squeezed out of that jar, all she will be is plastic. Donna tells her that the Logans aren’t through fighting back. If Stephanie can’t drop this and move on with her life…… if she wants war, then she will have war. This is not over, toots!

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Rafe saves Dr. Baker from a couple of thugs who are attempting to collect on one of his debts. In return, Rafe demands that Baker never talk about Sami or her baby to anyone. Baker agrees and says that he is leaving, town anyway. He calls Nicole to tell her so, and tells her about the letter that wall be sent to the police about her if he turns up dead. Sami and Nicole have a run-in at the café. They try to be nice for the sake of the kids, but end up arguing, and Arianna interrupts them. Sami and Nicole accidentally end up revealing that their children have the same birthday. Nicole warns Arianna to tell her brother to stay far away from Sami. EJ meets with Owen and demands that he do another job for him. Owen resists at first, saying he just collects information for Stefano, but EJ threatens to fire him. Owen agrees to do whatever he says. Later, he gives Stephanie a glass of lemonade, which clearly has some kind of drug or poison in it. Phillip ends up drinking it instead of her.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Ethan makes a call to a contact in Australia to find out what’s going on with Holly. Luke notices how concerned Ethan is for Holly. Luke still thinks Tracy switched the DNA results. Later, Luke gets a call from Holly but he gets disconnected. Luke and Ethan are worried but Tracy thinks it’s a trap. Luke and Ethan head out of town to find Holly. Tracy plans on following them. Patrick says Michael is “stable” and will be watched closely now that the surgery is over. Nikolas visits Rebecca at GH. Epiphany asks that that Nikolas chase Rebecca “on his own time.” Kate fires Maxie and Lulu. Spinelli finds the “culprit” on the security footage – it’s Clarice. Kate rehires Maxie and Lulu. After Kate leaves, Spinelli discovers he’s made an error when he sees Kate on the tape with the missing portfolio. Jax asks Olivia for help getting Michael’s bedroom ready for his return home. Jax uses Olivia as a sounding board regarding his concerns about Michael. Carly keeps the faith for Michael. Bobbie comes to visit Michael and Carly. Diane cancels a shopping trip with Alexis to spend some quality time with Max at the Metro Court. Edward runs into Rebecca when he goes to GH to see Michael. Nikolas invites Rebecca to dinner and an evening in a room at the Metro Court. Alexis walks in on Rebecca and Nik by mistake, thinking she’s going in Diane and Max’s room. Patrick says if Michael “doesn’t regain consciousness in the next few hours” he may never wake up.

GL Recap Written by Beth

James tells Phillip he used Bill Lewis' name as a front. Now he can't pay it back. Phillip can't believe his ears and tell James so. James say, "I figure if you're going to do something, why do it half way". Inside the Spaulding Mansion, Bill and Lizzie are enjoying themselves until Alan walks in and starts in on Bill. At Company, Daisy wants to help her family. Buzz is suspicious. Christina runs in and Buzz wants to know about her getting the business loan. She says," I put in a request. Now just waiting." Remy and his father (not being played anymore by Montel Williams) is still talking about what Remy wants to do with his life. Outside the Spaulding house, James says he came to Phillip now before it became public. James thinks Phillip will fix it. Phillip wants James to tell Lizzie. James says he can't. Phillip tells James he is not smart. James says, "He was smart enough to get what he did off the ground without any help or anyone knowing." Alan tells Lizzie, "I don't want you to make plans for a wedding that is not going to happen." Bill and Alan fight over Lizzie's happiness. Outside, James says, "It is pathetic how it is with you people." Phillip wants him to go to the police station with what James told him. James isn't too keen on the idea. Phillip says, "Not if you do a press conference first." Ashlee want to help with the wedding plans. Christina goes to see about the loan. Buzz goes with her. The loan officer gets confused as to why Buzz is there. Buzz tells her it is for support. Christina gets turned down. She later tells Buzz that it won't get her down, just because a woman turned her down. James meets up with Daisy. In the dining room of the Spaulding Mansion, Phillip is on a laptop and Alan walks in and starts in on him about James. Phillip calls Stan the Spaulding PR agent and tells him to handle James' story. A bit later Philip runs into Bill and Lizzie and they are talking about James and Ashlee. Philip thinks at first that they found out about James' money problem. Bill and Lizzie tell him about the wedding. Lizzie and Bill are on the Balcony of the house when Blake comes by to congratulate them on the wedding. Blake wants to help Lizzie with the plans. Phillip has moved outside with his laptop when he sees Alan and James get together and talk business. Clayton, Remy's father, yells at him. Then realizes he shouldn't have. Remy then joins Christina inside Company. She tells him she was turned down. James wants Alan in on an investment opportunity. Philip hears enough and grabs James by the collar and walks him away from Alan. Alan is speechless and confused and James is just going with it. Lizzie and Ashlee are at Towers talking wedding plans. At Company Remy tries to console Christina. But it doesn't work and she walks out on him. Buzz just doesn't know what to do when Remy looks at him. Phillip warns James to stay away from Alan. That he meant what he told James down in FL. That he be trusted. James say, "Ok."

OLTL Recap Written by Jen P.

Clint waits for Nora's answer to his proposal. After arguing a little, Clint proposed again, with feeling, and Nora accepted. Jessica has a flashback to the night Chloe was born. She and Jared dance. After Gigi serves Stacy at Rodi's, Stacy becomes sick. Rachel and Matthew meet one of the Pussycat Dolls. Later on, Rachel and Shaun find Asher and have him arrested for selling drugs. Cole and Starr hang out together at Dorian's and Starr tells Cole that Hope will be exhumed that evening. They decided to go to the prom after all and danced the night away.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At home, Nick tells Phyllis that he will be late that night since he is going to talk to Victor. Nick also tells Phyllis that he had found a package on their porch addressed to Adam. At the Newman house, Adam is on the phone, annoyed that his package hasn’t’ arrived yet. Nick delivers the package to Adam, but insists on seeing what is in inside. Adam refuses to let him see inside the package. Jack and Sharon meet up with Phyllis at the Athletics' Club and Phyllis questions them if they are moving back in. Jack informs Phyllis that they are celebrating Sharon moving back into the Abbott house. Billy arrives at Jimmy’s and Mac tells him that he is late. Gloria, Jeff and Jill find out that they are penniless and stranded on the Cayman Islands. Jill calls Jack for help which he gives them, but not in the way they expect. Mary Jane tells Phyllis that Mr. Beder is in town and wants to take some photos of her at “Restless Style.’ Phyllis is hesitant, but then agrees to do it. Once at Restless Style, Mary Jane and Phyllis find that Mr. Beder isn’t there. Mary Jane plots a so-called emergency between Nick and Sharon. Sharon meets Nick and questions him as to what is the emergency. Nick denies there being an emergency. Sharon begins to feel faint and Nick helps her when they meet up with Phyllis. Gloria, Jeff and Jill find a way home just not the way they intended. Karen serves Neil with divorce papers and tells him to sign them. Jack finds Billy at the bar and urges him to go home to Chloe and Delia, but Billy refuses.

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