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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the cemetery, Marissa confronts Krystal as to what the secret is that she is keeping from everyone. At the hospital, David reveals that Adam and the Chandler’s knew that the heart valve was defective when David did the surgery on Ian. At the Chandler mansion, Erica confronts Gail about her feelings for David. Erica tells Gail that she will be watching her. Zach confronts Scott if he had known that the heart valve was defective. Zach, once again, threatens to kill Adam if Ian dies. Annie sneaks into Emma’s bedroom. Krystal tells Marissa that she is her daughter.

At the hospital, Erica talks to one of the fellow nurses about Gail. The nurse lets Erica know that Gail is David’s “go to’ girl. Erica finds out about Ian and the surgery. Marissa finds out from Krystal that Krystal had sold her. At the hospital, David holds a surgical knife to Adam’s throat and blasts Adam for turning Little A against David. Adam lets it slip out that David should be worrying about his own children. Adam goes on to tell David that Marissa is his daughter. Erica walks in on David, holding the surgical knife to Adam’s throat. At the Chandler mansion, Erica finds out from Adam that he had known that the heart valve was defective. Krystal arrives home to Wild wind to find out from David that he knows about Marissa being Krystal’s daughter.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Alison and Casey make plans to have a barbeque and plans on doing some matchmaking between Hunter and Jade. Jade agrees to go to the barbeque until she finds out that Casey and Alison are planning some matchmaking. In Dusty’s hotel room, Johnny hides from Dusty. Dusty begins to panic until Dusty finally finds Johnny. Johnny refuses to talk to Dusty. Dusty rushes Johnny to the hospital. Lucy offers to examine Johnny, but Dusty refuses to let Lucy help. Lucy meets up with her Mother at the hospital and finds out that her Mother had gotten a good check up which she is very grateful. Lucy admits how much that she misses Craig. Alison sees Hunter at Al’s and invites him to the barbeque without telling him why.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bridget remembers her kiss with Nick last night. She faces him in the office just before a meeting. She is the first one there and it is awkward. Nick quickly apologizes for overstepping his bounds last night. Stephanie and Clark come in, so end of that conversation. Nick is curt with Jackie as she is late to the meeting, and Stephanie has already left to see Karen Spencer. Jackie was late as she was still dallying and handing out her kisses to Owen. Stephanie is surprised to find Bill Jr. instead of Karen. After all these years this is the first time she has met Bill. She fills him in about Eric and her leaving Forrester. She has a proposition for him. He studies it over and says yes if she will accept his proposal – the future is in the internet. She can have a blog, her own webcast and keep the public informed of all the dirt and behind the scenes in the fashion industry. Owen questions Bridget about last night. He warns her about getting mixed up with Nick again and advises her to stop picking big losers. She needs to demand to be treated better.

Bill quickly pulls together Stephanie's first webcast and she speaks from the heart and on the cuff to her public and manages to get in a few good-natured zings at those "bitches in heat" over at Forrester. Stephanie and the camera, this is sure to be a marriage made in heaven! Owen goes to Jackie’s loft, but is uncomfortable and unsure when she coos for him to join her in the sudsy tub. He wants to be serious. He needs to re-define his relationship with Bridget. She tells him that she is grateful for him. He re-lit a fire in her and she is not ready for it to go out. He doesn’t have to worry about Bridget, just enjoy the moment. Owen confesses that he wants to be a man of his word. Jackie reveals that he can be with Bridget, even sleep with her if she will let him, but do not try to leave Jackie, that could be the end of his career. When he questions that, she says of course she would fire him.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nicole assures EJ that he will find some way to outsmart Victor. EJ isn’t so sure at first, but later, he remembers something Stefano told him about watching over him, and finds a manila envelope secreted behind the backing of Stefano’s portrait. Inside are a list of name and numbers. EJ finds Owen on it, their contact at the Kiriakis mansion, and calls him. Nicole is later horrified when she goes to see Baker at the hospital and finds Sami there. Sami sees Baker, too, but hightails it out of there before he recognizes her. She worries that word may get around that she really gave birth to Grace, but Rafe promises to take care of everything for her. Baker gives the letter he wrote about Nicole to a friend, detailing that it is only to be opened if he dies. Phillip and Stephanie celebrate their engagement and invite Caroline over to do so as well, but she questions Stephanie’s decision to marry Phillip, advising her that she can’t change him. Stephanie says she doesn’t want to, and that he is nothing like Victor. She later overhears Phillip saying he wants the DiMeras eliminated and she confronts him. Phillip claims his father is trying to make peace with the DiMeras. He vows that he and Stephanie won’t be living in fear for long.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Lulu and Luke wonder why Tracy dislikes Ethan so much. Tracy calls Johnny and tells him that Lulu is “rebounding” with Ethan. When Johnny refuses to help her, Tracy heads to Crimson to warn Lulu against getting involved with Ethan. Ethan asks Luke if he thinks Tracy “switched the DNA test.” Luke admits to asking Lulu to “flirt” with Ethan to get a reaction out of Tracy. Luke is convinced that Tracy may have switched the test results. Ethan says the test results are in and he wants nothing more to do with it. Luke calls Holly but gets disconnected. Tracy thinks it’s a trap. Carly tells Patrick to finish the operation. Spinelli feels like he failed Maxie by not discovering who the “corporate thief” is. Jason tells Sam he’s tempted to tell Sonny and Carly the truth about Claudia. Jason blames himself for not protecting Michael. Jason tells Sam that everything about Claudia “is an act.” Carly, Jax, Sonny, Claudia, and Jason continue to wait for the surgery to end. Patrick finishes up Michael’s surgery and says he’s hopeful. Kate is in her office telling someone on the phone that she refuses to “keep stealing” her “own layouts.” Ric overhears Claudia in the hospital chapel saying a prayer for Michael. Ric says Claudia will “pay” if Michael dies. Carly heads home with Jax after the operation is over. Sonny tells Jason he’s suspicious of Claudia. Jason is more concerned about Michael. Sonny thanks Jason for making the final decision to go ahead with the surgery.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Emma has questions. And Christina gets some good news on the loan front. Alan and Phillip talk about Lizzie and James. Alan is unhappy with the choices in their lives and isn't one to hide his feelings about it. Lizzie and Bill are looking at Bridal magazines in the loft when Phillip comes up and ask the whereabouts of James. Lizzie at first brushes him off. But Bill nudges her to talk to Phillip. Lizzie calls Phillip back up to the loft and tells him they are looking at Bridal magazines and asks if he wants to also. Phillip say, "No that's ok." Back at Company, Marina arrives to talk to Buzz. Christina tells her about her new business ideas and would consider Marina a partner. Marina says, "Let's talk". Natalia answers some of Emma's questions. At the Spaulding Mansion, Phillip, Lizzie and Bill are talking wedding plans. Phillip looking at a magazine comes ups with an idea of a Gone With the Wind type. of Wedding. And that they could do a Civil War reenactment. Lizzie is not to sure about going that far. James is on the steps outside talking to some one on his phone. He has it so that Phillip hears all of the conversation, but James doesn't know it till James hangs up and starts walking off the stone stairs. Phillip questions him about that call. James says it was the head master of his school. Phillip says it sounded like a business call. Then Lizzie interrupts them. She wants James to talk to Bill about the wedding. Back at Company, Christina is thrilled that Remy wants to invest in her business venture. He is about to leave when Buzz tells him he'll walk him out of Company. When they get outside, Buzz grabs him turns him around and asks him what went on in there between he and Christina. Remy says nothing. Frank runs into Doris at Towers bar and ask her about Rafe. She tells him she'll see what she can do. Mel is having lunch with her parents at Towers. At Company, Christina is about to leave when her grandmother shows up. Christina is surprised to see her and wants to know when she was released from Cedars. Grandma says, "The doctors felt I was strong enough to be release." Christina then asks, "Why didn't you call me?" Grandma says, "I felt strong enough to walk over and that was the best walk I had in a long time." Alan and Phillip talk about James. At the end of the conversation, Phillip tells Alan, "I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt and trust him." Doris and Natalia are talking about what they have been up too. Natalia says she just got back from a little vacation. And Doris gloats about seeing Frank. Mel and Remy run into each other. Remy says he is looking for Dad. Mel says that she just saw him at Towers. Back at the Spaulding Mansion, Bill and Lizzie are sitting in the living room each with a book or magazine in their hands. Bill sees that Lizzie is actually looking at a business proposal that James turned down. Outside, Phillip wants to talk to James, who doesn't want to talk. Phillip says, "I am here if you want to talk and I am a good listener." Natalia is on the phone with Rafe, wishing he could come home for good. As Remy gets to Towers, his mother leave so that Remy and his father can talk alone. Things with Remy and his father start out rough. Then his father explains that he wants to help but that he got into an investment that went wrong. James talks to his father about a bad investment he got involved with. Phillip wants to know how he got the money and what name he used. When James says, "Bill". Phillip questions, "Lizzie's Bill?" James shakes his head. Phillip is furious.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Natalie and Jared have their respective engagement parties. All the women are gathered at Ultra Violet when all the men celebrate at Rodi's. Many secrets are revealed at both places. Many secrets are revealed at both events. Rex hosts Jared's shower and realized he has not found a stripper to come out of a cake. Stacy is only too happy to "volunteer" especially when she knows that both Gigi and Brody are bartending at Rodi's. At Ultraviolet, a "surprise" occurs when Kyle Lewis is the stripper. Both Natalie and Roxy are horrified knowing that he knows their secret. Marcie reveals to Natalie that Starr and Cole are going to exhume baby hope. At Rodi's Michael informs Jared of the same thing. Knowing that it will ruin Jessica, Natalie and Jared are both horrified and unable to enjoy their engagement parties. Langston and Cole are ready to go to the prom together and plan their "first night" together. Starr helps Langston get ready and Dorian surprises her by giving her her blessing and some condoms to take with her. But Lola is not going to accept that. So, when she is alone, she takes the condoms out of the box and tampers with them assuming that nobody will know until it's too late.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Paul tells Nikki that Nicholas knows about the engagement ring and approves of them getting married. Paul and Nikki decide to tell everyone else of their engagement. Victoria lets Heather know that she knows that she is back with Adam, but since Adam cannot be trusted then neither can Heather be trusted. Abby catches Ashley working when Ashley shouldn’t. Abby puts the thought in Ashley’s mind that all of this trouble could be caused because of Adam. Jeff, Gloria and Jill in the Cayman Islands find out that all their holdings are gone when the bank collapsed. Jack tells Colleen that Sharon had moved back into his house permanently. Colleen tells Jack that Victor is going to purchase Saveneur.

Ashley and Adam hear the baby cry. Victor upon searching the house, find no proof of a baby. Nikki stops by and tells Victor that Paul had proposed to her and she had accepted. Jill calls Victor to tell him of her ordeal and finds out that he had withdrawn his money from the bank. Adam refuses to run away with Heather.

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