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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Zach begins to panic when he sees that Ian doesn’t look the same. Kendall also begins to panic. At the Chandler mansion, J.R. holds a press conference with his family and David and Krystal. Opal sees Annie outside of Ryan’s patio door in his living room. Aidan is there with Opal. At the Valley Inn, Scott call the police to report a suicide. Adam begins to have blurred vision. Jake rushes to check on Ian. While Aidan talks to Opal outside Ryan’s door, Annie sneaks into Ryan’s apartment and surprises Aidan when he comes back into Ryan’s apartment. Scott calls J.R. to come to the Valley Inn that things have gotten out of hand. Adam has a talk with Little A and warns him about David. Gail sneaks and tells David that she had seen Adam talking to Little A. At the hospital, Angie runs into Ryan and tells him that Frankie had been injured in Iraq. Opal calls Ryan to tell him that she had seen Annie outside his door and this time it was a different vision.

At the hospital, Zach warns Adam that if something happens to Ian, Zach will kill Adam. David and Jake find things seriously wrong with the heart valve transplant that they had just performed on Ian. Ryan arrives home to find the door ajar, but doesn’t find Annie’s wallet that she had accidentally left lying under the coffee table in the living room. Aidan tries to stop Annie from going to see Emma. They struggle with the door which results in Aidan falling down the stairs. Annie ties Aidan up to keep him from keeping her from seeing Emma. David tells everyone that something is wrong with the heart valve and to ask Adam.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Katie struggles to cope with losing the baby she thought Vienna was carrying for her and Brad. Henry and Vienna mourn the loss of their friendship with Brad and Katie, but they can’t help but be happy about the prospect of having a baby. When Brad and Vienna run into each other, she learns again how devastated Katie is so Vienna goes to visit her. Katie doesn’t want to talk, but when Vienna feels the baby move, Katie can’t help but want to be involved. Katie suddenly decides the only way to make it ok again would be to still take the baby. Vienna is surprised but wants to make up for what happened and wants to make her friend happy so she agrees to talk with Henry. Brad learns of Katie’s abrupt change of heart and isn’t on board, but Katie finally convinces him that keeping the baby they originally thought was theirs will all turn out ok. Vienna tries to talk with Henry about it, but he is not agreeing to it. He feels horribly for Katie but he won’t give up his child and his speech to Vienna is so moving, Vienna can’t do it either in the end. Katie and Brad show up to tell them they assume the promise is still on for them to have their baby. Unfortunately, Henry and Vienna can’t agree to it anymore, as Katie is again devastated, and Brad is angry. Later, Brad promises Katie that she will get past this, as Katie doubts it. Lucinda tries to show her support of Lucy while she tries to convince Lucy not to rely on Damian. Holden, Lily and Noah all want Luke to stay away from Damian, but Luke wants to get to the bottom of this and goes in search of him. Damian comes up with a plan to find out who the smuggler is and agrees to meet with him. Luke tries to talk with Damian, but he wants Luke to leave so he doesn’t get in the middle of this. Luke won’t leave easily so Damian is agitated and tells Luke to go away, but Luke doesn’t go far. Fredo and Damian come face to face, as Damian promises he will stop him, as he holds a gun on him. Fredo and Damian fight and Fredo gets the best of him, but Luke rushes to the rescue. Luke and Damian almost get in trouble, as Noah shows up, and trains a gun on Fredo, and in the end, is forced to shoot him. Margo finds this chaotic scene at the pier and brings them all downtown. Lucy is set free when Fredo confesses, as everyone is thrilled, but Holden is convinced that Damian put Luke’s life at risk again. Luke defends Damian, which upsets Holden. Later, Luke and Damian genuinely reconcile while Holden and Lily do as well, but Holden is convinced there will be more drama as long as Damian stays in town.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge joins the conversation with Brooke and Taylor, and Brooke announces to him that Taylor is crazy as she is now saying they are not married. Stephanie walks in as well and Brooke tells them that she doesn’t give a damn what they think of her marriage. She wants them to back off. Ridge tells her they both know their marriage is real so not to get worked up about this. They argue about Thomas working there as Brooke is still dead-set against it. She won’t risk it. Rick continues his conversation with Steffy. He tells her that he understands why she can not be with him. He informs her that he won’t be around to bother her any more – he is joining a monastery. She thinks this bone-head idea is his worst ever. He’s glad he made her laugh which proves he is still good for her. She’s shocked when she hears Thomas is going to work at Forrester. She explains that Thomas has as much right as Rick does. He says for her he will do it; he will accept and go along with Thomas working there, but his mom is against it too. Rick interrupts Brooke and Ridge’s conversation and says that he will do it for Steffy – he is okay now with Thomas working at Forrester Creations.

Steffy calls Thomas and leaves a message that she may have good news for him. Ridge thinks Rick accepting Thomas is another one of his ploys to get back with Steffy. Rick assures him that it is not. She gave back his ring even, so it is over. Ridge tells Brooke that Rick is only doing this to make himself look good to Steffy. Brooke doesn’t want this tension to affect their marriage. Ridge is getting his way…..Rick is no longer with Steffy, and Thomas will be working along side of him, so be grateful. Stephanie is upset that Taylor spilled the beans about the marriage. They might even go to city hall and investigate. Taylor needs to not mention this again and hopes they won’t. Rick tells Steffy that it is official – Thomas is the newest member of FC. But he warns her that her father is still skeptical. She expresses her gratitude that he did this for her brother. She can’t wait to barge in and tell her mother they need to take Thomas out to celebrate. Pam tells them she will keep her eyes and ears open and she is sure things will work out. Stephanie assures Taylor that all hell will break out as Rick will push them over the edge and that is when she can go to Ridge and tell him the marriage is not legal. Ridge tells Brooke that while he is grateful, he doesn’t even want Rick to talk to Steffy or look in her direction. Brooke has just the cure for Ridge. She straddles his lap and turns him on. They lock the door and Brooke proceeds with her magic.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Victor shows EJ that the body under the sheet is Stefano. He explains that he is only giving Stefano enough insulin to keep him alive, and demands that EJ hand over all of the DiMera assets within 72 hours, as that is the only way Victor can be assured the DiMeras will be powerless. He adds that if EJ doesn’t comply, or if he tries to trick Victor, then Stefano will die. EJ is later transported back to the pier, and he vows that this isn’t over. Nicole tries to convince Baker that she didn’t try to kill him, but he doesn’t buy it. He threatens to tell EJ the truth to keep her from killing him. She vows to kill him if he does tell the truth, and later tells him about what the DiMeras did to Phillip Kiriakis. She swears the same thing will happen to Baker. He agrees to make a deal with her not to say anything to EJ as long as she stays away from him. She agrees to do so. Later, she wonders if it wouldn’t have been better if Baker had died. He in turn writes a letter implicating Nicole if he turns up dead. Chloe and Daniel talk about Kate and her knowledge of their affair. Daniel instructs Chloe not to let Kate treat her badly, and he advises her to threaten to tell Lucas the truth herself if Kate refuses to back off. Lucas confronts Kate about her fight with Chloe. Kate is packing to go to London, and refuses to say anything more than that she doesn’t like Chloe. Lucas says that if she refuses to love and respect Chloe, then he refuses to do the same for her. Lucas later asks Chloe for the truth, but she evades the question. Bo, Hope, and Max hear from Chelsea and learn that Billie is doing better. Bo later has a vision of himself searching for Ciara in the woods.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Everyone wonders why Tracy over reacts to seeing Lulu kiss Ethan. Luke questions Tracy on the subject but he doesn’t buy her answers. Lulu tells Ethan how Luke asked her to flirt with him in front of Tracy. Michael flat lines in the OR. The operating team revives him and the surgery continues. Sonny is the only one who thinks it’s ok for Claudia to wait out the surgery with the family. Jason observes as Johnny confers with Claudia. Sonny confides to Jason that if Claudia trusts him (Sonny) the more likely she is to slip up and show her guilt if she was involved in the shooting. Jax and Sonny think they should stop the surgery and wait for Michael’s specialist to return. Jason tells Carly to allow Patrick to finish what he started. Carly calls Patrick in the OR. Patrick tells Carly Michael will remain in a coma if they stop the surgery. Patrick says he’s not sure if he can save Michael if his heart stops again. Spinelli and Maxie follow a clue using the tracking device. They find the magazine layout with the tracking device sitting on Maxie’s desk and wonder how that’s possible. Olivia comes to the hospital to offer her support to Jax and Carly. Nikolas walks in on Alexis offering Rebecca money to leave town.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Emma and Olivia and Natalia are having a "Girl's Day". Getting their nails done and so on. Emma asks if she can go and pack now for their trip home. She leaves and Olivia and Natalia talk about the fun they had and about going home. Dinah and Shayne talk about his feelings toward little Henry. But he doesn't let anymore than he has out. At Cedars, Marina and Mallet are trying to figure out what is happening to "their son". Mallet offers to give blood. The doctor says he can't, he doesn't have the right blood type. Blake is a Reva and Jeffrey's talking about men. Josh and Jeffrey in general. Blake thinks Jeffrey is naive where Josh is concerned. Outside, Josh and Jeffrey are having an argument over Reva. Jeffrey wants Josh to leave her alone. Josh says that they share children. Jeffrey thinks the case concerning Edmund is over. Josh says he doesn't think so. Jeffrey wonders why Josh is so paranoid. So much so that he'd attach a jack in the box toy. Josh says in short he feels something is wrong. Jeffrey wants Josh to move into the future. And wants Reva to do the same with Jeffrey. Josh fears Edmund is still around. Reva hears them arguing and comes outside to stop it. Reva tells Josh to in short chill. At the Spa, Olivia and Natalia wish they can live at a spa. Natalia reminds Olivia they don't have enough money to do so. Olivia agrees and also agrees that they should go back to Springfield and remain friends. At Cedars, Dinah and Shayne arrive. Then see Marina and Mallet in the hall taking about Little Henry. They walk up to Marina and Mallet to find out what is wrong. Mallet says, "Little Henry has something wrong in his blood. An antigen is missing or something." Shayne and Dinah walk away. Dinah wants Shayne to help Marina and Mallet. He tells her he doesn't want her to tell them what they now about the baby's real parentage. Back at Reva and Jeffrey's, Jeffrey realizes maybe it is Reva that can't let go of Josh. At the Spa, Olivia and Natalia make a pact. Not loose each other as best friends. Olivia, Natalia and Emma are talking. Olivia mentions she has a meeting out of town. Emma says she wants to come. Olivia reminds her she has school. Olivia asks Natalia if she would stay with Emma. Natalia says, "Sure!" Emma is thrilled. Reva tells Jeffrey and Josh to quit it or she will go and live with someone who is not fighting over her, that is her son. Josh realizes that he and Jeffrey are acting like school kids fighting over a girl. Matt comes by and wonders what happened. Josh tells him. At Cedars, Dinah offers to help and gives Marina and Mallet some comforting words. Shayne is giving blood. Dinah and Mallet are talking about his being a father of an adopted son. Marina is in the hallway looking at lists of blood donor charts. Dinah spies on her to find out what Marina is looking for. Mallet goes looking for Marina and catches up with her. He tells her they have a blood donor. Shayne is upset with Dinah for just about spilling the beans. Matt Reardon tries to give Josh some advice. Matt's advice, "Project New Life", to which Josh laughs. Jeffrey and Reva finally have some quiet time. Reva wants an apology. Reva wants Jeffrey to promise her something, he says yes, but he wants something from her. She is scared waiting for her test results. She says, "If I am not in remission, I don't think I could handle it". Natalia and Emma are alone. Natalia is about to cook dinner. Emma wants to eat out. Natalia is not sure Olivia would like that. Reva is having a peaceful moment with Jeffrey and baby Collin. Marina and Mallet get good news. The transfusion is working. Marina asks about the donor. The doctor says it was anonymous. Josh appreciates Matt's advice, but he is not sure Edmund is out of the picture. Matt leaves Josh and Shayne appears. Josh tells Shayne he wants to know Edmund is out of the picture and that he wants to see it. Josh tells Shayne that Jeffrey made some requests. One is that Josh stop being an amateur detective and the other is to stay away from Reva.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Powell and Rebecca are ready to kidnap Jack and Starr when Todd, Blair and Tea are unconscious on the floor. They have Jack call Starr before she comes home to give her a story about how she won't find them there when she gets home. She finds that fishy. But she is more focused on wondering what to do with Cole and the fact that Langston is ready to sleep with Markko after the prom and Dorian has gotten wind of it. Lola is still obsessed over Markko and not ready to give up on him even though her father encourages her to find another boy and realize that Markko is not hers. Clint, Nora and Bo all admit their issues involving the fact that she is dating her ex husband's brother and that while dating Clint, she and Bo are getting closer. Rachel encourages Matthew to attend the prom regardless of his circumstances.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Nikki refuses Paul’s marriage proposal by telling him that she isn’t ready to get married right now. At the Newman house, Ashley begins to question Victor if she is losing her mind. Rafael tells Adam that a medical discharge is almost impossible unless Adam is terminal. In her room at the Athletics' Club, Jack helps Sharon pack her things so she can move back in with him. Sharon questions Jack about Mary Jane. Nicholas gives Summer a special treat for being so good at the hospital. Phyllis congratulates Daniel of him selling his drawings. Jack tells Mary Jane that he is reconciling. Rafael interrupts Victor and Ashley. Rafael tells Victor that Adam isn’t doing very well. Nina offers Kay a proposition to tell Kay’s life story on the big screen. Daniel and Amber celebrate the Governor granting them amnesty. Howard Aucker, an agent from the Justice Department, visits Daniel to discuss business with him privately.

Sharon tells Nicholas and Summer that she is moving back in with Jack. Phyllis questions Sharon as to what is going on with her. Howard asks Daniel to forge a Terroni to lure the art thieves out of hiding. Nina and Amber decide to co-write the screenplay for Katherine’s autobiography. Ashley suggests to Victor that he allow Heather to visit Adam. Heather visits Adam and tells him what Ashley had done for them. Adam thanks Ashley for her help in getting Victor to change his mind about Heather. Nikki reconsiders and tells Paul that, yes, she will marry him.

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