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AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Marissa meets Aidan at the Yacht Club. Ian is recovering from surgery in his crib. David and Adam are at a press conference praising the heart valve. Zach listens in with concern on his face. Adam is planning a celebratory party at the Chandler mansion. So far, Ian is doing well. JR says that Ian has a ticking time bomb in his chest, and if Zach finds out that his son’s valve may stop working, he will be on the warpath. Zach is suspicious that David is not telling them everything about Ian’s surgery. Annie calls Aidan at the Yacht Club and pretends to be on the Maldives Islands. Krystal is suspicious about David and Adam’s agreement; she wants to know the details of the agreement. Scott brings Dr. Chappell a check from Adam; the doctor tears up the check after determining that it is a bribe to keep quiet about the valve. Aidan’s friend tells him that Annie has left the Maldives. David fixed the valve’s flow problems that Doctor Chappell says exist, before implanting it into Ian.

Kendall joins Zach, and asks him what did he see in David’s eyes; Zach tells her that he saw lies. He tells her that if something happens to Ian then God helps the people responsible. David brings an agreement to Adam for signature. Erica believes that Adam made a deal to save Ian. David has his first visit with Lil A. Ryan brings Emma to the party to play with Lil A. David orders nurse Gayle to increase Adam’s dosage to make him shaky. Doctor Chappell tears up the check, but Adam is willing to increase it; he sends Scott back to reason with Doctor Chappell. Aidan enters Ryan’s home. Opal enters Ryan’s home and finds Aidan, then sees Annie at the glass door with her palm on the window. Scott finds Doctor Chappell hanging from the ceiling! Zach sends Erica, Kendall and Ryan to the chandler’s party while he stays with his son. Kendall joins him with Ian, than leaves to get coffee. Zach watches Ian then he calls his name once than twice as he looks into the crib with concern.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Luke thought Holden was more accepting of Damian now, but realizes he is still leery of him. Damian finds Lucinda and Holden at the docks and has an innocent explanation of why the security guard is there and pulled a gun on them. Damian asks that they go before he has them arrested. Lucinda and Holden tell Lily and Luke that something is fishy. Luke knows his grandmother hates Damian, but now doesn’t know who to believe. Lily is upset for them playing detective just when Luke and Damian were getting closer. Luke confronts Damian who dodges the question by saying it is for Luke’s own protection. He swears he will tell him as soon as he can. Luke leaves in a huff. Craig refuses to believe that Lucy had him set up or had anything to do with him being arrested. Lucy admits to Jack that her dad did nothing illegal. It was she who was smuggling the guns. Dusty objects and tells Jack that Craig is making her lie. Jack brings Lucy to see Craig. Craig declares Jack can throw the book at him, but leave his daughter out of it. Lucy waives her attorney privilege and confesses. She wants Jack to let her father go. Craig is livid that Lucy could have done this to him and left him in jail for so long. He will never forgive her. She apologizes for her ulterior motives, but claims she never meant to hurt him or realized that bad would come from this. She will fix it now. He fumes that he will never get custody of Johnny now. Craig dismisses Lucy and says he never wants to see her again. Jack tells Lucy that she was deliberately evasive and he doesn’t completely believe her. Fine, arrest her she says. Damian pops up and says he has something to add. He admits Lucy was only using one of his ships to help the refugee camps. Jack says she stays in jail for now. Damian vows that he will get her out. Set free, Craig needs to do something to get Johnny, but Carly warns him not to take the law into his own hands. Holden is willing to give Damian the benefit of the doubt, but insists that Lily stay clear of Damian. Craig tries to stop Dusty from taking Johnny out. Dusty gloats that he has custody now and there is nothing Craig can do about it. They get into a shoving match with Carly pulling them apart. She calls Jack and informs him that Dusty is leaving town. Lucy calls her grandmother who comes to the station and says Damian Grimaldi may be more involved than she knows. She will not let her granddaughter take the blame for this. Jack catches Dusty before he can leave town. They can do this at the Lake View or at the police station; his choice. Craig greets Johnny again. He thanks Carly for standing by him through all of this and for getting one of his children back.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells all in the room that this has been settled, Thomas will not be working here. Ridge emphasizes that Thomas is his son and he will not be shut out of the business. Brooke also states that Taylor is not part of this business nor is she still a Forrester. Before he walks out, Rick says they are not hiring this kid and for Ridge not to even think about going behind his back. Taylor goads Ridge to do what he wants. The company is still Forrester, not Logans. Ridge is called to a meeting and isn’t sure he can leave Taylor and Brooke alone. Brooke states that Taylor is acting more and more like Stephanie every day. Taylor takes that as a compliment. Brooke further states that Taylor is the one being desperate and using her children to try and get Ridge back, but it’s just not going to happen. Taylor should just turn around, go home and give up this dream….otherwise she will just start hitting the bottle again.

Rick interrupts Marcus and Steffy and wishes to speak with Steffy alone. Marcus reminds him that they are over and he should leave Steffy alone. Rick tells Steffy that he was desperate….he was so in love with her that he would have done anything. They could still get that back and have it again. Steffy tells Rick that his minute is up and they have nothing more to say to each other. She tries to give his ring back, but he tells her to keep it, hock it if she wants. He realizes now that he never was worthy of her. He will make sure the next time he falls in love that this girl will know how much he loves her and be worthy. Brooke screeches at Taylor that she is just wasting her time. She and Ridge are still committed to each other….their marriage strong as ever. The vows they said on the beach meant something whether Taylor wants to admit this or not. Taylor blurts out that for Brooke's information...... there is no marriage.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Sami and Rafe are caught making love in the woods. They avoid arrest and return home to find Grace has another fever. Will picks up a prescription for her at the pharmacy, and Rafe and Sami spend the rest of their date night playing board games and kissing while they tend to Grace. Will confides in Maggie about Mia. Later, Maggie runs into Mia on accident, and offers her a shoulder to cry on when she sees she is upset. Mia tells her about what happened earlier, and Maggie realizes she is the girl Will was talking about. Maggie questions her, and Mia admits she lied to her friend about the real reason she left school, but she’d rather he think the worst than know what really happened. Will tries to call Mia to apologize, but she sees him at the café and avoids him. Stephanie demands to know what Phillip and Victor’s plans for EJ are. Phillip stalls, saying that he wants her to move in with him. Stephanie says she loves him and agrees to do so and to become a part of the family. Later, Phillip sets up a romantic dinner and proposes marriage to Stephanie. She accepts. Victor tells EJ that he has Stefano, but to see him, EJ must dismiss his guards and consent to be blindfolded and taken to the location where they are holding his father. EJ reluctantly agrees and Stefano’s thugs manhandle him into a room somewhere and lock him in. EJ discovers he is sharing the space with a body on a gurney. Nicole and Mary call 911 and an unconscious Baker is rushed to the hospital after his fall down the stairs. The doctor tells Nicole that Baker may end up suffering from memory loss. She is elated at the prospect, but worried when she can’t get in touch with EJ. Later, Baker wakes up and accuses her of trying to kill him.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Tracy thinks Luke and Lulu are up to something. She advises Luke to “get rid of” Ethan. Lulu sends Tracy a fake email to get her out of the casino. Luke won’t give Lulu details but he wants her to get close to Ethan to get a rise out of Tracy. Later, Tracy has a fit when she sees Lulu kissing Ethan. Michael’s surgery continues. Claudia gets on everyone’s nerves in the waiting room. Claudia insists on waiting out the surgery with Sonny. Johnny isn’t happy to find Claudia at GH. Jason tries to help Carly relax. Jax and Olivia discuss Jerry and Claudia and their devious ways. Jax asks Claudia to leave the hospital. Sonny is about to ask if Jason found “proof” of Claudia’s guilt as Carly comes into the room. Mike comes upstairs to complain about the “paint fumes” coming from Rebecca’s room. Spinelli sets a trap to help Maxie and Lulu find the person who leaked the information. Maxie gives Spinelli her latest project to “leak” and he plants a tracking device inside of it. Spinelli kisses Maxie. As they are kissing, an unidentified person walks by Spinelli’s car. Alexis informs Nikolas that Rebecca “spent time in Greece.” She’s convinced Rebecca is working for Helena. Nikolas catches Alexis trying to talk Rebecca into leaving town. Complications arise during Michael’s surgery.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Reva and Jeffrey are talking about Edmund when baby Colin starts crying. Jeffrey says, "So much for some time alone" and gets the baby. Josh is thanking Dinah for being such a good friend to Shayne. After she talks to Josh she leaves and goes outside to try Shayne. She gets his cell. Later she is in his car and talking about what to do in telling Marina and Mallet he is their adopted son's father. Daisy calls James asking him over. James declines saying he is busy at the moment but asks for a rain check. Later James shows up and Daisy isn't alone. Remy, Christina are there. Shayne tells Dinah that technically the baby is his, but he never knew it. He wants what is best and he sees that Marina and Mallet are best for him. He doesn't want to turn their lives up side down. At Company, Marina and Mallet are there with the baby and Buzz. Billy kids Josh about over reacting at Reva's. At Reva and Jeffrey's, Reva tells Jeffrey that she had forgotten about her daily blood test. Jeffrey offers to take her. Reva says she is ok and she doesn't want to wake and pack up little Colin just for a blood test. Jeffrey backs down. Reva leaves the house and looks around. Reva goes to see Josh, who is surprised to see her. She tells him, "I have limited driving privileges and she had to go for a blood test". The card that freaked out Josh was from Hawk. Reva tells Josh she called Hawk and yelled at him for scaring Josh. Later Blake makes an offer of lunch that Josh can't refuse. Marina and Mallet surprise Buzz with Coop's last book. And he is pleased. Shayne asks Dinah to go to a movie. She thinks it is a way to not talk about little Henry. He just doesn't want to upset anyone he says. And also he doesn't want to hurt anyone. He says, "How about giving the best gift ever" when talking about what he gave Marina and Mallet. Mallet realizes they have a doctor's appointment with Little Henry. Buzz is concerned. Mallet assures him not to be. That it is their first since the adoption went through. At Company, Josh thanks Blake for the lunch. They start talking about themselves. Then Blake notices Reva and asks her over. She says she was at the doctors. Blake offers to get Reva a chair. Blake leaves just for a second. Then Reva goes into thanking Blake for keeping Josh "Out of trouble". Jeffrey gets a visit from Daisy and Christina. Jeffrey tells them that Reva is home. Daisy is shocked and asks when. Jeffrey tells them yesterday. Back at Company, Reva tells Josh he needs a life. Josh realizes he had a wake up call. That he doesn't need to be around Reva as much. That is ok without him. Blake goes to Reva and Jeffrey's on the pretense of saying she forgot something. She tells him that she just left Reva at Company with Josh. Jeffrey wants to know why she is telling him all this. She tells him she thinks he is a "Nice guys she doesn't want to see hurt." Jeffrey asks her if she can stay for about an hour to watch Collin while he goes to find his wife and Blake agrees. At Cedars, Marina and Mallet get unsettling news about the baby's blood work.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr and Cole go to ask Bo if he can do them a favor by giving them authorization to exhume baby Hope's body. They inform both Bo and Nora of the unsolved mystery of her death. Bo and Nora agree to help them and tell Cole they don't wish ill will on him after what happened to Matthew now that he's getting help for his drug addiction. Meanwhile, the kids taunt both Matthew and Destiny. They wonder about the prom. Destiny tells Matthew she has a date and he finds that surprising. But it appears she wants him and the others to believe she does when she does not. Rebecca Lewis and Colin Powell entrap John in the institution, have the guards and the cops take John away and convince them that John is an escaped murderer. They also arrange for Todd, Blair, Tea and Marty to all pass out on the floor after they send them all invitations to a party at the frat house where Marty was raped many years ago.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Cane and Lily's Restless Style photo shoot is a success much to Chloe's demise, as she uses the lovebirds to portray her not so happy union to Billy; who continues to flirt with Mac. The governor grants Kevin and Amber amnesty despite Jill's manipulation. Adam's Botox injections have paid off, he is now going blind and won't be granted a medical discharge because he is not terminal. Paul pops the question to Nikki. Victor reassigns Estella to Newman, but Ashley is not sure the Sabrina hauntings will stop; she wonders if she is losing it again. Daniel's admirer wants more than his art.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Lily stops the photo shoot despite Chloe’s protests. At Jimmy’s bar. Billy sighs and taps out “shave and haircut.” Jana is quite surprised when Howard Auker buys all of Daniel’s drawings. Jill asks Kay if she'd had Kevin and Amber patted down. Kay tells her not to be ridiculous. Estella denies doing all these things to Ashley. Adam refuses to open the door for Dr. Lurie until Victor knocks and yells for Adam. Victor informs Adam know that Estella is moving out. Paul and Heather meet to discuss business. Amber is apologetic when she and Kevin miss Daniel’s art show.

The Governor promises to look into amnesty for Kevin and Amber despite Jill’s remarks. Billy interrupts the photo shoot. Dr. Lurie gives Victor bad news about Adam’s eyes. Daniel, Amber, Kevin and Jana celebrate that the Governor is considering amnesty for Kevin and Amber. Jill finds out that a bank in the Cayman Islands is going under. Paul asks Nikki to marry him.

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