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AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Jake tells Amanda that he loves her, than they kiss. Tad and Ryan talk about Adam possibly killing Dixie. Erica tells Krystal that she knows her secret and that Adam has been blackmailing her. Erica wants to know what Krystal’s secret is. JR is angry, because Adam offers David visitation rights to Lil A. David suggests that the Slater's see Ian before he goes into surgery, but Kendall lacks the strength to do so. Zach offers his hand and suggest that they see their child, Kendall accepts. Adam and David agreed that Lil A would see David one night per month. Erica lights a candle in the chapel and talks to her mom about being there for Kendall.

Krystal confesses to Tad that Marissa is her daughter, and David is Marissa’s father. Doctor Chappell tells Adam and JR that the valve is flawed and has a sixty percent failure rate. Adam asks JR to keep quiet about the valve’s failure rate. Kendall second guesses their decision to use the heart valve. Jake and Amanda romance each other; they drink milk, dance and then make love. David tells Zach and Kendall that Ian’s operation was a success; When Kendall hears the good news she hugs Ryan as Zach looks on. David tells Scott that the company was lucky he was the one doing the surgery. Adam suggests to JR that they forget what Doctor Chappell said about the valve; he fears getting sued.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Noah has an idea about handicapped kids’ camp. Luke expands on it and suggests a cruise. Lily even offers that Damian might loan them a yacht from his shipping business. Damian is delighted to help. But not with a ship, rather a dude ranch that can be made available. Holden speaks with Lucinda to try and get her to call off her dogs where Damian is concerned and accept him and his good intentions for Luke’s sake. Holden follows Lucinda to the docks where she is snooping and they have a gun pulled on them. When they insist on seeing the boss, Damian shows up.

Dusty tells Lucy that her father will beat these charges and he’s concerned. He won’t lose Johnny again. Perhaps he needs to create some evidence. She is shocked that he would falsify such evidence. Carly visits Craig in jail and tells him that she just saw Jack. She thinks she can talk him into investigating Dusty. He cautions her not to do anything that would set Donovan off. Carly finds Dusty and Lucy at a closed Metro. Dusty claims he found some hidden ledger under the bar and it is in code but proves that Craig was keeping separate books for his gun smuggling. They are taking it to the police. Jack is called and comes to Metro. He thinks this is very convenient that they found these just after his little talk with Dusty. Lucy is tired of the bickering back and forth between Jack and Dusty and says she is ready to tell the truth. Carly tells Craig and he is pleased that she doesn’t believe this, but she says Jack might. And he won’t believe that Lucy was in on planting the books.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Taylor that Eric has called a meeting. Stephanie being at Jackie M’s has already caused a media fiasco. Katie tells the group they can’t just talk the talk, they have to demonstrate. Brooke warns Rick that he is not to work closely with Steffy on this. Thomas tells Taylor that he couldn’t sleep last night because he is so excited. Fashion is in his blood and he concentrated on that in college courses, so he’s ready. Thorne is delighted that Thomas will be joining them. Ridge says he has some ideas how to get the focus back on the Forrester family where it belongs. Rick makes it known that he and the Logans are not interested in what Ridge thinks. Eric tells them they are not into petty in-fighting again; they have to pull together. Brooke is shocked when Ridge introduces Taylor and Thomas as the newest employees. Ridge states that Thomas has the face, the right last name and the talent. Steffy demonstrates her basketball skills on Marcus. She’s glad they are still friends. She admits that she got caught up with something with Rick and he took advantage after her sister died. She never meant to hurt Marcus. Marcus just hopes that Rick will listen and leave her alone. Pam shares with Taylor what a hoot it is that Brooke and Ridge aren’t legally married.

Rick and Thomas have a stare down. Ridge tells everyone that the Forrester name is one the public trusts and they need to tap into that. He thinks Thomas will be a force to be reckoned with. Thomas says that Forrester is his birthright too and he wants and needs to be here. Vehemently, Rick says whatever Tommy boy wants, Tommy boy does not get, no way in hell! Eric is called away and leaves with Katie and Donna. Brooke sides with Rick. There is no way Thomas deserves to be here after what he has done in trying to kill Rick. Ridge throws it back in her face just what Rick did and yet he is the president of the company. Steffy tells Marcus that she has missed him. He’s one of the good guys. Marcus doesn’t believe for one second that Rick is going to leave her alone, despite Steffy saying they are done. He wants her to know that she doesn’t have to go through this alone; he’ll always be there for her.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Will learns from one of Mia’s former friends that everyone at her previous school thinks she went to rehab, since she dropped out suddenly for several moths. Will later confronts Mia, and rather than tell him about her pregnancy, she says she did go to rehab. She leaves, saying she understands that Will doesn’t want to see her anymore. Stephanie has a run-in with Victor after Phillip returns home from the hospital. After Victor leaves, Stephanie apologizes to Phillip, and tells him that she went and confronted EJ about having him shot. Phillip is angry, but she reminds him she is already involved in all this and demands that he let her know what is going on, since he and his father clearly have a plan. EJ divulges to Nicole that Stefano has disappeared. Suspecting Dr. Baker, he calls him and ask him to come over. Baker advises EJ to look at the Kiriakis family, and says that he had nothing to do with Stefano going missing. EJ gets a call from Victor, and when he meets him, he learns that Victor was indeed responsible for Stefano’s kidnapping. Nicole offers to pay Baker off to leave town and he agrees. They argue about the amount and when he goes to leave, he falls down the stairs. Rafe takes Sami on a picnic date to the woods near the river. Sami ends up falling in the water, but despite that, she and Rafe decide to make love.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Patrick and Jax continue to disagree over Michael’s surgery. Carly asks for Jason’s opinion. The DNA test shows that Luke and Ethan aren’t father and son. Luke thinks Ethan is on the level but Tracy isn’t so sure. Sonny goes to GH and Jax asks that he agree with Michael’s specialist. Sonny goes along with Jax. Patrick is certain he’s right about the operation. Carly goes along with Patrick’s decision, as does Jason. Sonny and Carly spend some emotional alone time with Michael. Patrick asks Matt to assist him with the operation. Matt is against the surgery but he agrees to assist. Sonny, Carly, Jason, and Jax wait it out together. Claudia joins them but Jason keeps shooting her looks. Nikolas and Rebecca enjoy their painting party. After the painting, the two end up in Rebecca’s bed. Spinelli does his best to help Lulu with the Crimson issue. He says it was “an inside job.” Kate blames Maxie for the “leak.” Luke isn’t sure how he feels about the DNA results. Ethan brings Lulu to the casino to see Luke. Tracy gets nervous when Lulu seems to change her attitude for the better about Ethan. Luke wonders why Tracy is so against Ethan’s possible friendship with Lulu. Luke asks Lulu to “flirt” with Ethan around Tracy. Luke says he’s looking for the “truth” and Tracy’s reaction will give him some answers. Michael’s surgery begins.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Next morning, Reva has a coat on when Jeffrey wakes and walks into the kitchen. She wants to get out. Jeffrey hesitates but lets her go. Reva runs into Josh. They dabble in nervous small talk. Josh reassures her everything is ok with him. When she leaves, he takes off. Phillip returns to the looney bin and startles Rick. Phillip gives Rick a present for being such a good sport in helping him out. As soon as Rick leaves, Phillip gets a call on his cell. It is James and he wants to talk more but not on the phone about "their plan" to get rid of Alan. Lizzie and Bill are now at the Bauer cabin. Lizzie calls Beth to see how she is since they all came back. Lizzie jokes that she and Bill almost got married the night before. Beth scolds her in a fun way. Lizzie tells her she is kidding and will have proper wedding. James arrives at the looney bin to talk to Phillip and runs into a staff member who he tells her that he is James Spaulding and that this past weekend he and Phillip spent some time down in Florida. She doesn't know what to make of this. The staff worker wants to know why James is telling her this. James tells her that Phillip's children need their father. At the Spaulding Mansion, Bill calls Raven Wood (the looney bin) to ask about Phillip. Alan catches them at doing this and objects. Bill tells Alan that it is not his decision to make anymore. Lizzie tells Alan that she wants to get to know him. Alan says Phillip isn't who he used to be and that she should face up to this fact. The staff worker visits Phillip and tells him of her conversation with James. Phillip fesses up to it and tells her that yes he went to FL. Josh goes to see Buzz about helping them get rid of Edmund. Reva returns home a little tired from their excursion. Later Jeffery is holding and little Colin when Lillian walks in. Jeffrey is not too happy, but doesn't say anything except offering coffee. Bill and Lizzie talk about helping Phillip. Phillip is having a session with the hospital worker he saw earlier. He tells her of his life and Lizzie. At Jeffrey and Reva's Frank and Blake are there. They are watching TV. Josh soon arrives and actually scolds Reva for not resting. Reva starts opening a gift when Josh starts to grab it away from her. He lets it drop on the floor. All eyes go to Josh. Josh, Reva, Jeffrey and Frank talk bout Josh's outburst. Josh says he is "fine". Bill and Lizzie are in the car and call Beth. Lizzie calls Beth saying, "There is going to be trouble back at the house." Next thing we see is Phillip in Alan's chair telling him that the doctor signed his release and that he wants no more trouble. Beth is thrilled. Alan and James on the other hand don't know what to say. They just look at each other in disbelief. Phillip thanks James for his talking on Phillip's behalf. After hearing Phillip's good new. Lizzie has good news of her own. She is engaged. Everyone except Alan is thrilled. Alex is nowhere to be seen. Jeffrey orders everyone to go home that Reva needs her rest. Billy and Josh are talking about Edmund and their family. They both swear to take care of the family. When Bill leaves, Josh opens up the last threat letter he received. Phillip catches up to James outside. Phillip sees James isn't really happy. When James tells him I don't want to talk, Phillip starts back to the house. Then James turns and calls for Phillip. Phillip ignores him.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr and Cole inform Marcie and Michael that they need to exhume baby Hope in order to find out why she died. And the reason is, they were told by Kyle Lewis, at the hospital lab, that the lock of hair that Dr. Joplin gave them is not that of Hope. Meanwhile, Kyle informs Natalie and Jared that he happens to know that Jessica stole Starr Manning's baby and they are covering for her. And they have to pay him in order to silence him. His sister, Rebecca Lewis is at the institution where Powell Lord is posing as Dr. Marty Saybrooke in an attempt to bust him out of the institution. John and Marty are on to her but she and Powell are onto him. Powell sends an anonymous invitation to Todd, Marty and Tea to attend the frat party where they belonged many years ago. Stacy is successfully working both Rex and Shane to believe that Gigi is sleeping with Brody and convincing them that she is no good.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At home, Cain and Lily discuss the wedding and serving “shooters. “ Lily reminds Cain that they have a photo shoot at “Restless Style.” At Restless Style, Chloe reminds Nikki that they are “Restless Style’ not “boring bride.” At the Newman house, Heather and Adam stumble around in the dark. Heather hears a noise. A car pulls up outside and the car doors slam. As they come into the house, Victor tells Ashley to go upstairs to bed and he will bring her something to eat. Estella walks out and tells Victor that there is someone in the house. Heather comes out of hiding and apologizes to Estella for scaring her. Victor demands to know what Heather is doing here. Daniel and Jana prepare for an art exhibit showing. At the Chancellor mansion, Amber questions Kay as to what she will say to the governor. Esther declares that nothing can go wrong today. Esther notices Jill and wants to know what she is doing here. When Jill finds out that Kay is having a dinner party, Jill orders her to cancel it. Murph interrupts and tells Jill that the dinner party will go on as planned. Victor orders Heather out of his home.

The governor arrives at the Chancellor mansion. After a few minutes of conversing, Amber and Kevin arrive and is introduced to the governor. Jill makes a snide remark that Kevin and Amber are “Bonnie and Clyde.” Kay orders her to stop it. Victor lets Adam know that Dr. Lurie will be there soon to examine his eyes. Ashley begins to hear a baby cry, and an envelope is slipped under Ashley’s door. The photo shoot at “Restless Style” begins. Victor, upon hearing what is going on with Ashley, tells Estella that she will be working at Newman Industries for awhile and not at the house.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Restless Style's "Happily Ever After" issue is being retooled thanks to Chloe, and Lily and Cane are the guinea pigs; Phyllis and Nikki also go along for the ride. Daniel's art show bombs and until an unexpected buyer shows up. Kevin and Amber prepare to make nice with the Governor at the Mausoleum; too bad Jill is busy sabotaging their chance of freedom. At the ranch Ashley endures another bout of the Sabrina shenanigans courtesy of Estella or Adam? Victor treats Adam like a teenager when he discovers Heather has snuck into the house and raided his liquor cabinet. The eye doctor pays a visit to the Ranch but Adam is too busy injecting a suspicious substance into his eyes to answer the door.

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