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AMC Recap Written by Brenda

Amanda leaves Tad's house to go to the airport. She leaves a note for Jake, telling him that she and the baby are leaving town to start fresh. After reminiscing about moments with Jake, Amanda returns. Jake admits that he loves her. Marissa apologizes to JR; JR thanks her for preventing him from drinking. He tells her about Ian. She tells him about her parents. Adam assures Krystal that the secret that Marissa is her daughter is safe. David asks Krystal what Adam is holding over her. She says she has to handle it herself. Later, Erica tells Krystal that Adam told her the secret. Brot finds out that Frankie’s hands were crushed heavy machinery. Randi and Angie want to go to the hospital in Germany where Frankie was taken. Brot and Taylor convince them that they should wait until his doctors call them.

Zach refuses to allow Jake Martin to operate on Ian because of what happened to Kendall when he operated on her. David is unwilling to operate on Ian with the experimental heart valve. Zach agrees with Hayward; Kendall wants to take the risk. Kendall believes that David’s real reason is that Adam Chandler's company owns the valve. Erica tells Adam he owes her, and insists that he convince Hayward to perform the surgery. Adam complies and makes a deal with David. David tells the Slaters that he has reconsidered and will perform the surgery if they both decide that is what they want to do. Adam tells JR and Scott that Hayward will perform the surgery. JR asks what he promised Hayward in return. Was it Little A?

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Henry is trying to convince Vienna to keep the baby, but she is adamant that they can’t go back on their word with Brad and Katie. Henry has changed his mind about the baby, and he makes a compelling argument why they should keep their baby, but Vienna doesn’t think they can do this to their friends; they made a promise to their best friends. Vienna wants them to talk with Brad and Katie, but she wants to start with an apology for his behavior with the baby from the hospital. She wants them to look into their eyes and make a decision after they see their reactions. Katie and Brad wonder why the obstetrician that gave them news about their baby would be doing stand up comedy so they track him down; he admits that he was paid off by a woman. Brad and Katie got to the hospital to look at their medical files and the nurse tells them that Brad is not the baby’s father. Brad and Katie assume there was a mistake at the hospital, but then they see in the file that the insemination didn’t take and the unfortunate and devastating truth starts to sink in. Paul supposedly leaves on his trip to Paris, while Meg continues to weave her manipulation. She dresses up and goes over to see Dusty knowing Paul is watching her. She asks him to go to his room but when Dusty seems happy, she is there and knowing that she is using him, Meg bails. However, when she sees Paul near Dusty’s room, she changes her mind and knocks on the door and when Dusty opens it, she kisses him passionately and pushes him back inside. Dusty knows something is going on with Meg’s erratic behavior. She finally admits to what she is doing, but Dusty doesn’t want to play games and goes outside to the hall but can’t find Paul. Meg orders him to stay out of it because he is concerned with her safety as she antagonizes Paul. Later, Dusty tells Paul what Meg is doing in order to protect her. However, Paul calls Meg on her behavior and tells her that she humiliated him and went back on her word so he wants her out of his home and tells her that she will never see Eliza again. Meg pleads with him to change his mind. He wants prove she won’t do this again, as he makes her beg. He tells her that he will let this go for now, as a furious Meg leaves and goes to confront Dusty. They argue about his interference and Meg tells him how he ruined everything. She leaves, as she tells Dusty that she no longer trusts him. Vienna and Henry go to see Brad and Katie to apologize and find Katie crying. Katie tells them that they know the truth. Henry and Vienna try to explain, but a devastated Katie and Brad don’t understand how they could lie to them about this - of all things. Vienna wants Katie to still have their baby, but Brad and Katie don’t want any part of that and Henry doesn’t look too happy about that either. Katie is distraught and tells them that not only doesn’t she not want their baby, she doesn’t want them in their lives anymore. Vienna and Henry plead with them to remember their friendship, but Brad and Katie don’t want them around anymore. Later, Vienna and Henry are crushed over losing their best friends, but try to find comfort in their baby. Meanwhile, Katie and Brad are crushed as well, as Katie tries to find solace in holding and comforting the baby from the hospital, as a distraught Brad looks on unaware as to how to help Katie.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke can’t get Nick to say that he’d go back to Bridget in a heartbeat if Bridget said the word. He blames his past track record as the reason for not hurrying down the aisle again. Bridget sends mixed signals to Owen. She initiates passionate kisses, but stops just short of making love. She admits to Owen that she likes him, but she’s not ready to have sex yet. He tells her that he is in no hurry. She makes apologies for cutting the evening short, but there is work tomorrow. Jackie drops by and is disappointed that Bridget just ate and ran. Bridget goes back to the office and Nick shows up. He asks about her date…..he knows she must have cut the evening short. She begs him to not be so concerned, just cut the cord. She’d rather hire someone to shoot her than have him happen to her again.

Jackie strips Owen of his shirt and coos that he needs a lesson in seduction. After mentioning some of her past with undeserving plunderers, Owen unbuttons her silk blouse, sits down her drink, she lets her hair down and he kisses her and lays her back on the couch. Nick admits to Bridget that because of her that he wants to be a better man. She cries that he is like a little boy with a sling shot – he wants it all. She might have made a mistake in letting him go, but it wasn’t wrong. He tells her over and over that he is sorry that he hurt her and did the things he did. He kisses her and she doesn’t want him to stop, but he does walk away.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nicole has a run-in with Sami and Rafe. She confronts Rafe about breaking in to her place, and Rafe claims that he didn’t do it for Sami. Nicole is angry when she finds Sami holding Sydney, and warns her not to touch her baby. Later, after a near-miss between Baker and Sami, Nicole tells him he must get out of town. Baker refuses, telling her to stop the investigation into his life by Stefano if she is so concerned. He adds that if they both act calm and keep their mouths shut, nothing will go wrong. Nicole isn’t so sure and vows to take care of matters herself if he refuses to help. After learning how many children Sami has, Arianna asks Rafe if he is insane to get involved with her. Instead of heeding her advice, Rafe asks Sami out on a date. Brady tries to warn Victor and Phillip not to try to get revenge on the DiMeras, but Victor warns him to keep out if it. Brady tells Bo what is going on, and he too warns Phillip and Victor to let the police handle this. They refuse and Bo tells them he can’t offer them his protection if they step outside the law. Victor and Phillip put their plan into motion anyway. Chelsea says her goodbyes to both Bo and Max and heads for London.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Lucky comes by to talk with Ethan about the recent robberies in the neighborhood. Luke gives Ethan an alibi and tells Lucky he (Luke) may be Ethan’s father. Lucky isn’t happy with the news and he doesn’t want Lulu to know. Given Ethan’s age, Lucky says Luke must have “cheated on” Laura. After Lucky leaves, Ethan offers to forget about the test results. Luke says he needs to know the truth and heads to GH. Tracy and Ethan go along to the hospital with Luke. Patrick tells Jason they need to operate on Michael “immediately.” Jason fills Jax in. Jax says Carly is coming home but she may not be able to handle the surgery stress so soon. Liz runs into Jason when she comes in to check on Michael. They discuss Michael and Jake. Michael’s specialist disagrees with Patrick and wants to hold off on the surgery. She asks that Patrick be removed from the surgical team. Jax agrees. Patrick calls and leaves a message for Sonny. Patrick holds to his belief that the surgery must be done immediately. Jax tells Patrick to “back off.” Jason is torn between the opinions of the two doctors. Carly returns and heads straight for GH. She tells Jason her pregnancy “risk” has been “lowered to less than 25%.” Jason tells Carly about Patrick’s take on the surgery. Lucky and Liz discuss Jake’s birthday celebration. Spinelli turns Maxie down when she claims to have a “case” for him. Maxie claims there’s a “leak” at the magazine. Lulu confirms what Maxie told Spinelli. Spinelli doesn’t believe the girls so they go look for Sam. Spinelli later agrees to work for Lulu. Nikolas tells Rebecca he likes her but not because she looks like Emily. Nik helps Rebecca paint her room at Kelly’s.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Reva is enjoying time with her new baby boy. Dinah tells Shayne she has info he needs to read, it is the DNA test. She says she kept it from him because she didn't want to hurt him, Marina or Mallet. She tells Shayne that even though he told her that his and Lara's baby died, she has proof that it didn't and that Marina and Mallet adopted it. Marina is outside playing with her "son". Olivia and Natalia enjoy a walk in the woods. Shayne doesn't say much after Dinah tells him of the results. Dinah asks Shayne if he is angry at her for keeping it from him. He says, "No". Dinah tells him that he should tell Marina. Josh and Jeffrey is on the phone talking about Jeffrey when Josh hears a click. He asks Jeffrey if he heard it, but doesn't get a response. Jeffrey only gets dial tone as if Josh hung up mid sentence. Jeffrey then goes to spend time with Reva and Little Colin. And he is enjoying it. Remy is talking with Buzz about James and his taking a liking to Christina. Josh shows up at Company and runs into Marina and Christina. Marina tells him Buzz is back in charge of Company. Josh is thrilled. Josh walks in and up to the bar and shakes Buzz's hand and welcomes him back. At Reva and Jeffrey's, Reva asks him what he is looking at. He says, "The hospital instructions they gave you. That I am sure you are not going to follow". Reva laughs. At the park gazebo talking about how they are going to handle this situation till Marina appears. Marina is thrilled to see them. She tells the baby, "Look, Auntie Dinah and Uncle Shayne are here". Shayne just looks at her and says nothing. At the gazebo, Marina hands the baby and it's carrier over to Shayne as they walk back to Company. Emma shows up at the Spa to surprise her mom and Natalia. She tells them she was missing them. Olivia smiles not knowing exactly what to say or do. Olivia and Natalia have a frank discussion about their situation. Olivia doesn't want anymore lies. Natalia agrees. Shayne decides he wants to go for a ride without Dinah. He is ok, just wants to be alone to think. Billy and Josh are in Josh's office when he gets an envelope with a threat. Jeffrey goes to the couch to a sleeping Reva and says, "Welcome home, Reva".

OLTL Recap Written by Mandy

Rex tells Gigi that she has to choose between him and Brody, while Stacy tells Shane that Gigi cheated on Rex with Brody. Shane leaves and Stan, Stacy’s former boss, shows up demanding money. Stan leaves and Stacy starts counting the money in her suitcase. Jessica runs into Brody at Rodi’s, where she is having dinner with her family. Jessica explains to Charlie what happened with Gigi and Brody. Cole and Starr find out that they are not the parents of the child the lock of hair belongs to. Starr and Cole head to Rodi’s while wondering who the hair belongs to. Kyle finds a match for the Thornhart/Manning DNA. Natalie goes to visit Gigi, but finds Rex alone. Natalie and Rex talk about Brody, convincing Rex to confront Brody. Jessica shows up at Brody’s. Natalie tells Gigi that she isn’t going to be a bridesmaid. Shane confronts Gigi about cheating on Rex with Brody and when she confirms it, he says that he doesn’t want to live with her anymore. Shane runs out after Gigi takes him home. Natalie and Viki talk about the situation with Shane and Gigi. Kyle calls Natalie and asks her and Jared to come down to the hospital. Kyle tells Natalie and Jared that Jessica stole Cole and Starr’s baby. Rex calls Gigi a slut in front of Brody and gets punched. Rex kisses Stacy while wondering how Gigi would react if she walked in on him with someone else.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At Crimson Lights, Michael, Jeff and Gloria discuss her upcoming hearing for that day. At the Newman mansion, Ashley gets ready for her day in court to testify against Gloria. Victor tells Ashley to call him as soon as it is over. Adam and Nicholas walk in. Nicholas tells Victor that he decided to accept his offer to be the C.E.O of Newman Enterprises. Adam listens from upstairs. At Restless Style, Jack, Phyllis and Mary Jane discuss the upcoming issue of “Restless Style." Jack leaves them to go to court for Gloria’s court hearing. In Sharon’s room at the Athletics' Club, Billy confronts Sharon about her being pregnant. Mary Jane questions Phyllis about the relationship between Jack and Sharon. Nick cautions Victor about Adam and what Adam did to Victor in the past. Everyone gathers at the courthouse for Gloria’s hearing.

Sharon and Nick meet at the park. Sharon is hesitant to tell Nick about her being pregnant. Sharon starts to tell Nick about her pregnancy when Summer screams. Nick, as well as Sharon, take Summer to the hospital. Phyllis soon arrives at the hospital and wonders what Sharon is doing there. Heather visits Adam in his bedroom at the Newman house. They make love. Phyllis finds out that Sharon had been with Nick and Sharon in the park. Jack and Sharon reconcile. Ashley is rushed to the hospital due to an argument with Gloria after the court hearing. Ashley decides to take a leave of absence from Jabot. Mary Jane catches Jack and Sharon hugging.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Glo loses the civil case and is ordered to pay the Abbots a lot of money. Ashley is in the hospital after an altercation with Glo; this also forces her to go on a leave of absence for the sake of the baby. Adam hides Heather and agrees to see the specialists, who may be able to restore his sight. Billy confronts Sharon about being her (maybe) baby daddy. Summer is injured, and Sharon confronts Jack about raising her unborn child together; he jumps at the chance. Meanwhile Mary Jane's jealousy of Sharon continues to grow. Nick tells Victor he has accepted the position at Newman.

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