Tuesday 5/5/09 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 5/5/09 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Marissa moves out of Wildwind; she has a job at the Yacht Club. Adam notices that the file on Krystal is missing. Ian Slater is dying, because he needs a heart valve replacement. The Hubbards search for details on Frankie. Erica calls Adam about the heart valve for Ian. Frankie has been wounded and air lifted to Germany. JR questions Adam about Dixie’s death. Scott wants the Slaters to use his heart valve for Ian. JR does not want to take chances with Kendall’s son’s life.

Seeing Randi's reaction to the news about Frankie causes Brot to apologize to Taylor for the trouble he must have put her through when he was hurt. Jake supports the heart valve replacement for Ian, but David does not. David thinks that the valve is still experimental. Adam arrives at the Yacht Club and harasses Krystal about selling Marissa, Babe’s fraternal twin, at birth. Kendall begs David to save Ian like he saved her. Zach tells Ian that he showed him a new love at a higher level. Erica tells Ryan to step away from Kendall. Zach does not want his son to be used as an experiment. David is hesitant to operate on Ian.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Holden takes Luke and Noah to New York City to watch thee cubs play the Mets and Holden is surprised when Lily arrives in New York with Damian . Lily explains to Holden that she and Damian came to New York on a business trip to help Luke's foundation. Luke is upset about Lily and Damian being in New York together until Lily and explains that she and Damian were able to persuade Damian's friend to form a partnership with Luke's foundation. Luke thanks Damian because his friend is the head of a very prestigious foundation that could increase the visibility of the Luke Snyder foundation. Luke makes it clear to Holden that he hopes Damian has changed but he is still keeping his guard up around him. Damian makes a secret call to someone and tells the person that he understands their enterprise may some day be exposed but his involvement in the enterprise must be kept private.

Henry admits to Bob that he is terrified of being a father because he didn't do such a good job raising his sisters. Bob tells Henry he could be a good father if he wanted to be and he shouldn't miss out on the experience. Henry discovers he has been left out of the first birthing class and bursts in to interrupt the class when Brad and Katie are helping Vienna with a pretend birth. Henry overreacts and Katie tells him he is too possessive about the baby. Katie reminds Henry that he doesn't want children but he will be a wonderful Godfather to the baby. Katie allows Henry hold the robotic baby that they use for the class and Henry runs off with the doll. Vienna finds Henry at the Lakeview taking care of the 'botbaby" and Henry tells Vienna that taking care of the doll helped him stop denying that he wants to keep the baby. Henry stuns Vienna when he tells her that he will not allow Brad and Katie to have their child.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke, Katie and Donna have lunch at Brooke’s desk, and Katie discusses what she is going to write for the media concerning Stephanie going to Jackie M’s and also about Madame X. Nick catches Bridget trying on bikini’s at the office and she even gloats that she has a date wearing one. It’s with Owen. She likes him and better yet he likes her too. She points out it’s the first real date she has had since their divorce. She enjoys putting him on with turning down his offer of suits that cover a little more than her bikini. She even rubs it in that he will soon be her uncle-in-law; how’s that wedding to Katie going? Jackie brings Owen home and gives him kisses and tips on how to court Bridget. She is sure that Bridget is still in love with her son, and Owen will need more than luck to get anywhere with Bridget tonight. Back at the office, she tells Nick that she notices a modicum of jealousy in his voice when he tells her that Bridget has a date with her Owen. She can’t believe that he will be satisfied seeing Owen running off with a woman meant for Nick. Donna tells Katie that she has nothing to worry about. Nick is going to marry her and make her happy. Bridget and Owen enjoy their steaks and salad and share some kisses initiated by Bridget.

Nick can’t concentrate. He daydreams back to happier times with Bridget. Brooke catches him in this mood. She admits that she is worried. He’s engaged to her sister, but there is no wedding date. She’d like to know what or whom is holding him back. Nick quips that they share a son, but that’s it. Stay out of his personal life. He justifies the delay on just spending so much time at work and trying to get it off to a flying start. She declares that he better not be leading Bridget on. He’s hurt her too much in the past, yet it was her decision to break it off. Brooke thinks if she offered to come back to him, Nick would take her back.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Kate confronts Chloe about her affair with Daniel. She agrees not to tell Lucas the truth for his sake, but says she wants nothing further to do with Chloe. She fires Chloe from hosting the talk show, and Lucas overhears. Despite Kate and Chloe’s explanations, he suspects something more is going on and demands that Kate tell him the real reason she fired Chloe. Another attempt is made on Phillip’s life at the hands of Masi. Hope, with Melanie’s help, swoops in to save the day, and when Stephanie learns what has happened, she goes to confront EJ. EJ is already furious with Masi when he learns of the hit, but plays it cool when Stephanie shows up, insisting he had nothing to do with the attempts on Phillip’s life. Nicole learns from EJ that Stefano is investigating Dr. Baker. She warns him to get out of town, but he refuses. Chelsea says her goodbyes to Hope and Stephanie.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Rebecca stops things before she goes too far with Nikolas. Rebecca leaves but comes back and says there’s a problem with the launch so she’s stuck on the island. Rebecca changes into something that happened to belong to Emily. Later, Nik dreams of Emily’s death. Lucky spends the evening with Liz and the kids. After the kids go to bed, Liz and Lucky discuss the possibility of reuniting. Cameron interrupts a kiss. Claudia calls for Max but Ric responds to her cry for help instead. Ric offers to take Claudia to the hospital and she finally agrees when she can’t reach Johnny. Olivia warns Sonny about Claudia’s manipulations and tells him to get out of his marriage. Sonny says he’s keeping Claudia around because of something she may have done. Sonny won’t give Olivia any details. Luke catches Ethan with his hands in the cash box. The two discuss fatherhood over a card game. Ethan insists he has no desire to be Luke’s son. Tracy wonders why Ethan is still in town. Luke tells Ethan about his childhood living with aunt Ruby. Luke says he wants Ethan to stay in town regardless of the test results. Claudia tells Dr. Lee she doesn’t want Sonny to know she’s having pain. Epiphany calls Sonny and tells him about Claudia. Ric accuses Claudia of “faking” the pregnancy if she miscarries. Sonny shows up at GH just as Claudia’s test results come back. Dr. Lee says the baby is fine. Tracy can’t convince Epiphany to give her “an advanced copy” of the DNA results.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Olivia tries to explain the situation between her and Natalia to Emma. Lillian spends some time with Reva. Reva talking to Jeffrey via computer pleads to come home. Jeffrey tells her not until the doctor says not until it is ok. Jeffrey puts little Colin down and then continues to talk to Reva. Jeffrey looks over at little Colin at one point and sees that he has lifted his head. Jeffrey gets excited telling Reva. Reva is concern and confused and asks if the little one is ok. Later Natalia and Olivia decide what to do with their stuff. They agree to remain friends. Frank goes home and the family sees what he looks like and becomes concerned. Frank says he is alright. Lillian comes back to Reva's for a sample of urine to check. Josh calls Jeffrey to get an update on Richard. Josh tells Jeffrey that he hasn't heard from their friend Ross. Shayne and Dinah visit Reva. Shayne tells Reva that Dinah is trying to help him put Bosnia behind him. Reva thanks Dinah for helping Shayne. Dinah leaves the room and when she does she says to herself, "I hope he doesn't find out". Meaning about Lara's pregnancy and the good probability that Mallet and Marina's adopted son is Shayne's. At Company Josh is there when Billy walks in. They talk about Josh's latest adventure. And how Billy took care of things at home while Josh was gone. Lillian goes to Reva and Jeffrey's. Jeffrey kids with her, "You're not here to see me are you?" She looks over at little Colin, who is in a high chair and coos at him. Looks at Jeffrey, smiles and takes off. Jeffrey closing the door says, "That's a woman for you, Colin." At Cedars, a nurse comes in for more blood while Shayne is visiting. He excuses himself while the nurse does the blood work. At the Cooper/Mallet household, everyone is still worried about Frank. Especially when they see how he is making a sandwich for himself. Frank finally has had it and tells everyone there, "Just get out. Leave me alone!" Natalia and Olivia run into a spa room problem. After agreeing to get 2 rooms they find there is only one room. When Olivia and Natalia get in their room and situated there is a knock at the door. They both kid that the manager has come back to tell them he was wrong about the rooms. But it is Blake. She tells them that she saw their names on the spa list. Remy meets with Dinah about the baby and Shayne situation. At the gazebo Dinah tells Remy she'll call him when she decides what to do. Remy no sooner leaves Shayne arrives and she tells him, "I want things to stay the way they are". Josh visits Reva at Cedars. Lillian interrupts the visit to check on her. She then tells Reva she'll be back, that she has to check on another patient. Remy is sitting in the hallway when Lillian walks by. He has a look on his face that makes her stop to talk to him. He tells her that he's been let go. She tells him she knew about cutbacks but didn't know where. Josh is visiting Reva, who thanks him for taking care of her and her family. He says, "No problem. Glad to do it." Back at the Coopers, Frank is practicing what he'll say to Natalia when she gets back. Shayne and Dinah are alone at their place talking and making love. At the Spa, Blake, Natalia and Olivia share a massage room together and have girl talk. Back at the Spa, Olivia tells Natalia, "Lets just take advantage of this and have fun. It is you that is having the problem. To which Natalia says, "I'll go home then." Olivia say, "No you stay, I'll go." Olivia gets up and leaves. At the Coopers, Frank wants to help run Company. Dinah is awakened and gets up and goes to the desk to open an envelope. In it is a birth certificate and other info on Mallet and Marina's adopted son. Josh drives Reva home. At the door she again thanks him for all Josh has done. Jeffrey is surprised to see her and asks if this is a visit. She tells him, "I am home for good." He hands her baby Colin. And mother and baby get to know each other.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After Starr stays with Cole and helps him through his drug withdrawal, they go to see Rachel together. He knows that he can take a drug test without anybody's "help" since he no longer has drugs in his system. Rachel is very proud of him knowing that he's now serious about quitting. Starr runs into Schuyler at the lab while he's investigating the mystery bag of Stacy's blood that she threw away. Starr is with Cole to find out what caused baby Hope's death. Stacy is staying with Rex. He is cordial since he believes she saved his son's life and has nowhere to go. But he is not ready to do what she wants. Rex goes to see Gigi. They are both angry and see no way to get over their problems. But they admit that they both had dreams the previous night that they declared their love for each other. Shane goes to see his father at his new apartment but runs into Stacy. He tells her that maybe she has some truthful information about why his parents split. At that point, she informs him that his mom cheated on his dad and broke his heart. At that point, Shane is furious, takes a family photo and smashes it. Layla and Cristian are together painting and missing Talia.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At Restless Style, Nick is on the phone and tells the person to shoot him an e-mail then they will be in business. Phyllis walks into the office and sits down in a chair. Phyllis tells Nick that this is the first time that she had gotten to sit down today. Phyllis asks for Nick’s help with the photo shoot for the new issue. In her room at the Athletics' Club, Sharon tells Jack that she is pregnant. Jack, immediately wants to take care of Sharon and the baby. Chloe and the baby are together when Billy comes in to join them. Chloe orders an espresso, but Billy comes in and stops her from ordering the espresso. Billy tells Chloe that he had asked Victor for a job. At the Newman mansion, Victor notices some of Sabrina’s things lying on the desk. Victor, immediately thinks that it is Ashley. Ashley denies knowing anything about it. Paul and Nikki discuss the next big issue of “Restless Style” about wedding superstitions. Nikki gets a call and has to leave immediately. Billy comes to visit Mac at Jimmy’s. Billy comments that it looks better. After a few moments of conversing, Mac tells Billy that he cannot kiss her anymore that he has a wife and child. Billy tries to reconcile with Mac, but Mac refuses to listen.

Nikki finds out that the photo shoot had been cancelled. Mary Jane arrives and interrupts Jack and Sharon. Ashley blames Estella for this whole mix-up. Chloe walks into the bar and Mac welcomes her. Chloe confronts Mac about the kiss between Mac and Billy. Nikki finds out that everything is going wrong with the new issue of “Restless Style.”

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Jack is overjoyed about Sharon's news, while a restless Billy shares with Chloe that he does not want to settle and goes to hassle Mac at Jimmy's. He also confronts Sharon asking if she's pregnant? Sharon has a dream, Cassie appears. Nick has to deal with Nikki and Phyllis's disapproval of him returning to Newman full-time. Victoria is at the ranch where Ashley appears to be cracking up and blaming Estella for all things involving Sabrina. Paul is ready to pop the question to Nikki and Mary Jane is growing impatient with Sharon's hold over Jack. Chloe confronts Mac reminding her to stay away from her man.

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