Monday 5/4/09 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Brenda

Marissa sees JR at ConFusion and tells him that he shouldn't drink. David and JR argue about Little Adam. Marissa tells David that reopening the custody battle would hurt little A. David tells her if she ever defends JR again he will kick her out of his house. David Hayward tells Kendall and Zach that Ian is in congestive heart failure, and they will have to replace the heart valve or Ian will die. Kendall Swears to Ian that nothing will come between them. Zach tells her itís not her fault; she canít feel guilty about living her life. Tad goes to Adams house to look for clues related to Dixie's murder. He hurts his head just as in his mother's vision. Tad finds an envelope in Adam's safe with Krystal's name on it and gives the envelope to Krystal, who is also at Adam's house to visit little A. JR comes home and finds Krystal and Tad. JR tells Krystal that Marissa has made a bad impression because she has an opinion about everything that doesnít concern her. Krystal says she will talk to her. Krystal tells Tad that Marissa is the daughter of a friend who has died. After Krystal leaves, Tad tells JR why he is there. JR offers to help. Krystal burns the envelope from Adam's into the fireplace. She confronts Marissa about betraying her confidence to JR. Marissa finds a charred picture of herself in the fireplace. Scott tells Erica that he is so passionate about the heart valve because he wants to save lives. He hears Ryan telling Erica there may be a problem with Ian's heart, and asks Hayward if his valve could help Ian. JR remembers seeing Adam smiling the day his Dixie died.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Dusty talks about moving in with Johnny, as Lucy is nearby listening. She isn’t sure, but Dusty is able to convince her. Meg pretends to have a cold when Paul has to take Eliza to her appointment. Meg heads out after placing some doubt in Paul’s mind and goes to bump into Dusty at the Lakeview. She sees him with Johnny and Lucy and hears from Johnny that Dusty is moving in. Dusty tries to get Meg to admit why she is with Paul, but she doesn’t and tells him that it isn’t his business. She starts to get upset, as Dusty offers her his handkerchief. Lucy watches Dusty and Meg interact. After Meg leaves, Lucy asks Dusty about her, as he admits he is having trouble forgetting her, which bothers Lucy. Paul calls Meg but gets no answer. Meg arrives home right before Paul and purposely places Dusty’s handkerchief by her bedside table. When Meg leaves the room, Paul sees this. When she comes back, he throws her by asking her to go to Paris with him. She isn’t sure, but when she sees the handkerchief is gone, she tells him due to her cold, she doesn’t think she should travel. She offers to make all of his travel arrangements though. Later, Paul cancels his supposed trip to Paris, as a smiling Meg listens in on the extension. Craig and Jack butt heads, as Craig thinks his hatred is causing Jack to not look into any other theories over the killing of Caesar. When Craig learns of the time of death, he realizes he has an alibi – Parker. Jack refuses to let Craig manipulate or use his son to get him off. Craig sneaks in a call to Carly to ask her to bring down Parker. Carly initially refuses, but Craig won’t give up. Jack and Craig are going at it again when Carly and Parker show up. Jack is angry, but Parker backs up Craig’s story, but he can’t say specifically of the time being exactly at 3PM, but it is close enough to that time. That is all Jack needs to decide that Craig is still guilty and pathetic for using a 16 year old, but everyone sees Craig’s innocence. Carly tries to talk with Jack, but she can’t sway him. Craig is happy that Carly believes him. Carly offers to help prove that Dusty was the one that set him up. An agitated Lucy tells Dusty that she is feeling like a glorified nanny and that everything that is going down is all about him. She stops short of declaring her feelings, but Dusty tries to comfort her by declaring how good of friends they are so Lucy storms off. Johnny is wondering where Lucy and Craig are, but Dusty hopes he is happy to just be with him. Carly sees Lucy afterwards; she needs her help because the two of them are the only ones that seem to believe in Craig’s innocence. She wants Lucy to help her prove just that.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor stares at the invalid marriage document and has to be sure that Stephanie has not created this. Stephanie says no, but it changes everything. Ridge is not a married man so Taylor can go after him. Pam did not do this intentionally, but then they both know there are no real accidents in life. Taylor realizes this is an error that can be fixed. Brooke will do that immediately. Stephanie thinks not. Taylor doesn't have to show this to Ridge just yet. Rick will make his move again and Brooke will side with her son again and there will be a huge fight. Then Taylor can show this to Ridge and make is easy for him to walk away. This will be his ticket to freedom. Brooke thanks Ridge for being so understanding. He says the worst with Rick is behind them. Nothing can hurt them now; they will survive. He tells Steffy that he is proud of her and she must hold her ground and stay away from Rick. There is someone out there better for her. Marcus wants to be sure that Steffy is okay and won't let Rick talk his way back into her life. She assures them that Rick will not be a problem to her. Rick continues to tell Brooke that Ridge set him up and he wishes she could see that and hold him accountable. He'd like to talk to Steffy again and perhaps convince her that he was confused and did not mean what he said on the tape. Brooke argues that he can not justify what he did. He disrespected Steffy and Ridge had nothing to do with that. His relationship with Steffy has put her marriage in jeopardy. For months she has done what Rick wanted. Now he is going to do what she wants. She is not asking him, but demanding that he not go near Steffy period! He claims that Steffy wants nothing to do with him, so he will just work on making himself better.

For a meeting, Jackie and Owen must separate themselves entwined with each other. She surprises all by giving Owen a promotion, a raise which he will surely earn and names him Chief of Staff. Bridget congratulates him and invites herself for dinner at his house. Jackie sees Bridget kissing Owen, but assures him she is not the jealous type. Bridget may be doing this to make Nick jealous. So go ahead and have dinner. She locks the door, continues to kiss him and unbuttons his shirt. She assures him that even dating Bridget won't be the end of them. Steffy looks up and Rick is standing at her door. Taylor finally says okay….. if Rick goes after Steffy again, she will go to Ridge and fight for him. And this time she will win.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Kate confronts Daniel about his affair with Chloe. He threatens to get revenge on her if she does anything to harm Chloe. Later, Kate tells him that she has decided to give the two a pass, provided nothing happens between them ever again. She then prepares to confront Chloe. Lucas, along with Father Matt, tries to talk Chloe into having a church wedding, but Chloe isn’t so sure. Stephanie walks out on Phillip after the two argue about him continuing the vendetta between the DiMera and Kiriakis families. Later she comes back, saying that she can’t live without him and the two make up. A nurse comes in and kicks Stephanie out. She gives Phillip a sedative and tries to smother him with a pillow. Sami lays into Rafe for being with another woman so soon after he walked out on her. Rafe explains that Arianna is his sister. He wants Sami to tell him that she is through with EJ for good, but Sami says she can never hate EJ or totally give him up because he is the father of her children. Rafe agrees to accept this and the two make up. Chelsea and Max argue when she refuses to let him come to London with her. They also make up when Max apologizes for being such a jerk. Max vows to wait for her.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Johnny saves Maxie from the mugger. Spinelli arrives moments later but just in time to witness Johnny comfort Maxie. Spinelli feels horrible for letting Maxie down. Johnny later asks Maxie if she has feelings for him (Johnny). After she jumps out the window and he catches her, Jason takes Sam back to her office and she fills him in on her case. Claudia tells Sonny the reason for Jax’s visit. After Jax leaves, Claudia tells Sonny she agrees with him (Jax) about Carly. Patrick and Liz discuss love. Spinelli learns the truth from the photographer and is disappointed that Maxie lied to him. Nikolas misreads what he sees between Lucky and Rebecca and he leaves. Lucky tells Rebecca he still has feelings for Liz. Lucky goes to see Liz and admits he used Rebecca as a distraction. Jason tells Sam he thinks Claudia tried to kill Jerry with the car bomb. Jason says he thinks Claudia is responsible for Michael’s shooting. Sonny thinks he can find Carly through Olivia but Olivia says she can’t help him. Claudia gets jealous and tells Sonny she and her baby feel neglected. Rebecca goes to see a drunken Nik at Wyndemere and tells him nothing happened with Lucky. Rebecca tells Nik she’s attracted to him and the two end up kissing. Claudia advises her “hit man” to leave town. Suddenly Claudia doubles over in pain.

GL Recap Written by Beth

At Cedars Frank wants to leave, Olivia tries to stop him telling him Natalia is worried about him. Before he does leave he tells Olivia to, "Get out of Natalia's life before you ruin it." In Florida, Remy is kinda down after being dumped by Christina. Dinah sees him and they talk about Marina and Mallet little baby. That she hopes they can live happily. At the reef with Alan and Phillip. Phillip tells Alan he wants to "erase the unhappiness of the past." In order to go on. Doris runs into Natalia and says, "Only, checking in on the voters." Back at Cedars Frank gets angry at Olivia and tells her off. Natalia arrives and tells Frank to lay off Olivia. Dinah is with Remy when Shayne arrives. She almost lets it slip of what she and Remy have been talking about, but covers it up. At the reef, Phillip tell Alan to stop ruining the family. That he did it to him. And so don't do it to the kids. James interrupts this discussion. Alan wants James to go and get help. Then Daisy arrives. Phillip makes a comment that she is seeing what happens in "Spaulding World." Bill and Lizzie enjoy some time alone. Back at Cedars, Natalia tells Frank she is hurt that he thinks she can be manipulated by Olivia. Frank says it is over and leaves the hospital room and Cedars. Leaving Natalia in tears. Olivia tells Natalia, "I knew the consequences of our relationship. If you want to end it now. You have to tell me. Lizzie is impressed that Bill has survived her families' arrival at Universal. James tells Alan that family time is over and he wants to spend some time with Daisy. After Alan and Daisy leave, Phillip tells James to treat Daisy with respect. That Alan will not get in the middle. Frank runs into Rafe and tells him that the wedding and relationship with his mother is off. Remy tries to get back on Christina's good side and tells her that her smile, "Shines the room." She pushes him into the pool. Alan wants to know what makes her family go for Spaulding men. That her mother ruined Phillip's life. Daisy admits that she likes James that he isn't like a "real Spaulding." Phillip explains why he went away. That he wanted to distance himself. James says that is "cool". Phillip says, "No it isn't." That he is proud of him. James' cellphone goes off and he tells Phillip he has to take the call. James gets up and leaves. Phillip is confused as to what just happened. Frank run into a woman at a bar who wants to know how Frank got the bruised face. James and Daisy are enjoying themselves near the water having an ice cream. Bill, Josh and Matt are talking with Bill and Lizzie about their wedding plans. Billy offers Josh to perform the ceremony. Bill takes Lizzie outside to talk about Billy and Josh. Lizzie says yes.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr is able to convince Todd to let her go see Cole. While he's alone in the room and withdrawing from the drugs, Cole is having hallucinations where he hears Matthew telling him he needs to jump from the window and cripple himself so that they are even. He's ready to do just than when Starr runs in to comfort him and assure him that she'll help him get through his crises. Blair checks herself out of the hospital and demands that Todd let her have the kids. When he tells her no, she tells him she will move into his house to be with her kids. John and Marty are together and reliving their relationship> Jessica and Brody reveal to Viki that they are seeing each other. But when Natalie sees them together, she lashes out at Brody, still believing that he hurt both Jessica and Rex by sleeping with Gigi. Noticing what she's seen, Viki goes to talk to Gigi telling her she knows that she she (Gigi) would not cheat on Rex with Brody and she knows that Stacy must be up to no good. Meanwhile, Stacy times it perfectly knowing that Gigi has kicked Rex out of her house and Schuyler has kicked Stacy out of his. So she gets Rex to let her stay with him.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya **One Day Ahead

Sharon drops the bombshell that she is pregnant; but who could the father be, Billy, Nick or Jack? She tells Jack the news first. Jill teams up with Glo and Jeffrey to attempt to take down Victor. Billy is looking for a new job, while Phyllis is trying to convince Nick not to take Neil's job at Newman. Kevin returns to Crimson Lights and reminds his friends and family to get on with their lives. Kay gets word from the governor and Jill moves back into the mansion after she learns Neil has taken her job at Chancellor Industries. Ashley goes off on Estella while freaking out about Sabrina and Adam wants out.

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