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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Zach is home alone with the boys when he gets a visit from Liza. They kiss. Liza lets him know that she knows that he had been looking for her. David comes home to Wild wind to find Marissa, studying in the living room. David asks her to make him a drink which she doesn’t know how to make. Instead, she suggests that she give him a back massage. At Tad’s home, Stewart tells Tad all he knows about the night that he had seen Adam at the gate with the ribbon. At the Chandler mansion, J.R. questions Adam if he had killed Dixie and keeps on ridiculing Adam until Adam has a seizure and becomes unconscious. Erica yells from the outside door for them to let her in. At the hospital, Angie suggests a mild sedative for Opal. Angie receives a page and has to leave. Opal has yet another vision in which she sees a gurney with a white sheet covering it and as it comes nearer to her, she sees Adam raise up and his chest is all bloody. Natalia gets a visit from Randi, who lets her know that Frankie’s convoy had been ambushed. Krystal walks in to see Marissa giving David a back massage. Both Angie and Frankie receive a call from Natalia concerning Frankie.

At the hospital, Tad, Erica and J.R. stand outside of Adam’s room. David arrives to treat Adam. David goes into Adam’s room, but Colby doesn’t want David anywhere near her father. Krystal orders Marissa to keep her hands off her husband. Erica questions Adam if he had killed Dixie, but Adam tells Erica that he honestly doesn’t remember. At the gate of the Chandler mansion, Stewart remembers his conversation with Adam concerning the ribbon. Krystal is at Wild wind, the lights go out from the storm. Krystal walks into the study and sees Tad, sitting behind the desk with blood on his forehead.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

At the restaurant, Henry and Vienna argue over their reactions when Brad and Katie are told that the baby which Vienna is carrying is really Henry’s and Vienna’s. At Brad’s and Katie’s apartment, they discuss the impending test results and what they will show. The phone rings and it is Margo telling Katie that Craig had been arrested. Katie hurries to go see Craig. Brad goes with Katie as well. In her hotel room, Lucy receives a call from Craig who is concerned about Johnny. Lucy tells Craig that Johnny thinks he was out of town. Jack visits Carly at home and tries to get her to work with him to put Craig away. Carly insists to Jack that she doesn’t know a thing. Brad and Katie visit Carly in the interrogation room. Katie tells Craig that she thought he had changed since he had custody of Johnny, but he proved her wrong. Craig turns the tables and implies that Brad could have been the one who framed Craig. Dusty meets with Tom in the lobby of the Lakeview Hotel to fight for custody of Johnny. Lucy begins to have regrets by playing both ends against the middle. Carly refuses to do Jack’s dirty work. When Lucy visits Craig in jail, he insists it could have been Dusty who framed him so that he could obtain custody of Johnny.

The doctor tells Katie, Brad, Vienna and Henry that the baby is progressing along nicely. Craig asks Lucy to help him to keep Dusty from gaining custody of Johnny. Craig begins to feel that Lucy favors Dusty obtaining custody of Johnny. When Carly visits Craig in jail, he tells her he feels that Dusty set him up. Katie fears that Henry is getting too possessive of this baby. Henry accuses Vienna of bribing the doctor to give them good test results, then he suggests that they tell Katie and Brad the truth. In the lobby of the Lakeview Hotel, Dusty lets Lucy know that he has custody of Johnny. Carly urges Jack to release Craig because he is innocent.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie tells Pam they can just keep this secret between themselves - Brooke and Ridge’s marriage license is invalid. Pam doesn’t understand why Stephanie doesn’t want to tell Ridge. Taylor looks back on old wedding album pictures and contemplates what the future could have been. Thorne is glad the marriage is off between Rick and Steffy, but he can’t stand to still see Rick around here. Ridge states that he and Brooke have come to an understanding and things seem to be working out better than ever. Thorne thinks Ridge is lucky that he has two women in his life, one legal and one not. Brooke discovers Stephanie in her office, but doesn’t want to put up with Stephanie and whatever she is up to. She does get in one statement, that she is head of the company now and she is sure that she is Mrs. Ridge Forrester – today, yesterday and always. Stephanie does not belong here, go back to Jackie M’s. Brooke tells Ridge that it is important that they get through these difficult times. He warns her not to waste any more energy on Stephanie. They just need to focus on their marriage and family. No one can come between them. Their marriage is stronger than ever. Stephanie is happy to share with Taylor that Brooke and Ridge aren’t really married. She knows Taylor is a principled person and would never go after a married man. But that is no longer the case. So she does not have to feel guilty now to go after Ridge.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Sami confides in Lucas about her problems with Rafe and EJ. He advises her to get things sorted out for the kids’ sake. Will walks in and overhears Sami telling Lucas to be sure to keep her secret. Will explodes, but Sami explains she was just talking about her relationship with Rafe. Will bonds with Chloe, telling her that he is glad she is with his dad. Later, Chloe confides in Father Matt, saying she is glad Lucas doesn’t know the truth about Daniel, considering what has just happened with his brother. Lucas overhears her telling the priest that it’s necessary to keep some secrets from your spouse. Arianna is upset to learn that Rafe lost his job with the FBI because of his relationship with Sami. Sami overhears him telling Arianna that he loves her, and no one can replace her in his heart. Chelsea and Kate argue over which one of them is going to fly to London to be with Billie. Kate eventually agrees to let her go, and Chelsea says goodbye to both Kate an Theo. Kate later confronts Daniel, telling him that she knows he had an affair with Chloe.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Lucky storms out of Jake’s when he sees Nik kissing Liz. Coleman tells Nik and Liz that Lucky and Rebecca saw them kissing. Nik asks Liz if she still has feelings for Lucky. Rebecca and Lucky go back to her room but Lucky pulls away when they start to get intimate. Nikolas then walks in on them. Patrick asks Matt to consult on Michael’s case. Matt is against the surgery. Matt worries that Patrick isn’t thinking clearly about his job because of Robin. Ric hears Claudia ask Dr. Lee to schedule her for a paternity test. Jax and Sonny argue over Jerry. Jax doesn’t want Carly to know the truth about Jerry until the baby is born. Sonny again tells Jax that Carly should abort the baby. Sonny insists that Jason must find Jerry right away so he can get some answers. Jax says he doesn’t care what happens to Jerry as long as it can wait until Carly is out of danger. Sonny tells Jason he has to “know the truth” about Claudia. Sonny tells Jason he’s torn if Claudia turns out to be guilty. Sonny says he can’t kill the mother of his child. Jason advises Sonny to put his “revenge” on hold for Carly’s sake.

Spinelli tells Sam about taking on Maxie as a client. Maxie convinces her photographer friend to pretend to “stalk” her. When Spinelli calls to check on her, Maxie claims she’s being followed. A stranger who was in Jake’s tries to rob Maxie but she thinks it’s part of the plan. Claudia asks Johnny to “kill Ric.” Claudia says Ric thinks he could be the baby’s father. Johnny doesn’t think a child will save Claudia if Sonny learns the truth. He still wants Claudia to leave Sonny before it’s too late. Jax asks Claudia for help getting Sonny’s concentration off Carly. Jax offers to “help” Claudia “with Jerry” if Claudia agrees to keep Sonny “away from Carly.” Sonny walks in on Jax and Claudia. Sam jumps off a building just as Jason arrives in time to “catch” her.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Bill asks Lizzie if she thinks she deserves marriage. Then says, "Marriage deserves us". Shayne and Dinah find Remy and Christina. Dinah takes Remy aside and asks if he knows anything about the DNA of the baby. James and Daisy meet up with Ashley and a guy named Jackie, she met. Beth and Phillip meet up with Alan and ask him what he's done since they left him last. Alan says he. "Dumped a bucket of water on a guy". Lizzie is so excited about being engaged she wants to tell everyone. Shayne wants a family reunion. But not his family, Dinah's. Dinah realizes that Shayne brought her to down to Florida to see Bill. She says, "Alright Lets go", after Shayne talks her into it. Beth says to Phillip that James brought Daisy to Florida. Phillip asks if they are dating. Beth says not yet. Alan is miffed that James brought Daisy and Ashley down to Florida. Alan tells James that Daisy's former boyfriend in talking about Grady is missing. James gets it into his head that Alan had him, "Whacked". Alan says, "No, grow up and stop daydreaming". James is at some exhibit and Phillip comes along. They say, "Nice meeting you here". James then says "Going to kill another one of Lizzie's kidnappers today?" Phillip is caught off guard with that question. Shayne tell Dinah to call Bill. When she tries to change the subject, he asks her what she wants to do next. Dinah say, "I want cotton candy." Beth tries to talk to Alan about leaving Lizzie and Bill alone. Back with Phillip and James, who are at the same exhibit, James jokes about where he put Grady after "killing him". James tells Phillip he wants him to get rid of someone for him. Daisy, Ashley, Christina and Remy are seen playing volley ball on the beach. Remy and Christina collide trying to hid the ball and decide to romp in the sand. Shayne wants a few more days to not looking at the past. He wants to stay in Florida for a couple more days. They come upon a boy, who is lost. Shayne kneels down to his level and talks to him. Shayne finds a security guard to help the little boy. Dinah is amazed at how he handled the situation. Phillip is joking with James. James serious tells Phillip that he wants him, "Take out Granddad for me." Phillip is stunned. Bill and Lizzie find a cabin stay in. Bill and Lizzie make love. Remy and Christina take a swim in the hotel pool. Remy notices with no family or pressure she is fun. Shayne finds a security guard to find the little boy's mom. He tells the little boy that he'll go with him. Just then the boy's mom arrives so happy to find the boy she thanks Shayne. Daisy and Ashley are alone and wondering where everyone is. Alan and Beth run into them. Beth asks them if they are having a good time. James wants to know why Phillip is in Florida. He continues to gets Phillip angry needling him with questions. Phillip says, "I came back to help all my children." James is jealous. Phillip then says, You mean I have to knock off your grandfather to prove I love you?" James just walks away. Phillip goes after him. Christina and Remy are just lounging enjoying the sun. Remy thinks she is not having fun and wants to know where to know where the "Old Christina" is. Dinah makes a deal with Shayne that if he gets her another bucket of cotton candy she will talk to him. When Shayne goes to get the cotton candy, she calls Remy. He tells her that the results will be there when they all get home. Daisy and Ashley run into Jackie again. He asks for her email. Beth, Alan, and Phillip are together. Alan wants to go on another ride. Phillip agrees to go with him. Beth is stunned at the change from a few hours ago of Phillip. James and Daisy are at the water park looking at the dolphins and enjoying it. Across the way they see Alan and Phillip on a cliff. Alan tells Phillip this is not a ride. Phillip tells Allan to relax this is fun.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Outside the high school, Bo and Nora run into Marcie who informs them that kids are teasing Matthew because he's in a wheelchair. They are outraged and want to protect their son. But she tells them that they must stay out of his business and let him decide how to live his life. Cole is having withdrawal symptoms alone in Starr's room after Todd has forced her to come with him to live in his house. He sees visions of Todd, then Marty, then Markko, then Schuyler, then Nora and Matthew all telling him how he's screwed up his life and has to accept responsibility for what he did. John and Marty go to find the stabber and discover that Powell Lord and Rebecca Lewis may be behind the set up. Jessica and Brody believe that they must sneak around and keep their relationship a secret until Viki finds them.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

After the Introduction to the song, “Let Me Call You Sweetheart,” Ana sings the words. Paul and Mary Jane meet at the wedding and become acquainted. Nina refuses to let Jill go in to the wedding and thus ties her up and puts her in a closet. Jill through a muffled voice, yells for help. Despite everything, Jill makes it to the wedding and wants to have her say. Kay and Murphy exchange their wedding vows. After the wedding, Jill tells everyone that she wants Nina arrested for putting her in the closet. Nina confesses that she had done exactly as Jill had said. Neil lets everyone know that Kay had made him C.E.O of Chancellor Industries. Billy asks Mac to dance with him. Mac agrees. Paul gets the feeling that he had met Mary Jane somewhere before. Mac tells Billy to go home to his wife. Jack takes Mary Jane a piece of bridal pie. Kay questions Michael as to how things are with Kevin and Amber. Chloe comes back to the wedding and finds Billy kissing Mac. Upon seeing Chloe, Mac runs into the house and Billy turns around to face Chloe .

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