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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Adam sits in his study at the Chandler mansion, watching a press conference that Scott is having. J.R. walks in and realizes that Scott had gotten ahead of him in their struggle to take over Chandler Enterprises. Kendall and Ryan wake up together in his bed in his apartment. At Fusion, Erica is busy at work. Amanda comes in and asks Erica for her job back. Erica gives Amanda every excuse as to why she doesn’t want to give Amanda her job back. Jake interrupts them. At Zach’s house, Tad shows Zach the manuscript of Alexander’s. Adam shakes Scott’s hand on his first victory over J.R. Zach urges Tad to burn Alexander’s manuscript, but Tad refuses. Kendall and Ryan decide to commit to each other. At Fusion,. Randi tries to connect to Frankie, but doesn’t’ get an answer. Brot and Taylor come in and bring Randi an orange from Florida. Jesse and Tad are going over the evidence as to who killed Dixie when J.R. comes in and sees the poster on the wall. Scott lets Adam know that he doesn’t want to edge out J.R. at Chandler.

Ryan arrives at Fusion to take Kendall out to dinner. Zach sits alone at his house, reading over the manuscript and reliving past meetings with his father, as well as, Kendall. Erica arrives at Zach’s. During their conversation, Erica realizes that Zach still loves Kendall. Stewart meets with Jesse and Tad to let them know about the day that Dixie had died. Amanda confesses to Jake that she wants to keep her baby. Randi receives a call concerning Frankie. J.R. arrives home to the Chandler mansion and questions Adam if he had killed Dixie. Ryan and Kendall share a romantic evening at the Yacht Club.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Lucinda decides to stop publishing the Intruder and make it an online newspaper in an effort to cut costs in this bad economy. Emily tells Lucinda she isn't computer savvy and decides to quit her job but Lucinda won't accept her resignation. Lucinda introduces Emily a young, handsome, very clumsy computer guy who will be her partner and help the Intruder transition to a online newspaper. Emily doesn't get along with Hunter until Allison advises Hunter to agree with Emily about everything and eventually she may listen to his ideas. Emily agrees to work with Hunter on the online newspaper since Lucinda tells her if she doesn't she will be fired.

Allison, Jade and Casey have lunch at Yo's and Allison admits to Jade she wants them to be friends so that she won't fight her for Casey. Allison tries to set Jade up with a guy at Yo's but it turns out the guy is married. Allison then tries to set Jade up with Hunter but he makes Jade mad when he spills ice on her.

Holden fears Damian will take his place in Luke and Lily's hearts even though Luke and Lily assure him that they love him and he will always be first with them. Holden tries to be understanding when Luke tells him that he wants to get to know Damian and that is why he asked Damian to stay in Oakdale. Holden's understanding is tested when Luke accepts money from Damian in order to run the foundation programs until they get the ransom money back. Holden asks Lily to resign from the foundation since Damian is going to be more involved with the foundation. Lily assures Holden that it will only be temporary and she can handle Damian but Holden gets angry when Lily refuses to resign and gets so angry he decides to go for a walk.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie encourages Taylor to make her stand. Ridge's marriage to Brooke is in trouble, so now is Taylor’s chance. Taylor disagrees. He is still married, and that is where she draws the line. She will not throw herself at a married man, even if it is Ridge. She states that she will not live her life just sitting around waiting and living a dream. Stephanie warns her that Rick will come sniffing around again, and Brooke and her marriage will pay that price. Brooke tells Ridge that is seems inappropriate that he runs off to Taylor’s every time they have a problem. Ridge laments that Taylor understands him and she respects his marriage to Brooke, so nothing is going to happen. He was there because of his kids. She says this situation seems sort of tragic, yet Ridge seems to derive pleasure out of it. He’d even like Rick shipped back to Paris. He confesses to Brooke that their marriage is in trouble and he doesn’t think it will ever be better until such time as she comes to believe as he does about Rick. She reminds him that this is her son and she will not write him out of her life. Ridge says she is an amazing mother, but he thinks that she feels guilty about Rick’s upbringing and she shouldn’t. He and he alone is responsible for his issues and then actions.

Taylor has daydreams about Ridge and their past life. She hears Ridge say that time after time he has, but this time he is not going back to Brooke. Brooke tells Ridge that she knows her son will always be in their lives as she can not turn her back on him; the rest they will weather together. Rick will stay away from Steffy so that is one thing that has been accomplished. She will make sure that he keeps his word. She will not support any life that Rick may propose with Steffy. Stephanie sneaks into Forrester’s to see Ridge. Pam needs to see her about a screw-up. She explains that she made a huge mistake my not seeing well and making some typos. Bottom line, she put in some wrong information, and Brooke and Ridge’s latest marriage is not legal. It’s invalid. Instead of being unhappy, Stephanie hugs Pam and says it is a miracle.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Sami and Rafe argue about EJ and whether or not Sami has feelings for him. Rafe accuses her of liking the fact that she can make EJ jealous, and leaves in a huff. Later, Rafe runs into Arianna, and it’s clear the two know each other. Meanwhile, Nicole and EJ make love, but end up arguing about him keeping her in the dark about the bodyguards and what he and his father are up to. EJ insists this is none of her concern, and says that their marriage will fail if she can’t let it go. Later, she figures out Sami is the problem and is what has been distracting EJ. Nicole calls Baker, worried that EJ may learn he delivered Sami’s baby. She asks him to resign from the hospital. EJ tries to tell Masi to hold off on the plans for Phillip, but their call breaks up, and Masi hires someone else to take care of Phillip. A gloved man picks up cash Masi left for him and studies a picture of Phillip. Melanie tattles on Chelsea for trying to look at the admissions records for the medical school at the hospital. Baker busts Chelsea, but goes easy on her, and warns her never to do it again. Max is upset with Chelsea when Melanie calls him to tell him the news. He assures Chelsea that he isn’t leaving town. Later, Chelsea learns that her mother, Billie, has been in an accident. Stephanie suggests she and Phillip run away together and start a new life in Greece. He refuses, and Stephanie becomes upset when it seems he is bent on revenge against the DiMeras. Melanie stops by with his dinner, and when they’re alone, she encourages Phillip to get back at the DiMeras, saying she hopes they get what they deserve. Phillip is appreciative of her support.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jax asks Patrick to come back on as Michael’s doctor. Patrick is hesitant but he agrees to join the surgical team. Patrick tells Michael’s specialist they need to do the surgery sooner than planned. Ethan wants no part of Luke or his DNA test. Luke says if Ethan is his son, he had no idea that Holly was even pregnant. Ethan claims he doesn’t care who his real parents are. Tracy calls Ethan’s bluff and tells him to “get on the plane” and go back to Australia. Luke and Ethan go to GH for the DNA test. Lucky is obviously affected by the kiss between Nik and Liz. Later, Nik takes Liz out for a drink and they discuss the situation. Nik says Liz is the only one who helps him really cope with the loss of Emily. Nik and Liz get drunk and a little flirty. They kiss again, but this time it’s for real. Lucky and Rebecca come into the bar and see the kiss.

Maxie is annoyed with Jason for not helping her get Spinelli to “forgive” her. Jason thinks Spinelli is trying to prove something to Maxie by doing the PI thing. Lulu tells Spinelli her breakup with Johnny was inevitable. Lulu also tells Spinelli that Maxie adores and misses him. Maxie goes to Spinelli’s office and claims she’s “being stalked and followed.” Spinelli is concerned and he believes Maxie’s story. Winnifred is skeptical when she hears the story. Maxie hires a pretend “stalker” to attack her in so Spinelli will step up and save her. Rebecca talks cryptically on the phone to someone. She’s says, “it’s not working out” like she planned. Jason tries to talk Spinelli out of learning to shoot a gun. Jax goes to see Jason about Carly. He asks Jason not to put any stress on Carly about aborting the baby. Jax also asks Jason to leave things alone with Jerry until Carly gets through the pregnancy. Jax says he has no interest in what Jason does about Jerry once Carly is ok.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Bills asks Phillip for a favor. To keep Alan away from Lizzie. Which Phillip says he'll be glad to do for Bill and Lizzie. Olivia calls Natalia for a favor concerning Rafe's likes in food. And makes a date with Natalia. Alan is upset that he was tricked into getting all wet. Phillip makes a off handed joke about it which doesn't amuse Alan. Everyone suggests Alan go back to the hotel and change. He is against the idea for fear they will all get lost. Phillip and Bill make plans to meet later after Phillip goes with Alan to help him change. Remy and Christina wind up at a talking waterfall which spits water at them. Doris runs into Frank at a bar. Frank sees a guy dressed up like Secret Service and joke, "Who's your new boy toy?" Doris says, "He's my new security detail." Before Doris leaves, she tells Frank something about Natalia that throws him for a loop about Natalia. Phillip keep Alan occupied by throwing a basketball into a hoop. Alan wins a prize. Meanwhile, Lizzie, Ashley, Remy, Christine enjoy a water show. For which Bill is a part of as a romantic gift to Lizzie. Frank gets beaten up. Olivia and Natalia get together. Olivia suggests a trip to the mountains. Unaware Phillip already know, Beth starts to tell him about Bill and Lizzie. When Phillip tells her he already knows, Beth acts playfully hurt. Phillip continues by telling her, "Bill called me to ask for her hand in marriage." Frank goes to see Natalia and Olivia sees the bloody face he has. Alan shares his winning toys with a little girl he meets. Bill and Lizzie are having the romantic day promised by Bill. He places the engagement ring on her finger. Frank is at Cedars and Natalia sees him. Natalia tells Olivia that this is all his fault. Olivia tells her it is not. Olivia tries to comfort Natalia. Remy and Christina go to the Jaw exhibit. James confesses to Daisy he made up a story so she'd hold his hand. She is not happy but doesn't run off. Ashley runs into Alan and comments on his prize. She invites him to a gathering. Phillip gets ice cream for Beth and himself as they sit on a bench and talk. Bill tells Lizzie he has to ask her to marry him. Lizzie reminds him he did. Bill says he wants to do it correctly and gets on his knee and does. She says yes.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

While Starr is hiding Cole in her room and attempting to help him with his drug withdrawal, Todd suddenly appears and demands that she leaves the house with him after the court awarded him legal custody of all his kids. Tea wants to help but knows there's nothing she can do. Starr goes and Cole remains alone in the room in agony. Bo and Nora take Matthew to school for the first time since his accident. He attends Marcie's class. Destiny wants to be his friend and speaks up against the kids that want to hurt him. But he admits he's not interested in her because she's not popular and is interested in Becca. Justin reveals that he wants to hurt Matthew and make jokes about his situation. Marty and John go to visit Powell Lord, who's in a mental ward and tell the attendant they are Jessica and Kevin Buchanan, his cousins. Marty goes to talk to Powell as John has found out that he might be the killer. And John tells her the believes that Powell is the guilty party.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At Jabot, jack tells Phyllis that he had gotten the paperwork for the Jabot tie-in. Jack asks Phyllis is that the wedding issue. Phyllis lets him know that it is an unfinished project. Phyllis informs Jack that she is the one, who had gotten Lauren to drop the charges against Sharon. Mary Jane interrupts Jack and Phyllis. Nick tells Noah to “chill” that he will call him and let him know what happens. Nick and Sharon clear the air between them over who had really gotten the charges against Sharon dropped. Sharon thinks that it was Eden, who had gotten the charges dropped, but Nick lets her know that it was Phyllis, who had gotten Lauren to drop the charges. In the Indigo Bar, Jill tells the waiter that she hadn’t ordered the drink. The waiter points to Jeffrey. Jeffrey approaches Jill, who tells him to go away. Gloria interrupts them. Gloria tells Jill that they hadn’t been invited to Kay’s wedding either. Jill informs them that she had been invited. At the Chandler mansion, Murphy struggles to write his wedding vows. Mac and Brock tries to help him write his wedding vows by telling him to write the vows from his heart. Billy and Chloe arrive for the wedding. In her bedroom, Kay prepares for her wedding. Nikki fills Kay in on what had happened at the Newman house concerning the dress that Ashley had worn that Sabrina had also worn the night of the gala. At the Newman house, Victor apologizes to Ashley for becoming so upset over the dress. Victor blames Nikki for doing this, but Ashley defends Nikki. Heather questions Michael as to where he had found Kevin’s gun, but Michael refuses to divulge any info.

Paul calls Michael and lets him know that Kevin had been firing blanks. Jack invites Mary Jane to the wedding which she accepts. Murphy asks Victor to be his best man. Victor accepts. Sharon tells Noah that he can move back in with Nick and Phyllis. Sharon finds out some devastating news that she cannot believe is happening now. Jill arrives for Kay’s wedding. Nina tries to tell Jill that this isn’t a good time.

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