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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Ryan’s home, Ryan questions Tad if Dixie’s killer could still be out there. At Tad’s home, Opal gets a visit from Krystal, who is there to visit Jenny. Opal tells Krystal about a vision that she had had concerning Tad. Marissa visits Wild Wind and finds only David there. At the Chandler mansion, Erica urges Adam not to tell his family about his illness that she is there to help him. Kendall and Zach meet in the park. Opal is relieved when Tad’s comes home. Tad tells Opal about Alexander and that the intended victim had been Babe instead of Dixie. Krystal overhears their conversation. Bianca listens as Reese talks to Miranda. Ryan interrupts Zach and Kendall in the park. Ryan fills Zach in on Ryan’s visit with Alexander and that Alexander hadn’t killed Dixie. Reese and Bianca are becoming closer when Zach comes in and interrupts them. Tad fills Krystal in on Alexander and that he wasn’t the one, who had killed Dixie but that Babe was the intended victim. Tad goes on to question Krystal if she knew of anyone at the mansion, who would want Babe dead.

Adam tells Colby, J.R. and Scott that he would be stepping down at the end of the year and that one of them would be taking over as C.E.O of Chandler. Colby is offended that Adam wouldn’t’ even consider her taking over for him at Chandler. David warns Marissa not to take advantage of Krystal. David invites Marissa to move in Wild Wind. Bianca and Reese reconcile and move back to Paris. Krystal comes home to find that David had invited Marissa to move in. Kendall goes to visit Ryan at his apartment. They kiss.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Liberty is still racked with guilt about Parker, as Janet tries to offer her some comfort. Parker, who has bought himself a new sports car, is looking in better spirits thanks to Craig. He also gives $1,000 to Sage, who is bowled over. Jack brings in Carly and Craig for questioning about Caesar’s murder. Jack thinks Craig is involved, as he pleads ignorance and thinks that Jack is using this as an excuse to get rid of him. Margo and Jack question Craig and Carly after they are given the facts. Margo and Jack are sure Craig is involved. Craig won’t talk without a lawyer. Jack takes Carly aside and tries to reason with her, but she tells him that she is innocent and so is Craig for that matter. Jack is angry at Carly that she has gotten herself involved with another possible serious crime. Margo wants to put Craig and Carly in the same room to see if they turn on one another. Jack calls Janet to ask her to go over to look after Parker and Sage because of the situation Carly is in. Janet is unsure at first because she has to bring Liberty, but when she hears how serious the charges are, she agrees. Dusty and Lucy are enjoying some time with Johnny when she gets the call about Caesar’s murder, and she becomes very upset blaming herself for his death. Dusty tries to calm her down when Margo shows up to tell her about Craig. Lucy is tempted to admit the truth, but Dusty stops her and Margo leaves. Lucy can’t let her father go to prison for a crime he didn’t commit, as Dusty doesn’t have much sympathy. Lucy thinks Dusty is only giving her advice so he can benefit from this with Johnny. Dusty calls his lawyer to capitalize on this, which angers Lucy, as she is guilt ridden. Johnny overhears them arguing and wonders where his ‘other father’ is, but Dusty assures Johnny that he has him and Lucy now. When Parker sees Janet at his house with Liberty, he immediately wonders what his mom did. Janet won’t let him know too much, as Parker wants air. Liberty goes after him to talk. Janet tries to comfort Sage, but is thrown when she sees $1,000 from Parker. Liberty is amazed to see Parker’s new purchase, as he invites her for a ride. They have a blast, admit they had fun, and miss one another, as Parker wants to start over slowly this time, but Liberty sticks to her guns and Parker is upset again. Craig and Carly talk about their situation, as each wonder what the other’s involvement in this is. When Jack comes back in, Craig takes the blame and absolves Carly from any wrongdoing. Carly knows he is lying, but he doesn’t give her the choice to stick up for him. Jack offers to take Carly home, after she pleads with Craig to tell the truth. He explains that he tried and now he will leave it up to his lawyer. Margo believes he is guilty again because leopards don’t change their spots, as Craig is poised to prove her wrong when she leads him to his cell for the night. Carly comes home, as Sage is thrilled and Parker wonders if they just let her out on bail. Carly explains the situation is a misunderstanding, as Parker worries about Jack taking it out on Craig because he hates him. Carly promises that won’t happen. Parker backs away from Carly again after worrying about if she did something wrong again. Janet tells Jack about the money Parker gave to Sage, and Jack is not happy. He hopes if Craig is guilty of this crime then he won’t have to worry about him being around his family again for a long time. Carly buckles under the pressure and takes another drink.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Eric that his mother went to Bill Spencer’s funeral alone. Eric says he offered, but she declined. Ridge is just happy that she is excited about something, even at Jackie’s, and not just hiding in her bed. He plays the tape recording of Rick to Eric and demands that Rick be fired and not allowed back in the company. He disrespected Steffy and she called off the engagement. This was all about revenge and not love. Steffy will not put up with that and Eric should not either. Karen meets Stephanie in her new office and announces the will of her father will be read there. They are all surprised when Donna shows up as one of the participants. All walk away humiliated except Karen who inherits half the estate along with her brother, Bill Jr. He chose not to come. One of them will have to move to L.A. to take care of business here. She hands Stephanie a letter that Bill Sr. wanted delivered by hand after his death. It gives his thanks to her, but asks that she guide Karen in her new venture. Stephanie tells her she will do whatever she can. Perhaps Karen can help her too; they will be in touch.

Brooke tells Katie that Ridge did not come home last night. Ridge thinks Rick is causing problems in their marriage. He’s spending his time with Taylor. Taylor tells Thomas that it was like old times with Ridge home, but she’s not counting on it being permanent. Ridge tells Eric that he is staying at Taylor’s and he will not go back home until Rick leaves. Eric informs Ridge that he and Rick must learn to co-exist. Rick needs help….professional help, not their shunning him. Ridge goes home and is satisfied when Brooke says that Rick is not there. Since Steffy moved out of the beach house, Rick is able to move back in. Ridge says Rick might be out of Steffy’s life, but not out of theirs. Stephanie tells Taylor that she knows she does not want to reach out to Ridge because she could get rejected. But she needs to take some action. Fight for Ridge, take control of her life, don’t let Brooke win again.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Hope confronts Nicole about the DiMeras and warns her to get away from the mansion for the sake of her daughter. EJ interrupts Sami and Rafe before they begin to make love. EJ accuses Sami of interrupting his wedding because of her feelings for him, and tells her that Rafe is just a rebound relationship. Rafe overhears and is unhappy with Sami, accusing her of lying to him about her real reason for stopping EJ’s wedding. Rafe wants to know why EJ thinks Sami is in love with him. Later, while making love to Nicole, EJ fantasizes that he is with Sami. One of Will’s friends knows people from the high school Mia claimed to have transferred from. She is reticent and refuses to talk about her past. Will questions her about this later, but Mia claims nothing that happened in her past is important. Chloe urges Brady to forget any plan he might have with Victor to avenge Phillip.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Luke is disappointed that Ethan didn’t come into work. Luke tells Tracy he wants to know the truth about Ethan’s paternity. Tracy thinks Ethan and Holly are out to get Luke. Luke believes Ethan is his son. Patrick does his best as a single dad. Matt offers to move in temporarily. Liz comes over to help. Patrick tells Liz he feels guilty and she tries to set his mind at ease. Jax sends Carly out of town to a specialist. Nik and Liz aren’t happy with Lucky’s friendship with Rebecca. Later, Nik and Rebecca have an uncomfortable conversation about Lucky. Nik warns Rebecca that Lucky is trying to make Liz jealous. Later, Rebecca tells Liz it’s “too bad” if Liz disapproves of her dating Lucky. Sonny and Jax get into a physical fight over Carly. Olivia breaks up the fight. Sonny insists that Jax is risking Carly’s life letting her carry the baby. Sonny says his kids can’t lose their mother. Jax tells Sonny to mind his own business. Jax tells Sonny to leave the hotel and not come back unless he wants to be arrested. Jax tells Olivia Sonny is trying to manipulate the situation by using the boys. Ethan tells Lulu and Lucky he’s leaving town. Lucky tells Luke that Ethan is heading for Australia. Lulu covers for Maxie at the office. Johnny gets upset with Claudia about the failed car bomb. Claudia reads her hit man the riot act. Sonny goes home and confides in Claudia. Claudia wonders if Sonny is more afraid for himself or the boys if something happens to Carly. Sonny warns Claudia to never discuss Carly “dying” with him again. Johnny heads to Crimson to prepare for another appearance with Maxie. Luke goes to the airport to confront Ethan. Ethan still refuses the DNA test. For dramatic purposes, Nik kisses Liz so Lucky and Rebecca can see them. Liz plays along.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Alan gets one step closer to Lizzie and Bill. Bill calls Phillip for his permission to wed Lizzie. During the private phone call Lizzie sneaks up behind Bill, who wanted to surprise Lizzie with a wedding. Phillip gives his permission whole heartedly. Remy gets to Orlando and is asking around if anyone has seen Ashley or Daisy or Christina. Alan, Beth and James catch up to Lizzie and Bill. Beth apologizes for crashing their vacation. James suggests they go their separate ways. Bill and Alan go to talk. Bill says to Alan, "You are not wanted here". Alan tells Bill, "Your running, you always have been running." Beth takes Lizzie aside. Again Beth apologizes for Alan. Phillip gets Rick to see him. Phillip wants Rick to ok his release so he can go to Orlando. Rich asks if he has a flight. Phillip says he does. Bill wants Lizzie to spend time with Alan alone. Later, Ashley, Christina and Daisy talk about what they want to do. Alan suggest an activity that Lizzie turns down every one. Bill puts together a proposal of marriage with the help of some of the parks employees. Lizzie explains to Alan and Beth that Bill is giving her a "childhood." Remy stands up for Lizzie. Lizzie suggest they eat and that she'll get a them all something. She asks Alan what he wants, he says," A corndog and fries". She tells him to go over near the water park. When he does he gets splashed on. Beth, Lizzie and Remy start laughing. James tells Ashley and Christina to leave them. He hands them some money. When they leave. James turns to Daisy, who tells him, "I can't be bought". Lizzie and Beth join Alan who is soaked. They suggest another activity to which Alan decline saying, "I am not dressed for it." Later Bill, Beth and Lizzie are sitting on an edge of a waiting pool when Alan comes back dresses in a colored t-shirt, and shorts. He says, "I am dryer and look like a fool." They decide on a couple of rides. One in which Alan and Bill have to sit together on, the roller coaster, the girls stay behind on the platform. Beth is laughing at the two guys. Remy to goes on a ride. Christina and Ashley make it so that James is always alone with Daisy. James wants to know about Daisy's past loves. James meets Remy when he and Daisy run into Remy. Christina and Ashley enjoy a ride after getting hit on by a guy. Phillip arrives and surprises Alan and Beth. Hospital workers check up on Phillip not realizing that is it Rick in bed with the covers over his head. After the workers leave the room, Rick mumbles, "Phillip you are going to owe me big time." Alan asks Phillip if anyone know that he is gone from the hospital. Phillip says, "Not yet." Remy catches up with Christina, Ashley and Daisy. Christina and Ashley see that Remy wants to be alone with Christina and take off. Daisy is with James again and threatens to post pictures on her website of him. Bill thanks Phillip for coming to Orlando even if it might get him in trouble. Also for trusting him with Lizzie. Bill promises not to trouble Lizzie again like he did. Bill again asks Phillip for Lizzie's hand in marriage. Again Phillip says, "Yes". Alan takes Beth aside not knowing that Lizzie is watching. He tells Beth that they have to protect Lizzie from Phillip. Lizzie has heard enough and tells Alan off, that she can make her own decisions.

OLTL Recap Written by Mandy

Jack accuses Starr of stealing his mp3 player, but she says that she is sick and convinces him to leave. Starr and Cole talk about his addiction and about the DTs. John and Marty camp out in a motel room and John is extremely cautious because he is wanted for murder. Tea and Todd sleep together. Tea is sickened that Todd would use his children on the front page of the Sun. Oliver reports to Bo about John. Cole says that he just needs one pill, but Starr convinces him to settle down. Todd is granted temporary custody of his children.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Nikki, Amber, and Esther help Kay get ready for her wedding. Kay questions Nikki about Roger and Annie and if they had been caught. Nikki tells her that Paul had called her and told her that he was getting close. The telephone rings and it is the minister. He tells Mac that he is sick and cannot perform the wedding ceremony. Chloe calls Billy and asks him if he had RSVP’d for the wedding. At the bar, Lily comes in and tells Cane how much that she had missed him. Jill interrupts and tells Cane that she is glad that he is going to Kay’s wedding. At the police station, Heather tells Paul that she heard that Roger and Annie had been brought in. Michael walks in the police station and soon finds out that Roger and Annie are there. Michael takes their case. Annie lets it slip to everyone that Clint had been the one, who had had them lock Kevin in the trunk of the car. Michael lets them know that Clint is dead. Billy visits Mac at Kay’s mansion and tells her that he is coming to the wedding alone. Cane encourages Jill to go to Kay’s wedding, but Jill refuses. Roger confesses everything about Clint to Michael. Billy arrives home and finds out that Chloe is going with him to the wedding. Nikki visits Jill to try to talk her into coming to Kay’s wedding. Jill, once again, refuses. Cane hires Mac as his new waitress. Billy calls Mac to let her know that Chloe is coming with him to the wedding. Esther goes to visit Roger in jail.

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