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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the Chandler mansion, Adam tells Erica that what is happening to him is getting worse. At Ryan’s condo, Tad questions Ryan if Alexander didn’t’ kill Dixie then who had. With Zach and Kendall’s help, Bianca and Reese meet up in the park and try to work through their differences. J.R .and Scott arrive home to the Chandler mansion and continue to argue over the Chandler business. In the park, Reese asks Bianca for another chance. In the Chandler living room, Scott, J.R., Colby and Adam are having a family meeting. Adam suggests to them that the Chandler family have solidarity. Their little meeting is disturbed by Tad. Ryan visits Alexander at Oak Haven.

Kendall tells Erica that she and Zach had brought Bianca and Reese together in the park. Erica cannot understand Kendall’s change of heart. Bianca comes in and join the group. Erica urges Bianca to reconcile with Reese. Reese join Zach at the casino and thanks him for trying to help to get her and Bianca back together. Tad tells Adam about Alexander’s manuscript and how that the killer of Dixie could still be out there. J.R. interrupts the conversation. Tad fills J.R. in on the situation. Zach and Kendall meet to have a heart to heart talk. Reese gets a call from Bianca. Reese visits Bianca and the girls at Zach’s.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Gia wants Luke to give her a real Grimaldi heir and she is about to force him to have sex with him but Noah uses his last bit of strength to put Gia in a headlock and stop her from being with Luke. Zac hears the commotion and orders Damian inside Damian then overpowers Zac and the police arrive to arrest Gia and Zac. Gia and Zac later accuse Damian of being the mastermind who planned to steal Luke's money. Luke tells Margo that Gia and Zac are lying and Damian wasn't involved in the kidnapping. Holden and Damian apologize to each other and Damian agrees to leave town for the sake of Lily and Luke's safety. Noah persuades Luke to get to know Damian and see if they can have some sort of relationship. Luke discovers that Damian is leaving town and asks him to stay because he wants a chance to get to know him.

Jack and Carly are both upset that Craig gave Parker $50,000 which Parker spent on a brand new sports car. Jack tells Craig that he had no right to teach Parker that money can give him anything he wants in life. Craig tells Jack he was just trying to help Parker and then Craig decides he has had enough of Jack and his family. Craig gives Carly money to buy her share of midnight sun. Carly doesn't want Craig's money and tries to persuade him to stay in business with her. Jack is called to investigate a murder at the docks and recognizes Caesar. Jack then finds the guns in the garbage under some bottles of Midnight Sun. Jack then tells Craig and Carly he must bring them down to the station to be questioned.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Steffy and Thomas they are still a family; he has two families equally important and he regrets that he wasn’t around enough for them. But he will be around now and he will never put them in that position again. They can come to him and ask for help, support each other. Stephanie calls and offers her condolences to Karen for losing her father. Karen says she is glad Stephanie called as before he died, Bill left instructions for her to call Stephanie. Stephanie is happy to help any way she can. Rick puts doubts in Brooke’s mind that Ridge’s feelings may have changed. Ridge calls Brooke to check in. He tells her he spent the night at Taylor’s although he didn’t get much sleep. He demands again that she must get Rick out of the house as it is too much a strain as long as he is in their lives. So while he’d like to come home and sleep in her bed, that is now up to her. He’s also going to ask Eric to fire Rick.

Rick tells Brooke that for once in her life she needs to stand up to Ridge and not let him dictate her life. Ridge tells Taylor that Brooke will have to realize how destructive Rick is. The kids are doing much better than they were last week and it’s all due to Taylor. He will be back here the moment she needs him for anything. Eric speaks to Stephanie about Bill Spencer saying he thought she might like to talk and need his support at this moment. He offers to even attend the funeral together. She tells him that he is not doing this for her, but for himself, Eric The Good. She declines the offer. She says they are no longer husband and wife, not even friends, they are competitors. He did her a favor and now she is a woman of independence, so goodbye would suffice.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Stefano learns that he has diabetes. He sneaks out of the hospital and tells EJ that he plans on flying to Brunei for medical attention, since things aren’t safe at the hospital in Salem. EJ is unsure he will be able to leave the country, but Stefano has a fake passport. They discuss the fact that the hit on Phillip must be put on hold since security near him has been stepped up. Stefano then leaves EJ in charge and heads for the airport. He gets through security without incident, but someone is following him. Phillip blows up at Lexie, angry at her for daring to check on him after what her family has done, much to Stephanie’s chagrin. She and Lexie later have a heart to heart about what Stephanie will do about her and Phillip once he is released. Stephanie vows to protect both herself and Phillip. Max learns that his application to medical school is being reviewed. Chelsea is upset when she learns Max applied to schools in Chicago. They argue at first, then they both realize they don’t want to be without each other. Chelsea agrees to move to Chicago with Max if he is accepted to school there. Sami tries to convince Rafe to stay in Salem, saying she has never felt this way about anyone before, but he heads off anyway. Later, he misses his plane and returns to her, saying that he was stupid to think he could make it without her in his life. The two head back to Sami’s place and begin to make love.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

At the intervention, Robin promises to go back to therapy and meds. Her psychiatrist suggests she check herself into a hospital and Patrick agrees. Robin gets packed and ready to go. Patrick is supportive. Maxie goes to Spinelli for comfort after Robin lays into her at the intervention. Sonny learns the truth about Carly and thinks the pregnancy should be terminated. Sonny and Jax argue. Jason thinks Claudia arranged for Jerry’s car to blow up. Claudia gets offended that Jason may believe Ric’s story about her role in the shooting. Luke asks Ethan for details about the photo he’s carrying. Ethan claims that Holly gave him the photo. Luke thinks Ethan is his son. Ethan laughs off Luke’s comment. Luke suggests they “do a DNA test” but Ethan refuses. Max and Milo come to GH to “guard” Carly through “the duration” of her pregnancy. Jax isn’t happy but Carly goes along with the plan. Jax still wants Carly to reconsider carrying the baby but she won’t change her mind. Jax even suggests adoption. Sonny wants Jason to talk Carly into having an abortion. Jason refuses and says they have to respect and “trust” Carly’s decision. Sonny is offended that Jason didn’t tell him about Carly himself. Sonny later confides in Claudia. Jason tells Diane he thinks Claudia “ordered the hit on Sonny.” Jason tells Diane everything he knows including that he’s sure Claudia is the “guilty” party in Michael’s shooting. Jason worries about what will happen if he’s right and Sonny finds out. Jason worries about the fate of Claudia and Sonny’s child if Claudia is guilty.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Alan makes plans for Florida in front of Beth. Beth and Alan argue over Alan's plans. Alan tells Beth of Phillip's "little vacation", which makes Beth even angrier. Rick visits Phillip in his hospital room. James calls Daisy for a date, and Daisy turns him down saying, "I have plans with my friends." Marina is upset and winds up talking to Shayne. Remy warns Dinah that her secret could ruin everyone it involves. When Beth confront James about Alan's underhanded ways, James acts like it is no big deal. While visiting Phillip, Rick makes it feel like the good old days. Rick makes Phillip laugh with one of his funny voices. Ashlee and Christina tells Daisy to call James and tell him that she'll go out with him if her two girlfriends come along. Daisy doesn't like that plan and tells them so. She also tells them she doesn't want to "owe a Spaulding anything." Meanwhile Bill and Lizzie are still enjoying Universal Studio Theme Park. Phillip and Rick play a one on one of basketball. This is Phillip's first outing since Alan had him committed. Rich says, "You better get back inside before they realize you are gone." Daisy gets an envelope from James with tickets to Orlando. Ashlee is thrilled. Daisy says, "I am not going". Beth visits Phillip. She fills Phillip on Alan's plans. Beth says speaking of Alan, "He's crazy." Phillip suggest she go down there just to protect Lizzie from Alan. Just as she is about to leave him, Phillip tells Beth, "Ride a roller coaster for me." Daisy doesn't change her mind. Now the girls have to figure out where they are staying. Remy comes in and sees the girls excited. Daisy tells him they are going to Orlando. Remy asks, "Did you guys win a contest or something?" Daisy says that James is the one that invited them. After Ashlee and Christina leave Company, where they were all having lunch, Daisy tell Remy she is not going with them. At the Spaulding Mansion, Alan reminds James that they are going down to "rescue your sister from a Lewis." Marina and Mallet cuddle in bed. While in bed with Dinah, Shayne has another dream that startles him awake. At Company Ashlee and Christina get excited about going to Orlando.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Tea is with RJ but admits she still has Todd on the brain. Dorian is with Ray. Langston and Markko are alone in the house and ready to make love. Jessica and Brody make love and declare that they are ready to move forward. Gigi is still terribly afraid to break the promise she believes she made with God in order to save Shane. So she tells Rex and her son that she and Rex are officially over. Shane is devastated and so are both Gigi and Rex. Starr tells Cole she will help see him through his road to recovery.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At the Newman house, Olivia urges Ashley to take things easy on her birthday. Olivia offers to write Ashley a prescription, but Ashley refuses. Kay and Lauren meet for coffee and tea. Lauren tells Kay about Kevin’s breakthrough. Lauren also tells Kay that that Sharon had stolen $10,000.00 worth of merchandise from Fenmore’s and Sharon would soon be behind bars. Sharon tells Heather that being accused of shoplifting had been so humiliating. Nick interrupts Heather and Sharon. At the police station, Jack arrives to check on Phyllis. Jack asks Phyllis as to where Nicholas is. Phyllis lets Jack know what had happened between her and Sharon, and now Sharon had had her arrested. Olivia finds out from Neil that he had resigned from Newman Enterprises. At Newman Enterprises, Victoria assures Victor that Neil will land on his feet. At the Newman mansion, Nikki visits and asks Estella how had she been doing. Estella lets Nikki know that she and Ashley doesn’t get along and things are getting worse. In Sharon’s hotel room, Nicholas blasts Sharon for wanting to confess without a lawyer present. Nick lets Sharon know that Phyllis had been arrested and he knows Sharon is behind it. Nick asks Sharon to drop the charges against Phyllis but Sharon refuses.

Lauren sees Phyllis at the police station and Phyllis lets her know that she had vandalized Sharon’s hotel room. Phyllis urges Lauren to drop the charges against Sharon. Victoria tells Kay about Phyllis being arrested. Nikki tells Kay and Victoria about Adam’s accident, but he wasn’t hurt. Neil and Tyra meet. Neil tells Tyra that he has feelings for her, but he wants to take things slow. Jack and Mary Jane share a drink and she invites him up to her room. Mary Jane confesses that she is not married. Ashley comes downstairs wearing Sabrina’s dress. Victor orders Ashley to take off the dress. Neil asks Kay for the C.E.O position at Chancellor Industries which Kay gives to him. Victor blasts Nikki for the dress being in the house that Sabrina had worn the night of the accident. Ashley confesses that that is her credit card, but she hadn’t purchased the dress. Nick tells Phyllis that Sharon had dropped the charges against Phyllis.

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