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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Ryan’s apartment, Opal sees Annie outside the window, with blood on her hands that Annie rubs down the window. Opal screams. Ryan comes running downstairs to see what is going on. Opal relates to him what had happened. At Tad’s home, Jake and Amanda hold hands while they watch the childbirth video. Tad walks in, sits down in a recliner and watches the video with them. Adam sits in the living room of the Chandler mansion when Colby comes in to join him. Colby asks him did he really love Liza. At Fusion, Erica encourages Reese to go back to Paris and try to reconcile with Bianca. Reese hugs her for her help. At the airport, Zach awaits Bianca and the children’s arrival. Kendall watches Zach, Bianca and the children together. Zach sees Kendall watching them. At Fusion, Kendall walks in and sees Reese there. Kendall tells Reese to stay away from Bianca. At the house, Zach tells Bianca that Kendall had chosen Ryan over Zach just as Kendall walks in and sees Bianca there. Adam has yet another attack while with Colby. Colby calls Erica for her help with Adam. Jake lets it slip to Amanda that her baby is a little boy. Zach orders Kendall to stay out of his life. The camera shows Alexander Cambias while Ryan reads the letter and begins to read the manuscript.

Ryan reads the manuscript and realizes that someone else had killed Dixie. Zach catches up with Reese at the airport and begs her to stay in town because Bianca is here. Kendall tells Bianca about herself and Ryan. Bianca blames herself for the trouble between Kendall and Zach. At the hospital, Amanda holds the sonogram of the baby and cries. At Tads’ house, Opal sees Tad’s face at the window with a bullet wound to his head. Adam admits that he needs Erica. Zach brings Reese to the park while Kendall brings Bianca.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Jade learns of Luke and Noah’s kidnapping and is desperate to help. Lily promises to get a photo to Jade for her to distribute soon, as Jade heads off to meet Casey. Damian uses software to age the daughter of the slain woman, wants Lily to see if she knows her, but Holden won’t let Lily go, and instead goes to see Damian himself. Noah is getting worse, as Luke struggles to keep him conscious. Zoe agrees to get medicine for Noah if Luke will do whatever she wants. Jade leans on Casey for support, as Allison sees this and doesn’t react well until Casey explains. Allison still is leery about getting involved and messing with the police investigation, but Jade and Casey won’t be deterred and Casey and Allison argue because of this. Allison and Zoe come face to face, as she poses as a nurse; Allison realizes who she is and tries to stall her, but Zoe catches on and shoves Allison in a closet. Zac kills the police officer, who is guarding Lily’s house, then poses as a police officer himself, and gets Lily to accompany him to her office where they are supposedly meeting Margo. Lily figures it out, as Zac orders her to make the money transfer. She won’t until she receives proof that Luke and Noah are alive. Zac acquiesces and Lily is allowed to talk with Luke, but she also learns the Noah has been shot. Holden is worried when he comes back with the age-enhanced photo and doesn’t find Lily or the police officer. Lily sends an SOS to Holden before she transfers the money to Zac and Zoe’s account. Holden saves Lily, as Zac was contemplating killing her. Jade and Casey come up empty in their search but find Allison locked in a closet. They end up with one more piece of evidence – a storage locker receipt. Casey and Allison lean on each other for support – finally, much to Jade’s sadness. Luke pleads with Zoe to give Noah his medicine, but she wants him to agree to do what she wants. Zac comes back with news that they have the money, which pleases Zoe so much. However, the rest of the plan still needs to happen, as Zac begrudgingly leaves Zoe to it. Damian shows up at Lily’s to find the police officer killed, as he runs into Jade, Casey and Allison, who give him the storage locker receipt. He heads over there where he runs into a gun yielding Zac. Luke finally hears of Zoe’s twisted plan- she wants him to sleep with her so she can bear a Grimaldi heir.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Stephanie that she really needs to be at the beach house and pack up things herself. She's through with Rick and there is nothing he can do that will change that. She loved him, but he's not the man she thought he was. Rick bursts in and demands to see Steffy, but Stephanie stops him. She lectures him about breaking Steffy's heart. Brooke chastises Taylor for suggesting to her that she break up with Ridge too. How desperate! Ridge says he hates that he had to resort to taping Rick, but he's not sorry. He just wishes Brooke could open her eyes to see what Rick did and why he had to be stopped. Brooke says they were working this out until Taylor got involved. But now she can quit the begging act. It is quite pathetic. Ridge leaves with Brooke and tells Taylor they will talk more later. Thomas pays a visit. Stephanie brings Steffy back to Taylor's. Taylor and Stephanie discuss the Ridge/Brooke marriage and how far apart they are on this one little subject of Brooke's son. Rick ends up at Brooke's and she refuses Ridge's request to throw him out. Ridge storms out saying he will not live under the same roof as little Ricky. He goes back to Taylor's. Steffy is told that Rick was blackmailing them to keep Thomas out of jail. One more strike against Rick as Steffy thought he didn't press charges because he loved her.

Rick tells Brooke that she will not be alone. She will always have him. She wants her husband though and now her marriage is affected in so many different ways. She thought they could work through this, but now she is not so sure. Stephanie tells Ridge that all the happiness he has ever known as an adult has happened in this house. All his years with Brooke has just been angst and upheaval. She is always going to choose her children, now Rick, over Ridge. She really wants him to have some peace and contentment and that means making the hard decision by walking away from Brooke.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Both Brady and Victor warn Nicole about the man she has just married. Victor then warns EJ to watch out for his father. Later, Victor tells Brady that he will take care of EJ, and that Brady just has to trust him to do so. Stefano, convinced he has been poisoned, checks into the hospital. Lexie lays into him for starting a war with the Kiriakis family, but becomes concerned when Stefano appears lethargic and has trouble breathing. EJ vows to get revenge on Victor when he learns that Stefano thinks he was poisoned. Later, Lexie tells both Stefano and EJ that he wasn’t poisoned, but something is seriously wrong with him. Mia tells Baker about not feeling a connection to Sydney. He passes it off as Mia not being around Sydney during her first few months of life, but becomes suspicious when she tells him she has a connection to another baby. Later, she bonds with Grace and Will at the pub. Baker tells Nicole that she is off the hook as far as Mia is concerned, but now Nicole is worried about Sami, and says that she and Baker must never meet again. Sami tries to stop Rafe from leaving, saying he means a lot to her, and that he was right about EJ. She divulges that she did not tell EJ the truth about their daughter. Rafe says he is glad she has come to realize that EJ is not the man she thought, but says he still must leave Salem, and that the two just don’t work as a couple.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Robin knocks Emma and her stroller down the stairs but luckily Patrick is there to catch her. Robin tells Patrick she was sure she had the break on the stroller locked. After Robin heads home with Mac, Dr. Lee tells Patrick that Robin stopped taking her meds. Patrick wonders if the stroller incident was an “accident.” Dr. Lee tells Patrick “it was an accident,” then explains in detail what happened. Ric threatens to tell Sonny that he may be the father of Claudia’s baby. Olivia walks in on Ric and Claudia arguing. Olivia says Claudia got pregnant on purpose and she doubts Sonny is the father. After Olivia leaves, Claudia calls her hit man and wonders what went wrong. Sonny meets with Michael’s specialist. The doctor says Michael should have the procedure soon in order to avoid any neurological setbacks. The doctor offers no guarantee that Michael will survive the surgery but Sonny tells her to go ahead with it. Maxie happens to come to the hospital and Matt tells her about Jason so she goes and sits with him. Maxie badgers Jason until he finally regains consciousness. Jason heads off to see Carly when he hears that she fainted. Jax overhears Carly tell Jason that she has the blood disorder. Jason tries to talk some sense into Carly. Jax tells Carly he knows the truth and doesn’t want to “risk” her life to have a child. Carly tells Jax the entire truth about her condition. Spinelli comes to GH to check on Jason and is comforted by Maxie. Spinelli backs off a little and thanks Maxie for calling him about Jason. Maxie again asks Spinelli for “another chance,” but Spinelli refuses. Nikolas and Liz confer over Rebecca and Lucky. Liz still doesn’t seem to trust Rebecca but Nik obviously likes her. Nik sees Lucky kiss Rebecca. Sonny learns the details of the explosion from Jason. Sonny pops in on Carly and fills her in on Michael. Jax walks in on the conversation and tells Sonny “upsetting” Carly “could kill her.” Jason heads straight for Claudia to ask her about the car bomb. Patrick sets up an intervention for Robin, enlisting the help of Mac, Maxie, Liz, Matt, Dr. Lee, and Robin’s psychiatrist. Robin tries to leave the house but Patrick insists that she gets “help

GL Recap Written by Beth

Bill an Lizzie are enjoying Universal Studio park. Bill tells her, " I know you want to take it slow". The Coopers are blowing up balloons. Remy, Christina, Daisy and Ashley are at Company just hanging around. They are talking about the party that Marina is throwing. Daisy says, "They want you guy there" when talking with them. James and Beth share a morning hug. Dinah and Shayne are about to leave for the day. Dinah gets a call on her cell and decides to let it go to voicemail. She later answers it telling Shayne that it is Marina inviting them to a party. Alex is discussing Phillip with Alan. Alan tells her that he has a "difficult relationship" with his son. Bill gets tickets to Universal park and gives a couple to Lizzie, who promptly takes off. And Bill goes after her laughing. James is at the Mansion with Alan talking about what James is going to do. Back at Universal, Bill takes Lizzie for her first ride on a roller coaster. After the ride, Bill says he has a surprise. Beth gets news she doesn't like and gets her angry. James and Daisy are at Company. James is waiting tables. Alan is watching this and has a look of disbelief. Alan comments, "I can't believe you let her do that to you". James just shrugs the comment off. Mallet and Marina are admiring their son. Dinah tells Remy who little Henry's mother really is. When Shayne comes to them, he sees the look on their faces. Dinah says, It's nothing. Dinah and Shayne go to Mallet and Marina's for the party. Dinah is unsure if she should be there. Shayne says, "They wouldn't have invited you if they didn't want you there." Mallet comes out to says hi. Alan is looking for Lizzie. He calls Bill's cellphone and when Bill answers Alan hears the commotion of the park in the background. Alan starts giving Bill the third degree. Bill says they are at Universal among other things. When Alan and he hung up, James asks Alan what is going on. Alan tells James, Bill and Lizzie are at Universal and we are going there to get her back." Alan then tells James, "You are coming with me. We are all going down as a family." James looks unsure that this will work. At Mallet and Marina's, Remy offers to change little Henry's diaper and goes into a bedroom. Dinah follows him. Remy offers to get some DNA for a test. Beth is miffed that her bags were packed and sent to the Mansion. Alan tells her that Bill has taken Lizzie to Orlando and that they are going after her.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

While Gigi is still afraid she's at the desperate mercy of Stacy and forced to break up with Rex in order for Shane not to die, she encourages Brody to tell Jessica the truth so it doesn't have to ruin his life as well. He tells her the whole story. She's shocked that that could happen and they declare their close bond to one another. Schuyler uncovers the bag of blood that Stacy disposed of and he knows that she is scamming something. He informs Rex. Rex doesn't understand what Schuyler's problem is to be making accusations of Stacy and is still grateful to Stacy. Roxy goes into Rex's bio father's room to attempt to turn off his life support system and believes she's succeeded. But did she? Starr discovers a bottle of pills in Cole's pocket and his furious with him for lying and failing to clean up his act after all that has happened. And he admits to her that he cannot stop using. John and Marty are headed out of town in search of the killer.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Gloria comes back to her hotel room, bags in tow. All the shopping bags are filled with things for Kevin. Jeff cautions Gloria as to the money that she is spending. Gloria lets Jeff know that she has an ace in the hole. Jill holds little Delia and tells her what a pretty little thing that she is. Jill thanks Billy for letting her see Delia. Jill questions Billy as to how things are at Jabot. Phyllis lets Lauren know that Heather had told her that she did not have a case against Sharon. Lauren lets Phyllis know that she is still pressing charges against Sharon. Sharon writes her confession for the police when Nick comes to visit. Nick lets Sharon know that Lauren is still going to press charges against her. Jack and Colleen sit on the sofa in Jack’s living room when Mary Jane and her camera man arrive. Jack and Colleen continue with their business until Mary Jane tells Jack that it is time. In the Newman living room, Victor commends Victoria on the job that she is doing on the new campaign. Victoria asks about Ashley. Victor tells Victoria what had happened last night concerning hearing the baby crying. Victoria offers her help to Ashley. Ashley wanders around the garden and is quite surprised when she sees the statue of Sabrina and the baby. Victor is on the phone when Ashley comes in. Ashley tells him about the statue in the garden. At Kevin’s diner, Abby encourages Noah to talk to Lauren into dropping the charges against Sharon. A group of young men come into the diner and a confrontation begins between Noah and the group of teenagers. Billy and Cordelia come in and interrupt Jack’s photo shoot and interview. Mary Jane immediately takes charge of the situation by placing Cordelia in Jack’s arms. Gloria barges into the Newman house to confront Victor.

Ashley reminds Gloria as to what she had done to the Newman family. Eden asks Lauren to drop the charges against Sharon. The head of security at the Athletics' Club visit Sharon and gives her a video to watch. The video shows that Phyllis is the one, who had trashed Sharon’s room. Nick tells Phyllis that he wants to work things out with her. They kiss. Officers arrest Phyllis for vandalizing Sharon’s room.

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