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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the Yacht Club, Scott tries to get Randi eat a bite of cake when the webcam comes back on and Frankie sees Randi with another man. Frankie yells at her for her to “cool it.” J.R. and Little A visits Babe’s grave. Marissa visits Krystal, who is less than overjoyed to see her. David interrupts their conversation. At Fusion, Erica is busy at work when Ryan interrupts. Erica shows Ryan the newspaper article. Zach, at home, is on the phone and asks the person to whom he is conversing as to where she is. Kendall listens to their conversation. Kendall questions Zach about his phone call, but Zach refuses to tell her anything. Frankie and Scott share a joyful reunion when Frankie realizes that it is Scott to whom Randi is talking. Krystal introduces Marissa to David, who invites Marissa into the house. Kendall tells Erica that she had chosen Ryan over Zach. Ryan walks in with a box in his hand. Kendall suggests that they go somewhere to talk, but Ryan tells her that he doesn’t work here anymore. At the casino, Reese comes in and tells Zach that she wants to go home to Paris to be with Bianca and the girls. Zach asks her not to go.

Kendall lets Erica know that Zach had slept with another woman. Zach tells Reese to let Bianca come home to her. Reese visits Erica and asks for her advice concerning Bianca. At the Yacht Club, while J.R. and Scott argue, Little A sneaks away from them. Marissa brings Little A back to J.R.. Krystal dreams of having two babies. Zach meets Bianca and the girls at the airport while Kendall watches.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

At the Lakeview, Johnny shows Craig a pic that he had drawn. Lucy join them. Johnny shows Lucy his pic. Craig asks Lucy to watch Johnny for a while, but Lucy tells him that she can’t. Craig suggests to Johnny that he draw a pic of Carly, get a bunch of flowers and some candy and go visit Carly. Jack visits Carly to discuss Parker and Liberty. Parker comes in and interrupts their conversation. Jack tells Parker that Liberty is signing the annulment papers. Jack agrees to let Parker talk to Liberty. Dusty, Lucy and Caesar are at the docks. Dusty goes through one of the crates and finds rifles in it. At the ranch, Liberty tells Parker that she wants to go through with the annulment. Craig and Johnny visits Carly, bearing gifts of flowers and candy. Jack comes to visit Carly and finds Craig there.

Johnny overhears Craig, Carly and Jack arguing in the living room of Carly’s home. Liberty meets with Brad at Al’s to discuss the annulment. Dusty gives Caesar instructions on the cargo and the guns. Dusty advises Lucy to stay legitimate. Carly urges Craig to back off. Liberty, Jack and Janet arrive home to find the kitchen in total shambles thanks to Parker. At the Lakeview, Parker confronts Craig about ruining his life. Craig pays Parker off by giving him a check for $50,000.00. Dusty and Lucy come in and find Johnny alone in the dining room of the Lakeview. Dusty asks for Lucy’s help in gaining back custody of Johnny.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Rick that she doesn’t think Rick can prove to her what he is saying, that he can be a different man. This is too much a vendetta. Rick claims that he will get down on his knees and beg, even play nice to her father if she will give him another chance. Steffy tells him no, it is still over. Tired of waiting, Ridge barges back in the room and tells Rick it’s over and he must leave. Ridge comforts Steffy and tells her that she was not wrong. She was just being honest. Brooke tells Katie that Ridge’s problem in the bedroom is just stress and she knows how to take care of that. Rick comes home and puts his spin on things for Brooke concerning Steffy and him breaking up. Ridge gave him rope to hang himself and Rick tightened the noose. Ridge stabbed him in the back, pure and simple. Brooke thinks that is wrong and can’t believe Ridge would do that. Steffy tells her parents that she feels so numb. They tried to tell her previously and she wouldn’t listen. She ignored all the signs. She thought Rick loved her and all the while he was using her to get to Ridge. She apologizes and vows to Ridge that he is not going to lose another daughter.

Brooke is very upset when she hears that Taylor was in on this plan too, helping Ridge. Rick is sick that he fell right into Taylor and Ridge’s trap. Now that they are a team again, there is no stopping them. They were out to get him and they did. Now he has lost everything. Ridge tells Taylor that they have their family back. It’s all over and Steffy will be okay in time. Steffy stares at a photo of Rick and thinks back to happier times. She cries as she takes her ring off. Taylor comforts her. Then Brooke is downstairs and Ridge confesses that he did what he had to do. He had to resort to dirty tricks so Steffy could see how Rick was disrespecting her and Ridge as well. Taylor joins in the last few minutes of conversation and tells Brooke that she is not supportive of Ridge or his opinions. Rick needs help and Brooke needs to see that he gets it. She tells Ridge that Brooke is toxic and it is painfully clear to her that their relationship will never work. It’s time for him to come home, home here where he belongs and they all love him.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Brady tries to talk Victor out of trying to get revenge on Stefano, but Victor refuses, vowing to hit the DiMeras right in the heart and when they least expect it. Stefano wakes up on the floor and realizes he collapsed. He can’t understand why he feels so badly until he remembers Victor’s threats and learns the girl at the coffee shop is Greek. He becomes suspicious that he has been poisoned. Mia calls Nicole and demands to see Sydney. Nicole finds it hard to get around since EJ and Stefano insist a guard follow her for her protection. She meets with Mia anyway. Mia is surprised to find that she feels no connection with Sydney. She later tell Dr. Baker this, and he tells her that it’s time she learn the reason why. Victor tells Nicole later that EJ had Brady beaten up on her wedding day. She’s shocked, since Brady told her he just got into a fight. Brady confronts EJ, promising that he will pay for what he did to him and Phillip. Sami learns Rafe’s flight to New York is leaving today, and with Roman’s help, rushes to stop him from leaving. She finds him at the airport and tells him he can’t leave until she tells him how much he means to her.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Dr. Lee tells Carly she’s in a dangerous situation. Carly agrees to come in for an appointment. Dr. Lee advises Carly to “terminate” the pregnancy. Carly is told she could have a stroke or an embolism if she goes through with the pregnancy. Carly insists on carrying the baby to term. Dr. Lee says Carly needs to tell Jax. Dr. Lee says Carly may be able to go the “experimental” route. Sonny sneaks up on Claudia and Ric during their conversation. Sonny wonders if Ric is trying to “frame” Claudia for setting up the shooting. Jerry and Jason are both unconscious after the explosion. Alexis arrives and calls for help. Alexis calls Jax from the garage and fills him in. Jax heads to GH to check on Jerry’s condition. Jax meets up with Alexis at GH while Matt and Patrick tend to Jerry and Jason. Monica insists on assisting when Patrick says Jason needs surgery. Jax goes in to see an unconscious Jerry and tells him he’d like to “pull the plug.” Jerry is really awake but doesn’t let on. Jax worries that the “truth” will come out about Jerry. When Jax goes back to check on Jerry, his bed is empty. Jax tells Alexis. Epiphany runs into Carly and tells her about Jason. Carly bursts into Jason’s room, running past Jax. Carly faints after talking with Monica.

Nikolas tells Rebecca he “had no right to accuse” her of being in cahoots with Helena. Rebecca says she and Nik should keep their distance. Nik confides in Liz at Kelly’s. Lucky comes to pick up Rebecca and the brothers argue. Liz tries her best to mediate. Liz gets offended when Rebecca sits in “Emily’s seat.” Robin continues to insist that she’s taking her meds. Robin offers to take Emma to her pediatrician appointment when Patrick is called to consult on a case. Robin tells Dr. Lee in confidence that she’s not taking her medication. Dr. Lee disagrees with Robin’s choice and offers to help. Robin gets mad and accidentally knocks Emma and her stroller down the stairs. Michael is due to arrive at GH so Sonny heads off to the hospital. Sonny meets with the specialist about the procedure. The doctor explains the procedure to Sonny and says Michael has a “6 to 10%” chance of “waking up with the procedure.” Sonny worries that the procedure may kill Michael. Sonny sits with Michael and tries to explain the risks of the procedure. Sonny is unsure of what to do and asks Michael to give him “a sign.” Ric goes back to see Claudia claiming to be the father of her baby. Claudia insists that Sonny is the father. Ric says he will learn the truth eventually.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Natalia says she wants to go home with the rest of her family and can't till Rafe can come home. Emma suggests spaghetti for supper. Natalia kids by saying, "I can't say no to spaghetti." They take off for home. Bill surprises Lizzie with a pool date. Alan is at Cedars questioning Lillian on the whereabouts of Lizzie. The nun tells the story of the baby and Lara to Dinah. Dinah runs a list of coincidences. She doesn't like what she has come up with. Back at the pool with Bill and Lizzie, Bill jumps in with all his clothes. In the courtroom the adoption is about to be finalized. That is until one more witness speaks. Dinah and Shayne meet at Lara's grave. Shayne is worried about Dinah. Dinah says she is worried about him. Shayne tells her that Edmund won't be a problem anymore that Josh took care of it. Dinah tells Shayne, "What if I could do something to make all your hurt go away?" Shayne looks stumped. Dinah continues her talk with the nun. Dinah tells her if she finds out this is all a lie there will be consequences. Then Shayne shows up. Back at the courthouse, the witness says, I have no objection to the adoption. The Judge then makes her ruling and Mallet and Marina become parents. At the pool, Bills mistakes another woman for Lizzie. Frank still broods over loosing Natalia. And Natalia and Olivia have a nice talk.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Roxy encourages Gigi to tell Rex the truth and not let Stacy have any power over them anymore since Shane is now doing better. But when she remembers the uncertainty and what Stacy warned her, she chickens out. Schuyler confronts Stacy knowing that she did not really donate her bone marrow and asks Rex if he saw her have the procedure. Gigi then tells Brody that it's ok with her if he tells Jessica their secret. Starr and Cole privately go to investigate Hope's death. He is withdrawing from his drugs, ready to use again but realizes the consequences.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

In the woods on the Newman estate, Ashley continues to hear the baby cry. Victor orders Heather out of his house. Ashley calls Victor for help. At Jack’s house, Jack and Mary Jane discuss business and the shoot for the next day. Mary Jane overplays her hand and mentions about a pic of Jack’s dad being in the study. Jack questions her as to how she had known that there was a pic of his dad in the study. Mary Jane lies as to how she had known about the pic. Daniel questions Michael, Jana, and Amber as to what had happened to Kevin. Kevin and the Chipmunk voice is on the run from the hospital. Victor catches up with Ashley and she tells him about the baby crying. Victor denies hearing a baby crying. Michael calls Gloria to tell her about Kevin. Davis interrupts and tells Victor that they have searched the grounds and there is no trace of a baby. Victor calls Olivia to come by to check on Ashley.

Adam admits to Heather as to how much he had missed her. Olivia visits Jack to tell him about Ashley. Jack remembers when Ashley had lost her baby with Brad. Mary Jane checks in with Victor to update him on her progress with Jack. Daniel finds Kevin. Kevin is awake and knows everything. Kevin tells them that he had been having the weirdest dream.

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