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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the police station, Ryan watches Jesse as he interrogates Aidan concerning the whereabouts of Annie. At the Chandler mansion, J.R., Adam and the doctor discuss Chandler business. At the hospital, Jake shows Scott a layout of the hospital and discuss Scott’s funding for his project. J.R. and the doctor reach a compromise on the doctor’s patent. At Frankie and Randi’s apartment, Natalia wonders how Frankie will react her being Randi’s roommate while Frankie is gone. Natalia asks Randi about being the new face of “Fusion.” Ryan finds out that Jack is going to represent Aidan. At the Chandler mansion, Scott finds out that the doctor had sold his interest in the patent and encourages Scott to do the same. At the Yacht Club, Krystal and Angie have just had lunch. Krystal lets Angie know that she will be staying here until she finds another place. Krystal lets Angie know that she just cannot tell David the truth. At the hospital, David tells Amanda and Jake that he will have his child when it is born. Aidan lets jack know that he was planning on leaving town with Annie. Jake refuses to let Amanda leave town. David arrives home to find tad coming down the stairs with Krystal’s suitcases.

At the Yacht Club, Randi watches Frankie by webcam until they are cut off. Jake and Amanda have lunch together at the Yacht Club, and share a kiss. Scott and Randi meet and are instantly compatible. Scott holds up a piece of cake to Randi’s face just as the webcam comes back on and Frankie sees Randi with Scott. Krystal comes home to David. Krystal and David kiss. Their reunion is short lived when Marissa appears on Krystal’s doorstep. Jesse lets Jack and Ryan know that Annie had been spotted in London awaiting a flight to Malta.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Meg's plan to get rid of Paul for good begins as she admits to Emma that she is going to use Paul's past mental break down to her advantage. Meg tells Paul that she is taking the baby for a check up but instead goes to visit Emma. Paul cancels a meeting and goes to the hospital and discovers the lie. Meg buys sexy lingerie telling Paul that she just wanted to make herself feel like a woman even though she knows Paul doesn't intend to sleep with her. Meg later puts on a sexy nightgown and makes Paul think she is talking to her lover on the phone when she is really talking to Emma.

Damian discovers that Zoe's mother, Anna, is the daughter of an illegitimate Grimaldi who the family never accepted. Anna died and Zoe wants the money to soothe the hurt the Grimaldis caused her family. Damian and Lily come up with a plan to bring the kidnappers out of hiding by disguising Lily to look like Anna to trap Zoe. The plan almost works until Holden ruins everything. Zac and Zoe get desperate when they don't get the ransom and they shoot Noah when he and Luke try to escape. Holden tells Margo everything and gets mad at Lily for putting the boys in more danger. Lily cries and tells Holden that she doesn't care what she has to do as long as the boys get home safely.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick begs Steffy not to let anything stand in their way now. Her parents are desperate and they set him up. Ridge provoked him and tricked him to get these responses on tape. He knows she must be upset, but her parents just wanted to protect her from the big bad wolf. Steffy makes him listen to the tape where he says that he owns Steffy and has her eating out of his hands, and he will take Steffy away if her parents persist to break them up. She says she trusted Rick to make amends with her dad, but this is just cruel and defiant. She points out that her dad said nothing to get Rick to disrespect her this way. She says Rick made some outrageous statements, but it was all Rick, nothing from her dad to provoke it. His words say it all. Those words are heartless and she hears it in his voice that he does mean them. She rants that he is not half the man her father is. She does not know Rick, she does not want to know him and she definitely does not want to marry him. Ridge tells Taylor that he is not sure how much more of this he can take. This must be hard on Steffy, but they will be there for her. Rick’s talked his way out of things before, but it better not work this time.

Brooke tells Katie and Donna that she hopes things will be okay with her and Ridge with this new stress. For the first time ever, it has moved into their bedroom and Ridge is not in the mood. Ridge says he and Taylor will do anything they can to keep Steffy away from that jerk. Taylor admits she could not have gotten through this without him. She knows Steffy respects Ridge and she will not tolerate Rick speaking to him that way on the tape. Rick tells Steffy that she has every right to be upset, but she is letting this consume her. They need to get away by themselves and sort this out. She says he does not respect her….he has problems but they are not her problems so he needs to work on this alone. His main focus now seems to be revenge and payback. He doesn’t see it that way. She laments that she deserves better….he doesn’t know what love is….he used her….and she will not be treated that way…’s over. Rick says he is not going anywhere. He tries to tell her that he is not the man on that tape. He admits everything he has done lately has been for affect. He wanted to be the man she deserved, but he didn’t know how so he turned on the charm. He wants her to help him find it. He can be that decent man that she wants. Let him earn back that trust. She tells him that he needs help. He says he knows it was vile, but this is a wake-up call and he is glad it happened. They need to give it one more try, give him one more chance.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nicole and EJ celebrate their wedding night. Phillip wakes up as Victor, Kate, Lucas, Chloe and Stephanie rejoice. Victor tells Phillip how proud he is of him, and vows not to let the DiMeras get away with what happened. He sets plans in motion for revenge. Kate, for her part, vows to let her own revenge go and decides not to try to get back at Daniel and Chloe. Phillip worries that he is bad for Stephanie and she might be in danger. He wants her to leave him, but she refuses, saying she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Bo overhears Stefano telling EJ about Phillip surviving, and questions him. Stefano refuses to say anything, but claims EJ is in the Caribbean, if Bo wants to waste his time flying down there to talk to him. Later, Stefano is racked by horrible stomach pains. He collapses at the mansion.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Patrick tells Robin he knows she’s lying about attending her session. When Robin over reacts, Patrick tells her where he got his information. Patrick offers to go to therapy with Robin. Later, Robin and Patrick go in for their first emotional couples session. Carly refrains from giving Jax any info on her condition but she learns her test results are in. Jerry tells Alexis he’s in town to try and right his wrong. As Claudia listens in, Alexis tells Jerry she knows the truth about Michael’s shooting. Jerry won’t tell Alexis who ordered the shooting in the first place. Alexis runs to Jax and alerts him that Jerry is in town. Alexis tells Jax she’s made plans to meet with Jerry at a garage to find out the truth. Jax tells Alexis not to meet with Jerry so he might just disappear for good. Sonny tells Jason and Carly about the pregnancy. Sonny confides in Carly about fatherhood. Carly tells Sonny she’s pregnant as well. Tracy thinks Ethan is Luke’s son. She accuses Luke of wanting it to be true. Luke admits that he wouldn’t be disappointed if Ethan was his son. Tracy says Holly trained Ethan to swindle her and Luke. Claudia hires someone to kill Jerry. Jason fills Sam in on the whole situation with Jerry, Claudia, Ian, and Ric. Jason says he desperately needs to find Jerry to find out the truth now that Claudia is pregnant. Spinelli tells Jason he’s located Jerry’s car in a garage. Ric is suspicious when Claudia won’t join him for a drink and asks her if she’s pregnant. Claudia confirms Ric’s suspicion. Carly learns that she has the blood disorder. Jason catches up with Jerry. When Jason pushes the alarm button on Jerry’s car so they can take a “ride,” the car explodes.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Marina is spending time outside with their baby they are adopting. Mallet comes out to join them. Natalia and Olivia still are talking. Natalia tells Olivia that she listened to Olivia's side now it is her turn. She in effect says she doesn't care what people say. Olivia tells Natalia that she doesn't have the baggage Natalia has. Josh goes to see Roc, but doesn't realize that Edmund is in there and continues to know on the door. Shayne and Dinah sees a nun that recognizes Dinah. Shayne takes her aside and wants to know how Dinah knows the nun. Dinah explains that she was helping Marina and Mallet adopt a baby. In front of the nun they kiss. The nun looks shocked. Marina secretly takes a set of keys out of Frank's desk at the SPD and goes into the file cabinet. Frank goes to see Natalia to tell he that Rafe has been ordered to go to a halfway house. That the only reason they delayed it was because of the wedding. Natalia goes with Frank but not before Olivia tells her to call her if she is needed. At Natalia's, Rafe is on the steps waiting for Natalia and Frank. Frank is really sorry and wishes he could do more. As Frank leaves, Natalia tells Rafe she let him down again. Rafe wants to know what is going on with her and Frank. Rafe tells her he is happy if she is. Natalia says it is complicated. Rafe wants her to go with him. Because if it weren't for her faith it wouldn't have gotten her though. At Emma's school Emma is dressed up as a girl of the 1700 for a presentation. She wishes Natalia could be there. Olivia tells her that Rafe has to go to a halfway house and she wanted to spend time with him. Marina goes to a woman who is investigating them for the adoption. Marina is angry. The woman decides to look into it. While the woman steps out. Marina decides to do some snooping around the ladies desk and finds a surprising item. When the woman un-expectantly returns to see Marina holding that item she gets scared. It is a joint. Dinah argues with the Nun about the money and baby switch they did. The nun says the couple that came to her weren't the real parent and the nun says she knows whom they are. Josh surprises Shayne at Lara's grave. Josh kids at first, then tells him that he had a tip that Edmund was coming to Bosnia. Shayne is confused. He thought that Edmund was taken care of. Josh says he is now. Shayne smiles and says he owes him a big thank you. Dinah calls Mallet to tell him about the nun and baby. Dinah says she is fine when Mallet seems concerned. Dinah says she is fine. She hangs up on Mallet when he goes to check on he baby. When he comes back to talk to her he gets a dial tone. At the church, Fr. Ray sees Natalia and Rafe. Rafe wants to pray with Fr Ray. Emma tells Olivia that she had a phone call. Then they enter Company. Marina rushes home to tells Mallet the investigation is over they will have a court date and then the baby is theirs. Mallet tells her about Josh and Dinah and Shayne being in Bosnia. Dinah is talking to the Nun about Mallet and Marina being cops that they are not rich as the nun thinks. The nun agrees to take Dinah to the baby's natural mother's. Rafe and Natalia say their goodbyes outside the church while Frank is watching them. Frank really looks said for Natalia and Rafe. Then Olivia and Emma arrive. Emma runs up to Natalia to hug her and tells her not to be sad. Olivia offers to do something special at the house. Natalia suggests they go inside the church to pray. Emma encourages this and Olivia agrees to join them. Inside the church they hold hands and pray. They are smiling. Josh is outside unaware that Edmund is nearby. Dinah is with nun when she tells her where the mother is. In the distance Shayne is at Lara's grave. The nun points to Lara's grave! Dinah looks and is in shock to see that it is Lara and that Shayne is standing there unaware of their being there.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Nora makes it clear to Rachel that she does not approve of her being Cole's drug counselor. But she accepts her daughter's decision until Lola barges into the office and demands to know why Rachel hasn't acted on the case of Markko helping Cole to falsify his drug test. RJ Gannon comes back and visits Tea. She admits to him that she still has feelings she wishes she didn't have for Todd. Todd is confident that he will win custody of his kids now that John has been charged with murder. John gets Antonio to help him bust out of jail and gets Michael to help him say good bye to Blair and investigate hospital evidence unseen. David comes back to surprise Dorian. But they both realize that they don't have a future together and she is interested in Ray.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Lauren and Jana visit Kevin and brings him his favorite bangers and mash. Kevin hears them talking how good that it is and that he can have it later. Kevin replies, “later, gator.” Michael tells Heather that Clint Radisson had died of a massive coronary. Michael suggests to Heather that Kevin be transferred to an open ward, but Heather refuses to go along with it. At their apartment, Cane and Lily are upset over the mess that Humphrey had made. Cane tells Lily that he had packed up the nursery and is going to call Chloe as to when he could drop them off. J.t. comes into the diner and bumps into Colleen. Victoria is also there. Victoria asks if they had received the proposals for the proposed fragrance line expansion. Colleen confirms that she had received it. J.T. tells Colleen that Victor is having a party for Adam at the ranch. At the Newman home, Ashley lets Victor know that he had not let Hope down. Victor reminds Ashley that he has another child to worry about now. Adam comes in and tells them that the cook is making all his favorites. Cane calls Chloe and tells her that he had packed up the nursery and asks when can he drop off the things. Lily bumps into Colleen at the diner and tells her that she and cane had set a wedding date. Rafe walks in and join them. Lily immediately tries to match make Colleen up with Rafe. Rafe lets Colleen know that he is gay. They make plans to go to the bar and search out guys together.

Lily visits Cane at the bar and brings Humphrey. Lily tells him that they shouldn’t’ convert the nursery after all. Heather, Rafe and Colleen arrive for Adam’s birthday party. Jana starts to tell Kevin good-bye, but he yells for her to leave him alone. The man knows that Kevin is becoming agitated and orders a straitjacket for Kevin. The man also calls for an ambulance. The chipmunk voice suggests that he and Kevin run away. Victor orders Heather to stay out of his home. Ashley goes for a walk in the woods. Michael gets a call and hears a baby crying. Ashley calls out is anyone there as the baby continues to cry.

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