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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the Chandler mansion, Erica gives Adam his medication. At the hospital, Zach fingers the Queen card. Kendall comes rushing in to the waiting room with David close behind. David gives them the test results on Ian. In an unknown hotel room, Ryan holds a gun on Aidan and Annie. Aidan tries to explain things to Ryan but Ryan refuses to listen. At the nurse’s station, David finds out that Angie is going to the Chandler mansion. Krystal and Marissa are in jail in an unknown location. They argue with the officer as to their rights .Annie tries to talk Ryan into giving her a second chance to make things right. Ryan refuses to believe her. Angie arrives at the Chandler mansion to check Adam’s condition. Angie tells Adam not to take anymore of the medication until she has it checked out. David barges in and demands to know where Little Adam is. At Zach’s house, Francesco visits to discuss some things with Zach. David switches the bottle of pills on the desk in Adam’s living room. Annie makes her escape from the hotel room while Aidan and Ryan struggle over the gun. Jesse and an officer arrive. Kendall visits Reese to see fi Zach is there with her, but Zach is nowhere to be found.

Zach arrives home and finds Kendall gone. Krystal is released from jail, but comes back to pay all of the women’s bail. Krystal gives Marissa money to get started and promises that she will send her money to go to law school. David and Erica discuss Adam’s condition. Ryan arrives home to find the door open and Kendall standing at the window. Kendall urges Ryan to make love to her, but Ryan refuses. Aidan sits alone in his jail cell. Annie is at the airport, ready to board her plane to an unknown destination. Zach visits Reese to show her a pic of the baby. Kendall walks out on Ryan after he won’t make love to her.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Henry becomes surprisingly turned on by Vienna, as she tries on maternity clothes. A psychic’s comments make Katie wonder about the baby, as well as her comment about Brad not being the baby’s father. Katie asks her to meet Vienna and Henry, who are none to pleased with the psychic’s comments hitting too close to home. Katie obsesses with what is going on and what might be wrong with the baby. The psychic does a reading, which is dead on with what Henry and Vienna are going through unbeknownst to Brad and Katie… so much that Henry and Vienna make excuses and make a bee line for the door. Later, when Katie can’t let this bad feeling about the baby go, Brad suggests that they could have Vienna tested for any genetic problems. Meanwhile, the psychic makes comments that are more telling when she sees Vienna and Henry alone later. Her comments cause Henry to think they should tell the truth. Katie and Brad ask Vienna to have genetic testing done and she doesn’t want to, but Henry thinks it is a good idea so Vienna is forced to go along with this. Henry thinks it will be easier on Brad and Katie to learn the baby is his if it comes from a doctor and that way they won’t think they have been lying to them for weeks. Vienna is very unsure and thinks the news will devastate Brad and Katie. Lily and Holden continue to argue about her defending Damian, as she doesn’t care right now if he is involved; she just wants Luke and Noah home. Lily receives instructions about where to leave the money, as she doesn’t tell Holden but instead goes to see Damian. Damian asks Lily for help to get out of jail so he can help find Luke. Holden finds Lily with Damian and is furious. Lily later goes to look at security footage of the hall outside Damian’s room to see if someone broke into his room to use his stationary in order to set him up. Lily shows Margo evidence that someone let themselves into Damian’s room and Margo lets Damian go. Damian promises to find Luke, as Lily heads back home to face Holden again. They finally reconcile, as Holden just doesn’t want Lily to keep any more secrets from him. Lily uses this opportunity to tell him about the note. Holden agrees to let her use Damian as a resource after that. Holden and Lily agree to have him go show Margo the note too in case she has any thoughts. Lisa shows Damian some newspaper clippings about a murder connected to the The Grimaldi fortune; Damian notices the Pisces necklace and now knows there is a connection. He rushes over to tell Lily, who wants to include Holden in this information, but Damian tells her that Holden will not let them do what needs to be done in order to catch these people. Lily explains that she made a promise and doesn’t want to go back on it. Damian tells her that she has the night to figure out which is more important her promise to Holden or their son’s life.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Owen convinces Jackie to go out with him for something to eat. He muses that she needs to keep her strength up. The night is young. They will take lots of paperwork with them so no one will suspect it is a date. Bridget catches them at the door before they leave and is surprised to find Owen there. They must be very passionate about their jobs. Ridge manages to stop the plane from taking off. Rick is furious and Steffy is shocked. Rick tells her that no matter what anyone says, she must remember that he loves her and she needs to believe in him. Taylor pulls her away and leaves Ridge to talk to Rick alone. Ridge reminds him the things Rick said and it’s all on tape, so Steffy will find out about the real Rick. Despite her protests, Taylor takes Steffy home and plays the tape. Steffy doesn’t think it proves anything except how sneaky Ridge was to even tape it in the first place. However, she pays close attention when she hears Rick’s words about owning Steffy, revenge and Ridge losing another daughter.

Bridget loves Jackie’s place. She gives Jackie a gift to commemorate the occasion – a picture of Jack. Bridget says she is grateful that Jackie is in her life; it’s changed her life. She looks toward Owen. Jackie feels the same. Owen is surprised when Jackie encourages him to go have dinner with Bridget instead of the plans they made. Jackie tells herself that Owen is a fine specimen of masculinity. Perhaps he will be just enough to make Nicky jealous and enough to entice him back to Bridget and away from that black widow, Katie. While listening to the tape, Rick doesn’t think it’s that damaging and he is sure Steffy will not believe it or will know that he was set up. He tells Ridge that choo-choo train has left the station. Rick confronts Steffy who says he has a lot to explain. Rick says they were his words, but he was provoked. He was stupid, they were just words and he didn’t mean any of it. He’s sorry. Please don’t question how he really feels about her. She can’t let her parents come between right now. He vows that he would never do anything to hurt her.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Daniel is able to save Phillip’s life, but discovers a new and serious complication after he runs some tests. Kate learns of what happened from Victor and lays into Stefano, slapping him and telling him that he is dead to her. Chloe also learns of the shooting from Nicole and rushes to the hospital. Bo shows up to question everyone, but Stefano refuses to answer any questions and leaves. Sami doesn’t tell EJ the truth about Grace, but does inform him that his plot was unsuccessful, and that Phillip is still alive. EJ tells Nicole they will have to cancel the reception for now, and calls Stefano, vowing to take care f Phillip himself if he manages to survive. Will gives Sami the St. Anne’s medal Rafe left for her. She tries to call him, but learns that his phone has been disconnected.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jason continues the search for Jerry. Maxie asks Jason for help in securing Spinelli’s forgiveness. Jason doesn’t want any part of Maxie’s request. Spinelli goes to see Lulu and says he misses Maxie “desperately.” Lulu gives Spinelli fair warning about keeping his distance from Maxie. When Spinelli gets home, Maxie is still there. Spinelli says he and Maxie will never be more than friends. Later, Maxie tries to make Lulu jealous over Ethan. Robin continues to insist that she’s feeling “better.” She later backs out of her psychiatrist appointment. The psychiatrist later runs into Patrick and tells him that Robin didn’t show up for her appointment. Robin tells Patrick she saw her psychiatrist. Jax is ecstatic about the baby. Carly schedules her blood test but she still doesn’t tell Jax the truth. Luke presses Ethan about his family. Ethan says he was adopted and doesn’t know who his biological parents are. Tracy thinks Ethan is working for Helena. Luke disagrees but he’s suspicious of Ethan. Ethan claims he only wants to learn to live a full life from “a master” like Luke. Tracy thinks Ethan is playing Luke. Tracy tells Luke about the picture Ethan has in his wallet. She voices her suspicion that Ethan could be Luke’s son. Jason goes to Jax and says he knows about Jerry’s involvement in the shooting. Jax tells Jason about the DVD Jerry sent him, explaining his guilt. Jax won’t give Jason any more details on Jerry and where he might be hiding. Spinelli says Jerry is in Port Charles. Alexis goes to Sonny’s house and Jerry is there, lurking around. Dr. Lee calls with Carly’s test results and Jax answers the phone.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Reva is bored so she calls Jeffrey while looking at pictures on the computer. Jeffrey tells Josh about Bosnia. Josh calls Billy and tells him to high tail it to Cedars to be with Reva. Shayne shares more about his time in Bosnia with Dinah. Buzz and Frank talk about the wedding that wasn't. Emma likes Natalia home with she and Olivia. Natalia says, "I hope you don't feel responsible with what happened at the wedding?" After Emma leaves the room, Olivia and she discuss them. They both say they feel awkward. Frank and Buzz talk about Natalia and the wedding. Frank asks Buzz if he is going to say, " I told you so". Buzz says, " No". At Cedars, Billy is visiting Reva as ordered. Josh goes on a hunt and has a language barrier problem. Alone, he calls Roc and leaves him a message to call him back. Outside, Shayne and Dinah are still talking about his relationship with Lara. That they knew it was dangerous. Shayne feels funny telling Dinah all of this. She says, I don't mind." Dinah says from what she has heard, she tells him, "You were in love." Then a young boy comes running to Shayne. He notices him. And can't believe it. Shayne explains to Dinah how he knows the boy. That his parents were injured about a month before he got there the last time. Billy is trying his best to keep Reva occupied. Billy asks how she feels about Dinah and Shayne. Reva feels out of the loop. She has one son in Bosnia, one son throwing up on Jeffrey and a best friend just got married. Billy informs her that Frank and Natalia didn't get married. Reva says, "See I am not up to things." Billy calls Blake to have her come to Cedars to keep Reva company. Olivia and Natalia take Emma to school. After Emma and her teacher leave the room, Olivia tells Natalia she shouldn't have come with them. Natalia says she doesn't want Emma to see them angry at each other. That she hasn't been able to sleep. Billy calls Blake to check up on Reva. Blake says, Reva is having her blood checked so she hasn't seen her yet. After the call Blake gets in greens to visit Reva while talking to her via intercom. When Blake gets in the room they touch hands as a greeting since Reva can't have kisses. Then Reva decides to go on computer to talk to Buzz and Billy via video chat. Blake says," I see something new in you.", to Shayne. Frank is in his office at the Springfield PD talking on the phone to Josh talking about Edmund's whereabouts. Josh tries Roc again and leaves a message. Reva is having fun talking with Billy and Buzz and Blake is also. At Emma's school, Olivia and Natalia are arguing still about their relationship situation. Olivia wants Natalia to walk away from them. Natalia shouts back, "You think you know better than me!" Billy gets to the hospital and talks to her via intercom. She says, "I am fine." He gets a chair and sets it in front of her window.

OLTL Recap Written by Mandy

Todd tells Tea that he is going to get his kids back since their stepfather has been arrested for murder. Everyone feels the aftermath of Talia’s death. Lola turns Cole and Markko in for faking the drug test. Antonio talks to John and John explains everything about finding Talia. Cole asks Rachel not to send him to jail. Antonio tells John to hunt the guy down. Antonio says that he has to get Jamie out of there to protect her.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Billy and Chloe take Cordelia to her doctor’s appointment and everything checks out fine. Chloe suggests that she take Cordelia into work with her tonight. Billy agrees. At Restless Style, Nick and Phyllis discuss the next issue. Lily tells the person that she has a quick errand to run, but she will be right there. Cane asks Kay if that is his replacement. Kay tells him that if he wants to reconsider then she will forget about his resignation. Cane lets her know that he hadn’t changed his mind. Jill walks in and tells Cane that she will get this a table and not to keep her waiting. Jack calls Sharon. Sharon lets him know that she is not hungry. Jack asks her to meet him at the bar. Kay visits Joe, Jr. and Pearl to discuss wedding plans. Jill finds out that Cane had dropped the custody case. Jack meets up with Mary Jane at the bar, but she doesn’t want to discuss business tonight. Sharon arrives and interrupts their conversation. Cane tells Jill that he and Lily had set a wedding date for May 15th. Jack tells Sharon that he is back at Jabot. Kay tells Nikki that Amber is designing her wedding dress.

At Restless Style, Chloe gives Phyllis some new ideas about the summer edition of Restless Style. Cane confronts Billy in the bar about his not being home with Chloe and Cordelia. Jack notices the date on the check and realizes that he and Sharon had been married two years ago today. Cane calls Chloe to let her know that Billy is at the bar. Jill meets up with Kay at the diner and finds out that Kay is planning her wedding to Murph. Jill begins to blast Murph. Kay is very quick to put Jill in her place concerning Murph. Chloe finally manages to get Billy out of the bar. Cane comes home to two big surprises, one is that Lily had found a new job and the second is a puppy. Cane tells Lily that he had bought Jimmy’s bar. Mac comes in to the bar to talk to the owner and finds out that that owner is Cane.

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