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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Krystal and Adam have a confrontation over why he hadn’t told her that he was dead. David comes in from the patio, and overhears their conversation. David join Krystal and Adam and demand to know what the secret is. Ryan gets Emma ready for the bus and Emma leaves for school. Annie catches up with her in the hall and takes her for a day of play. Scott and his doctor associate are meeting at the Yacht Club when Erica comes in and join them. In Orlando, Brot practices for his speech that he is about to give. Ryan talks to Jesse on the phone and finds out that Annie had escaped. Krystal visits Marissa at the massage parlor. When Krystal walks in the room, Marissa leaves. Annie has a fun filled day with Emma before she says good-bye to Emma for good. Jesse issues an Amber Alert for Emma and Annie. Aidan visits Ryan.

Krystal and Marissa talk. Adam and Erica meet with the doctor in the living room of the Chandler mansion. Scott and J.R. come in and begins to argue. Adam has a dizzy attack which only Erica notices. Marissa gets fired from the massage parlor. Brot and Taylor have a fun filled day together in Orlando. Marissa and Krystal start to leave, but are busted by the police. Emma arrives home safe. Aidan makes it back to the hotel room safe, but is stopped by Ryan, who holds a gun on them and informs them that they are both going to prison. David has a bottle of Adam’s pills in his hand.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

A patient named Stanley Pantoliano known as Mr. Pants to his friends helps Alison and Casey resolve their latest fight. Alison and Casey talk as they search for car keys that Mr. pants threw in the woods. Casey tells Alison that he understands her fears about making love and will wait for her until she is ready. Casey also makes it clear that he isn't interested in Jade. Casey and Alison later search for Mr. Pants and find him at Yo's eating a cheeseburger. Mr. pants dances with Alison to big band music and later dances with Casey. Alison turns down Casey's offer of a date because she must study for a test. Alison tells Casey they can reschedule their date for another time.

Zac and Zoe admit to Noah that they are not twins they are a couple and Zoe is a Grimaldi who wants the money that Damian stole from her and gave to Luke as his inheritance. Luke is frantically searching for Noah and both he and Holden think Damian is the kidnapper. Damian tries to persuade Luke and Holden that a member of the Grimaldi family is involved though he doesn't know which family member it could be. Luke gets a text from Noah's phone giving him an address to meet the kidnappers and to come alone or Noah will die. Luke falls into the trap and finds out that Zoe is a Grimaldi. Luke promises to give the money back and tries to get away but Zac and Zoe tie him up. Luke is happy to be with Noah and promises to give Damian a big apology when they get home. Margo knows that Damian isn't the kidnapper when Lily and Holden get a note telling them to pay the ransom or Luke will die. Holden still doesn't think that Damian is innocent even though Damian was in jail at the time they got the note. Lily tells Holden that she doesn't care who the kidnapper is she will pay the ransom when she gets the next note because she wants to bring Luke and Noah home safely.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy hears Rick call Big Bear and have the cabin set up. She says the cabin is there every day of the year so why did he have to whisk her away so quickly that she had to be rude to her guests? He doesn’t want her to answer her cell. In fact he jerks her phone away from her when Taylor calls. Ridge vows they will get to Big Bear first. Steffy snaps at Rick, and Rick claims that her parents are trying to ruin the night. He changes his mind since her parents know about Big Bear; they can go someplace else. He meets the jet and tells the pilot to make plans for Hawaii. Steffy asks if he is going to be this crazy after they are married. He muses that he knows he is impulsive and often speaks before he thinks, but he wants her to know that he will always love her and she will be safe with him. They can buy anything she needs on the trip. Ridge nixes the pilot’s flight plan and tells him not to take off in the jet under any circumstances. However, Rick tells him that he is president of F.C. now and he doesn’t need permission. If the pilot values his job, get in that cockpit and fire up the engines.

In the tub, Jackie tells Owen that tonight is tonight and it may not happen again. She wants to know what he wants from her. She insists on honesty and respect. He slips the robe from her, and she runs her hands over his body. Afterwards in bed, both satisfied, she says he was very passionate and generous and considerate. They continue to kiss and bask in their tender moment. Nick and Bridget exchange gifts for their big night at the showing. Taylor and Ridge arrive at the hangar just as the jet is about to take off. Ridge drives the car onto the runway. The plane screeches to a stop. Rick goes to the cockpit to tell the pilot to disregard the car and go ahead and take off. When Ridge realizes this, he jumps out of the car and runs closer to the plane to try and prevent it from lifting.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Stephanie interrupts Masi as he prepares to shoot Phillip a second time. Luckily, some maintenance men hear her shrieks and rush in. Masi gets away and Phillip is rushed to the hospital. His surgery is successful, but he is still in critical condition. Melanie is supportive of Stephanie as Brady frantically tries to reach family members. Victor shows up, convinced Stefano was behind all of this. Later, Stefano comes by, and Victor vows that this isn’t over between them yet. Phillip flat lines while Stephanie is in his room, encouraging him to wake up. EJ and Nicole leave the chapel to talk to Sami. Just as she prepares to tell EJ the truth about Grace, Lexie tells the three Phillip has been shot. Sami assumes EJ is behind it and rushes off angrily. EJ and Nicole finish the ceremony and are married. Later, EJ finds that Sami has returned to the church. She claims she wants to hear him admit he was behind Phillip’s shooting. EJ agrees to tell her the truth, if she tells him the truth about why she interrupted his wedding.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Rebecca violently pushes Alexis away when she points out the scar again. Rebecca claims the scar is from a childhood accident. Rebecca storms off, asking Nik to keep his distance. She later runs into a sympathetic Lucky on the docks. Sonny takes the phone from Claudia, thinking she’s making an appointment for an abortion. He cancels the “appointment” and hangs up the phone. Sonny tells Claudia they’ll figure things out about the baby. Claudia wonders if Sonny will want the baby. Sonny runs into Olivia and confides his situation in her. Later, Sonny tells Claudia he wants to keep the baby. He says an abortion goes “against” his “faith.” Claudia promises to be a good mother. Sonny says they will bring up the baby “together.”

Carly tells Jax she’s pregnant but she doesn’t mention the possible risk. Later, Jax tells Alexis about the baby. Then Jax tells Alexis that Jerry is alive and that he was involved with Ian Devlin and the shooting. Jax says he can’t tell Carly the truth given her condition. Jax asks Alexis to keep his “secret.” Jax brings Carly a truckload of baby gifts. Carly tells Olivia she’s pregnant. Olivia worries about Carly’s condition and wonders how much Jax knows. Carly is certain things will work out. Ethan meets Helena when she comes to the casino looking for Luke. Helena puts a knife to Ethan’s throat when he tries to take her wallet. Luke arrives and stops Helena from slitting Ethan’s throat. Then he and Helena have their usual banter. Helena notices the similarities between Ethan and Luke. Luke is surprised when Helena refers to Ethan as Luke’s “son.” Luke denies Helena’s suggestion then warns her not to “push” him on the topic. Helena goes to Wyndemere to pick up her painting. Nik is still suspicious of Helena’s motives. Helena heads out of town. She cuts open the back of the painting to reveal a document that makes her very happy. Robin and Patrick have a successful operation, thanks to Robin’s suggestion to operate in the first place. At home, Robin hesitates when holding Emma. Patrick notices her discomfort.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Josh rushes to Cedars to see if Reva is ok after going to Roc's hideout and finding it empty. Lillian walks by. He tells her that he thinks Reva is in danger. He tells her not to let anyone you don't know or trust near Reva's room. Billy and Lizzie try a new approach to a date while in NYC. Christina and Remy are talking about Natalia and Frank's wedding that wasn't while baby sitting. Josh goes to see Jeffrey with what he has discovers. Jeffrey just getting out of bed asks Josh, if he now delivers papers? Josh say, "No, bad news." Shayne has another dream that shakes him. Dinah is really being supportive and listens. Shayne tells her he has to figure out things from his past. Dinah says, "We have to figure out about your past and move on." Edmund is practicing how he is going to get revenge. At Reva and Jeffrey's, Josh tells him that he went to Roc's hideout and found blood. He doesn't even know if Roc is alive or Edmund. Josh calls Shayne to check up on his whereabouts. Shayne tells him he is ok and with Dinah. Josh is relieved and tells him to stay where he is. Christina sends Remy off to work. Lizzie and Bill start their date. Christina goes to see Lillian about a job. Lillian offers to go and get her an application. Remy is at the gym and a couple of he guys are talking about it's closing. Dinah and Shayne don't know they are being watched by Edmund. Josh goes to Cedars to keep Jeffrey up to date and vice versa. Jeffrey tells Josh that Roc is checking the database and if anything shows up he'll know and then they will know. Remy tries to cheer Christina up. Lizzie and Bill continue their date in NYC. Josh catches up to Shayne and Dinah and hears Shayne out. Shayne decides to leave town with Dinah for awhile. The 3 don't realize that Edmund is overhearing their conversation. Christina meets Remy at Cedars. Christina is excited. She tells Remy she is opening a daycare center. Remy tells her she needs help. Christina suggest him. Remy is not to sure. In fact he jokes, "Me and a room full of kids." Bill and Lizzie go on another date in NYC. And at the airport Dinah and Shayne are about to board a plane. Josh calls Jeffrey about Shayne's plans. Jeffrey tells Josh he heard from Roc. Bad news, Edmund is headed to Bosnia. Guess what so are Shayne and Dinah!

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

John gets arrested for the murder of 3 people and the stabbing of Blair. Bo, Nora, Tea and Marty all want to help him. But there is no alibi for him or other suspect. The mayor is ready to nail him and announces that he's informed the media. Todd finds out and everybody knows what that will motivate him to do. Langston, Markko and Dorian all tell Lola she is a disgrace for attempting to seduce Markko. Cole has a drug counseling session with Rachel Gannon (Nora's daughter). She is ready to work with him and he trusts her. But right then, Lola enters the office to tell her she happens to know that Markko helped Cole falsify his drug test. Everybody is devastated by the death of Officer Talia Sahib and still clueless as to who killed her and the others.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Kay, Mac, and Murph prepare for the memorial service for Marge. Amber also arrives for the memorial service. Michael visits Kevin in the mental ward. Michael questions him how did it feel getting to talk to Amber. Kevin begins to hear the voice of the Chipmunk. In her hotel room at the Yacht Club, Sharon calls Noah and tells him to call her. Nick instructs Sharon to do exactly as he says and not to talk to anyone about this. The man tells Nick that one person is pressing charges against Sharon. Heather lets Phyllis know that Sharon will walk and not go to jail for the shoplifting. Phyllis calls Victor and tells him about Sharon stealing the Koon’s egg. Victor lets Phyllis know that he will handle it. Gloria questions Michael as to what the doctor had said about Kevin. Michael assures her that the doctor is encouraged. The memorial service begins for Marge.

Nick finds out from Michael that Lauren is pressing charges against Sharon. Victor visits Sharon and offers her support. Murph and Kay plan their wedding date for May 1st. Gloria visits Kay and asks for her help with Kevin. Victor confronts Phyllis about her trying to ruin Sharon’s life. Victor assures Sharon that he will take care of everything.

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