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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the Chandler mansion, Adam comes downstairs and yells for Colby. Colby rushes out by telling Adam that she has a project to work on for school. In an unknown hotel somewhere in the U.S., Annie wakes up just as Aidan comes in the door. Aidan lets Annie know what had happened the night before when they had left Oak Haven. At the hospital, Ryan sits beside Kendall on her bed, and comforts her when she wakes up worried about Ian. At the casino, Zach and the mystery woman (Liza Colby) make love. The camera shows her cell phone with two messages. At Tad’s house, Jake talks on the phone and calls in a favor. Amanda comes downstairs and overhears his conversation. Aidan holds up a red wig and suggests that Annie put it on. Annie doesn’t want to leave town without taking Emma with them. Ryan holds Ian in his arms while Zach watches through the window. Kendall notices Zach standing there. Colby visits Tad’s house, looking for Pete. Liza talks to Jake on the phone and tells him to meet her at the casino. Kendall notices the red mark on Zach’s neck. Kendall questions him if he had been fighting again. Zach rubs the place and tells Kendall that it is probably from the woman that he had just had sex with.

At the casino, Jake meets with Liza. Jake fills her in on what had been going on in Pine Valley. Liza relives her conversation with Colby as does Colby, who tells Amanda about her conversation with Liza. Colby comes up with an idea to help protect Amanda’s baby from David. Jake tells Amanda that the lawyer had a perfect plan for Amanda’s baby. Colby and Adam share a tender moment on the sofa in the living room of the Chandler mansion. Liza watches from the window. Annie tells Aidan that she has to see Emma one more time before she leaves town.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Carly is drowning her sorrows, as Craig has brought Parker to the hospital after finding him bleeding in the woods. When he can’t reach her, he calls Jack, who comes running. Carly doesn’t hear her phone because she is too busy drinking and trying to forget her problems - not to mention she is almost starting fights in the bar as well – that is until the bartender asks her to leave. Parker has tests run and Jack receives good news that Parker is ok, but he has to have his stomach pumped though. Parker feels badly about his behavior and admits to feeling very upset and lost because of Liberty. Craig finally tracks Carly down, as he realizes she has been drinking. He tells her about Parker, as she tries to rush off to see Parker, but Craig stops her and makes sure he sobers her up first. Carly is remorseful of her behavior and apologizes to Craig, as they leave for the hospital. Outside, Jack can tell Carly has been drinking and calls her on it. She admits to falling off the wagon, but will get help. Jack is concerned and wants her to be healthy, but that doesn’t stop him from blaming Craig and her business for this latest crisis. Carly goes home to sleep it off promising to check in with Parker after. Later, Carly tells Craig that she is to blame for the way Parker is acting. Craig tries to snap her out of it and remind her that Parker is a teenager, but Carly believes the root of Parker’s problems are her fault and she has to focus on he children and not him; she tells him that she needs to not have him around anymore. Craig tries to talk her out of it, but she is adamant that it has to be that way. Craig agrees to leave, but he won’t give up on her. Luke continues to worry about Noah, as Lily is sure he will be home soon. They disagree however about her defending Damian, as Holden overhears and is angry that Lily is turning a blind eye to what Damian is capable of; she doesn’t think this time Damian is to blame. Zac sends Luke a text from Noah, as Zoe meets up with Luke to sell the story further that Noah will be home soon and that he is sorry. Luke doesn’t think that the text sounds like Noah, as Zoe then rushes off when she learns that Damian went to Lisbon to find Noah. Noah tries to get Zac to untie him, as Zac ‘comes on’ to Noah and tells him that is the only way he will untie him. Noah sees a possible weapon and agrees to be with Zac, but Zac is onto him and threatens to hurt him if he does it again. Zoe tells Zac that they have to move now with the note. Lily and Holden are still arguing about Damian when Damian shows up with news that Noah is not in Lisbon. Luke, who comes home, is unsure of Damian’s news, as is Holden, but everyone is stunned when a ransom note comes regarding Noah. Holden is sure that Damian is behind this note too. He asks Lily and Luke to sit tight, and he will be back. Noah is thrown and disgusted when he sees Zac and Zoe kissing passionately. He learns that Zac and Zoe want the Foundation money, but he doesn’t get why they pretended to be their best friends, tried to hurt Luke, stabbed Damian then made a big to do about coming onto each of them if it was only about the money. Zac and Zoe won’t let Noah in on the reasons they are doing what they are, as they pass the time waiting by making out. Holden confronts Damian angrily and demands to know what he has done with Noah.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

With his laptop internal microphone switched on, Ridge asks Ricky boy if he has any more to say. Rick gloats that he is only getting started. Rick proceeds to tell Ridge that he needs to understand….this is the changing of the guard. Ridge has been Ridge Almighty….but not anymore as Steffy worships Rick. She would do anything for him. He has her eating out of his hand. And he warns Ridge that if he keeps fighting them, he will take Steffy and get the hell away from all of them so they will never see her again. With a smug look on his face, Ridge urges Rick to keep talking. Rick says it’s not about two people in love, but revenge…..revenge for the years of pain that Ridge has inflicted on Rick and his mother. So when he’s saying his vows in Ridge’s little destiny-westiny spot on the beach, he’s not even going to be looking at the bride, he’s going to be looking at Ridge and seeing the pain etched in his face as he says good-bye to another daughter. Rick tells Ridge that arrogant look of his makes him sick. He also doesn’t like the way Ridge treats him when he walks into a room, calling him Ricky boy. He wants Ridge to act like the President just walked in, treated with respect. He will throw it in his face the rest of his life. Ridge will have a front row seat the rest of his life, on all the holidays and birthdays. Hey maybe they can double date even. Rent a little cabin and keep it rocking as he and Steffy will be making little Ridgies. He can just see the steam coming out of Ridge’s ears now. Oh, he can see it now….the veins bulging out of Ridge’s neck. He wants to deck him right now. He goads him to go ahead and hit him…..unless he is chicke. He taunts by making clucking noises. Ridge just smiles. Rick says they are going to be one big happy family. He can’t wait until Ridge walks Steffy down the aisle and then they slip off to the honeymoon and that night is going to be the greatest night of Steffy’s life.

Steffy tells Brooke that she wishes her mother and grandma could come around and be happy about this relationship as Brooke and the others at this shower are. Donna adds that Stephanie is just trying to get back at Eric by throwing the fashion industry into a tizzy. She says it is not going to work though as her honey bear is not threatened in the least by that old sow’s sour grapes. Marcus shows up to talk to Steffy since this was the only opportunity to catch her without Rick. He tells her that he’s not bitter and of all the ladies that he knows, he respects and appreciates her the most. He just hopes that Rick does too. Over at Jackie M’s as the showing is winding down, Clarke regales in how he would have liked to have seen Eric’s face when Stephanie was introduced as the newest member of their merry club. Owen seeks out Bridget and says she should be over there with the press basking in her success, but she says she is content being there with just him. Across the room from each other, Owen texts Jackie and suggests they slip away to celebrate at her place, their secret. Stephanie enjoys her text messages, one from Bill Spencer, head of Spencer Publishing. Nick suggests that maybe Stephanie could introduce him to her mother who needs some male attention in her life right now. Au contraire, Jackie is lolling in a champagne bubble bath in front of the bay window with Owen massaging her back. He calls her a free spirit and suggests that he join her. She thinks not since he still has work to do, so he says he will have to rely on delayed gratification. He kisses her shoulders, her back and teases her that he will work his way to her front. She coos that there is a fine line between pleasure and depravity. He’s determined to find that fine line. He kisses her. She warns him of manners, seduction is an art, not a contact sport. At the elevator Rick wonders out loud why Ridge would just stand there and take his abuse. Taylor sees Rick leave and rushes into Ridge’s office. He tells her that Rick fell right into their trap….just listen to this! Rick returns and on the other side of Ridge’s closed door, he can hear his own words being replayed. He rushes out. Ridge and Taylor gather up the edited sound bites and think it’s ready for Steffy to hear. Riding the whole way there, Taylor just hopes this will work and gets Steffy away from Rick. Rick bursts in at the shower and announces to Steffy that he has a romantic get-away planned and they have to leave right now. Rick is on pins and needles and literally as Taylor and Ridge come through the front door, Rick is whisking Steffy away out the back door. She asks where they are going and nervous Rick says they may even elope. Taylor is afraid that perhaps Rick does know they are on to him and he will do something crazy to turn Steffy against them. This has to end tonight!

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Baker stops Mia before she is able to confront Nicole at the wedding. He takes her to the Java Café and explains to her who the DiMeras really are. He urges her to get out of town, and tells her she can’t think of trying to get her baby back. Melanie finds Brady beaten to a pulp at the pier. Sami decides to call the pediatrician about Grace, and learns that she is just teething. She is ready to head off to the wedding, but Brady comes in with Melanie first. Brady doesn’t tell Sami that EJ was behind his beating, and tells her and Max that it was just a random mugging. Sami insists he go to the hospital and heads off to the church, trying to stop the wedding. Brady tells Melanie all about Sami and E.J.’s relationship when she worries that Sami might get beaten up, too. Nicole and E.J.’s wedding continues. EJ reads some vows he wrote for the ceremony, and Nicole is thrilled with the ceremony until the unity candle they both lit goes out. Father Matt begins to pronounce the two husband and wife, but Sami interrupts, telling the priest to wait. Meanwhile, Stefano and his henchman exchange looks throughout the ceremony. The henchman stays in contact with Masi, who is able to steal a set of keys to Phillip’s hotel room by knocking out a maid. Stephanie and Phillip make love and order room service, unaware that the man is outside. Eventually, Masi enters while Stephanie is in the bathroom and shoots Phillip in the chest.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Nikolas sees Helena and Rebecca talking on the docks. It seems as if Helena and Rebecca are well acquainted. Their conversation is friendly until Rebecca notices Nik watching them. Later, Nik is suspicious and asks Rebecca if she’s up to something. Rebecca gets hostile with Nik. Nik says Helena will go to any length to “manipulate” him. Nik says he wants to believe that Rebecca isn’t working with Helena. Alexis again warns Nik about Rebecca. Alexis points out a plastic surgery scar on Rebecca’s head. Jax runs into Jerry in Michael’s hospital room. Jerry tries to apologize to Jax but Jax isn’t having any of it. Jerry claims to feel guilty about what happened. Jerry says he doesn’t want his actions to hurt Jax and Carly’s relationship. Jerry says he doesn’t want Carly to learn the truth so she won’t end up blaming Jax. Jax says he’s heading home to tell Carly the truth. Jax tells Jerry to disappear and that he wants nothing more to do with him.

Carly’s pregnancy test is positive. Jason tells Carly she needs to be tested for the blood disorder. Carly says she can make it work either way but Jason is very concerned. Robin tells Patrick that she’s working to “get better.” Patrick offers his support and Robin agrees to continue to see her psychiatrist. Later, Robin and Patrick end up in the OR together, which concerns Matt. Claudia insists to Sonny that she wasn’t involved in Michael’s shooting. Sonny and Luke have a talk about Michael. Sonny asks Luke for help “tracking down” Jerry. Sonny confides his suspicions about Ric and Claudia in Luke. Sonny says he’d be “sorry” if Claudia was involved in the shooting. Sonny says his feelings for Claudia have “changed.” Luke wonders if Sonny can err on the side of caution and forgive Claudia if she was involved in the shooting. Claudia learns she’s pregnant. Johnny thinks Sonny will find Claudia’s sudden pregnancy suspicious. Later, Claudia fixes it so Sonny overhears her on the phone scheduling an abortion. In reality, Johnny is on the other end of the line. Jax comes home early and finds Carly’s pregnancy test.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Phillip and Alan talk about Phillip's mental health in private. Phillip says he is well. Alan says, "Then what are you afraid of?" Mallet and Marina talk about he and Dinah breaking the law in order to get a child. Dinah and Shayne go to visit Reva in the hospital. Rick gives them instructions in what they have to do in order to visit her. Shayne goes in. Jeffrey leaves them alone. Dinah sees Jeffrey leave Reva's room and asks if he is ok. Jeffrey says, "I have to be." Josh goes to see Roc. He wants to see Edmund. Roc lets him in. Roc has Edmund tied to a pole. Back at Roc's hideout, Josh and Edmund argue over Shayne and his actions. Josh has enough and quietly leaves. Edmund yells back at him that he can't take it. At Cedars, Shayne walks out into the hallway after visiting Reva and talks to Dinah. Shayne says to Dinah, "I am going to be fine because you are coming back. After Dinah leaves him in the hall, Lillian walks up to Shayne. They talk about Reva and little Colin. Shayne realizes that the little one needs to be christened. Lillian loves how Shayne is getting involved and gladly agrees to help in any way. Jeffrey tries to comfort Reva, who is worried about Josh and his wanting to help get rid of Edmund. Shayne calls Josh telling him he is needed at the hospital. Josh thinks something is wrong with Reva. Shayne assures him that Reva is fine. Just that he has a plan and wants him in on it. Dinah meets with Mallet and Marina. Dinah agrees to take the fall in as far as they getting the baby is concerned. Alan and Phillip meet the doctor, who happens to be a female. After Alan leaves the room, Phillip asks her if she works for Alan. She says, "I work for my patients." Phillip is still a little wary. He says he's been there before. The session with Phillip and Dr. Silver begins. Back at Mallet and Marina's Dinah is trying to convince Clarice, the social worker that this was actually her plan. She wanted to help two friends become parents. Clarice is moved by Dinah's plea and tells them she sees they have become loving parents. At Cedars, Shayne has gotten Billy and Josh there and tells them they are going to a christening. At Reva's room Jeffrey is talking to Reva when they hear a tap at the window. It is Shayne with little Colin. Shayne is really being cute introducing little Colin to Josh and Billy. Shayne realizes they don't have a God-Mother and suggests Lillian. Then Shayne asks, "Should we have a christening? What do you think?" Reva is so moved and caught off guard she can't talk. Jeffrey kiddingly says, "I must be loosing my touch because I can spot a conspiracy a mile away. He is touched though that Shayne did this. Lillian has little Colin in her arms at the window. Then Josh walks next to her and starts the ceremony. At Mallet and Marina's, Dinah hopes what she did works for Mallet and Marina. Marina thanks Dinah for what she did. She even gives her a heartfelt thanks. At Dr. Silver's office, Phillip starts to tell his tale of flipping out and how he put himself in a hospital. Meanwhile Alan asks a doctor if all rooms are monitored and if he could get a tape of Phillip's session. After the session, Alan and Phillip talk. Alan tells her he'll take care of the family. He'll even teach James about cigars. Alan goes way too far in mentioning Beth. Finally Phillip snaps and slugs Alan in the mouth. At Cedars, the christening is over and only Josh is a the window. Reva is smiling and throws something at the window. Josh asks if he did ok. Seeing Reva smile tells him yes. Then Jeffrey walks by Josh. Jeffrey thanks him for the ceremony and all he is doing. Josh says, "My pleasure." Jeffrey tells him, "I'll call you in a few days." Josh says ok. in the lobby, Shayne and Dinah are talking. Shayne says he needs something else. Doesn't say what, but Dinah takes him by the arm and walks him away. At Dr Mike comes in and ties Phillip's wrists to a chair. Phillip tells Alan, "You got what you want for now." Shayne and Dinah think they are alone and she starts grabbing and kissing her. At Cedars Reva and Jeffrey are talking about Shayne and all his good he dd. Josh goes back to check on Edmund and finds the place empty, Edmund and Roc are gone...

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Charlie and Viki talk about where their relationship is going. And she invites him to live with her at Llanfair. The stabber is still on the loose. John, Fish and Marty discover that he's murdered Talia. Yet they still haven't a clue who he is. The mayor is on the warpath and ready to nail John for the murder. Fish and Marty urge John to run, but he does not resist arrest. When it looks as though everything has gone well for Shane after the bone marrow transplant, Roxy encourages Gigi to tell Rex what Stacy did and realize that they are no longer at her desperate mercy. But right when she's ready to do that, Shane has a fatal reaction to the treatment. At that point, Stacy reminds Gigi that she still needs her. Schuyler knows that Stacy is up to no good and notices that she may not have donated her own blood for that transfusion.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

At Daniel and Amber’s apartment, Daniel questions Amber as to what she wants to do for dinner, either pizza or Chinese. Amber tells Daniel that she just cannot do this. Amber lets Daniel know that she is worried about Kevin. Jana visits Kevin in the padded cell, but she cannot talk to Kevin for the sound of the chipmunk voice. Kevin is provoked and tells Jana to shut up. Devon visits Neil in his apartment and for just a moment thinks that it is Karen coming back. Lily, sighs, and tells Cane that it had been a crazy day. Cane lets Lily know that he had resigned from Chancellor Industries. Nick visits Sharon in her hotel room. Sharon tries to assure him that she is fine, but he doesn’t believer her. Sharon lets Nick know that Noah had stopped by and that he hates her. Nick tries to reassure her that Noah doesn’t hate her. Sharon tells Nick that she is going to the D.A. and confess everything. Michael tells Phyllis that Wallace is her to see her. Wallace leaves some photos for her and Lauren to look through. Lily lets Cane know that she had missed modeling and that Nikki had mentioned using her at “Restless Style.” Phyllis recognizes some of the items as being Victor’s as well as her own. Phyllis decides to press charges against Sharon.

Jana visits Amber and lets her know that Kevin wants to see her. Phyllis tells Lauren and Michael and Lauren that Nick slept with Sharon twice. Cane asks Lily to marry him and she accepts. Lauren tells Phyllis to take Sharon out of the equation. Lily meets up with Neil and Devon at Kevin’s diner and tells him that she and Cane are getting married. Amber visits Kevin. Cane and Lily set their wedding date. Lauren tells Sharon that she is pressing charges against her. Phyllis visits Nick at Newman Enterprises and asks him to come home, but he refuses.

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