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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Tad’s house, Amanda and Jake are asleep on the sofa. Amanda dreams that she has had the baby, but David walks in and takes the baby from her. At Wild wind, Krystal seeks comfort in tad’s arms, but still refuses to tell him what is going on. At the hospital, David holds a syringe to Adam’s head and threatens to kill him if Adam doesn’t tell him What Adam is holding over Krystal’s head. Someone knocks David in the head and he falls to the floor. Adams’ hero is Scott. At Ryan’s apartment, Ryan and Kendall kiss, but she pulls away from him. At the hospital, Zach had brought Ian into the emergency room, but he is furious because David is nowhere to be found. Adam and Scott tell Jesse what had happened between Adam and David and Scott knocking Adam unconscious. David and a nurse denies the accusations. The nurse disposes of the syringe. Kendall comes into the hospital and lashes out at Zach that she hadn’t been told that he was bringing Ian into the hospital. Zach lets Kendall know that he doesn’t feel anything for her. David visits Amanda and lets her know that he had lost custody of Little A. David also tells her not to worry that her baby will have a good life with him.

Tad and Jake walk in and interrupts Amanda and David. Jake holds a gun on David. Amanda hugs Jake for protecting her. Krystal visits Adam in the hospital and he gives her a piece of paper with an address on it. Krystal goes to the site and finds a grave. Tad confronts Jake about being in love with Amanda. At the hospital, Zach meets up with a woman and they compete in a game of “21”, with the woman winning. Zach and the woman make love. The camera shows a cell phone with numbers on it.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

At Paul’s, Meg suggests to Paul that they get back together for the sake of Eliza. Paul has his doubts. Dusty visits Lucy in her hotel room to see if she had had anymore trouble from the men at the docks. Dusty urges her to be careful for Johnny’s sake. At Carly’s house, Parker lashes out at Craig and Carly for ruining his life. At the ranch, Liberty lets Jack and Janet know that she had called it quits with Parker and how possessive that Parker is of Liberty. Parker walks in, but Jack stops him at the door. Janet suggests to Liberty that she and Parker get an annulment or a divorce. Paul sets up conditions if Meg moves back in with him. Meg agrees to the terms. Lucy promises Dusty that she will be more careful. Paul orders Meg to tell Dusty of her decision. Meg calls Dusty to tell him to meet her at the lounge at the Lakeview. Parker goes to the docks and steals two bottles of the vodka. Caesar catches Parker at the docks. Jack confronts Caesar at the docks and questions him about Parker. Caesar calls Lucy about Parker being at the docks. Janet and Liberty go to Carly’s to pick up Liberty’s things.

Janet and Carly have a run-in over Carly’s drinking. Parker drinks both bottles of vodka. Jack finally talks to Parker. Meg tells Dusty that she is going back to Paul. Dusty refuses to let her. Lucy interrupts their conversation. Lucy lets Dusty know what is going on at docks. Dusty arrives at docks to check out what is going on and is beaten up by two men and left lying on the docks. Craig finds Parker unconscious and his head bleeding. Carly goes to a bar for a drink.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick brings Brooke his wedding announcement and a picture that will go in the paper. She reveals that she is still trying to talk Ridge into accepting this. Meanwhile Ridge is telling Taylor that he will never accept this marriage and he needs to talk Brooke into that. They need to get him to reveal the real Rick; get him to shoot his mouth off, to say things that he normally says to Ridge. He shows her how he can touch one button on the phone and pick up anything that Rick says to him in their conversations. At Jackie M. they are all abuzz with a showing to revitalize them….out with the Forrester’s, in with the new designs. Jackie too feels rejuvenated and there is a tingling in her toes. On the runway, they introduce the fashions of Madam X. Clark, Stephanie, Jackie and Owen are excited…all except Nick who is apprehensive. Eric tells Donna and Steffy that this is a new Jackie M and the press will be surprised to see Bridget as Madam X. Brooke looks at the invitation and says she knows Ridge won’t let this come between them….he will do what is best for this family. Rick hand delivers the invitation to Ridge too and tells him not to tear it up as he has hundreds more. He gloats to both Ridge and Taylor that he knows how much they despise him, but they will just have to deal with it. He is not going anywhere; he is going to marry Steffy. Surprise – that is an understatement when Jackie introduces Stephanie as their new challenge to the hot, new designing talent. Jackie M is open for business, so come on down. They want to see what they've got! Eric has steam coming out of his ears; what the hell is Stephanie doing?

Owen congratulates Madam X/Bridget. He kisses Jackie. Nick’s sour face turns happy at the acceptance, and champagne flows. Donna tells Eric that this is just a gimmick. There is no way that band of misfits is going to be competition for Forrester Creations. Ridge admits to Taylor that he didn’t record Rick’s latest, but he will. And he always talks that way so they just need to bide their time. Rick returns and Ridge asks Taylor to please leave as they need a little man to man talk. He turns the button on for Ricky boy, so he can spill his guts….he is all ears. Rick starts that he has Ridge’s little girl wrapped around his little finger and there is nothing Ridge can do. It’s payback time, time for Ridge to feel how Rick felt growing up, being tortured by a man who abused his mother. He’s going to put Ridge in a psychiatric trap, just the way Ridge did. He OWNS Steffy and there is not a damn thing Ridge can do about that. Ridge looks at the microphone on his phone and just smiles…..keep talking Rick!

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nicole prepares for her wedding. Chloe does damage control when Brady shows up, wanting to speak to Nicole. Dr. Baker shows up and threatens to tell everyone everything if Nicole doesn’t stop treating him badly. Nicole agrees to whatever he wants. Stefano and EJ prepare to have Philip murdered even as the wedding begins. Angry that Brady is at the chapel, EJ has one of his henchmen follow Brady after he leaves. Phillip and Stephanie make love while Masi tracks Phillip. Sami heads over to the church to tell EJ about Grace, but a flat tire stops her. Max tries to help her, and tells her he thinks Grace is sick. Sami blows him off. The wedding begins, but when Father Matt asks if anyone has any objections, Mia interrupts.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Carly hears from Jax but doesn’t tell him anything about her condition. Olivia again bugs Carly about taking the pregnancy test. Spinelli says Jerry has “vanished.” Jason still wonders if Ric or Claudia were involved in the shooting. Sonny presses Claudia about her connection to Jerry. Sonny tells Claudia that Jerry’s been dipping into Ian’s bank accounts. He then tells Claudia that Jerry is alive. Sonny wonders if Claudia “hired” Jerry and Ian to kill him. Sonny promises to get the answers from Jerry before he kills him. Sonny says Claudia will pay if she was “involved in any way.” Claudia tells Johnny about her meeting with Jerry. Johnny again pleads with Claudia to leave Sonny immediately to “save” both of them. John is angry that Jerry is treating the whole situation as a game. Robin goes to see her psychiatrist. Robin admits that she still isn’t caring for Emma. Later, Robin throws her antidepressants in the trash. Patrick again confides in Liz. Patrick says he’s “choosing to believe” that Robin wasn’t unfaithful. Patrick and Matt argue over a patient. Matt says Patrick’s behavior is due to his domestic situation. Liz suggests that Patrick take a break, so Patrick heads over to see Coleman for some male bonding. Coleman does his best to advise Patrick. Lulu divides the apartment in half. Maxie still tries to plead her case about Johnny. Spinelli gives Maxie the cold shoulder when she calls him over to check her computer. Sonny tells Jason that Claudia “will be taken care of” if she was involved in the shooting. Jason thinks Jerry will reappear in Port Charles. Jax calls Olivia and asks her to look after Carly. Jax also says he was unable to track Jerry down. Jax is still unsure if he should tell Carly the truth about Jerry. Olivia urges Jax to come home. Jason goes to Carly’s house and she agrees to take the home pregnancy test. Jason reads the results of the test. Claudia reads the results of her own pregnancy test. Jax finds Jerry at Michael’s bedside.

GL Recap Written by Beth

James and Daisy get to know each other while outside the church. Alan talks to Lizzie about Phillip's "routine physical". Alan then gives him a card for a doctor in the area. Phillip is still not agreeable with it. Though he kids by saying, "Why don't we all go and get "psyched out". Bill talks to Lizzie about being able to handle Phillip's psychiatric situation. Lizzie doesn't want to hear it. Back in the board room, Alan is miffed that Lizzie left with Bill. Phillip says that he is happy she has Bill and that she is a grown woman who need someone like Bill. After Phillip leaves, Alan tells Alexandra that Phillip called his bluff. That the card he gave him was any card. Alexandra can't believe what she is hearing. She says, "You gave him a card to any doctor? What were you thinking?" Bill and Lizzie are alone. They are laughing at what just happened between Alan and Phillip. At the church, Emma hugs Frank. Frank tells her she looks beautiful. Then he tells her to go outside while he and Buzz talk. As soon as Emma leaves, Buzz tells Frank that he'll be a good stepfather to Emma. Buzz encourages Frank to go find Natalia and talks to her. Meanwhile at the park's gazebo, Natalia and Olivia are talking about what she just did. Natalia feels she is lying to Frank if she goes on with the wedding. Moreover lying to herself. Buzz tries to explain what is going on to Emma. Frank finds Natalia and Olivia at the gazebo. Natalia tries to explain her actions. Frank says he understands. He continues to say that he never got over Eleni until he met her. Back at the Spaulding Boardroom, Alan is on the phone with a friend and Alexandra is listening in. After the phone call, Alan hangs up and says he is going to "Plan B". Lizzie is on the phone with James telling him of what she saw at the meeting. Phillip decides to meet with Billy. He tells Billy what Alan is up to. During this conversation, Phillip gets a cellphone call from Alan, who is going into his "Plan B". Alan tells Phillip he has scheduled a doctor's appointment. Phillip (smiling at Billy) says ok, when. After he hangs up both Phillip and Billy are smiling like they are up to something. Outside at the gazebo, Frank hears Natalia out, then leaves when she wants to talk to Olivia more. Olivia says she can't live if she ruins Natalia's one great chance at happiness and leaves. Back at the Church, Frank sees Emma with Buzz, he tells her to go with her mom while he talks to Buzz. Natalia is at home.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Bo and Nora inform Talia and Fish that only John's finger prints were on the murder weapons. Yet nobody believes that for a minute and they believe that John was set up. The mayor obviously wants to nail John. Outside the house, somebody is spying upon John and Marty while they talk and he admits to her that the evidence proves that Rosen did not stab anybody. Starr concludes to Cole that she's changed her mind about letting Hope's mysterious death go. They are going to investigate and find out how she died. Yet, they will not let anybody else know what they are doing. Roxy and the lab technician manage to successfully find the bone marrow of Rex's biological father, sneak it out of the place they found it and bring it to the hospital right before Stacy has to go through with the procedure. Rex and Gigi are still ready to do whatever they need to do in order to save Shane but are very angry at each other.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Jack offers to drive Ashley home, but she insists on going to the custody hearing of Billy’s. Jack comments on the newspaper article on Jill and Katherine. Jill walks up and speaks to Cane. Jill questions Cane as to why he is here and not at work. Jill wonders if Kay had fired Cane, too. Cane lets her know that Kay had offered him the C.E.O position at Chancellor Industries, but he had turned it down. Jill thinks that Cane is crazy for turning it down. Billy confronts Chloe for being here and ripping his ex when it was the day of the custody hearing for Delia. Billy defends Mac which offends Chloe. Mac lets Chloe know that she is not a threat to hers and Billy’s marriage. Neil interrupts the custody proceedings and tells the judge that Ana belongs with Tyra. Everyone in the courtroom is more than a little surprised by Neil’s testimony. The judge calls a recess to re-examine the facts. The judge rules in favor of Tyra and gives her full custody of Ana. Billy tells Chloe that he had talked to Lily to talk to Cane into dropping the lawsuit to get custody of Delia.

Jill join Jack and Ashley at their table. Jill tells them that she has news. Jack and Ashley really doesn’t want to hear Jill’s news as Ashley begins to feel really bad and needs to see her doctor. Jack takes Ashley home and orders her to rest and relax. Tyra and Ana enjoy a happy reunion. Ana blames herself for all this trouble between Neil and Karen. Neil tries to talk to Karen, but she tells him that she hates him. Cane tells Chloe that he is dropping the petition for custody of Delia. Chloe is happy and relieved. Jill finds out that Kay may sue her for fraud. Jill tells the reporter that Kay is the fraud.

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