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AMC Recap Written by Mary

In her room at Oak Haven, Annie and Dr. Burke discuss her treatment. At Ryan’s apartment, Ryan holds up Aidan’s cell phone and tells him that he thought that Aidan may want this back. Kendall arrives at the hospital for her appointment, but finds out that David had taken the day off. Kendall sees Joe, who tells her that Erica is here. In Adam’s hospital room, Adam and Erica listen to Krystal’s testimony via the cell phone. In the courtroom, Krystal surprises everyone especially David, by testifying that David isn’t the person that everyone thinks that he is and also that he had hurt her .At the hospital corridor, Kendall tells Erica that she had signed the divorce papers. Aidan takes the blame when Ryan notices that Emma’s picture is missing from the table. David is removed from the courtroom. The judge awards J.R. custody of his son, Little A.

At Oak Haven, Aidan finds out that Annie has been transferred to an undisclosed location. Kendall and Spike visit Ryan and Emma. Kendall lets Ryan know that she had signed the divorce papers, but still wasn’t moving out from Zach’s because of the children. Joe gets the results of the M.R.I back, but finds nothing wrong with Adam. Krystal arrives back at Wild wind. David pressures her into telling him what Adam has on her, but Krystal refuses to tell her. Joe catches Adam just as Adam is trying to leave his hospital room. Tad visits Krystal at Wild wind and comforts her when she falls apart. David visits Adam in his room at the hospital and pulls out a syringe to use on Adam when Adam refuses to tell David what he wants to know. Ryan and Kendall kiss.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Casey is excited when Allison promises to make him lunch and maybe a dessert that isn't a cupcake if he doesn't argue with Jade. Jade and Casey drive their first patient on the van but the van breaks down and Casey and Jade must wait two hours for a tow truck. Casey explains what happened to Allison and she gets angry but hides it while talking on the phone to Casey. Allison tells Susan that she thinks she is ready to go to the next level with Casey but she is scared that she won't be able to be intimate with him. Susan tells Allison she has done everything right this time so she should try with Casey because he will understand if she can't go through with it.

Liberty is excited when Craig finds her another internship in Chicago and even though Parker isn't thrilled about it he let's her go to Chicago with Janet for the interview. Parker is upset when Liberty calls to tell him that she is running late and won't be able to pick him up from school. Parker gets even more upset and desperate to go to Chicago and find Liberty when she hasn't returned but Jack won't let him borrow the car to go after her. Liberty returns home and has had enough of Parker suffocating her when instead of being supportive about her interview he yells at her and accuses her of partying. Liberty tells Parker she thinks they should end their marriage and heads to the farm to cry with Janet.

Carly tries her best to keep her promise to Parker that she won't drink anymore by throwing her drink away when a distributor when them to toast and celebrate. Carly later breaks her promise when she takes a drink before heading home with Craig to check on Parker and Liberty.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke pulls out the big guns with her black, sexy teddy. She tells Ridge she thinks they need a break from all the chaos. Ridge tells Brooke that nothing will ever change his mind about this wedding. It must not happen. He wants her to finally take off the blinders that she has on about her son and help stop Rick. Brooke doesn’t want to talk about it. There is no problem they can’t overcome…..she says as she toys with her teddy and leads him to the bed. Rick joins Taylor at Il Giardino. She is sure that he knows why she summoned him. He says she should be glad that he is marrying her daughter. It’s gonna split Ridge and Brooke up and she can have Ridge back. And yes it is true, it’s payback time for as much as he hates Ridge for all the things he has done to Brooke and Rick’s life all those years growing up. The marriage is a done deal so she can accept it and get Ridge back or not accept it and be miserable.

Owen proceeds to take his shirt off and drops his pants in front of Jackie. Her eyes are glued, but she says they have work to do and she’s not sure how comfortable he’s going be like that. He challenges her to do the same. She runs her hands over his well-developed pecs and fights the feeling. Then she kneels…….and pulls his pants back up. Nick calls….reminding Jackie that she forgot their meeting. Owen gives her a body massage while she speaks on the speaker phone. She is being seduced and will agree to almost anything. Stephanie meets Felicia and Thorne for lunch and wants to be the first to tell them that she is jumping ship and working for Jackie M. Their dad will read about it in the press tomorrow. Not making love, Ridge tells Brooke they have never had a problem like this before. Rick is poison to him and his daughter. He hates him. He is just living for the time that he knows Rick will take his other daughter from him. He’s invading their personal life and Ridge doesn’t know how they will get through this. He begs her for her help. Stop her son from doing this before he destroys them too. Rick takes a picture of Brooke and Ridge and tears it down the middle to separate them.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nicole has second thoughts about her wedding, and fears a bad omen when she breaks the bracelet Chloe gave her to wear. Chloe tries to reassure her, and guesses that Nicole is worried about Sami. Nicole tells Chloe about Rafe spying on her and EJ on behalf of Sami, and EJ’s reaction. Chloe warns Nicole that her karma may be bad, but Nicole brushes her off, vowing not to let anyone stop her from getting married. Melanie kisses EJ, and he later confides in her about his feelings for Nicole. Melanie warns him to watch his step because of EJ, and expresses concern over Nicole marrying him. Stefano tells EJ that they must enact their revenge on Phillip while his guard is down. They call in a hit man named Masi to take care of the job. Phillip wants to spend time with Stephanie, but ends up working instead. He gets a call to meet someone at a hotel. Sami tells Lucas the truth about Grace. Lucas accuses her of only wanting to tell EJ the truth to get him away from Nicole, but Sami denies it. She decides to tell EJ about Grace before his wedding, however.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

John tells Claudia to leave Sonny and forget about getting pregnant. When Sonny comes home, John asks him for a job. Sonny says he’ll think about it. Sonny later tells Claudia that he won’t ever have another child. Claudia still thinks the DVD’s are in someone’s hands and still a danger to her. Jerry again tells Ric to stop “threatening” people with his DVD’s. Jerry tells Ric the story about the shooting and his partnership with Ian Devlin. Jerry says his only concern is keeping Jax from getting hurt by the situation. Jerry then says everyone involved in the situation (including Ric) must be eliminated. Ric offers his “silence” and future partnership if Jerry lets him live and Jerry agrees. Carly tells Jason about the possible danger of having another child. Robin insists that she was never “unfaithful” to Patrick. Patrick says he “saw” Robin kissing the man in Rochester. Robin gets angry and slaps Patrick. Patrick wonders if there’s more going on with Robin than PPD. Robin then starts in on Carly when she sees her at the hospital. Carly says Robin is out of control and she needs help. After Carly leaves, Robin suddenly agrees that she needs help. Robin says she loves Patrick and promises that she was never unfaithful.

Helena calls Rebecca “crude and antagonistic.” Rebecca stands up to Helena’s insults. Helena says Rebecca isn’t worthy of Nik unless she’s been hired as a servant. Alexis arrives and agrees that Rebecca is up to something. Helena says Nik must retrieve a painting from the safety deposit box for her and she’ll leave town. Nik wants details so Helena says it was painted especially for her. Helena threatens to make tons of trouble for Nik if he doesn’t comply. Nik agrees to Helena’s demand. Rebecca again argues with Helena on Nik’s behalf. Alexis is convinced Rebecca is “Helena’s plant.” Spinelli tells Jason that Jerry is alive and that he was working with Ian Devlin. He says Jerry has been making withdrawals from Ian’s “secret” bank accounts. Sam and Spinelli get their business off the ground. Jason finds a gun in Spinelli’s “supply box” so he confiscates it. Jason tells Sam that Jerry survived the explosion and that he was working with Ian. Jason tells Sonny about Jerry. Sonny wonders if Ric and Claudia were involved in the shooting. Jason says he can’t find any proof against Ric. Johnny later pays Ric a visit and threatens to kill Ric if his threats against Claudia continue. Ric thinks Johnny was involved in the shooting with Claudia. Jerry surprises Claudia on the pier. Jerry says he’s destroyed all but one DVD. He says he’ll stay quiet for the time being unless Claudia does something to make him angry. Sonny orders Jason to “bring” Jerry to him so he can get the answers he’s looking for. Carly heads up the stairs at home and faints on her way up.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Beth is leaving her house when she sees Phillip jogging by. He stops and walks over to her front stoop. They talk about her cases. Then he offers to buy her a cup of coffee. At Alan's, he is in bed when Alex is there trying to get him to get up and out. He doesn't want to. He feels like no body loves him. At the church, the wedding of Natalia and Frank is about to begin. When Doris gets to the words about objecting, Mallet speaks up by saying, "Who would object to this wedding." Back outside with Beth and Phillip, he tells her he knew the repercussions of coming back would be prison. Phillip and Beth talks about the good "ole" days of high school. At Alan's Alex and Alan continue to talk about Phillip and how he got away with what he did. Alan wonders if Phillip loves him. Alex reassures him that Phillip does love him. Daisy and James Spaulding keep texting each other on their cellphones during Frank and Natalia's wedding. The wedding is halted when Doris says there is a phone call. When Olivia goes to take it there is no one there. Olivia takes Doris aside and asks her, "What do you think you are trying to pull"? At the church, Frank and Natalia are talking near the prayer candles. She tells him she prays the same prayer only adding people to it as she meets them. Frank says that is beautiful. Meanwhile at the other side of the church, Doris and Olivia are still arguing over whether to stop the wedding. Olivia tells Doris to, "Just do it"! Meaning perform the wedding ceremony. Doris then asks Marina to stand and sing a song that Frank and Natalia picked. Marina gets up and does so with out instruments. Alex, Alan and Phillip get together to talk business and about Lizzie and Bill. Back at the church, Emma does a reading at the wedding. Natalia compliments her on a nice reading. Frank makes his vows. It is Natalia's turn and she can't seem to open her mouth. She then starts and starts to cry and says, "I am sorry" and storms out of the church. Phillip agrees to a press conference announcing his return. Everyone at the church is stunned. Lizzie calls James to get the details of what is going on. Daisy becomes annoyed at James. Olivia goes searching for Natalia. Natalia winds up at the park's gazebo. She asks God for help. At the Spaulding Board Meeting, Lizzie shows up. Alan explains that Phillip is coming back on the board on certain terms. Once Phillip reads those terms he gets angry. He demands to know what this is. At the church, James joins the wedding party wondering what happened to Natalia. At the park, Natalia and Olivia see each other without speaking.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Jessica and all her family and friends get ready for baby Chloe's (really Starr's baby Hope's) christening. Natalie and Jared agree to be the god parents but both are uncomfortable knowing that they are stuck between a rock and a hard place not knowing whether to devastate Jessica by telling her her baby died or keeping it all a secret. Starr attends and she bonds instantly with the baby almost as if they know that they are mother and child. Marcie also seems to bond with Jessica's child in a similar manner. Langston finds out that Markko helped Cole falsify his drug test after Cole took pain pills. She reminds him if Nora were ever to find out, Markko could be in big trouble along with Cole. Lola overhears and knows that she can use that against them since they are both shunning her and she can't "have" Markko. Todd and Tea sleep together. He assumes that she will help him prove that Blair and John's marriage is a fake so he can get custody of his kids. But she tells him she won't be manipulated by him ever again. She leaves. And they both reveal that maybe they have feelings for each other more than either wants to admit. Bo, Nora, John and Fish all investigate the stabbings with the belief that Zach Rosen is the culprit. But John reveals that Zach is not.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Jill finds Cane sitting outside her house. She questions him as to where he had come from. Cane lets her know that he had been worried about her since last night. Jill questions him about the custody hearing. Mac and Kay sit outside, silent. Mac laughs and tells Kay that everyone would think that they had taken the vow of silence. They discuss Mac’s conversation with Billy and Kay’s conversation with Jill. The bell chimes at the cottage. Chloe tells Billy to get Delia since she had gotten her last. At Neil’s and Karen’s apartment, they discuss the custody hearing for that day and how Ana feels about them being a family. Ana tells Neil that she hadn’t had a father before and wonders if Tyra will be at the hearing. Rafael assures them that he can get the hearing postponed, but Neil tells him that he will go through with this if Tyra can present her petition to the court. Devon comes in to pick up Ana to take her to Crimson lights. Victoria meets up with Devon and tells him that Victor is in the conference room of Newman Enterprises. Tyra apologizes to Lily for having slept with Neil. Jill owns up to Cane that she has a plan to get back into business. Chloe confronts Billy about Mac staying in Genoa City. At Newman Enterprises, Victor questions J.T. if he had found out any info on Colleen. J.T. tells Victor that Colleen is squeaky clean. Victoria Interrupts them. Victor tells Victoria that the new fragrance line has the green light and Victoria is the head of the campaign. Victoria is happy.

The custody hearing begins for Ana. Tyra Hamilton enters with her lawyer, Elizabeth Gardner. Cane confronts Kay about what had happened to Jill. Kay tells him that that was all Mitchell’s idea. Jill runs into Mac and tells her that Billy is strictly off limits now that he is married. Kay tells Cane that she is hiring him for the CEO position of Chancellor. Cane refuses the offer. Jill asks Victor for a job, but Victor refuses to give her a position at Newman Enterprises. The judge rules in favor of Neil and Karen adopting Ana, but before the judge can finish her statement, Neil interrupts.

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