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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Angie, Jesse and Little A arrive at the courthouse for the custody hearing. A bailiff comes to get Little A to take him to the judges’ chambers. J.R. is with Tad and Jake at Tad’s house. J.R. wants Amanda to testify for him in the custody hearing. Amanda agrees to testify for J.R. Tad talks J.R. out of having Amanda to testify. At the Chandler mansion, Adam and Erica discuss what Adam has on Krystal that would cause her not to testify in favor of her and David getting custody of Little A. At Wild wind, a lawyer meets with David and Krystal before the custody hearing. David lets Krystal know that everything is riding on her testimony. At the hospital, Taylor overhears Brot making airplane reservations for only one person. David tries to persuade Krystal to tell him what Adam had said to her, but Krystal denies Adam saying anything. At the courthouse, Tad offers his condolences for her losing the baby. Tad tries to persuade Krystal to tell the truth on the stand. J.R. and David both sneak a visit with Little A, but is caught by Jesse. Roger visits Jake and Amanda with bad news about putting her baby up for adoption. The custody hearing begins with Little A's testimony.

Adam pretends to have an attack of some sort on the stand. The ambulance drivers arrive and takes him to the hospital. Adam whispers something in Colby’s ear before he leaves the courthouse. At the hospital, Joe wants to run some tests on Adam and wants Adam’s medical charts from the other hospital, but Erica intervenes and tells Joe that Adam is fine. Adam listens to Krystal’s testimony on the witness stand from his cell phone. Krystal tells everyone that she doesn’t think that she and David are the right ones to raise Little A. Krystal also lets the court know that David isn’t the person that everyone thinks that he is.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Katie and Henry talk about Vienna’s pregnancy, as Katie promises to try not to obsess over Vienna’s pregnancy after she overreacts after finding out she is sick with a cold. Vienna is feeling miserable and asks Brad to rub a homemade remedy for colds on her chest. He is unsure, but he then agrees to do it. Henry and Katie walk in to find Brad and Vienna doing this and neither reacts well. Brad goes after Katie, who has run off. Katie later admits to being envious of what Vienna is going through and feels she is being left out. Brad assures her that she is their baby’s mother. Henry and Vienna argue over what he saw. Henry is not happy that Brad has his hands on Vienna when it is his baby, but he refuses still to step up and admit to anything. As they are arguing, Vienna falls, and Henry takes her to the hospital as a precaution. Brad and Katie learn from a WOAK cameraman that Vienna was taken to the hospital and rush over there. They are upset that Henry and Vienna didn’t call them, as Henry doesn’t react well and has to leave the room before he says anything else. Brad goes after them, as Henry almost spills the beans, but he then changes his mind – again. Brad and Katie can’t wait until this part of the pregnancy is over so they can hold their baby in their arms and know it is theirs. Henry and Vienna continue with their charade about the baby’s paternity. Luke is worried when he can’t reach Noah. Zoe tries to support him in her own weird way, and offers to help look for him, as Luke finally hears from Noah. He claims that he thought they needed space so he went to Lisbon with some friends to a film festival. Luke is upset and feels he is running away. Damian tells Lily that the Grimaldi ring she found may belong to Luke. He wonders if Luke isn’t more like him then Lily wants to believe, as he and Lily argue about this. She wants Damian to trust her that Luke isn’t involved in framing him to get him back. No sooner though, does Luke come charging through the door at Damian, claiming he made Noah go away. He and Damian have words, as Luke is angry with his mother for not kicking Damian out and won’t come back until he is gone. Damian tells Lily that he is going back to Malta to find out about the ring and then is going to Lisbon to bring Noah back. Lily discourages it thinking he will make it worse, but Damian feels he has no choice; he has to make things right with his son. Lily tells Luke that Damian has left town, as Luke worries about why Noah left. Lily doesn’t think Luke should go find Noah; she believes Noah loves Luke deeply and will come back soon. Zoe shows up to see Zac at an abandoned warehouse where they have kidnapped and are holding Noah; she tells him of the details of what happened with Luke and how Damian left town. Zac is happy that their plan is going even better then they thought it would. Noah demands to know what they are planning, but Zac and Zoe won’t tell him – they only allude to the fact that Luke will not be hurt, as long as he goes along with their plan.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge joins Taylor for lunch at Il Giardino. She thanks him for inviting her, and is surprised when Thomas and James appear. It’s a short visit as Dr. Warrick has to be back for a business meeting the next day. Ridge says now he is in the same boat as he is expected to stand by and just accept everything Rick does….or at least that is what Rick thinks. Thomas does not want his behavior to be excused. He realizes now just how wrong he was, but he doesn’t want Ridge giving up on trying to stop Rick. Ridge assures him that he will do anything, whatever it takes, to protect Steffy from Rick. Ridge tells Taylor that he really needs Brooke to be supportive and be more active in solving this problem. She really needs to hear how Rick talks to him. Rick is careful about that. Steffy needs to hear it too. Before she leaves, Taylor and Ridge hug and she tells him that she has wasted a lot of energy doing foolish things, trying to get her life together and be happy again. She knows that the happiest time of her life has passed when she was with him and their kids. She’s accepted that, but if something were to happen with him and Brooke, she wants Ridge to know that she will be there for him. He can always come to her. That will never change.

Stephanie doesn’t know why Nick is balking about making them a partnership. They can’t lose. She offers to talk to their banker, Mr. Williams. Nick believes in her and tries to convince Jackie. Clark, Owen and Bridget are waiting in the wings with their ears strained against the door. They cheer when Stephanie and Nick shake hands on the deal. Clark remarks they always celebrate with pigs in a blanket around here. Bridget looks in Clark’s desk and brings out a bottle of Irish whiskey….another tradition…..bring out the paper cups. They all give a toast and Stephanie says that is good cheap stuff. She wants to talk a little about the concept here at Jackie M’s. If they are no longer going to have a signature style, then they need to find some young hot designers like Jason Wu. Bridget thinks Owen would be great at sniffing out some up and coming hot designers. Stephanie tells Clark that she keeps expecting to see Sally Spectra come through that door any minute. Clark pulls out a postcard from the Canary Islands and says that must be where she is as he got that in February. He reads her the postcard about Sally and her swarthy Spanish men and she’s still teasing Clark about needing bail money. Stephanie thinks that is sweet. This is more a family than the one she was just thrown out of. Clark realizes that Stephanie never much liked him. She snickers that she wouldn’t necessarily cross the street if she saw him coming. He asks if she might fire him as he is not 25 any more. He’s not the next hot new thing. He admits that he designs and creates things for people who can not afford designer originals, but it reminds them of them. What he does here he can’t really do anyplace else. He asks if he should date her to make Eric jealous? She laughs and says no but thanks for asking. Nick brings papers in to sign and wants to be sure Clark is not going anywhere. Stephanie says they need him as the keeper of the flame, someone with a memory… other words Nick can not fire him. Clark pours the whiskey. Brooke forgets an outing she had with Katie and Donna. They sit on her bed as she tells them about the planned wedding of Steffy and Rick and how upsetting this is to Ridge, and she feels she is caught in the middle. Jackie sneaks away to her loft and Owen shows up. He claims that she has been avoiding him ever since he kissed her. She’s not that girlish so she was not offended. So he says she is not going to fire him, but she also is not giving him much to go on. She explains that there are different ways of dealing with things and one is to not deal with things….it happened….life goes on…..they move on. Coyly she asks Owen what does he see them doing. He answers that he’d like to see her with her clothes off. She laughs, so he wants a fling…..a nice sexual romp. She asks does he want a raise or a tumble. He says something private unless she thinks that would be too difficult. He’d rather not lose his job if he doesn’t have to. She chuckles and tells him that she’d had more drama in her life than fifty people all rolled into one. And yes she is in favor of keeping things private and secret, but she is not going to lose any sleep over what the press might find out about her again. And to fire him, she would have to be cornered. He does have the power to dazzle her, but probably not to corner her. Owen says then she can take him or leave him. She answers that she didn’t say that. Being unlucky in love doesn’t even begin to cover her life. He retorts that they’ve all been lonely, but maybe their luck has changed. She says he could be a schemer, after her money, just wanting to climb the corporate ladder. And she might not even care. The real danger is to him. She tells him that he is very attractive and his youth is part of it. What he doesn’t know is that his life is not going to turn out like he wants it to. He says he is not naïve, he may surprise her. She agrees with that and she will tell him why. She whispers – because she expects nothing. “I refuse to want you badly.” She says she may sleep with him, but she will not agonize over him. If he wants to see her without her clothes on, his will have to come off first.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

The pub has a new waitress, Arianna, and Max introduces her to Melanie and Chelsea. Chelsea learns that Max has applied to medical school, and while she’s upset at first that he didn’t tell her, she tells him that she thinks he will make a great doctor. Bo learns Hope and Roman’s location and he and the other officers bust the drug dealers. Bo relieves Hope and Roman, telling Hope that he now realizes that while his vision was right about some things, he was wrong to think she would be intimate with Roman. He agrees never to keep another vision secret from her. Nicole convinces Mia that Sydney will probably go into foster care if the truth comes out. Mia agrees to keep her secret and to not try and get Sydney back. Brady confronts Nicole about her wedding, telling her that he needs her in his life and that she should be with him instead of EJ, since he loves her for who she is. Nicole tells him that he deserves better than her. Later, Melanie sees Brady brooding by the pier and decides to try to console him by kissing him. Rafe brings the St. Anne’s medallion by Sami’s apartment, but she isn’t home. He tells Will that he is leaving town and holds Grace one last time. Later, Mia comes over. She doesn’t tell Will while she is so upset, but ends up bonding with Grace.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Nikolas is as stunned as everyone else is to see Helena on the hospital monitors. Monica, and Edward fear for Rebecca’s safety, so they take her to the mansion. Alexis is convinced Helena “planted” Rebecca in Port Charles. Luke and Tracy discuss Ethan. As Ethan listens in, Luke says, “Ethan is the man” he “raised Lucky to be.” Tracy grills Ethan about his connection to Holly. Ethan claims their relationship was just casual. Lucky rushes to the casino to tell Luke the news about Helena’s return. Luke figures Helena will show up at the casino sooner or later. Lucky is upset that Luke isn’t more upset about Helena’s return. Alexis talks with Luke about Rebecca’s possible connection to Helena. Luke says “something big” is about to happen. Olivia bugs Carly to take the pregnancy test. Ric’s attorney comes into her office and finds Ric and Johnny there but the DVD missing. Ric is frantic to find the DVD since John claims he didn’t take it. Ric tells his attorney why the DVD is so crucial to his survival. Carly has another dizzy spell but this time in front of Diane. Max and Diane think Carly could be pregnant but they’re not certain who the father is. Patrick worries about Robin’s reaction to Helena’s return. Unbeknownst to Patrick, Robin asks Dr. Lee to prescribe her “some alternate” meds so she can give up the antidepressants. Dr. Lee says Robin should continue with the meds the psychiatrist prescribed. Robin over reacts when Matt asks her to consult on a case. Later, Robin gets upset when she hears Patrick confiding in Liz. The two then have an argument in the middle of the hospital. Robin blames Patrick for their troubles. Patrick confronts Robin about the man he saw her with in Rochester. Jason visits Claudia to discuss the “truth” about the DVD. Jason promises to make the guilty party “pay.” Later, Jason goes to see Carly and she confides in him about her possible pregnancy. Johnny tells Claudia he didn’t get the DVD and that it was missing from the lawyer’s safe. Claudia is worried. Ric comes home and finds an armed Jerry waiting for him. Jerry isn’t happy that Ric has been “using” his DVD’s “to make mischief.” Rebecca offers her support to Nikolas the Helena situation. Nik takes Rebecca to Wyndemere for safety. Helena suddenly shows up and seems surprised to see Rebecca.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Josh put a plan into action to get rid of Edmund. Olivia talks to Natalia one more time before Natalia gets married about her feelings for her. Josh visits Reva and Jeffrey. They talk about Edmund and what to do with him. Then Collin come in. He says, "Reva, looks like you're gonna live." At which point Reva smiles. Olivia goes to talk to Frank about Natalia and her feelings. She tells him that Natalia loves him and wants a life with him. Then Doris walks in on them. At Cedars, Josh feels like he is intruding on a tender moment with Reva and Jeffrey and slips out of her room. Shayne and Dinah talk about what it is they see in each other. Olivia drags Doris aside and asks her what she is doing. Doris tells her, "They needed a Justice of the Peace and she volunteered". Rafe gives his mother a pre wedding talk. Jeffrey is outside Reva's room talking to her via intercom. He promises to have the computer cam on 24/7. Outside Cedars Jeffrey is loading little Colin into the van and Josh is watching it from across the street. Shayne has a dream about Lara that is so real it scares him. In his dream they are at he park and he thinks she is alive till she vanishes. Natalia and Frank's wedding begins with family and friends in attendance.

OLTL Recap Written by Mandy

Matthew is set to return to school, but claims that he isn’t feeling well, so Rachel insists on staying with him. Matthew and Rachel open up to each other. Starr realizes that she lost her locket at the crime scene, but doesn’t know that Cole had found it and has it. Markko visits Cole in rehab and Cole asks Markko for a favor. Cole goes to visit Starr and she is happy to see him. Destiny warns Becca and Jack that Matthew’s family could sue them, so they give Matthew a video game. Destiny witnesses a kiss between Matthew and Becca. Nora questions Zach and he claims that he is innocent, while Bo finds a bloody knife under the floorboards in Zach’s room.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At Chancellor Industries, Kay questions Mac if she had seen Jill. Kay tells Mac that she is supposed to meet Murph her later. Jill arrives at Chancellor Industries and finds all her things in boxes. She questions Jennifer as to who had done this. Karen and Lily meet. Karen tells Lily that Neil had cheated on her with Tyra. Lily cannot believe her ears. At the cottage house, Billy remembers his conversation with Mac. Chloe asks which one is the “Mother of the Year” as Delia fusses. Chloe asks Billy does he still love her and Billy affirms that he does, thinking that Chloe means Delia. Chloe lets him know that she was talking about Mac. Cane and Michael discuss the case that they have against Billy and Chloe and the adoption of Delia. Rafael tells Neil that Karen wants to go through with the adoption. Neil agrees to go through with it if Tyra can be present. Tyra sighs as she asks Rafael to recommend a good lawyer. Chloe asks Billy if he is going to bail on her which Billy denies.

Tyra receives a referral for a good lawyer. Tyra owns up she ruined Neil’s life. Lily interrupts them and confronts Neil about what Karen had told him about Neil cheating on Karen with Tyra. Rafael visits Chloe and Billy and tells them to bring Delia to the custody hearing. At Chancellor Industries, Jill has called Cane to let him know that she had been fired at Chancellor. Kay interrupts them. Esther visits Chloe to check on her. Chloe starts to call Billy, but Esther stops her. Billy is with Mac when he receives a call from Chloe. Jill tells Kay that she was fired, but Kay tells her that if wasn’t of Kay’s doing. Michael and Mac visit Kevin.

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