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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Annie sits on her bed in Oak Haven when Aidan walks in. They discuss Ryan and how that Ryan doesn’t’ trust Annie anymore. Aidan begins to search for his cell phone which Annie hides in her pocket. Ryan holds Erica, wrapped in a blanket up In his arms. The police rush in with their guns aimed at Ryan. Kendall also walks in and is surprised by what she sees. David visits Zach to check on Ian. They discuss the custody hearing that is going to be the next day. At the ConFusion bar, Krystal makes a call and a woman answers. Krystal hangs up without saying anything. Adam calls Krystal and demands that she come to see him or else. Aidan searches Annie’s room for his cell phone, unaware that the cell phone is in Annie’s pocket. Ryan and Erica explain their predicament to the police as well as Kendall. Zach hears a noise outside and finds that it is Reese, who is leaving a present for Ian. Ryan questions Kendall if she still loves him. With the help of Aidan’s cell phone, Annie sneaks out of Oak Haven and goes to visit Emma. Krystal visits Adam and he lets her know what he has on her. Krystal is dumbfounded by the news. Erica interrupts them. Erica questions Adam as to what he had done to Krystal. Annie sneaks into Ryan’s home and sees Emma. Emma begs Annie to spend the night, but Annie refuses. Kendall lets Ryan know that she loves him.

Annie and Emma spend quality time together until Ryan comes home and almost catches Annie there. Kendall arrives home to Zach and lets him know where she had found Erica and whom she was with. Krystal comes home in a trance and immediately goes upstairs. David sneaks into the Chandler mansion and questions Erica as to what Adam had said to Krystal. Annie steals a pic of Emma off the table before she leaves Ryan’s home. Annie bumps into Aidan outside of Ryan’s door. Aidan demands his cell phone which Annie realizes that she had lost inside Ryan’s apartment. Ryan hears a cell phone and upon investigating, finds Aidan’s cell phone.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Nancy arrives for a routine check up and tells Allison she usually rides the senior van for her appointments but the hospital had to cut costs and the senior van no longer has a driver. Nancy makes Bob promise that he will find volunteers and a coordinator to run the Senior van. Allison thinks Casey would be the perfect person to coordinate the program because it would be a great idea for his community service project to persuade the Dean of Oakdale University to admit him back into school. Allison talks to Casey who isn't thrilled about the idea until Allison reminds him that if he works at the hospital they could spend more time together.

Jade later asks Casey where she can buy drugs and he refuses to help her and angrily walks away . Jade sees a man sitting on a bench in Old Town and tries to buy drugs from him but he being an undercover cop arrests her. Margo decides to give Jade a break and not press charges against her if she does community service. Margo calls Bob and he tells her to send her right over because he has the perfect spot for her. Casey tells Bob that he would love to help with the volunteers and Bob tells Casey that he and Jade can work together on the project. Casey leaves because he doesn't want to work with Jade but Allison later persuasive Casey to change his mind and reminds him that his true goal is to get back into school.

Meg tries to persuade Paul that things are over with Dusty and her wants them to become a family again for Eliza's sake. Paul is skeptical of Meg's intentions and Meg's cause isn't helped when she, Eliza and Paul run into Dusty , Lucy and Johnny having lunch at the Lake view. Meg tells Dusty that things are over between them and she is going back to Paul so that Eliza can have a family. Dusty doesn't believe Meg and tries to persuade her not to do this because she could be in danger. Paul doesn't believe Meg either and insists that she is only pretending so she can get access to Eliza.

Lucy has a problem at the docks because the medicine supplier wants more money Dusty tells the supplier that if he doesn't load the medicine on the ship he will make him disappear. The supplier loads the medicine on the ship. Lucy is grateful for Dusty's help but is worried that he has put himself in danger. Dusty tells Lucy that he will be there for her whenever she needs him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke is incredulous that Ridge wants her to stop the wedding between Steffy and Rick, and he is holding her accountable for everything Rick has done. Yes, Ridge and Taylor both beg her to find some way to stop this. This is a textbook Oedipus case, a desire of a young man for his mother’s love. Brooke can’t believe they are banding together against her, and Ridge can’t believe that Brooke won’t accept the truth about her son. Rick accuses Steffy of having some nasty little doubts creeping back into their relationship. He assures her just how crazy he is about her. She says in her heart that she knows he is the right man for her no matter what others say. They get on the laptop and check out wedding registry sites. Brooke sees how happy they are and doesn’t want to bust their bubble. But she tells Rick there are going to be many obstacles. He says he doesn’t care if he has Ridge’s support or not. Steffy says Ridge told her to follow her own judgment and she is not changing her mind. Brooke tells them she just came from Ridge and Taylor and they want her to stop the wedding. Rick accuses her of having to satisfy Ridge’s feelings at all costs. Brooke finally says she will stand up for them; she will be on their side. They have a huge hill to climb, but they can do it. They will have to prove to Ridge and Taylor they have nothing to fear from this marriage. Taylor tells Ridge that she doesn’t know what else they can do. She does not want to lose her other daughter. Ridge says he will not rest until they pull Steffy away from this. Rick taunts Ridge that he has registered at Macy’s; the wedding will happen. He will be president of the company and Ridge’s son-in-law as well. Steffy will belong to him. Ridge grabs him by the collar and laments that the only reason that he doesn’t kill him right now is because of Steffy. Rick relays that driving Ridge up the wall is just a fringe benefit of him seeing Steffy. Brooke tells Taylor that the kids are adults now and Taylor should treat them as such. She thinks they are good for each other. Taylor tells her that Brooke’s whole fantasy world is a farce. Rick doesn’t even know what love is. She will do whatever she has to do to break Rick's stranglehold on Steffy.

Stephanie and Pammie have lunch at Il Giardino. Pammie bemoans Stephanie’s new state of affairs being dumped at Forrester’s. Stephanie reminds her that this is the first day of the rest of their lives. Nick needs help with his company and looks like Stephanie is it. Pammie tells Stephanie that if she is going, then she is quitting too. Stephanie asks her not to; she needs her there to keep them honest. Seize the day! Stephanie tells her that she feels alive again. It’s been a long time since she has felt needed. She thinks she can turn Jackie M’s around. Pammie laughs and says she would like to be a fly on the wall when Eric and his little chickie find out where she has landed.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Mia confronts Nicole about her past. Nicole tries to convince her that she has changed, but Mia doesn’t buy it, and tells Nicole that she wants her baby back. Nicole says she can have her, but warns Mia she may go to juvenile hall and lose Sydney over her attempt to sell her child on the black market. Kate tells Chloe and Daniel that Daniel will be the next guest on the TV show. She is later horrified to learn from her assistant that the studio burned to the ground the night before. Chloe is elated, sure that she doesn’t have to do the talk show anymore, but Kate vows to find a way to make it happen. Maggie comes to the rescue, offering to let Kate use Chez Rouge to tape the show. She agrees and tells Chloe that she’ll be tasting dishes for a segment on nutrition with Daniel. Hope has a stakeout planned with another detective, but he called in sick and she is forced to go with Roman. Bo is horrified to learn the two are together. He panics when the two lose radio contact with the station and can’t tell anyone the location has been moved to a hotel. Hope realizes the drug dealer saw her looking at him through the window, and a little later, someone attempts to enter the hotel room. Hope is forced to draw her weapon.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

The newly renovated GH opens for business. Rebecca is happy but hesitant when she and Nik meet on the pier. Claudia enlists Johnny’s help to find the copy of Jerry’s DVD. Sonny walks in on Claudia’s conversation with Johnny. After John leaves, Claudia assures Sonny that John knows nothing about Ric’s accusations. Sonny is suspicious that Ric may be telling the truth about Claudia. Sonny later asks Carly in general terms if she would believe Ric over Claudia in a given situation. Carly says she doesn’t trust either but says Ric is “out to destroy” Sonny. She presses him for details, but Sonny won’t comply. Olivia presses Carly about taking a pregnancy test. Carly tells Olivia why pregnancy is a risk and she probably can’t carry a baby to full term. Olivia brings Carly a home pregnancy test. Patrick is surprised when Robin shows up at work. Tracy presses Lulu to get info on Ethan. Lulu doesn’t seem as concerned as Tracy is about Ethan and his agenda. Edward later asks Tracy if she’s told Luke her “suspicions” about Ethan. Tracy says she won’t say a word without proof. Lucky is worried about Lulu and he isn’t happy to learn how much Luke has opened up to Ethan. Ethan sings Luke’s praises as a father, which makes Luke suspicious. Ethan goes to the apartment to see Lulu. At GH, Robin watches as Patrick gives Liz a toy car for Cameron. Ric approaches Claudia on the pier and again threatens to “expose” her. Later, Ric tells someone on the phone that “somebody’s gonna die.” Ric stresses that he won’t be the one to die. Sonny stops Claudia from moving out of the house. Claudia pretends to be offended that Sonny may take Ric’s word over hers. Sonny promises to learn the truth either way. Claudia points the finger at Ric. Johnny finds the duplicate DVD and destroys it. Monica and Nikolas officially reopen GH with a ribbon cutting ceremony. There’s a sudden power failure at GH. When the power comes back, Helena appears on all the hospital computers. Everyone is stunned as Helena promises to “punish” Nikolas until he “meets her demands.”

GL Recap Written by Beth

Frank gives Buzz the good news about his marrying Natalia. Buzz if funny about it. Frank asks Buzz to be his best man. Buzz excepts. Olivia gives Natalia a set of dishes as they pack for Natalia's move. Little Colin and Reva go missing when both Jeffrey and Josh check the hospital. Jeffrey tells Josh, "Now it is time to worry." Edmund is seen packing baby things, then Reva arrives angry and in pain. Buzz makes Natalia feel more welcome. Josh calls in a favor to Frank in finding little Colin and Reva. Meanwhile. Reva is confronts Edmund. Edmund tells Reva why he's done what he's done. He calls it revenge. Frank and Natalia go and see Fr. Ray to talk about the marriage. Buzz and Olivia talk about Natalia. Olivia say when she was sick, Natalia believed in her. Back at the meeting with Fr Ray, Natalia and Frank talk about how much they have helped each other in their lives. Natalia says, "I found a great man to marry". Olivia tells Buzz she's never had a friend like her" in talking about Natalia. Reva stabs Edmund with a syringe in the neck. Josh finds Reva and little baby Colin. He asks what happen when he sees Edmund hurt. Jeffrey arrives and asks Reva if she is alright. She says, Yes. She continues to say that Edmund let her go. Reva hugs and kisses little Colin. Jeffrey reminds her what being near the baby could do to her situation. Olivia is at Gus' grave talking to him when Natalia comes. Olivia wonders if Natalia heard all that she said. Frank gets upset that the Church has a problem marrying Natalia and he tells Buzz about his feelings. At the cemetery, both Natalia and Olivia continue their talk. Olivia blurts out, "I love you" to Natalia. Natalia is confused.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Shane demands that his parents tell him the truth about the problems they are having. H knows that they are not getting along and might be breaking up. Roxy encourages Rex and Gigi not to break up and informs them she knows what Stacy is doing. Stacy meets privately with the lab technician whom she is urging to switch the bone marrow tests so that it looks as though she is the donor. Schuyler overhears their conversation and knows that this is all about her obsession of Rex. He tells her he's done with her. Todd and John manage to disarm Zach and set Starr free. Cole admits that he still loves her. But he still can't stay away from his pills. Clint realizes that Nora is angry at him for planning Matthew's surprise party and realizes he may not be a part in her life at the present time. He goes to talk to Viki. She is ready to have a private moment with Charlie. But Charlie senses Viki's bond to her ex husband the same way Clint senses that Nora has a bond with her son, her daughter and Bo.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

In her hotel room, Sharon thanks Jack for getting her a good lawyer and for standing by her until she had gotten out on bail. Jack encourages Sharon to get another room, but she refuses. At Phyllis’ home, Noah inquires of Phyllis as to where his father is. Phyllis lets him know that she doesn’t’ know where Nick is. Noah begins to blame himself and leaves. J.T wishes Nick a good morning and tells him that Vicki had made some coffee if he wanted some. J.T. tells Nick that Sharon had been arrested, but is out on bail. At the ranch, Victor and Colleen go over some business numbers. They also argue over Victor hating Colleen’s father. Nikki walks into Lily’s office. Lily admires the new cover of “Young and Restless” with Katherine on the cover. Murphy tries to get Katherine’s attention, but she is more interested as to what is going on outside. Katherine tells Murph that she just cannot get through to Jill. Nikki calls and asks if Katherine wants to come into the office. Katherine agrees.

Jack inquires of Colleen as to how her meeting had gone with Victor. Jack asks Colleen to be the new face of “Jabot.” Victor tells J.T. that he wants Colleen off the Newman board. J.T. tells Victor that Sharon had been arrested, but was out on bail. Nick defends Phyllis when Sharon wants to accuse Phyllis of doing this to her. Nikki tells Phyllis that they are selling out. Phyllis tells Nikki that Nick had left her. Nick tells Sharon that he had left Phyllis. Nick and Noah meet up at the Indigo bar and have a discussion about Noah sleeping with Eden. Nick tells Noah that Sharon had been arrested for stealing. Eden join them. Noah visits Sharon and confronts her about stealing and letting Eden take the blame. Nick questions Phyllis if she had set Sharon up. Phyllis refuses to give Nick a straight answer.

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