Monday 4/13/09 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 4/13/09 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

At ConFusion, David and Scott discuss the medical documentaries that Scott had been involved in. J.R. walks up and finds Krystal outside of Jesse and Angie’s apartment door. J.R. accuses Krystal of trying to take over with Little A again. Jesse opens the door and finds both J.R. and Krystal there. Jesse reprimands them for being there and reminds them of the custody hearing that is due to be held tomorrow. Frankie and Randi, at the hospital, are getting dressed from their lovemaking. Angie walks in and wants to know what Frankie is doing here. Frankie makes up a lame story that he had lost his stethoscope. Angie sees through his little lie. At home, Zach and Kendall pull apart from their kiss and know that this doesn’t change anything. David asks Scott to let him take the diagrams home with him, but Scott refuses. J.R. walks in and sees David and Scott conversing. Kendall receives a call that Erica’s car had been found by the side of the road. Kendall, immediately, leaves.

Ryan and Erica find an old abandoned building for shelter. Ryan carries Erica over the threshold. J.R. confronts Scott about being buddies with David. Ryan watches the fire while Erica takes a luxurious bath. Ryan lets Erica know that this should be Kendall’s choice as to who, she wants to be with. David visits Zach to check on Ian. Jesse and Angie celebrate with Randi, Frankie, Brot and Taylor before his deployment to Iraq. Kendall and the police are at Erica’s car and finds one of her shoes and finds two set of footprints. Ryan tells Erica that they are stuck here for the night. Erica screams over a bug in the bathtub. Ryan picks up Erica, cover and all just before the police barge in with their guns raised. Kendall walks in and is surprised by what she sees.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Carly and Craig share more alcohol, as they are happy with how things are working out; their night is interrupted by Parker, who has flown there to see Liberty, thanks to Jack. Parker is none to happy to hear Liberty is at a party. When Liberty comes home with her new young boss, Colin, in tow, Parker is angry and lashes out at Carly and Craig mostly but also at Liberty. Parker hurls insults at his mother, who he spits has become an alcoholic. Liberty storms out and Parker goes after her. Carly is hurt, as Craig tries to comfort her. Parker and Liberty fight about her internship and moving to NY without him. Parker is sure Liberty is no longer in love with him and wants to get away from him. Liberty tries to make him understand and finally tells him that she thinks she will just pass on the internship and find something closer to home. Parker is thrilled Liberty chose him, as he sees it. Craig forces Carly to sober up and then offers to talk with Parker when Carly wants to. Craig learns from a smug Parker that they didn’t win, and he and Liberty are staying together; he even tells Craig that Liberty is passing on the internship too. Craig chooses not to tell a distraught looking Carly of the new events when Carly is sure Parker hates her. Craig offers to hold Carly to comfort her, as Carly lets him. Damian appeals to Lily that he isn’t the one sabotaging the Foundation. Lily still doesn’t believe him, and is even more convinced of his guilt when she finds a Grimaldi ring in the drawer where the disks disappeared. She confronts Damian, who proves it isn’t his, since the ring is way too small, but he thinks someone else from his family might be involved. Lily seems to be wondering if he might be true. They start to go over the evidence, as Damian wonders about the partial username that Noah remembered – PESC1. Damian takes Lily home where he sees Luke, who is not pleased to see him and is still adamant that he is the guilty party. Luke is also not happy to see that both Lily and Noah appear to believe Damian now. Lily wants him to know they are all on the same side, but Luke doesn’t think they are. Luke and Noah have another strange run in with Zac and Zoe. Zoe wants to use the Ouija Board to talk to the spirits about who is trying to destroy the Foundation. The initials LG appear when Zoe asks who the spirits want to talk with and Luke admits that is his true initials, but he doesn’t want to get more involved. The lights go out, and Noah goes looking for Zac, who has been snooping in Luke’s room; he finds him waiting for him without a shirt. Zac comes onto Noah, who again turns him down. Zoe flirts with Luke, who turns her down. Noah is starting to dislike Zac and Zoe and worries that they can't be trusted, but Luke thinks they are harmless. Later, after Noah offers Damian his support in finding who is trying to sabotage the Foundation, and they realize the username may be Pisces, Noah sees Zac and Zoe wearing matching Pisces necklaces and confronts them on it. They react in such a dramatic way that Noah thinks he might be reaching, but he still ultimately looks like he is unsure about them.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick admits to Steffy that he may have been pushing Ridge’s buttons again by suggesting the same beach for their wedding. When Steffy doesn’t understand, he tries to explain that it does not matter where they marry. She knows he wants to make her happy, but he doesn’t have to make it worse by breaking her dad’s heart. She wonders sometimes if his love for her doesn’t sometime get twisted up with his hatred for her dad. He admits he has done a lot of things he is not proud of, but marrying her is not one of them. He wants to pick out silverware and china patterns with her. Ridge tells Brooke that today proves that Rick is using Steffy by desecrating their wedding site. Taylor pops in and agrees about Point Doom. This is just another ploy by Rick to stick it to Ridge. She and Brooke get into it about whom to believe. Taylor states that Rick is sick and twisted. Ridge tells Brooke that she still has blinders on where it concerns Rick; that bothers him. Brooke thinks this is something beautiful and the family needs to heal. Taylor says Rick is unstable and he needs to seek help. This marriage should never happen. Ridge sides with Taylor. Brooke says Taylor is playing on his worst fears. Ridge replies that they have tried everything to get through to Steffy, but Rick’s hold is too strong. Brooke needs to do something to stop it. Nick can not accept Stephanie’s terms, 50% of the company. She says that she is worth every penny. He proposes a hefty salary the first year, then they will talk partnership. Stephanie is floored when she realizes Bridget is Madam X. She tells Nick that he must be in much worse shape than she thought. Stephanie tells Bridget that she has potential. She tells Nick they need more than that, someone better than Owen to lead them.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nicole divulges to EJ and Stefano that Rafe was at the mansion posing as a cable guy and snooping around. Sami and Rafe fight over her deciding to tell EJ the truth about Grace. Rafe says goodbye and leaves. He later confides in Sister Agnes that he is leaving town for good. Sami heads over to the mansion to talk to EJ, but he confronts her about Rafe spying for her. Sami claims that she just wanted to make sure that Johnny was safe, but EJ slams the door in her face before she can blurt out the truth about their baby. EJ tells Nicole that he is sorry for thinking her disloyal and tells her that he wants to be her husband. Mia learns all about Nicole’s sordid past from Will and decides that she will no longer allow her to care for her baby. Melanie consoles Brady about the mystery woman he is clearly in love with. Melanie advises him to tell the person how he feels.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Spinelli catches Maxie kissing Johnny. Johnny tells Spinelli that he and Maxie “are attracted to each other.” Spinelli loses his temper and hits Johnny. Spinelli is devastated and thinks Maxie has a thing for Johnny. Maxie is in denial but Spinelli knows the truth. Finally Maxie admits her attraction to Johnny. Spinelli is broken hearted when he realizes Maxie will never be attracted to him the way she is to Johnny. Later, Spinelli tells Johnny to “cherish and value” Maxie or else. Carly interrupts Claudia’s pregnancy meeting with Dr. Lee so Claudia suddenly claims to be trying not to get pregnant. Dr. Lee says another pregnancy could be dangerous for Carly due to a disorder she may have. Dr. Lee says they need to run some tests. Later, Carly goes to visit Michael for comfort. After Carly leaves the room, Michael moves his hand. Ric tries to convince Sonny that Claudia was responsible for Michael’s shooting. Sonny asks Ric for “proof” that Claudia ordered the hit so Ric produces the DVD made by Jerry. Ric tells Sonny that a number of DVD’s were hidden in the house. He wonders if Claudia’s been searching the house lately. Claudia comes home just as Sonny is about to play the DVD. It seems the DVD is blank and Claudia claims to be innocent. Claudia and Jason put all the blame on Ric but Sonny isn’t so sure. Later, Jason promises to kill Ric if he instituted the shooting. Ric says he has a copy of the DVD. Claudia thanks Sonny for trusting her. Sonny says Claudia is as good as dead if Ric is telling the truth. An angry Ethan accuses Lulu of following him home. Ethan calms down but says he knows Tracy is checking into his background. Lulu tells Ethan she knows he has an agenda. Later, Maxie tries to reconcile things with Lulu but Lulu won’t budge and she kicks Maxie out of the apartment. Rebecca’s test result comes back negative so she and Nik celebrate over ice cream. Rebecca gets a cryptic phone call that makes her angry. Helena lurks around in the newly renovated General Hospital.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Edmund thinks out loud about Shayne. Olivia and Emma are planning the bridal shower for Natalia. When Natalia and Olivia are in the bedroom, Natalia tells Olivia that she can't let her do this planning for the wedding seeing how she feels about her. Jeffrey gives Reva the 3rd degree about when she can see baby Colin. Reva finally backs down. At Company, Josh and Dinah are talking about dealing with Edmund. Josh says he has a plan and tells Dinah not to worry. Shayne is with Edmund talking about the day Lara died. Frank stops by Olivia and Natalia's to talk about their wedding. In walk Rafe to everyone's delight. Rafe kids he is hungry. At Cedars, Lillian comes in to check on Reva and Jeffrey asks her to take a picture of them. Lillian says, "I'd be happy to". Reva gripes that she can't see her son. Outside Josh sees someone, who at this point is feeling dizzy. Josh asks if he is ok. At Company, Billy and Dinah are waiting to hear from Josh. Dinah checks her cellphone messages and gets one from Shayne saying he is checking a project on 5th St. and would be around later. At the 5th street project, Edmund is talking about Shayne's falling in love again and forgetting Lara. Shayne suggests for a walk. Edmund calls Shayne a liar. Saying he lied about loving Lara. Back at Olivia and Natalia's, Rafe tells his mother that he is home for good. That Frank helped. Frank says all he wants is for them to be a family, it doesn't matter where Rafe sleeps. Back at Cedars Reva worried about Shayne. Just as Jeffrey leave's Reva's room he runs into Josh, who tells him that he hasn't heard from Shayne and he wants Jeffrey to help. Then Reva comes out after overhearing their conversation. Jeffrey orders her to go back to bed. Reva wants Jeffrey and Josh to promise her that no one hurts any one of her sons. Shayne and Edmund get interrupted by a friend of Shayne's at a building. Then the phone rings. This friend picks it up and tells Shayne that it is for him. It is Dinah who tells him to get out and join her outside. When Shayne tell Edmund they will finish their discussion later, Edmund seems ok with that. When Shayne leaves, Edmund starts destroying the office. Olivia goes to see Doris. At Olivia and Natalia's, Natalia wants Rafe to go to Cedars to be checked out. Rafe tells her he is fine. Natalia just can't be happier than she has been in awhile. Rafe sees it and comments on it. Then Emma interrupts them wanting Rafe to play a video game with him. He says ok and Emma starts pulling him away. Billy visits Reva. Reva thinks this is a plan of Jeffrey's to keep her mind off Shayne. Billy brings her one of their favorite foods and 2 forks. Josh and Jeffrey check out where Shayne was last. They see it has been trashed. Josh gives the friend that was there earlier some money to cover the damages. At the park, Shayne and Edmund have their run in. Dinah arrives to try and stop it. Jeffrey hits Shayne. At Towers where Doris and Olivia are having drinks, Doris has figured out why Olivia is acting so strange. Doris says, "You would rather have Natalia marry you than a man." At Olivia and Natalia's, Rafe and Emma are talking about her moving out and not being like a "brother and sister". Rafe says that won't change, that he will always be there for her. Josh and Jeffrey are checking out the place Josh found there friend. Then Jeffrey's cell rings, It is Lillian keeping him posted on Reva. Jeffrey tells Lillian to tell Reva, "Not to worry". Lillian tells him, "Are you kidding? We're talking about Reva here." At Olivia and Natalia, Frank is talking to Rafe about him being there for Rafe and his mother. That in a sense for a while he was family when Harley and Gus were married. Then Emma comes down half dressed in her wedding outfit. She is a little early, says Natalia. When Emma goes upstairs to change. Olivia and Natalia giggle about it. Then Natalia turns to Olivia and hugs her. Telling her everything will be alright. At Cedars, Edmund dressed in O.R. greens visits little Colin in the hospital nursery.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Zach holds Starr hostage. But with some effort, Todd and John manage to save her. Cole reveals to his mom that he still loves Starr. Schuyler and Stacy sleep together and he concludes that there is nothing for either one of them in Llanview and maybe they should go back to Vegas together. But she reveals to him that she has "unfinished business". And he knows that it's her misguided obsession over Rex. After Gigi finds out that Jessica caught Brody sleeping with her, she goes and urges Jessica to know that Brody would never sleep with her (Gigi) nor want to jeopardize his potential relationship with Jessica. But Jessica does not understand why it is that both she and Rex saw Gigi and Brody sleeping together and is not ok with happened. Rex reveals to Gigi that he knows what he saw. He knows she dumped him for Brody. He knows she falsely accused him of sleeping with her sister. And he doesn't know nor condone her anger toward Stacy, when in appears to him that Stacy has done nothing wrong and has saved Shane's life. Roxy later reveals to Gigi that she knows what Stacy has been doing and does not fault Gigi for doing what she had to do in order to save her son's life. Natalie and Jared conclude that they must destroy the evidence that Jessica's child died and baby Chloe is really Starr's baby.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

At Phyllis’ and Nick’s house, Phyllis apologizes to Noah for having a lot on her mind. Noah questions Phyllis as to what Nick was going to tell Michael and Lauren about him and Eden. Lauren calls for Michael. Nick and Eden come in. Nick orders Eden to tell Lauren what had happened tonight between her and Noah. Instead of telling Lauren what had happened, Eden asks where Michael is. In Gloria’s hotel room, Gloria and Jeff celebrate with champagne that Kevin was home. Michael visits with Kevin and finds that he had been given some sedatives. Jana cries with her head hurting. Detective Wallace visits Sharon in her room at the Athletics Club. He notices things being thrown all around the room and begins to question Sharon about them. Sharon denies knowing where all these items had come from. Sharon also shows him the writing on the mirror. Phyllis calls the police to tip them off about the things in Sharon’s room. Sharon calls Jack for help. Jack arrives at Sharon’s room and wants to know what is going on. Sharon owns up that she may have taken the items.

Nick arrives home and questions Phyllis as to where Noah is. Nick tells Phyllis that they need to separate. Phyllis is devastated and angry to think that Nick had used her when he was really in love with Sharon. Jana lets Gloria know that Kevin is not getting medical help. Wallace arrests Sharon on grand theft charges. Lauren gives Eden helpful advice on having pre-marital sex. Jack calls Michael for help. Michael arrives at the police station. Jack fills him in. Michael refuses to help. At home, Michael fills Lauren and Eden in on the fact that Sharon had been arrested. Nick goes to Victoria’s to spend the night.

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