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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the ConFusion Bar, Scott hits J.R. in the face. Barry demands to know who Scott is. Scott introduces himself. Barry wants to call the police, but J.R. stops him. At Oak Haven, Annie apologizes to Ryan for hurting him and Emma. Ryan lets her know that Emma had hit another girl on the school bus and was sent home. Kendall thanks Spike for bringing a teddy bar for Ian. Zach lets Kendall know that Ian is coming home. David gives Ian a clean bill of health and releases him from the hospital. Frankie lets Randi know that he has to get back to work, but he will be all hers for the rest of the night since he will be going back to Iraq the next day. Kendall assures Erica that she and Zach are not back together. Annie realizes that Ryan blames her for Greenlee’s death. Aidan comes in and tells Ryan that he needs to leave. David commends Frankie on his work in the emergency room and he tells Frankie that once he comes back from Iraq then Frankie can mentor under David as a cardiac surgeon. Frankie is thrilled. Aidan tells Annie that he had called Tori’s parents. Dr. Burke tells Annie that Tori’s parents are there to see her.

David meets up with Scott in the ConFusion Bar. Scott tells David about his plans. Stewart welcomes Scott home. Zach and Kendall take Ian home from the hospital. Ryan arrives home to find Erica with Emma and a mountain of toys and a new video in order to persuade Ryan to go to Philadelphia with her. Ryan finally agrees. Randi arranges a rendezvous in one of the hospital rooms for her and Frankie so they won’t be disturbed. Ryan and Erica have car trouble. There is a sound of rapid gunfire and a man yelling for a medic to help.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Craig visits Lucy at her apartment to ask her to watch after Johnny while he and Carly are out of town. Lucy, happily agrees. At the hospital, Meg asks Pau how Eliza is. Paul lets her know that he isn’t’ sure. The doctor comes out and tells them that the fever is broken and they can take Eliza home. Meg insists on being Eliza’s nurse, but Paul insists that Meg be the nurse at his home. Meg agrees. At Carly’s, Carly asks Parker when is his tryouts. Carly hands Parker the keys to the car, as well as the house. Parker is concerned that Liberty won’t come home. Craig arrives at Jack’s, to pick up Liberty. Liberty is more than a little excited. Dusty apologies to Lucy for the way he had acted the night before. Lucy lets Dusty know that Eliza had been admitted to the hospital. Lucy gets a call from Caesar about the shipment. Jack appears up at Parker’s spring training tryouts. Parker is surprised to see him. Jack gets a call from Margo about a smuggling ring at the docks. When Jack arrives at the docks, he runs into Lucy and questions her as to why she is here. Jack explains to her about the smuggling ring.
Liberty arrives in New York for her interview. Liberty gets the internship. Parker makes the team. Liberty has second thoughts when she finds out that Parker cannot join her in New York. Meg moves in with Paul. Lucy brings Johnny to visit Dusty.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke convinces Ridge that the kids seem excited so they should go see the wedding site. Ridge insists on driving, not Rick. Ridge is not pleased when he sees the exact spot where Ridge and Brooke got married – twice. Rick said magic happened here, and they can all use a second chance. He begs Steffy to marry him here. She answers that it is beautiful, so yes. Ridge tells Brooke that Rick is manipulating again. She should be able to see this is so wrong. She asks him to give her son the benefit of the doubt since he saved Thomas from going to jail. They need this for healing. Brooke takes Steffy to show her something special. That leaves Rick and Ridge alone. Ridge says he knows what Rick is doing. This is just another attack on him; just to destroy everything he holds dear. Of all the beaches, he picked this one. Rick says the entire universe does not revolve around Ridge. He even calls Ridge grandpa as they do intend to have children. Ridge tells him that he is such a bastard. He is not going to marry Steffy here or anywhere else. He tells Steffy that he wants her dad and Brooke to have the best seat in the house when he passes her off to him. Ridge tells Brooke that he did not misunderstand anything. This wedding can not happen. It will be the biggest mistake they have ever made. Both men hug their women and look over their shoulder staring down the other.

Taylor tells Stephanie that she rocked with Donna and Eric. She put them in their place. Stephanie says she may have gone overboard, but it felt good. She wonders if that offer from Nick is still good. Nick tells Jackie they still have a cash flow, but she is sure everything will work out all right. She tells him she has turned over the Dufau account to Owen. He thinks she is putting a lot of faith in him. He’s not sure Owen can handle an account this important. Speaking of the devil, Stephanie and Taylor show up and asks if his offer is still good. Can he admit it again that he needs her? She tells Jackie that Nick must be pretty desperate. Stephanie’s had an injustice against her, but this is not retaliation. Jackie has more to lose than Stephanie has. And while riding up in the elevator, she thought of that other great woman who used to have these offices – Sally Spectra. Stephanie knows she could take this company and make it what it was meant to be. That really stokes her. She pulls out a list of negotiations. That is if they are serious about saving this company.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Brady advises Nicole to tell EJ the truth, but she refuses. Later, he prays that Nicole wakes up and realizes that he is the right man for her, not EJ. Nicole proceeds to get drunk and after dreaming that her wedding is ruined by Sami, Dr. Baker, and Mia, she vows not to let that happen, and storms off to confront Sami. Sister Agnes advises Rafe to fight for Sami while Caroline advises Sami that secrets always eventually come out. Rafe heads over to Sami’s and tells her he cannot keep interfering with her decision to tell EJ the truth, since she loves EJ. Sami denies it and begs him not to go. Nicole sees Rafe outside Sami’s door and realizes that she has met him before. Mia has a run-in with EJ and realizes that he is Nicole’s fiancé-the father of her baby. Maggie arranges a date for Irene and Daniel, but Kate gets to her first, warning her that Daniel is a player and sleeps around. Irene and Chloe are apparently friends, and she tells Irene the opposite--that Daniel is a great guy and the stuff she heard about him was just a vicious rumor. Irene decides against dating Daniel anyway. Lucas tells Kate that they have to arrange Chloe’s taping schedule for Hearth and Home around her job in Vancouver singing for the opera. Kate is reluctant at first, but realizes the strain and fatigue could compromise Chloe’s immune system and agrees.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jason tells Sonny he thinks Ric was involved in the shooting. Sonny thinks Jason’s feelings about Ric are “clouded” because of his past with Carly. Sonny calls a meeting with Ric. Carly feels faint again and Olivia wonders if she’s pregnant. Carly says that’s not possible since it’s so difficult for her to conceive. Carly makes an appointment with Dr. Lee. When she gets to the hospital, Carly runs into Claudia discussing pregnancy with Dr. Lee. Lucky tells Nik he’s manipulating Rebecca and confusing her with Emily. Johnny breaks things off with Lulu. Johnny tells Lulu about the night of the storm with Maxie. Maxie insists it was only a kiss but Lulu doesn’t believe her and the two argue. Maxie tells Lulu that Johnny only stayed with her (Lulu) “out of loyalty.” Johnny and Claudia argue about her pregnancy plan. Tracy presses Spinelli for more information on Ethan. Tracy goes to Lulu with her concerns on Ethan. Lulu goes to see Ethan. Rebecca gets a call about her test results. Johnny tells Maxie he has an interest in her. Spinelli comes upon the two of them kissing. Ric tells Sonny and Jason that Claudia was “responsible” for Michael’s shooting.

GL Recap Written by Beth

James joins the rest of the Spauldings for a meal. Everyone except Alan is glad to see him. After Phillip and Beth show him to their table and leave Alan standing in the hall, Alan has a look on his face as if he is thinking, "What is James doing here?" Phillip makes speech. Shayne and Dinah meet again at the bridge this time. Edmund is bent on revenge. Jeffrey chats with Reva via Computer Cam holding the little baby so that Reva can see both. Josh visits Jeffrey and offers to help him. Jeffrey gets confused and thinks he is talking about Edmund. Josh says, No I mean with the baby. Jeffrey then smiles. Mallet is feeding his son as Marina is giving him orders and telling him she is worried about the adoption. Mallet tells her to not worry about the adoption. After Marina leaves, Mallet calls out to Daisy to ask if she is ready for her job. At Towers, the Spauldings are talking about Phillip's sudden release. At which point James lets it sleep that he is dating the governor's daughter and called in a favor. All Spauldings faces drops is shock. Alan then makes an angry face, but says nothing. James continues to say that they go to school together. James and Phillip go outside to talk more about James' connection with the Governor's daughter. Phillip wants to know why. James says that he is the only Spaulding screwed up. Jeffrey takes the little guy out for a walk and runs into Mallet with his son. They both feel a little awkward. Jeffrey breaks the ice explaining that with Reva's treatment she can't see their son and he just needed to get out of the house. Reva gets a visit from Shayne. Shayne kids his mom about not being without her computer even in the hospital. Shayne then changes the subject to Lara and the night she was killed. Shayne says that he was going to propose to Lara and took her out. Shayne also adds that recently he wanted to die and Dinah saved him. Reva can't believe her ears. She even repeats the last sentence that Shayne said about Dinah saving his life. Dinah is trying to talk Edmund out of hurting Shayne when she runs into him and he looks angry. She figures out that Edmund wants to hurt Shayne. Edmund proposes a deal of freedom Dinah doesn't like. Edmund wants to know how many people know that Shayne is somewhat responsible for his daughter's death. He lists a few people within his question. He then takes off knowing Dinah won't tell. In Reva's hospital room, she tells him about being lost in San Cristobal and who found her and helped her home. At Towers, James is asking a lot of questions. Daisy come in and he finally introduces himself to her as James Spaulding. Daisy's jaw drops in shock. James brings over Daisy and introduces her as his date. Alan says she is not welcome. The other family members disagree with him and welcome her. Back at Cedars in Reva's room, Shayne says he doesn't want protecting. He goes on to say, "I just want you healthy." At Company, Josh is there at the bar when Dinah comes in. They talk about Shayne, Lara and Edmund. Josh tells Dinah that until Shayne lives with what happened they need to protect him. Edmund is outside with chains in his hands. He starts hitting anything in his path. At Towers, Alan wants Phillip to ask James what he is doing in Springfield. Phillip answers back, "First I am going to ask my son to pass the salt." At which point James happily passes the salt down to Phillip. Jeffrey comes to Cedars with the little baby who has jaundice. Jeffrey tells Reva about it. Reva wants to see the baby, but Jeffrey stops her. Shayne goes to meet whom he thinks is Dinah when Edmund shows up.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Zach holds Starr and Cole hostage in Todd's home. Todd, John and Marty all rush in. Todd offers himself as a hostage instead of Starr. But Zach only wants money and a chopper to get out of town. And it looks like he might want to rape Starr. Ray Montez tells Dorian that "kiss" will never happen again as he realizes she is a married woman. At that point, after she's "accidentally" sent the picture of herself and Ray kissing to David, he calls and she frantically attempts to "patch things up" with her husband. But is that really what she wants to do. Meanwhile, Lola is "working on" Langston and Markko by making Langston believe she is innocent. She then tells her father that she would never want to take Markko from her cousin, yet Langston went off on her. Langston believes she is sweet and innocent and so does Ray. When she really does want to come on to Markko and pull off a scam. After Brody reveals to Gigi that he was "seeing" Jessica but she just happened to hear from Rex that Gigi and Brody are sleeping together, Gigi tells Brody she will "fix" it for him. She goes and urges Jessica to know that there is nothing going on between herself and Brody. And Rex just happens to overhear.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

In court, Kay questions Murph had he made the call. Mitchell arrives in the courtroom and tells Katherine that he has news about her estate. Judge Aldridge call the court to order. Heather reads the charges against Kevin. Heather suggests that Kevin not be granted bail. Michael makes his statement with Amber and Kevin interrupting every few seconds. The judge calls a recess. Noah offers to drop Eden off at home, but Lauren has her doubts, but finally agrees. Noah and Eden arrive home and finds no one there. Nick and Sharon make love, once again. Phyllis tries to call Nick, but gets no answer. Phyllis calls hotel security.

The judge sets the bail at one million dollars. Kay agrees to pay the bail. Phyllis sets Sharon up for a fall. Nick and Phyllis walk in and finds Noah and Eden in a very compromising situation. Nick orders Eden to get her clothes on. A security officers visits Sharon. Kay and Murph agree to give Marge a proper farewell.

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