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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Adam stands at the window in the living room of the Chandler mansion. J.R. comes in, carrying some folders. J.R. begins to talk to him, but Adam completely ignores him. J.R. has a hard time getting Adams’ attention. At Oak Haven, Annie wakes up and sees that Aidan had slept in a chair in her room all night. Annie tells Aidan that she slept good and no nightmares. They hug. Annie notices the computer screen and questions Aidan as to what he is doing. At Ryan’s apartment, Ryan opens the door to Erica, who reminds him of the meeting in Philadelphia for Fusion. Ryan sees through Erica and knows that she only wants him out of town and away from Kendall. At the hospital, Kendall walks into Ian’s room and finds Zach asleep in a chair. She encourages Zach to go home and get some rest. Corinna brings Emma home from school after Emma had hit another little girl on the school bus. Emma explains to Ryan that the other children had been kidding her and calling her, “crazy Emma.” J.R. tells Adam about the 500 layoffs at Chandler Enterprises and about a “black hole” which turns out to be Scott Chandler’s company. J.R. cannot understand Adam’s sudden change in attitude.

Kendall stands by Ian’s hospital bed and talks to him and giving him encouragement to get better so that he can come home to his family. Zach arrives home and sits down in a chair in the living room. He looks at the divorce papers which lies on the coffee table. He folds up the papers when Rachel brings Spike to Zach. Aidan visits Ryan to tell him about Annie remembering about her best friend, Tori, being killed by Richie. Aidan suggests that Ryan let Annie see Emma. Ryan refuses. J.R,. discusses with Erica’s sudden change in attitude, but Erica defends Adam’s actions. When talking to Colby, Adam forgets that Little A is no longer living with them. Aidan tells Ryan to, at least, go and visit Annie and see for himself how she has changed. J.R. meets with Barry at the ConFusion Bar.. Scott comes in and hits J.R. in the face. Ryan goes to visit Annie. Zach takes Spike to visit Ian and Kendall in the hospital.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Zac and Zoe show Luke and Noah a hot poster of Damian called Sex Pigs. They did it as a joke. A very upset Damian shows up at Lily’s and announces the posters are all over Old Town. He blames Luke for the way she and Holden have raised him. This is just like Luke’s style to publicly humiliate him. Lily calls Luke to come home so they can talk. Luke lies and admits that he did the poster. He admits he doesn’t want Damian in his life and this was his way to show him. He doesn’t consider Damian his father and he has no respect for him, but he will take the posters down. Lily warns Damian that he needs to leave and get out of Luke’s life. Luke and Noah remove the posters. Noah doesn’t understand why Luke loathes Damian so. Maybe it would be better not to hate him just by not thinking about him at all. He does think there is something creepy about Zac and doesn’t want to hang out with them anymore. Luke disagrees. He thinks Zac and Zoe have great ideas for the foundation. And if they serve to get rid of Damian, then great! Paul gives Lucy permission for her to give Meg all the details, but she must take the consequences. He can’t share Eliza. He shouldn’t have to as he already has Eliza. Dusty finds a distraught Meg. She can’t believe she is considered dangerous to her own daughter. She feels Dusty was part of that by beating up on Paul. She doesn’t want him in her life anymore. He warns her about going back to Paul just to get her daughter back. Dusty insists that Lucy go to Social Services. He can not let Meg lose Eliza. Lucy realizes Dusty is never going to forgive her for taking Johnny out of his life. She compares him to Paul for blackmailing her. She taunts him that he should wake up. Meg is pushing him away. He reminds her that he once knew this girl who wanted to save the world. She asks him not to ask her to turn her back on those kids.

Eliza is fussy so Paul calls Meg. Hearing that Eliza may have a cold, she states she is coming over and then insists they take her to the hospital. The doctor tells them that Eliza has pneumonia. Meg blames Paul for waiting too long to bring her in for medical help. But she covers for him when the social worker checks in. He realizes she did not have to do that. Meg cries and Paul assures her that Eliza is not going to die. He admits that he doesn’t know if he can manage if she is not there with him. She gets Paul to pray. Dusty and Lucy show up and spy them in the chapel. Zac and Zoe taunt Damian on the square. He vows they don’t know him well at all or they wouldn’t be tantalizing him. Noah tells them their practical jokes are not helping. Lucy suspects someone of stealing some disc and goes to Damian’s room. He catches her searching the desk. If she is looking for something, then just ask for it. He denies having the disc of the foundation that she is asking about.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor reads the latest fashion magazine –“out with the old, in with the new.” Donna tells Eric that the phone has been ringing off the hook, but it will be just a distant memory in a few days once the public gets used to Stephanie leaving Forrester’s. Taylor insists on taking Stephanie out to eat and get their mind off of all of this. Nick gets the phone call from France that he’s not been able to hook up with before. Fabrice Dufau tells Nick that Stephanie asked him to call. Nick tells Jackie that the old broad came through for them after all. Jackie says she can’t believe it, but she won’t spoil it by borrowing trouble. Nick likes it, not knowing what to expect from Stephanie next. At lunch, Stephanie realizes that Donna and Eric are just a few tables over. Taylor says Donna can not take Stephanie’s self respect if she doesn’t let her. Do not let her win. Remember the pact – they will triumph over the Logan family. Donna walks over and chastises Stephanie for following her and Eric. Why can’t she just go play bridge with the rest of her cronies or better yet go grab crazy Pammie and crochet something. Stephanie assures her that she may be a grandma, but she still has plenty of fire in the belly. Jackie warns Owen that he must keep all of this in the strictest of confidence. She’s not sure of Stephanie either, can’t believe she would do them any favors. Losing Eric must have been a life-altering experience. Jackie is ecstatic when she hears that Fabrice wants to help them. She informs Owen there will be a lot of traveling and she can not handle all of this and needs his help. He assures her that she is in the prime of her life and ends up surprising her with a kiss. Nick and Katie play a little kissy-face in the office and he explains to her what Stephanie did and with no strings attached. Katie says it probably had a rope attached. Nick says that is okay. He asked for it as he is going to put this company back on its feet and he can do that with or without a rope around his neck. Katie suggests they are alone, no mother in sight. She coos what could they do?

Stephanie spots Donna and Eric kissing and waltzes over. Smiling, she calls Eric grandpa. She explains that if Donna can call her grandma like it’s a dirty word, then what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Eric is afraid she will make a scene. Stephanie tells him that his wife is doing pretty good in that department all by herself, cavorting as if she is in the bedroom. She reminds Eric of his decorum; this is a public place. She warns Donna that she may be older and a little grayer and a few pounds heavier, but she knows a real woman does not take another woman’s husband and then play sex kitten with him in public when he’s old enough to be her grandfather and should know better. But then all a young girl had to do was crook her finger at Eric and his wedding vows went right out the window. And she admits she always forgave him. She always thought when his philandering days were over, they would grow old together. She tells him that ain’t gonna happen now. She says he’s really not a cruel man, just weak. He just never found her sexy enough, appealing enough or naughty enough and the rest just sort of happened. He brought the Logan girls into the company and now into their bed and they have taken, taken and are still taking. And the saddest one, the worst one of all is his son. Eric has let him seduce his granddaughter. He just let it happen the way he has most things in his life. It’s inexcusable just the same as Eric firing her from the company. He remarks that she knows why he fired her. Stephanie replies that what she knows is that she stood by him all her married life whether he deserved it or not. She accepts that the marriage is over, she is out of the company. But here’s what she is not going to accept – that somewhere in that head of his that he thinks he has defeated her. She vows that she is going to do something great with her life. She is going to come roaring back without Eric and without Forrester. She orders a vodka martini, straight up, double olives. She’s going to take a job. She’s no longer Mrs. Eric Forrester. She tells Donna that is her title and she can have it. She is going to be simply Stephanie….”the woman who can do anything she sets her mind to do. Just watch me.” She tells the waiter the drink it for Eric, he’s going to need it.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Max and Chelsea overhear EJ vowing revenge on Phillip and they both lay into him. Chelsea adds he has no room to seek revenge after all his family has done. EJ storms off. Max warns Chelsea to be careful of what she says she EJ. Later, Max does the same to Stephanie, warning her about Phillip being a target, and she flies in to a rage, saying it’s none of his business. Max admits that he’s worried about her and just wants her to be happy. Nicole makes wedding preparations and freaks out about the wedding being doomed to fail. Chloe comes by and the two talk about how Sami isn’t trustworthy. Chloe reassures Nicole, and after she leaves, Stephanie runs into Nicole and thanks her for clearing Phillip. EJ catches the two hugging and accuses Nicole of keeping things from him. She accuses him of not seeing her has family, and wonders if the wedding is still on. EJ isn’t sure, even though it is scheduled for the next day. Chloe, still unsure about hosting Kate's talk show, receives a job offer for the lead role in an opera in Vancouver. Lucas tells her that she mustn’t think of accepting it. Maggie tells Daniel that he needs to start dating and offers to set him up. He refuses, but changes his mind after seeing Chloe and Lucas so happy together.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Lulu fears that Nikolas is confusing Rebecca with Emily. Ethan flirts with Rebecca, which makes Tracy happy. Tracy is less than friendly to Rebecca, which upsets Nik. Nik tells Rebecca that he doesn’t think she has an “agenda.” Later, Nik gives Rebecca a “pep talk” before kissing her. Maxie isn’t happy with Matt’s performance at the gallery opening but Kate gets a good report. Kate offers Matt the job as Maxie’s permanent escort but Matt declines. Lulu tricks Maxie into agreeing to go on a date with Matt. Maxie vows to get even with Lulu. Spinelli tries to talk Maxie out of her “course of action.” Johnny and Lulu argue. Johnny says the relationship with Lulu isn’t working. Lulu wonders if Johnny wants to “be with Maxie.” Sam tells Jason her PI license has been denied. Learning Bernie is a licensed PI, Spinelli asks him to open an office that he and Sam can run. Bernie wants no part of Spinelli and his plan. Jason guarantees that Spinelli will behave himself so Bernie finally agrees to the arrangement. Sonny doesn’t buy Claudia’s story that she’s “doing yoga” when he catches her propped up on the floor. Lucky for Claudia, he doesn’t notice the pregnancy book on the floor. Johnny continues to worry about the whole mess with Ric and the DVD. Claudia says her plan is to give Sonny a baby in order to save her life. Johnny is in total disagreement with Claudia’s plan. Ric tells Sonny that Jason is trying to “frame” him for Michael’s shooting. Later, Ric again threatens Claudia about the shooting. When Claudia gets home, she overhears Jason tell Sonny that Bernie found proof Ian wasn’t “acting alone.”

GL Recap Written by Beth

At the Spaulding Mansion, everyone is glad to see Phillip except Alan. Daisy can't find her phone so she goes back to the last place she was and runs into the mysterious young man who is James Spaulding. Later Lizzie and Bill talk about her feelings. Back at the Spaulding Mansion, Beth and Phillip celebrate his return only to be interrupted by Alan. After Beth leaves, Alan and Phillip talk about Beth's happiness. Beth is back in the library with the 2 Spaulding men. They talk about whom to tell he is out of jail. Alan offers to call Olivia. Phillip tells him no need, that he'll tell her and Emma. back in the dorm where Daisy was then had to return, she is in an argument with James about Grady. He tells her why she stuck around with a guy that obviously used her. Then the Governor's daughter enters and kisses James in front of Daisy. Remy and Christina argue about their divorce and who really wanted it. Lizzie is getting ready for another date. She puts on a dress and then calls Bill to come and zip her up. She has the dress in a low position. Bill kids with her. Back at the dorm, Daisy gets the Governor's daughter upset and she leaves. James thanks her with a statement that he is about to kiss his future girlfriend and kisses Daisy. Christina talks to Lillian about what to do about student aid for med school. Remy gets advice from his sister, Mel about what to do. The Spaulding clan meet at Towers including Alexandra, who has just come back to town. Rick also joins the party much to Alan's chagrin. Although he acts happy, he says, "A dream come true". Lillian shows up and Alan asks Beth to, "Watch your mother while she is here." Outside school, Daisy is upset at James reaction to her. She lets into him that, "I am not your girlfriend, and I don't want to be." Remy, Mel and Christina meet for the divorce settlement. Mel gives them the Lawyer Speech about if they go through with it that is it. Remy signs the paper. Christina does too. Phillip meets Bill and Lizzie outside. Phillip is happy to see them together. Back with Daisy, she still doesn't know that the young man she is talking with is James Spaulding. He doesn't know that she is Daisy Lewis (the name she is going by these days.). At Towers, Lillian and Alexandra (Alex) talk about Phillip and Beth. Bill lets into Alan while both are at the bar at Towers. Remy walks Christina home after signing the divorce papers. Christina tells Remy he didn't have to. Remy wishes luck to Christina and she says the same. They then kiss. A long kiss. They go into her place still kissing. And they start taking each other's clothes off. Alan think Beth think that Alan is questioning his loyalty to the family. At Christina's, she and Remy are in bed together laughing. Daisy goes back to continue her talk with James only to find the guy who's back is to her is not James.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Todd goes to Schuyler's home to confront him after Cole informed him of Schuyler's "inappropriate" behavior with Starr. Zach Rosen goes looking for Todd. But he's not there. He only sees Cole. He knocks him out. Starr goes looking for her father ready to prevent him from getting the mail that the school has send him to inform him about Schuyler being suspended because of Starr. She runs into Zach and he knows how he can get "leverage" on Todd. He holds both Starr and Cole hostage in Todd's home and believes it's the perfect revenge he can exercise upon both Todd and Marty. Langston notices the cell phone photo Jack took of Dorian and Ray kissing. Dorian reveals having feelings for Ray. But Langston knows better. Ray is able to see that his daughter wants to take Markko from Langston and tells his daughter it's "not right". But she does not listen.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At the Newman house, Estella offers to help Adam, but he refuses her help. Estella lets Adam know that Victoria is here. Victoria offers her sympathy to Adam, but he accuses her of not caring about him. Ashley meets Jack at the Indigo Bar for a meeting. While there they meet up with Sharon and Doris. Doris tells Jack that she had heard that the divorce was final. Doris offers Sharon to move back in with her, but Sharon refuses by telling her that she will look for a place for herself and Noah. Noah and Eden make plans to go up to Jack’s cabin for a little alone time. At Nicholas’ and Phyllis’, Phyllis reminds Nick of how he was always walking out on her to help Sharon. Daniel pays them a visit to let Phyllis and Nick know that Kevin and Amber are being arraigned tonight. Phyllis and Nick offers their help. Kay visits Amber in jail. Michael visits Kevin in his cell and asks him what does he remember about being in the boxcar. Ashley questions Jack about his divorce being final. Mary Jane join Jack and Ashley. Jack lets Ashley know that the Abbotts are back at Jabot. Jack also suggests to Ashley that they drop the civil suit against Gloria. Ashley is against the idea. Gloria is more than a little upset that she cannot see Kevin. Amber finds out from Kay that Jill is not Kay’s daughter.

Amber finds out that Kay and Murph are engaged. Heather interrupts Gloria, Jeff and Lauren and lets them know that the judge is in chambers. Heather lets Michael know that Kevin is a criminal. Michael reminds Heather that Kevin is his brother. Noah and Eden get caught by the park ranger at Jack’s cabin in the woods. Jack lets Mary Jane know that Ashley is pregnant. Park Ranger Manos comes up and tells Jack about two teenagers being at his cabin. Jack tells Sharon about Noah and Eden being at his cabin. Sharon immediately calls Nick. Despite Phyllis’ objections, Nick and Sharon go up to the cabin, but find no one. Ashley arrives home and finds Victoria there. Ashley questions everyone about the koons egg missing from the house. Michael suggests having Kevin committed for psychological evaluation.

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