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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the ConFusion bar, Brot and Taylor celebrate Brot’s making up his mind what he is going to do with his life now that he is back home. At the house, with Aidan’s coaxing, Annie remembers that someone else had been there with her and Tori. At Tad’s house, Jake tells Amanda that he wants to help her raise this child and in order to do this they will have to leave Pine Valley. At the hospital, Krystal lets David know that she had let him down by losing the baby. Angie comes in and gives Krystal and David the bad news that Krystal will not be able to have any more children. Krystal is devastated. Brot tells Taylor that he is going to be a speaker and travel all around, speaking to other veterans about his time in Iraq. David tries to assure Krystal that all he needs is her. Jake continues to tell Amanda his plans for the future, but before she can give him an answer, Tad comes in and flops down into a chair. Jake tells Tad his plans for himself and Amanda. Tad takes Jake’s side and tells Amanda that Jake is right. Tad goes on to tell Jake and Amanda about Krystal losing the baby. Amanda, reluctantly, agrees to the plan. David comes in and finds Krystal gone. Angie tells David that she had released Krystal. Krystal and Jenny arrive at Tad’s home. At the ConFusion bar, Tad sees through Jake’s plan and accuses Jake of being in love with Amanda.

Jake denies the allegations. With Aidan’s help, Annie remembers that it was Richie, who had killed Tori instead of Annie herself. Amanda lets Krystal know how it felt when she had felt the baby kick for the first time. Aidan assures Annie that now she can move forward and start to get better. David finds Krystal and Jenny at Tad’s with Amanda. With Krystal out of the room, David reminds Amanda that he does have another baby on the way. Amanda, with tears in her eyes, watches the video that she and Jake had shot earlier. Jake comes in and tells her that they are leaving at 5:00 a.m. the next morning. Amanda tells Jake that this is not his baby and she just cannot let him do this. Taylor consoles Tad in the ConFusion Bar.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Brad and Katie cater to Vienna’s every whim, as Henry at times feels left out. Kim arrives to talk about their show and learns the news about how Vienna is carrying Brad and Katie’s baby; she thinks this would make a great curve ball to the original show. Everyone is onboard but Henry. He is finally coaxed into it, but flakes at the last minute leaving Brad and Katie to wonder why. Kim is interviewing Vienna, Brad and Katie about the baby, as Henry quietly watches close by. He has a strong reaction to some things Kim says about the baby and causes a commotion. Henry is forced to join the interview, but he takes off again. Brad tries to get him to tell him what is going on after he puts in his two cents worth, and it looks like Henry might, but Vienna comes to talk with him. Vienna wonders if Henry has changed his mind about having the baby, but he tells her that he hasn’t, but he again can’t get out of the interview fast enough. After they get home, Katie wonders what is eating Henry. Brad thinks he might be feeling inadequate, as Katie assures him that is not it, but they both put off their concerns and hope Henry comes around. Vienna confronts Henry about his feelings and though he hesitates, he tells her again he is not having second thoughts – even though he clearly is wrestling with something. An irate Vienna reminds him that Brad and Katie want this baby, so he needs to be a man and learn to deal with this. Carly finds Parker sulking and not wanting to go to school again. She offers him some advice, which Parker doesn’t appreciate. Carly and Craig talk about how Liberty and Parker still haven’t spoken, but Carly is bothered about how upset Parker is. Craig talks with Parker about how he reacted to Liberty’s feelings and suggested that he wasn’t being fair. Janet and Jack are happy Liberty went to school today and there are no more dramas for the time being. However, Liberty comes home soon and tells them Parker was a no show at school. Jack and Janet use this time to convince her to rethink the marriage at least until they are older. Although Liberty loves Parker, she thinks they might be right. Liberty comes to see Parker, who apologizes and begs her forgiveness. He was not being fair and he wants her to do whatever she wants in the future. Liberty looks unsure but accepts his apology, as they agree to respect the other’s decisions and stand by them. Carly and Craig are told of Parker and Liberty’s newfound united front. Carly is secretly unhappy, as Craig formulates a new plan. He tells Liberty he can get her into an internship at a Fashion Magazine in NY. Liberty is thrilled and Parker is frustrated. Craig makes some calls, it looks promising, and he goes to talk with Janet for Liberty. Parker doesn’t react well, as Liberty tries to talk with him and Carly suggests that he not hold her back because they will resent one another if he does. Parker gives in and decides he is going with her, much to Carly’s chagrin. Parker explains that Craig should have no problem giving him money for the summer since this was his idea. Craig talks with Jack and Janet, who are nervously waiting, thinking Liberty is breaking up with Parker. Janet is thrown by the news and is furious with Craig for suggesting NY. Jack and Craig are able to convince her this may be their only option, so she begrudgingly agrees. Craig comes back with his good news only to hear of Parker’s plan. Craig gets a call from the Fashion Magazine for an interview tomorrow for Liberty, as Parker doesn’t want her to go. He explains he has baseball tryouts, as Craig thwarts his attempt to join Liberty in NY by saying he and Carly have business there and they will take her while he stays there and goes to baseball tryouts. Parker finally agrees and sadly goes to help Liberty pack. Carly is impressed with Craig’s help and they are happy so far, as Craig suggests they toast to their plan with some of their Vodka. Janet is unhappy and takes it out on Jack thinking he is living a double standard. Jack tries to explain his thoughts on Liberty’s adventure to NY, but Janet is still heartbroken that Liberty will be so far away from her family and support system for the summer.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie tells Nick that she wasn’t born yesterday. She doesn’t trust him and now he wants her to save his ass and his mother’s ass as well. He may have saved her life by offering her a cup of coffee and an old blanket, but she is not interested in any offer now. He claims he is not offering her pity nor asking her to fall in love with him, but she just might have something to offer at Jackie M. He lists all her good points and challenges her that perhaps she is so used to be being second fiddle to Eric that she no longer has that confidence in what she brings to the plate. Jackie walks in and snipes to Katie of why she’s lounging around in her office all day just waiting for her fiancé. Katie says she could be her ally, not enemy if Jackie chose. Jackie can’t wait to see how Eric is going to announce his firing of Stephanie to the fashion world. Indeed Eric does give an exclusive to Jarrod about the Queen being dethroned. Donna manages to throw in an “out with the old, in with the young.” Ridge questions how the company will even carry on. Brooke says Stephanie will be missed but they will just have to be more creative……a fresh start for all of them.

Nick tells Katie and Jackie that it probably won’t happen, but he offered Stephanie a job at Jackie M. Katie admits to Nick that she knows he has a lot on his mind right now with the company, but she’d like to think about them moving forward. She is ready. She wants her dad to give her away. Stephanie grouses to Taylor that Nick wants to take advantage of her reputation. She could never be disloyal to her husband. Taylor reminds her that Eric is no longer her husband; she needs to let that go. Nick is offering her a once in a lifetime opportunity. She has said many times she has no purpose now. Well one door has closed, but a window is opening. Stephanie still doesn’t think she can trust Nick or his character after what he did to Bridget and dropped her for Katie. Taylor goes into a tirade that “they” have taken everything from her. Stephanie won’t listen to that. They can’t give them the power. She thanks her for inviting her to live here. Together they can beat those Logan girls and triumph over that family. Their day will come!

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Phillip decides to move back in with Victor. Stephanie is angry and breaks up with him, but after speaking to Chelsea, she realizes Phillip only agreed to do so to protect her from possible retaliation on the part of the DiMeras. She heads over to the mansion and she and Phillip make up. Nicole interrupts EJ and Sami’s fight, and she and Sami agree that the mansion isn’t the best place for the kids since Stefano is on the warpath. Nicole and EJ later argue about her firing Dr. Baker, and her testimony on Phillip’s behalf, and he admits that he doesn’t trust her. He tells her that he thinks they need some time apart. Will tells Rafe that he doesn’t have a shot with Sami, but Rafe insists they are just friends. Later, Sami worries about her decision to keep Grace’s paternity from EJ. Rafe advises her to keep the secret, but she says that this her decision, not his. He walks out on her. Dr. Baker runs into Mia at the café and questions her about her return to town and if she has seen her baby.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jax takes the phone from Carly just as Jerry starts to apologize to Carly. Jax tells Jerry not to contact him ever again. Jerry agrees not to call again. Carly says Jax shouldn’t take the blame for everything Jerry has done. Carly says Jax should distance himself from his brother and Jax agrees. Patrick tells Liz that he saw Robin with Jason. Later, Patrick and Liz talk about Jason’s past with Robin. Patrick still wonders if Robin jumped in the water on purpose. Claudia over reacts and gets jealous when she finds Olivia and Sonny straightening a picture on the wall at the house. Later, Claudia warns Olivia to stay away from Sonny. Olivia says she “knows” things about Claudia and advises her to keep her distance. Later, Olivia wonders if Jax has a copy of Jerry’s DVD. She tells Jax about the run in with Claudia and says she’d love to give Sonny the DVD. Olivia thinks they should tell Sonny (not Carly) the truth. Jax disagrees and tells Olivia he’s going off to find Jerry and “put an end” to the situation. Jax tells Carly he’s heading off to do more research for Michael. After Jax leaves his office, Carly passes out. Tracy discusses Ethan with Edward at the casino. Ethan and his “date,” Lulu arrive, much to Tracy’s dismay. Tracy and Edward try to figure out what Ethan is up to. Rebecca goes to visit Monica and the two discuss cancer. Edward comes home and asks Rebecca to move into the mansion. Nik arrives and claims to have a riding date with Rebecca but the two of them hurry off to the Haunted Star. Claudia goes to the hospital and asks Dr. Lee about a pregnancy test. Later, Robin runs into Dr. Lee in the park and confides in her. Dr. Lee tells Robin to focus on the “positive” and take her meds. Carly goes to tell Sonny about the visit with the specialist but she nearly passes out in front of him. Carly claims to be fine, then she tells Sonny the doctor’s opinion on Michael. Claudia tells Sonny they should redecorate the house. Sonny later catches Claudia reading a pregnancy book. Tracy calls Spinelli and asks him to do a background check on Ethan. Robin arrives in the park to find Patrick and Emma enjoying themselves with Liz and her boys.

GL Recap Written by Beth

After Phillip is carted off, Alan goes to Company where Daisy is a the helm. He orders black coffee. She at first refuses to serve him. She says, "They own Company again". Alan says, "That is because I gave it back." Mallet and Remy meet run into each other at Cedars. Remy says it is his birthday. Mallet wishes him a Happy Birthday and says, "I hope you get what you want". Bill and Lizzie are on another date outside. At the Spaulding Mansion, Alan is home and questioning Beth. Beth says, "I am working on Phillip's appeal". Alan shocks her by saying that, "A mind like that, Phillip needs to be locked away". In jail, Phillip is writing a letter to his children. Bill and Lizzie plan their next date. Bill gets a call from Beth. After they hang up. Bill only tells Lizzie a portion about the call. Bill does tell Lizzie he thinks Beth is about to fall apart. At Company, Daisy, Ashlee and Christina are talking about Grady. Alone, Ashlee and Christina agree that Grady has caused Daisy so much trouble. Remy runs into his sister at the Food Court. He tells her he is going home. Phillip gets some flack from a prison guard about taking his letter to be mailed. Daisy thinks she is alone till she hears Grady's voice. Daisy says, "I thought you were going to testify against Alan?" At Company, a dejected Remy sits at the bar to talk to Ashlee. She says she has to go and do something for a sec and will be back. All of the sudden, Remy's mother, sister surprise him for his birthday. Christina goes to see a lawyer about a divorce. Bill meets up with Beth. She tells him about Phillip. Beth and Bill meet with the Governor, who could help get Phillip out of prison. Alan visits Phillip in prison. Again Alan gets on Phillip's nerves. Alan tells him convincing the judge that he has changed especially after finding a million dollars in the back yard must have really convinced the judge. Daisy tells Grady to get out of her head. That he lied to her. After touching her head, a young man comes near her. He asks if she is alright. At Company, Christina joins Remy and his family for the birthday celebration. At Towers, the Governor refuses to help Beth get Phillip out of prison. He thinks they are bribing him. Back in Phillip's cell, Alan and Phillip are still at odds. Alan says he now sees he did create a "monster". He then calls for the guard. At a dorm room, Daisy is invited by this young stranger. She explains to him what he saw. That she talks to herself to help herself. After a bit she leaves. Bill mentions the conversation he had with Beth on the phone. Bill tells Lizzie that the meeting with the Governor didn't go well. Alan bribes the guard responsible for Phillip. This guard then goes back to Phillips cell and tortures him verbally. At the Spaulding Mansion, Beth comes home. Alan starts in on her about Phillip going to prison for a long time. Then Lizzie and Bill show up. Lizzie tells Alan of Bill's part in the meeting to get Alan out of prison. Alan tells all, "You have to accept that Phillip won't be around for awhile". Then Phillip walks in the door. Alan is seen smiling. The governor's daughter is on the phone telling a person that she got Phillip out of jail and that he owes her when they get back to boarding school. The he she is referring to is James Spaulding!

OLTL Recap Written by Mandy

Todd tells Oliver and Talia about Zach Rosen showing up, while John goes to Zach’s place. Marty visits Blair. Starr tells Langston that she went to see Schuyler, but that Cole showed up and messed up everything. Rachel comes home and reunites with Hank and Nora. Jack confronts Dorian about cheating on David with Ray. Cole tells Todd about Schuyler trying to get in Starr’s pants.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At Cane and Lily’s apartment, Cane makes a phone call to his lawyer to tell him full steam ahead with the custody hearing of Cordelia. Lily hears him and asks Cane why won’t he ever let it go. At Karen’s and Neil’s apartment, Karen and Neil hesitate to open the door when they know Mrs. Harris is on the other side of the door. Karen asks Neil to lie to Mrs. Harris about how things are between them. At the Chancellor mansion, Kay commends Esther on the meal while Murphy tells Esther that he is a steak man. At Billy and Chloe’s Billy is deep in thought about his conversation with Mac. Chloe and Delia interrupt his thoughts. Kay encourages Brock to stay longer but be refuses. Billy tells Chloe that he is going to check on Jill. Billy lets Chloe know that she doesn’t have anything to worry about when it comes to Mac. There is a knock on the door and it is Lily. Billy quickly makes his exit so that Lily and Chloe can talk. Mrs. Harris tells Neil and Karen that the custody hearing is set up for next week. Karen is overjoyed, but Neil is a different story. Tyra meets up with Devon at the diner and tells him that Neil and Karen had been avoiding her. Devon reprimands Tyra for kissing Neil. Murphy encourages Mac to stay in Genoa City for Katherine’s sake. Billy goes to visit Mac and runs into Brock instead. Billy tells Brock that he has something to say to Mac, but Brock isn’t so sure that Mac needs to hear it. Billy gives Brock his telephone number just in case that Mac wants to call him. Cane meets up with Neil and asks him for help in gaining custody of Cordelia, but Neil refuses.

Chloe calls to talk to Esther and asks her if Billy is there. Esther assures Chloe that Mac is leaving town tonight. Neil visits Karen and while there receives a phone call from Tyra, who wants to talk to Ana. Ana is overjoyed to talk to her Mother. Lily lets Cane know that Cordelia should stay right where she is. Neil lets Tyra know that the custody hearing is set up for next week. Devon lets Karen know that Ana belongs with Tyra. As Brock prepares to leave, Mac lets him know that she is staying in Genoa City for Katherine. Chloe and Delia meet up with Billy and Mac outside of the Chancellor mansion. Billy suggests that Chloe and the baby go home.

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