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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Oak Haven, Aidan visits Annie in her room. Annie jumps up from the bed and hugs him. Annie tells him that she remembers murdering Tori. At Ryan’s apartment, Ryan does push-ups while Emma watches him. Emma asks Ryan will he be strong enough to fly just like the angels. Spike begins to cry and Ryan goes to get him to bring him downstairs. At the hospital, Kendall and Zach stand beside Ian’s bedside. At Tad’s home, Jake looks at the newspaper headlines which tells about Adam being wanted for kidnapping. At Wild wind, David also reads the newspaper headlines about Adam right before he throws the newspaper into the fireplace. Krystal has a pain in her side and collapses. David helps her over to the sofa. When she has another pain, David rushes her to the hospital. Aidan encourages Annie to remember her 7th birthday. Ryan plays hide and seek with the children. Zach tells Kendall that they need to pull together for Ian’s sake. Kendall asks him if he had changed his mind about the divorce. Amanda and Jake attempt to make a video to the perspective parents when Amanda feels the baby kick. Amanda orders Jake to stop the video, as she gets up from the sofa. Amanda starts to kiss Jake, but then pulls away.

Aidan takes Annie back to the house for her to relive past memories of when she had thought she had killed Tori. Annie begins to remember and realizes that she and Tori weren’t alone the day that Tori had died. At Ryan’s apartment, Kendall tells Ryan that all the focus now should be on Spike and Ian. Opal encourages Zach to have an open mind when it came to Kendall. Kendall lets Ryan know that she loves him. David finds out from Angie that Krystal was pregnant, but had lost the baby. Ryan agrees to give Kendall space. Jake suggests to Amanda that they leave Pine Valley and raise this baby together.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Luke confides to Noah that he can't access some of his accounts to the foundation and he suspects Damian. He knows he would not want his money used for gay rights. All these weird things started happening when Damian came to Oakdale. When he tells Lily, she says she will find Damian and figure this out. Zac and Zoe show up and want to help. Luke takes off so Lily won't have to meet Damian alone. While Zac is helping Noah with the laptop, he leans over and kisses Noah on the mouth, then laughs when he asks was it as good for him as it was for Zac? Holden and Meg clean up the farm kitchen and are just grateful that Eliza wasn't hurt. They will get her back from Paul. Holden tries to shield Meg from seeing Dusty but Dusty waits until she is alone. She shakes him off and doesn't want his help. Lucy visits Paul and he gloats that he has his daughter back thanks to her. She played right into Dusty's hands.

Lily finds Damian and ends up taking him to his room when he starts bleeding badly. He's tired of her accusations and claims to have nothing to do with Luke's current frustrations. She takes off his shirt and starts to change the bandage when Luke barges in. He storms back out as he thinks Damian is taking advantage of his mother's goodness. Meg pays Paul a visit and announces she is willing to work with him so they both can raise their daughter. She admits she will come back to him, be his wife, the family that he always wanted. He doesn't believe her so she has to beg for that chance. Having to prove it, she removes her clothes. Then he humiliates her by telling her to put them back on. He knows what he wants and it isn't her. Once he would have taken her back in a heartbeat, but not now. She runs out after holding her baby one last time. Dusty warns Lucy to tell the truth to Meg and the social worker or he will. When Holden finds out about Damian and Lily helping him, he chastises her for always being there and now with her hands all over Damian. No wonder Luke is so frustrated with her. Zac taunts Noah about the kiss being better than Luke's. Noah does tell Luke but wants him to forget it as the guy is a flake. He warns Luke not to worry about Damian either as it is all probably pure innocence on Lily's part. Luke is not worried about his mother, just Damian's intentions. Zac and Zoe laugh when they tell Damian that he is a bad monster.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor tells Stephanie that she’s really glad that Nick suggested this moving in together. She thinks it will be good for both of them. Stephanie replies that she’s been homeless before, and this is better. She states that she doesn’t want Nick or her to have pity. Taylor tells her Nick was only concerned about her and meant no harm. Nick is surprised at Jackie’s new digs at the loft. He can’t help but wonder what brought this on, or is it whom? She’s indignant and assures him that she moved in here just to satisfy her own self. He brings up Stephanie and how she has been tossed out for a younger woman, both from her house and now from the company. Bridget shows up at Owen’s and they enjoy a day surfing. He likes what he sees in her bikini. He suffers a bad cut on his back and Dr. Bridget has to attend. This turns into a kissing match. She doesn’t think this will go anywhere so she doesn’t want to encourage it. She quickly relays to him her past with Nick and that she’s not ready for another triple heart by-pass to get over him. She begs for just a little more time.

Nick shows up at Taylor’s again. She quips that she thought she divorced him. While Taylor is out of the room, Stephanie comes in and is curt with Nick as to why he’s wasting his time. He remarks that he is here to offer her an indecent proposal. Stephanie is not interested nor for his understanding. Whatever he is buttering her up for, she does not want to hear. He says he may be trash, but he hasn’t forgotten what Stephanie has done for Eric in the past. They can be good for each other. He doesn’t love her, he doesn’t even like her….she’s a rattlesnake but so is he! He wants her to come to Jackie M and work with him. She scoffs and asks him to get out.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

As Kate draws her net ever tighter, Chloe becomes concerned that Kate is trying to torture her. She confides her fears to both Maggie and Daniel, but the two assure her that Kate would have acted by now if she knew what happened. Chloe and Daniel discuss the fact that she could have been pregnant with his child, but wasn’t. Meanwhile, Kate tries to steal some medicine from the hospital, but Melanie, a new candy striper, interferes. Melanie becomes interested in Daniel. One of Daniel's other colleagues asks him out, but he shoots her down. Stephanie and Phillip get intimate, but Chelsea interrupts and warns Stephanie to be careful when it comes to Phillip. Victor meets with Stefano and tries to convince him that what happened between Tony and Phillip was their faults, not their sons’ fault, but Stefano continues to vow revenge. He sets up a man to bug the Kiriakis mansion and makes plans to avenge himself on Phillip. Victor visits Phillip, pleading with him to come home and rejoin the company. Phillip agrees to think it over, but Stephanie tells him he can’t think of going back.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Carly and Jax meet with Michael’s new specialist. The doctor says she doesn’t think Michael’s condition is likely to improve with or without the procedure. The doctor also says the longer it takes for Michael to wake up, the worse it will be for his condition. Carly is torn about putting Michael through the procedure. Tracy looks through Ethan’s wallet and finds the picture of Luke and Robert. Tracy doesn’t ask for an explanation and Ethan doesn’t offer one. Ethan turns down Tracy’s offer to finance his way out of town. Tracy later asks Edward his opinion on “illegitimate children” because she suspects that Ethan is Luke’s son. Maxie convinces Jason to reach out to Robin. Patrick is worried about Robin and pleads with her to keep her appointment with her therapist. Robin insists to all that her fall was accidental. Later, Robin tells Jason about her hallucination when she was on the dock. Jason does his best to encourage Robin but Robin says she fears she isn’t “fit to be a mother.” Robin opens up and tells Jason she’s afraid the treatment won’t work. She wonders if her condition “has nothing to do with” PPD. Jason advises Robin to take her meds and give therapy a chance. Jason reminds Robin of how well she cared for Michael when he was a baby. Patrick arrives on the pier and sees Jason giving Robin an encouraging hug. Matt offers to fill in for Johnny and attend a gallery opening with Maxie. When Ethan arrives at Crimson, Maxie suggests taking him instead. Lulu stuns all by announcing that Ethan has come to pick her up for a “date.” Kate tells Maxie to attend the event with Matt, which pleases Lulu. Ethan gives Lulu back the money he stole from the office. She then declines his offer to take her on a date. Patrick confides in Liz about Robin. Patrick admits he’s still curious about the man he saw with Robin in Rochester. Liz offers Patrick her support and says he can talk to her anytime he needs to. Jax confides in Olivia about Jerry. Jax worries about the guilt Carly will forever carry if the procedure kills Michael. Carly answers Jax’s phone and is surprised and annoyed to hear Jerry’s voice. Jerry tells Carly how sorry he is and Carly wonders what he’s talking about. Just then, Jax arrives.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Jeffrey brings Daisy to visit Reva. Reva asks if she has seen the baby. Daisy says, "Not yet." Jeffrey interrupts and says after she visits he'll bring her down to see him. Shayne visits Josh on a construction site. Josh wants to know why he left the hospital so soon. Shayne says he talked to Edmund about Lara. Josh tells Shayne, "You don't know what you've done". Lizzie comes down for coffee and sees Phillip on the couch reading the paper. Phillip tells her he is waiting around for the verdict on the kidnapping trial. Alan visits the judge who is presiding. He takes her to his car in the disguise of showing it off. He opens the trunk and shows her a bag. The judge and Alan start talking about Environmental issues. Then it switches to justice. At the Spaulding Mansion, Phillip and Lizzie talk about the kidnapping. Then the phone rings. Phillip tells whomever is on the other end that he'll be back at the courthouse in 10 minutes. He hangs up then tells Lizzie. Dinah tells Bill she has to go on with her own life. Back at the construction site, Shayne tells his father that he is responsible for Lara's death. Josh tells him no, that she stepped on a land mind. That telling Edmund of this will make him (Edmund) angry. At Towers, Edmund is at the bar having a drink when Beth comes to sit next to him. Jeffrey visits his son in the nursery. After he steps out a doctor tells him that he has release forms for the baby. Daisy visits Reva. Reva tells her she is scared for he newborn. That he'll have to deal with life with out her. Dinah goes to Cedars and runs into Daisy at the nursery. Daisy says she is looking at her uncle. Dinah acts surprised. Phillip and Alan meet at the court house and talk about what will happen. At the court house the judge tells him he is guilty and remands him into custody. At that point Lizzie speaks up. She says, "I don't want you to go". Josh calls Billy to talk to him about Edmund. Josh wants to make sure he and Billy are seeing eye to eye about this situation with Edmund. At the courthouse, Phillip is led away, but before he goes he is allowed a few minutes with each family member. When he gets to Alan, Alan tells him he'll take care of the family just like before. Phillip tells him, "I know, Dad. And mess it like before." Reva is alone in her hospital room until her nurse comes in. They chat a bit. The nurse brings in a laptop and phone. Then the cellphone rings and it is Jeffrey to tell her to turn on the computer and click the icon on the third icon on the desktop. It is a webcam. Jeffrey shows her their son and tells her they love her.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dorian wants to deny her interest in Ray and have him believe that she prefers David when she's afraid that maybe he prefers Tea. David calls and asks her to see his new commercial. She has Ray watch it assuming they'll see an impressive presentation. But David shows that he's a spokesman for a hemorrhoid commercial. When Ray sees that she's humiliated as well as hurt that it's more important to David than she is, he surprises her by appearing sensitive and he kisses her. Stacy knows she has to make everybody believe that she is donating her own bone marrow for Shane. So she goes with Michael to the exam room. But he tells her all of the things she has to undergo in order to donate the bone marrow. And she is afraid. Yet, she has the fantasy about winning Rex over. Rex and Gigi are having serious problems when he overhears her talking to Brody and being very gracious. He asks her why she is so angry at Stacy having no clue what Stacy did. Matthew comes home and is not ok with the welcoming party now that he's confined to a wheelchair. His friend, Destiny asks her brother Shawn (Dorian's' body guard) to come with her to Matthew's party. But he reveals he has some issues with Matthew's family.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Daniel, Michael and Jana still search for Kevin and Amber. Daniel knows that Amber and Kevin are still in the area because he had seen Amberís face and knows that she needs help. Jana reminds Michael and Daniel that if Amber had abandoned Kevin then she might have known where Kevin was. Jeff and Amos track down Amber and Kevin to an old abandoned boxcar. Jeff assures Amos that he will take it from here. Gloria calls Jeff and asks him if he had found Kevin. Jeff assures her that he had found Kevin and Amber in an old boxcar on the north side of town. In the boxcar, Amber tells Kevin that she is so sorry, but his leg looks so much better that it could have set up blood poisoning. At home, Neil questions Ana if she had finished her homework and she tells him no. Neil tells her to hand it over. Neil reminds Ana that Mrs. Harris stopping by and she needs to make up her bed. Ana wants Tyra to be there, but Neil tells her that Tyra is at work. Karen tells Neil that they need to straighten up but, Neil reminds her that they canít go on with this sham of a marriage. Katherine visits Mitchell in his law office. Mitchell tells Katherine that he cannot believe his eyes that she is really alive. Katherine and Mitchell discuss the voiding of the death certificate and reversing the will. Jack visits Gloria in the diner and remarks that she should be saving her pennies since Katherine is alive and would take back her shares of Jabot. Gloria reminds him that that deal was made in good faith. Jack questions her again as to who she had sold her shares of Jabot to, but Gloria refuses to tell him. Gloria wonders why Jack is so worried about the shares of Jabot. Jack leaves. Gloria calls Victor and tells him to call her back. Victor and Mary Jane have a meeting to discuss Jack and the progress that Mary Jane is making with Jack.

Jack calls Mary Jane and asks her if she would like her job back at Jabot. Mary Jane reminds him that he is not in control to offer her her job back. Jack tells her that he soon will be. Karen asks Neil to keep quiet about his kissing Tyra. Jeff finds Kevin and Amber, but before he can bring them in, Michael interrupts. Jack visits Katherine to ask for his job back and introduces Katherine to Mary Jane. Katherine succumbs and gives Jack his job back as C.E.O as long as he hires Mary Jane. Detective Sloan arrives and takes Amber into custody. Detective Sloan tells Kevin to come out with his hands up. Kevin is arrested.

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