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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the Chandler mansion, two police officers let J.R., Tad and Colby know that they had found Adam’s car wrapped around a tree, but hadn’t found Adam. At Oak Haven, Aidan visits Annie. Annie is happy that Aidan will finally be able to meet Tori, but when she looks toward Tori’s chair, Annie finds Tori gone. Aidan lets Annie know that Tori doesn’t exist. At the Yacht Club, Erica finds Adam in her hotel room. Adam pulls her toward him and kisses her. Erica pulls away from him. J.R. gets a call, which he pretends is from Adam to throw the police off of Adam’s trail. When the police demand to know if it was Adam, J.R. closes the lid on the cell phone. At the hospital, Zach tells Kendall that she had made the right decision in letting Ian have the operation. She turns around and sees Ryan. In the waiting room, Ryan gives Kendall a pic that Spike had drawn for Ian. Reese walks into the waiting room where Kendall and Ryan are. Kendall demands to know why Reese is here. David has second thoughts about doing the surgery. Krystal tells him to stop doubting himself. Erica lets Adam know that Little A is in foster care which Adam doesn’t’ take too kindly to. Adam reveals to Erica that something is wrong with him. Erica tells Adam about Ian’s surgery. Adam has opened the door for Erica to leave when Tad and J.R. appear in the doorway. Tad lets Adam know that he is wanted for kidnapping. Adam is extremely upset when he finds out that J.R. had been the one responsible for Little A being in foster care.

Colby is in the park when Pete catches up with her, with shovel in hand. Pete is already to bury David when Colby assures him that she hadn’t killed anyone. Colby receives a call from J.R., who lets her know that they had found Adam, but will not divulge where Adam is. David tells Kendall and Zach that Ian is out of surgery and that Kendall can see him. Annie remembers that she had killed Tori.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Carly nervously prepares for her date with Craig, as she asks Sage if she is ok with this. Sage no longer is too interested if she and her dad aren’t getting back together. Carly seems to change her mind about the date right before Craig shows up, but he is able to charm her into getting some drinks where Jack and Janet end up in the same bar. They all awkwardly share some drinks, as Carly downs hers. When Craig and she dance, Jack is concerned about how drunk Carly looks. Craig covers and takes Carly home, as Jack wonders if Carly is becoming an alcoholic. Janet thinks he is continuing to be obsessed with Carly’s life, as Jack offers to back down, but secretly Janet doesn’t seemed appeased. Carly and Craig continue to have drinks once they get home and that leads to them kissing, which turns into Craig suggesting they are getting more serious. Carly agrees and asks Craig upstairs, which he happily agrees to. Paul checks on Lucy to make sure she is keeping up her end of the deal, as Lucy and Dusty don’t let him in on the fact that they aren’t really together. Paul gleefully calls Meg to tattle on Dusty, as to where he is. Meg is irate and pretends she doesn’t care, but after she has the babysitter come stay with Eliza, she heads over to the Lakeview. Dusty tells Lucy that he can’t do this and he will settle things with Paul a different way, as he calls Paul and demands to see him. Paul tries to take this change in plans in stride and alters his plan quickly, as he heads over to the farm leaving Dusty to show up at Fairwinds and find out where he has gone knowing he will follow him there. Paul pays the babysitter to leave him with Eliza. Meg confronts Lucy, who admits that Dusty was there but assures Meg that nothing is going on. Meg wants to know what they are hiding, but Lucy refuses to clue her in only telling her she will need to talk with Dusty. A furious Dusty orders Paul to stay away from Lucy and Craig, but Paul goads him and Dusty beats Paul up (Paul clearly lets him). Paul then continues with his set up. After Dusty leaves, Paul takes Eliza outside and burns a dishtowel on the stove. He is lying on the ground when the social worker shows up. He pretends to put out the small fire, while looking like the hero with Eliza and then claims that Dusty beat him up and Meg was know where to be found after he told her that Dusty was probably cheating on her. Meg comes home to find this ‘touching’ scene, as she realizes that Paul set this up. The social worker won’t take any chances and tells her that Eliza is going with her father, as Meg is devastated. Lucy and Dusty talk, as she tends to his bloody hand. Lucy tells him that Meg was looking for him, as he hopes Meg trusts him because that is the only way they will make it. A furious Meg shows up to see Dusty and is more irate to see Lucy with him. After she asks her to leave, she rails at Dusty for him beating Paul up and playing into his hands. Because of this, she lost Eliza. He was defending Lucy, who Paul was blackmailing. He tries to explain that Lucy is his only link to Johnny, which sends Meg over the deep end. He put Lucy before her and Eliza and so she wants Dusty to stay out of her life forever; she will tend to her child and he can tend to his.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor thanks Nick for his friendship and for his staying in touch with all the e-mails, texts and flowers. He explains that he found Stephanie hanging out at the rocks at Marina Del Rey yesterday and he’s worried. That’s where she and Eric used to hang out. He asks if Taylor can look in that bag of magic and come up with something. He states that she has so much to give despite her own grief. In the past yes, she’s not so sure any more. Nicks opines that with Steffy and Thomas gone, he thinks she and Stephanie could be good for each other. Jackie and Owen continue to work well together and he teases her about the realtor thinking that he’s her boy toy. He’d like to help her get new digs that are comparable to her lifestyle. It turns out quicker than he thought. Jackie needs to sign some papers and the secretary gives Owen the address so he can drop them off. Jackie is surprised when she opens the door. He is surprised that she took his advice and got the place they previously looked at. She quips she did not want to give him that kind of power for him to think she was swayed so easily. He brings a bottle of champagne which they open. He thinks the place looks very retro, very hip, very mod. She reminds him that he’s sounding very British and she’s much older than him. Being a Bond girl makes her feel very old. Stephanie arrives at Taylor’s saying she got all her messages. She’s curious, what is so important. She tells Taylor that she checked into one of those little motels along the beach. Maybe she sounds bitter, but she is not going home to Eric’s guest house. She will not darken that door again. Taylor says that she too is alone and feels almost worthless. Stephanie is about the only person who gives a damn. They are two peas in a pod and they should live together. She’d like the sound of a person in this house with her. Stephanie hugs her and says she can do that.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Phillip and Stefano have a run-in. Stephanie tries to smooth things over. Later, Phillip moves out of the mansion and into Stephanie’s apartment. He’s hesitant about doing so at first, but she insists. Sami prepares to tell EJ the truth about Grace, but changes her mind when Stefano storms in, threatening to kill Phillip. She warns EJ that their families must be kept secret and refuses to let Johnny stay at the mansion any longer. Nicole threatens Dr. Baker to keep quiet. He tells her that he knows she will go down if he does, and advises her to be careful of Mia, who will be upset if she learns Nicole isn’t really raising her baby. Later, Nicole meets with Mia and warns her that she must never come by the house or speak to Nicole again, for Sydney’s sake. Nicole advises she leave town, but Mia refuses. Mia also bonds with Grace at Sami’s place, and finds that she has difficulty letting her go.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Rebecca uttered some cryptic words to Nik while she was drugged up before her test. After sex with Sonny, Claudia educated herself on a home pregnancy test. Later, Claudia listened in as Sonny told Carly he would get revenge on Ian’s partners in Michael’s shooting. Patrick saw Robin’s body floating in the water and was able to save her. Jason was honest with Carly about his thoughts that Ian Devlin may have been working with someone. Later, Ric showed up at the warehouse supposedly to pay tribute to Michael on the anniversary of the shooting. Jason promised to kill Ric if he was in any way involved in what happened last year. Maxie reacted violently when Matt suspected that Robin fell into the water on purpose. Patrick had a similar suspicion about Robin but Robin claimed her fall in the water was merely an accident. Patrick was able to convince Robin to take her medication.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Bill surprises Lizzie during her walk. He tells her he wants to ask her on a date. This would make the third date. Shayne and Dinah wake up in bed together and loving it. Mallet and Marina enjoy the morning until a phone call interrupts them. At the Spaulding Mansion, Beth and the maid, Hilda have words. Outside the Spaulding Mansion, Hilda catches Alan with a plastic garbage bag and asks if he need help. He says, "No just out gardening." Hilda is skeptical. Bill and Lizzie go their separate ways planning to meet later. Shayne and Dinah are enjoying being with each other in more ways than one. Back at the Cooper/Mallet residence, Marina is wondering if she is a good mom. Mallet tries to reassure her. At the house, Natalia and Olivia are talking about Natalia's wedding. Outside the Spaulding house, Alan and Lizzie talk about her "bravery". And about Grady Foley. Inside the Spaulding Mansion, Blake visits Phillip. She is not happy with him and tells him so. They talk about Ross. Phillip says he would have never killed Ross. He loved his uncle. Blake tells Phillip she wants him out of her life. At the Natalia and Olivia's, Natalia is trying on a gown and looking in the mirror. Olivia joins her at the mirror and comment how lovely Natalia looks. At Company, Marina serves Dinah her morning coffee. Beth calls Olivia to invite her to a special dinner. She also includes Natalia. Olivia is not sure about it but will think about it. Beth tells Lizzie she invited Olivia. Lizzie is not amused. Outside the Mansion, Alan is talking with Phillip at the bridge. And what he says about what is down there shocks Phillip. At Cedars, Edmund joins Shayne at the Baby Nursery's window. They are talking about trusting each other. They are now talking about Lara's death. Shayne tells Edmund that he is responsible. Edmund says it was a mine field, how could he have known. Edmund listens patiently while Shayne talks. Edmund then turns and looks away. Dinah goes to the police department to talk to Mallet. She wants to thank him. They realize they have nothing to worry about and Mallet kisses Dinah on the cheek in a kind gesture. At the Spaulding Mansion, the family is at the dinner table. Alan talks about a million dollar request. Phillip is just glaring at him as if to say, what is he up to? At Cedars, Shayne is talking to Dinah about his new baby brother. At Company, Blake is talking to Marina about how happy she is that the Coopers are now running Company again. Blake says she has a lot of free time. Marina offers her a mangers job. Blake accept saying, "I like that title". Shayne and Dinah catch Edmund in the act of going through Shayne's stuff at Shayne's. Edmund says the door was open so he just walked in. Outside the Olivia and Emma are talking. Emma is upset that Natalia is leaving them. Olivia says, Just because Natalia is moving out doesn't mean that Emma won't see Natalia. At the Spauldings, Alan and Phillip are the only ones at the table when Phillip finally speaks. He says, "I didn't know we were having a battle." Alan tells him that, "You got Lizzie to lie for him. That he knows all about it. And then just leaves Phillip sitting there.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr rushes to Schuyler's home telling him she wants him. But he tells her that he cannot have what she wants to have with him. Right then, Cole goes to confront Schuyler. Starr hides. Cole suspects that Schuyler and Starr are sleeping together although Starr is hiding in the bathroom and Schuyler tells Cole he doesn't know what he's talking about. John and Officer Fish inform Marty that they strongly believe that Todd's old Frat brother, Zach Rosen is the one who killed Lee Halpern, killed Wes Granger and stabbed Blair. And his motive is to set Todd up to take the rap since Todd got away with rape many years ago and Rosen had to serve time in prison. Zach goes to visit Todd and tells him he needs money from Todd. But Todd tells Zach to get lost. Zach tells Todd it's not over. Gigi is distraught be knows she better have Rex believe that she's breaking up with him, as Stacy requires her to do in order to get the bone marrow to save Shane's life. Natalie and Jared are still wondering if they should let the truth be known that Jessica's alter stole Starr's baby. Natalie runs into Marcie by Hope's gravesite and hears Marcie inform her that she's getting on with her life and accepting Hope's death. Yet they both realize if Jessica finds out her baby died, it will destroy her. So they are torn trying to figure out what to do knowing what they know.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

From her hotel room, Sharon calls Noah and doesn’t’ get an answer. She leaves him a message that he is supposed to call her when he is in for the night. Eden notices that Noah’s cell phone is vibrating. He assures her that all he cares about is being with her. Phyllis is at home, in bed asleep, when the phone begins to ring. Phyllis answers it and becomes angry when she sees that it is Sharon. Phyllis reprimands Sharon for calling in the middle of the night and waking up Summer. Sharon apologizes and asks to talk to Nicholas. Phyllis lets Sharon know that she and Nick had had a fight because of Sharon. At the Chancellor mansion, Murph realizes that Kay cant’ sleep. Murph offers to go and get them some wedding leftovers, Kay tells him that there may be enough left on her clothing. Chloe awakens and finds Billy gone. Chloe begins to tell Cordelia that she isn’t’ worried about Billy. Billy visits McKenzie. Mac wants to know what Billy is doing here. Billy makes up the excuse that he needed some air. Murphy lets Kay know that the fight between her and Jill was not Kay’s fault. Mac assures Billy that they have both moved on and Chloe and Cordelia are both proof of that. Phyllis lets Sharon know that Nick had left. In the Indigo Bar, Jack lets Nick know that he had signed the divorce papers from Sharon. Jack assures Nick that Sharon loves Nick. Noah lets Eden know that they shouldn’t’ always have to slip around in order to see each other.

Noah and Eden decide to apply for college in Florida,. Sharon offers her sympathy that Nicholas had moved out. Phyllis questions Sharon if she loves Nick. Sharon affirms that she does. Jack tells Nick that Phyllis needs him. Nicholas misinterprets and thinks that Jack means that Sharon needs him. Jack realizes that Nicholas loves both Sharon and Phyllis. Billy assures Mac that they can make up for lost time, but Mac tells him that she is going back to Darfur. Jack meets up with Mary Jane in the Indigo Bar and lets him know that she is making preparations to go back to New York. Chloe catches up to Billy and Mac at the Chancellor mansion. Mac congratulates Chloe, once again, on her beautiful family. Chloe and Billy leave together to go back to their honeymoon. Sharon lashes out at Noah for his constant disobedience to her. Nicholas assures Sharon that he will take care of Noah. Once back at the house, Billy expects a big lecture, but Chloe only assures him that the next feeding for Delia is Billy’s.

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