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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Oak Haven, Annie paces the floor just as Aidan comes to visit her. Annie lets Aidan know that she cannot sleep for dreaming. At the Chandler mansion, J.R. is on the phone when the doorbell rings. It is Tad. Colby comes out of the living room and fills Tad in on Adam. Erica visits Ryan at his condo and urges him to let Kendall and Zach have this time together with their son. At the hospital, David tells Krystal that she doesn’t want to operate on Ian. Krystal urges David to do the operation. The lawyer for Chandler Enterprises tells J.R. that he needs to sell off some of the subsidiaries and that J.R. needs to call a board meeting. Colby asks Tad for help in finding Adam. Zach and Kendall stand vigil at Ian’s bedside. Tori begins to hypnotize Annie so that Annie will remember what had to Annie as a child. Aidan searches the internet and finds out info on Tori Atherton.

Kendall tells David to do the surgery. David agrees. J.R. and Tad visit a friend of Adam’s, who shows them a pic that Adam had drawn of Erica. Colby calls J.R. and tells him that someone had stolen Adam’s car. At the hospital, Krystal assures Erica that she will be praying for Ian. Kendall and Zach stand by Ian's bedside before he is taken to surgery. Annie and Tori talk when Aidan comes to visit. Annie is pleased that Aidan and Tori will finally be able to meet, but when Annie looks toward the chair, Tori is gone. Zach and Kendall hold hands as Ian is wheeled toward surgery. Kendall looks around and sees Ryan. Erica visits Adam. Adam takes her in his arms and kisses her.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Vienna is pregnant again. She tells Henry that Brad and Katie will get their baby so there is no need to concern them that she lost the first baby. Katie shows up unexpectedly and insists they go do another sonogram so she can see the baby. At the hospital, Henry feigns a fall and Katie must help him, so she misses the test. Henry and Vienna manage to pawn off an ill-gotten sonogram as their own and shows it to Katie and Brad. Katie blurts out that she’d like Vienna and Henry to move in with them. Brad is uncertain and so is Henry, but Vienna accepts immediately. Brad is shocked when Liberty tells him that she is not moving back in with him, but living at Carly’s. Parker is her husband and that will not change. He gives her a lecture that she is too young and she should not have to deal with taxes and insurance. She assures him that she is okay. Parker will take very good care of her. Janet thanks Craig for helping the kids, but he could do them a bigger favor by just walking away. Jack finds a sullen Parker at Carly’s. He’s not going to school, just playing video games. Parker smirks when he informs Jack that he no longer takes orders from him. He’s waiting on Liberty to move in. Carly gets on Jack’s case. At least Parker is home, thanks to Craig. She’d like to keep it that way. He rants that he will never let that man, Craig Montgomery replace him. She asks him to just back off a little and not be so in his face. Brad jumps onto Jack for letting all of this happen, but calms down in time to say they need to come up with a plan to break Parker and Liberty up. They are not enemies so they need to work together, not be so soft this time. Craig drives Liberty by the University and they sit and chat about her future. He focuses on her decision to be a journalist in the fashion industry. He encourage that but points out that will only work if Parker doesn’t mind and lets her go to New York and abroad. Parker is not happy and informs Craig that he’s on to his plan. First, he won’t give him his money and now he’s talking to Liberty and saying things so she will get mad at him. He’s purposely setting him up so they will split up. From now on, stay out of his life! Parker and Liberty get in an argument about Craig. She walks out when he suggests that now they are married they can spend the entire day in bed. Craig tells Carly – mission accomplished. Parker’s miserable when Carly checks in on him. She tells Craig not to gloat just because he was right this time. Craig asks her out for a real date. He assures her that Jack has nothing to do with this; he leaves her with a kiss. Liberty shows up at the farm, asking if she can spend the night as she had a fight with Parker.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke laments to Ridge that it is the end of an era and she still can not believe that Eric asked Stephanie to leave Forrester's. He wants her to go to the beach house and check on things, hoping Steffy comes to her senses sooner than later. Brooke drops in on them, but wonders why they are rushing this wedding. Steffy and Rick lie on the couch basking in their engagement. Nick goes to the marina and is surprised to find Stephanie there on the rocks overlooking the bay. He calls to her and invites her onto The Shady Marlin. She tells him that she was just looking for a little peace and quiet. But if he must know, it was a sentimental journey….a place where she and Eric made a big decision years and years ago. Today she was told she was being let go. Nick has a large coffee table type Forrester book and he claims he is doing his research. Jackie M is in trouble and he could learn from the best. Eric summons Taylor and explains to her why Stephanie is leaving. He is fearful what this may do to her. Ridge calls and leaves a message for Taylor that Steffy has moved in with Rick, but they need to come up with some strategy as he will never accept Steffy marrying Rick. Brooke reports back to Ridge that the lovebirds are really eager to get married. He says they can live together, but marriage…….that is where he draws the line. Stephanie pours her heart out to Nick who is a very good listener. She maintains that she never saw this day coming. But she thinks Eric will stay with Donna. He says Stephanie is a tough old broad, not a victim, she will survive. She thanks him for the cup of instant coffee, the blanket he offered for warmth, and for the safe port in a storm. Leaving and walking along the shoreline, she gazes out over the water and declares that she really believes the best days of our life are to come “and come they will.”

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Bo asks Roman to stay away from Hope. Roman agrees, but his doing so arouses Hope’s suspicions. Teresa warns Sami about keeping the truth from Grace’s father, wondering if she has her doubts about it. Will takes Mia to meet Grace after she admonishes him over his reaction to the new baby. Sami flashes back to switching test results to make it appear as if Austin was Will’s father. She leaves Mia and Will to baby-sit Grace, and Mia seems to have a knack for calming the baby. Sami meets with Bo, asking him about how his biological father being kept from him affected him, and if he thinks Will has been damaged because of what she did. Bo tells her that a lie is a lie no matter how good your intentions are. Sami learns of Tony’s death and decides to go see EJ and tell him the truth, telling herself that she can’t do the same thing to Grace that she did to Will. Brady tells Nicole that it is for the best that EJ doesn’t want to marry her. Later, EJ changes his mind, saying their getting married is what is best for Sydney. Stefano gives them his blessing, stating that he thinks Nicole told the truth as far she knows. However, he still thinks Phillip murdered Tony and vows to get revenge. Nicole heads to the hospital with Sydney for her checkup, and learns that the staff’s new pediatrician is none other than Dr. Baker. Kate practices tracing Daniel’s signature from the prescription he wrote her. She makes plans with Chloe, and then later with Chelsea, asking for a tour of the hospital. Chloe learns the only doctor qualified to handle her case is Daniel. The two have a frank talk about their affair, and Daniel vows that he has changed and he would never do anything again like he did to Chloe and Lucas.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Sonny tells Robin her “pride” is “clouding” her thinking. Sonny tries to make Robin realize that it’s ok to take meds for her condition. Carly doesn’t buy Claudia’s sudden interest in Michael’s health. Carly says Sonny will never fall in love with Claudia. Jason refuses to tell Patrick anything Robin confided in him. Rebecca tells Nik she’s not going through with the biopsy then decides to go through with it after all. Patrick’s PPD patient, Trisha, begs Patrick to let her die. Jason grills Maxie about the night Ian Devlin died. Jason is suspicious that others were involved in Michael’s shooting. Maxie says she understands Jason’s motivation but thinks it may not solve anything in the long run to find out. Jason remembers that Ian’s last words to him were, “there’s more.” Robin sees a young girl on the pier who warns her about falling in the water and getting hypothermia. The little girls says her name is Emma and her father is a surgeon. Emma also says she doesn’t have a mother. Carly mourns the anniversary of Michael’s shooting by going to the warehouse. Jason arrives and offers comfort to Carly. Carly wonders what Michael felt and thought before he was shot. Carly tells Jason about the risks of the procedure and asks him if she should go through with it. Jason says he can’t make the decision for Michael. Jason does say that he thinks, “Michael would take the chance.” Patrick is certain something has happened to Robin. He goes to the pier and doesn’t notice what looks to be a body floating in the water. Sonny has a heart to heart with Mike. He later comes home and tells Claudia he never wants to have another child. Claudia takes Sonny upstairs for sex. She conveniently grabs a box of condoms that she earlier compromised.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Billy goes to Cedars with a bouquet of flowers. He is met by Josh who kids him on how big the bouquet is. In Reva's hospital Room, Mother and Father are enjoying their son. Jeffrey goes to the door and yells out he has a son. Jeffrey then looks at Reva to ask about a name. She says, "Damned if I know." Dinah is put on the witness stand and questioned by Doris. Then the judge asks all to rise for sentencing that is until Remy, Marina and Mallet show up. The judge agrees to allow them to speak. Edmund continues to discuss Lara's situation to Shayne. Shayne is upset he didn't do anything to save them. Edmund tries his best to tell him that he couldn't do anything. And that he doesn't blame Shayne. Back at the Court House, Marina is called to testify. Marina gives a heartwarming testimony. So much so the judge gives her $25,000 in damages. Shayne goes to Cedars to visit his mother and new baby brother and god son. Shayne remarks that he is so tiny. Jeffrey adds, " I think he likes you". He then gives the little guy back to Reva and says he has to go, "I've parked the car in a no parking zone and don't want to be towed". Dr. Colin comes in bearing gifts and bad news. He wants to start treatment now. Jeffrey pleads to wait just a while longer as she won't be able to hold the little guy during her treatment. Dr Colin agrees. Christina and Daisy spend some time with each other. They are talking about school and Grady. Daisy says, "I guess I am glad he's gone." Dinah makes a special announcement on TV saying she was ordered to pay damages. She has in front of her a huge check for 25,000. Hawk has arrived and goes in to see Reva and the baby with Billy with Josh. Edmund and Dinah run into each other in a diner. Shayne goes back to the bridge where days earlier he was thinking of jumping off of. Daisy, Ashley, Christina go for drinks. Daisy attempts to ask for a beer until she overruled by both Ashlee and Christina. Daisy says, I can't believe this. You guys are as bad as my grandma." At Shayne's, Dinah shows up. Shayne isn't happy to have heard of the kidnapping plot. Dinah tells him she wished he never heard. She tells him, "I didn't want you to find out." They start arguing. Back at Cedars, Dr. Colin is back and wants to take Reva for her first treatment. She begs for more time. Shayne tells Dinah about holding his new baby brother. Shayne tells Dinah that he didn't jump again because of her. That he looked at the cellphone when it rang and saw her name and number. He knew then he couldn't do it. They then start making love. At the bar where Daisy, Ashlee and Christina are a bearded guy offers to buy the 3 a drink. Then Remy shows up and asks Christina what she is doing there. At Cedars, the Lewis brothers are talking about Reva and remembering the good old times. Reva wants Jeffrey to promise that he'll take good care of the baby. She hands him over and Reva names the baby after Dr. Colin. Jeffrey agrees to it.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Rex discusses with Bo how he cannot believe that Gigi would break up with him and sleep with Brody. Bo encourages Rex not to give up on Gigi. Gigi tells Viki that Rex cheated on her with her sister and she broke up with him. Viki tells Gigi she does not believe that Rex would intentionally do that and encourages her not to give up on Rex. Schuyler is able to tell that Stacy has a nasty trick up her sleeve involving taking Rex from Gigi and warns her that she should not get her hopes up. When Stacy goes to the hospital assuming that everybody believes she's a match for Shane's bone marrow, a lab technician informs her that he remembers her and knows that she is scamming. Todd uses the fact that Jack is in his corner to get him to help him with his plan to break up Blair and John. It appears that John and officer Fish have found a suspect who may have been responsible for the death of Lee Halpern, Wes Granger and the stabbing of Blair. And he may be an old fraternity brother of Todd's when Marty got raped many years ago.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

To everyone’s surprise, Mackenzie appears at Billy and Chloe’s wedding. Jack welcomes her home. Billy whispers to Ashley as to what Mackenzie is doing here. Billy introduces Mac to Chloe. Chloe tells Mac that she is Mrs. Billy Abbott. Yelling comes from the back of the house. Jack wonders what is going on. Nikki tries to break up the argument. Everyone begins to yell at once and Chloe worries about the cake which lands on Katherine’s dress. Kay announces to everyone that she is Katherine Chancellor. Nicholas visits Sharon at her room. Sharon apologizes to him for ruining the wedding. Nicholas asks Sharon for an answer concerning Phyllis being led downstairs by the guard. After a talk Sharon asks Nicholas to leave. Upon seeing each other Mckenzie and Katherine hug and Kay remarks that she is so glad to see Katherine. Jack reminds everyone that this is a celebration. Billy finds out that Jill is not Katherine’s daughter, but Brock is her son. Esther offers to help Katherine get cleaned up. Ashley remarks wait until the whole town finds out that Katherine is alive. Nikki shows Murph around his new home. Jack asks Ashley if she had seen Billy’s face when Mac came in. Mac congratulates Billy on his wedding .Chloe interrupts and shows Mac the baby. Sharon tells Nicholas that her life is so overwhelming right now and he needs to keep Phyllis away from her and to take care of their son until she gets her life back on track.

Nicholas finally leaves Sharon’s room and encounters Phyllis. Phyllis demands to see Sharon, but Nicholas refuses to let Phyllis see Sharon. Cane asks for Katherine’s forgiveness in not believing her. Esther tells Chloe that Billy and Mac were high school sweethearts and they were married, but their marriage was annulled because they had found out they were related. Cane and Chloe have a confrontation. Billy interrupts and suggests to Chloe that they get out of there. Cane introduces himself to Mac and asks how long will she be in town. Jill tells Katherine that she needs to talk to her. Jill tells Katherine that she is moving out. Bay begs Jill to wait, but Jill refuses. Cane offers Jill to stay with him and Lily. Nikki tells Katherine that she ought to go before the judge and have her death rescinded. Jack visits Sharon. Sharon lets Jack know that she had signed the divorce papers and urges him to do the same. After an argument, Nicholas walks out on Phyllis. Chloe wakes up and calls for Billy. Billy visits Mac and she questions him as to what he is doing here.

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