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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Wild wind, Krystal comes in and finds David with Little A. Krystal demands to know what he had done. David begins to make plans to leave town with Little A, but Krystal refuses. At the Valley inn, Angie and Jesse argue over David and the things that he does. At Jesse’s apartment, Natalia tells J.R. how Little A had suddenly disappeared. J.R. comes to the conclusion that David had taken Little A. At ConFusion, Kendall tells Ryan that she cannot move in with him. At Zach’s house, Zach notices that Ian isn’t breathing. Erica, immediately, calls the E.M.T.’s. Jesse and Angie arrive home and find Little A gone. Natalia fills Jesse in on what had happened. The EMTs rush Ian to the hospital. At the hospital, Joe tells the family that Ian is suffering from congested heart failure. Krystal talks David into giving Little A back, but David has his doubts as to how to go about it without getting himself involved. There is a knock on the door. Krystal hurries and takes Little A out of the back while David answers the door. Erica begs David for his help in saving Ian's life.

At the hospital, Zach consoles Kendall while Ryan watches. Krystal takes Little A home, and comes to a deal with Jesse that no one will know that J.R. as well as David (Supposedly) knew where Little A was. Jesse agrees to her terms. David tells the family the results of his examination concerning Ian.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Casey is informed by the Dean of Oakdale University that since he has been expelled from school he can't take the extension class on the basics of African drums. Casey is depressed and thinks he will always be a loser. Casey and Allison almost make love but they both decide they are not ready to make love yet. Allison tells Casey that he should stop feeling sorry for himself and take a chance and start living his life. Casey takes Allison's advice and persuades the Dean to give him another chance. The Dean tells Casey that he will take the expulsion off his record if he chooses a community project and does well with it. Casey tells Allison he has decided to help Luke at the foundation for his project and Allison is thrilled Casey has started getting his life together.

Damian tries to persuade Holden and Lily that Luke is in danger but not from him but Holden tells Damian to stop hurting Luke and leave town. Damian gets stabbed outside Java while following Luke in order to protect him. Noah saves Damian's life by calling 911 and getting him to the hospital quickly. Holden is convinced that Damian either stabbed himself or hired someone to stab him to get sympathy from Luke in order to get close to him. Noah tries to persuade Luke to give Damian another chance because he thinks Damian really loves Luke like a father. Luke tells Noah he won't allow Damian to hurt and manipulate him again and the only father he has ever had is Holden Snyder. Luke and Noah meet Zac and Zoe Finn a pair of very strange fraternal twins who finish each others sentences and are very affectionate with each other. Zac and Zoe persuade Luke to allow them to volunteer at the foundation.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric says it has to be this way. He has moved on and Stephanie hasn’t. She wishes she had. It's official and he has Donna by his side. Stephanie says goodbye to Eric. The office gang applauds and Felicia says surely she did not think she could sneak away without a goodbye. They all try to get her to reconsider but she won’t. Felicia states that she will go with her. Thorne says the same. Stephanie says she is sad to go, but she would be sadder still if she saw the family fall apart. She wants them to stay at Forrester and continue to set their standard of elegance. The company will remain and will flourish. Felicia, Thorne and Ridge all chastise their father for letting Stephanie walk. He justifies it by saying their working relationship had become untenable. Donna laments that Stephanie could not accept her as Eric’s wife, so it was best for her to just go. Thorne can’t shake the feeling, he’s worried about his mom.

Nick welcomes Owen to his new job. Nick wants to know more. He wants to know everything about his time at Forrester….their power and their strength and how Stephanie fits in with that. Owen admits that she is the lady behind the throne. Stephanie by far is the most valuable asset. She is the glue that holds it all together, the one all the employees look up to. Owen takes pleasure in making light fun of the situation when Jackie’s realtor shows them a lovely loft that Owen thinks would be perfect for Jackie. She declines the offer as she is afraid Gretchen thinks she is a cougar with a younger man. This place is not for her. Stephanie is devastated when she walks out of Forrester. She ends up walking along the marina. Walking along the uneven rocks on the shoreline, she has flashbacks of her and Eric in their early years when forming the company….such a look now of despair and uncertainty on her face.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Chloe finds out she isn’t pregnant. Kate and Daniel are both relieved. Lucas is disappointed, but promises Chloe that they will have children soon. Chloe decides to take the job as TV hostess that Kate offered her. Kate comes to see Phillip at the hospital, and asks Daniel for a prescription for sleeping medicine. Melanie learns that Tony is dead and Phillip fought with him. She rushes to the hospital, but Stephanie is there, and tells her that Phillip didn’t get the blueprints and that the project is dead. Melanie tells Max all about it, and admits she spent all the money she received from Tony. Chelsea confides in Max that she is worried about Stephanie dating Phillip. Stephanie meanwhile, is supportive of Phillip and invites him back to her place. Phillip laments the fact that he had a hand in Tony’s death. Stephanie assures him that he can still be a good person. Phillip fears that he can’t. Stefano, still angry that Nicole didn’t finger Phillip as Tony’s murderer, tells EJ that she is a pathological liar and confronts her about the real reason she went to the convent. EJ defends her, but when Stefano leaves to answer the door, EJ lays into Nicole, saying that he knows she and Tony had been acting hostile towards another. He demands to know if she is hiding something to protect Phillip. Nicole cries, vowing that she’s telling the truth about Tony’s death. EJ doesn’t believe her. Anna shows up and blames Tony’s death on Stefano. She tells him that she is handling all of Tony’s funeral arrangements, and that he can’t have anything more to do with Tony-even in death. Stefano later vows to get revenge on the people that made this happen.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Robin has a tough session with her therapist. Robin tells her therapist the holistic route she wants to take for her treatment but the therapist suggests antidepressants as well. Robin later confides in Sonny how horrific the session was. At the same time, Patrick is worried because he can’t find Robin so he asks Jason for his input. Jason won’t divulge what Robin confided in him. Sonny tries to advise Robin on therapy and treatment for her illness by opening up about his own illness. Olivia simply tells Sonny he’s “a great father.” The two discuss their past relationship. Jax informs Carly that Michael’s experimental treatment could be fatal. Jax says other patients have died from the procedure. Carly says she’s willing to take the “risk” rather than give up “all hope.” Claudia breaks up the fight between Johnny and Ric while Jason watches. Jason is convinced that Ric is blackmailing Claudia and he demands the details. Claudia claims to be “completely committed” to Sonny. When Sonny walks in, Claudia admits that Ric is blackmailing her. Claudia tells Sonny that Ric is trying to get her to “work” Sonny. Sonny apologizes to Claudia because Ric is being “vengeful” toward her. Sonny promises to “take care of” Ric if he continues to harass Claudia. Lulu gives up after losing the stolen money to Ethan. Luke accuses Lulu of stealing his petty cash to pay back the money Ethan stole. Lulu denies the accusation and leaves the Haunted Star. Luke makes Ethan pay back the money he knows Lulu stole with the money he took from Crimson. Claudia goes to see Michael and confesses that Ric is in the know about her guilt and Sonny will soon learn the truth. Claudia says Sonny will kill her when he learns the truth. Claudia says she hopes that Michael and Sonny will “forgive” her just as Carly arrives. Olivia wonders if Jax is prepared to keep the secret about Jerry to himself forever. Jax says he will never tell Carly the truth about Jerry. Patrick seems suspicious and concerned when a woman comes into the ER after a car accident. He learns the woman recently had a baby. Patrick learns the woman is suffering from PPD. Liz tells Patrick that the woman deliberately caused her car accident.

GL Recap Written by Beth

All the guys but Mallet and Jeffrey are at Franks bachelor Party. Dinah is pour her heart out to Shayne. Jeffrey is with Reva trying to make her comfortable. Jeffrey admits he is scared. Reva admits it too. Jeffrey says "They will be scared for tomorrow, school." Reva's labor pains come back and she screams. Doris meets with Dinah and Shayne outside to talk about possible prosecution. Doris is not going to touch Dinah. Marina and Mallets love making gets disrupted by little Henry's cries. Olivia wishes Natalia and Frank well. Doctor gives Jeffrey news that the baby should be arriving soon as Reva is fully dilated. Back at the bachelor party, Matt Reardon says he has to head home and congratulates the couple. Outside, Dinah has an idea. She heads into a building and leaves Shayne outside. Shayne meanwhile gets a call from Jeffrey about Reva. At the Mallet household, baby Henry is now asleep. Marina gets her phone and sees a text message from Jeffrey about Reva going into labor. Marina excitedly tells Mallet. At Cedars, Reva is about to deliver. Matt Reardon and Josh are talking about Reva. Olivia and Buzz talk about Frank leaving the nest. Buzz says he is ok with it. With Mel by her side, Dinah talks to Doris about suing herself for pain and suffering if she doesn't prosecute. Marina who with Mallet are there, thinks it is not a bad idea. Shayne gets to Cedars Hospital only to find Edmund in the waiting room. Edmund explains he was at Reva's when the labor began. In the delivery room, Reva thinks there is something wrong when no one talks. But out comes a beautiful baby boy. Back at Olivia and Natalia, Natalia is thanking Olivia for the beautiful speech she gave and party. Dinah calls Ashlee to tell her about her about to be charged. Back at Cedars, Reva is holding her baby boy and smiling, so is Jeffrey. The doctor wants to take the little guy for the normal baby test, but Reva doesn't want to let go. The doctor agrees to wait a little longer since Reva wont be able to be around him during chemo. Edmund and Shayne have words. But Shayne apologizes and Edmund says it is ok. Edmund tells Shayne that when she came to find him, she was pregnant. Dinah goes before a judge to tell him she is suing herself for public pain and suffering. Olivia and Natalia are on the steps outside talking about the engagement party. Back at Cedars Reva is enjoying her time with her newborn son and Jeffrey.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

While in another argument, Cristian and Layla end up locked together in the steam room. By the time they get unlocked, they discover they may like each other more than either is willing to admit. Gigi knows she must make Rex believe that she distrusts him, that she thinks he willingly slept with Stacy and that she willingly slept with Brody. But he does not buy that. Stacy tells Gigi that she will save Shane's life under the condition that Gigi does what she wants. Brody confronts Stacy and tells her she's delusional to think that she can "have" Rex given these circumstances and she's despicable to endanger a young boy in order to do it. Dorian is at Capricorn, using Jack McNaughton to make Ray jealous while he's making her jealous by being with Tea. Todd tells Tea that she can "have" him if she agrees to withdraw from representing Blair and helping her marry John. She does not buy that. Jessica and Marty talk about both of their failed attempts with their respective men. Marty concludes she better leave John alone if he's now married to Blair. Jessica realizes she better back off from Brody if he's back with Gigi although she doesn't understand how that would be since she knows that Gigi is committed to Rex. John and Officer Fish discover that some of the guys who got sent to prison for helping Todd rape Marty many years ago are now free. They have motive to want to get revenge upon Todd and set him up for crimes such as murdering Lee Halpern, murdering Wes Granger and stabbing Blair.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At the Chancellor mansion, Esther admires the wedding cake as she takes a bunch of flowers and takes them into the living room. Jill stands by the fireplace, but all she has is negative remarks about Chloe, Katherine and Murph. Frantic, Chloe comes into the living room and tells Esther and Jill that she cannot find Billy. At home, Ashley receives a call from Jack tells Ashley that they cannot find Billy and that he may have gone A.W.O.L. In Sharon’s bedroom at the club, Billy puts his clothes on to leave for the wedding. At the Indigo bar, Nicholas reads an article to Phyllis about Katherine. Nicholas inquires of Phyllis if she is going to the office . Phyllis lets him know that she has some errands to run. At the cabin, Murph begins to have second thoughts about attending the wedding. Nikki arrives at the cabin. Katherine lets Nikki know that Jill had paid them a visit. Katherine tells Nikki that she is dead set on attending this wedding. Jill walks into Chloe’s bedroom just as she is getting ready for the wedding. Chloe reminds Jill that she is not allowed to see Cordelia. Phyllis pays Sharon a visit and lets her know that she had seen Billy sneaking down the stairs from her room. Phyllis demands that either Sharon returns her things to her or she will expose her for the tramp that she is. Sharon calls security on Phyllis and has her forcefully removed from her room. Being brought downstairs by the guard, they run into Nicholas, who demands to know what is going on. Billy arrives for the wedding much to everyone’s relief.

Jack informs Jill that Chloe needs to be part of a real family. Phyllis tells Nicholas that Sharon had slept with Billy. Colleen urges Billy, once again, not to go through with this. Sharon walks out of the wedding, leaving Chloe without a matron of honor. Colleen decides to stand up for Chloe. It is revealed that Jill is not Katherine’s daughter. Chloe and Billy recite their own vows.

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