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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jake and Amanda sit at a table in the ConFusion bar. They meet with a lawyer about the adoption of Amanda’s baby. They are taken aback when the lawyer asks them who the father of the baby is. At Wild wind, David brings Krystal a glass of orange juice while she looks out the door. At Jesse and Angie’s apartment, Little A brings in some sand buckets to take to school, but Angie tells him that there isn’t any school today. Opal, Tad and J.R. discuss how that Opal is always defending David. At the casino, Zach hangs up Myrtle’s pic in its rightful place. Erica comes in and congratulates him on winning back the casino. Ryan is outside on the balcony of his apartment when Kendall comes up behind him and hugs him. Erica gives Zach some helpful advice on fighting for his children. Amanda admits that she doesn’t know who the father of her baby is until Jake speaks up and tells the lawyer that he is the father. Zach visits Kendall and tells her that he is moving back in.

Kendall refuses to move out of the house and leave the boys so Zach and Kendall decide to live there together with the boys. While Natalia is out of the room, David visits and sneaks Little A out of the apartment. J.R. visits and finds out that Little A is gone. Krystal comes home to Wild wind and finds David there with Little A. Krystal questions David as to what he had done. David insists that he and Krystal leave town with Little A. Krystal insists that she is not going anywhere. Kendall meets Ryan at the ConFusion bar and tells him that she is not moving out of the house with Zach. Erica is with Zach at the house. Zach realizes that Ian is not breathing.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Parker learns that Craig is officially his trustee, as he is thrilled thinking Craig is on his side and will let him do whatever with the money, but Craig tries to sit him down and talk about school and being responsible. Janet tells Liberty that she feels that she is getting lost in Parker and needs to start doing what makes herself happy. After talking more, Janet is able to convince – or so she thinks – Liberty to tell Parker that they need to get their marriage annulled. Parker shows up to tell her the good news, and Janet prods Liberty to tell Parker what they were discussing, but Liberty doesn’t and instead tells him that she was promising her mom that they would go to college. Janet watches sadly, as a less then confident looking Liberty walks off with Parker to got apartment hunting. Jack and Carly argue about Craig and his being in charge of Parker’s trust fund. Jack is convinced Craig is only along for the ride to get his hands on Rosanna’s money. He is adamant the only way Craig can prove himself is to step down so Carly calls him to meet. Craig, however, refuses to step down citing Parker’s trust in him as the reason. He also reminds Jack it is not a competition and he is the only one Parker is turning to right now so they shouldn’t change that. Jack is determined to believe Craig is the last person Parker should be near, and asks Carly to pick sides. When she balks and tries to defend Craig, Jack assumes he knows her decision, as he storms out again. Parker and Liberty show up to see Craig at Carly’s telling him about the Penthouse they want to live in, but Craig shoots them down. Parker is annoyed, as Craig doesn’t think he is spending his money wisely and furthermore tells them that he can’t put them up at the Lakeview anymore. Parker and Liberty are forced into taking the offer to stay at Carly’s to their disappointment but to Carly’s thrill. Parker and Liberty tell Jack and Janet their news, as Janet is happy, but Jack is just as convinced that Craig wouldn’t do anything without an ulterior motive. Meg and Dusty reunite after his trip to Chicago. Meg lets Dusty know Paul’s game and why she had to stay at Fairwinds with him and Eliza. Dusty decides he doesn’t want to sneak around anymore to see Johnny or put Meg in a position where she has to play into Paul’s blackmail and goes to tell Lucy, as Meg looks forward to cutting Paul off at the knees. Paul puts Lucy on the spot as to if she got Dusty in bed, as she coyly alludes to the fact that she did, but Paul later sees Dusty and Meg kissing and confronts and threatens Lucy promising to tell Craig if she doesn’t get Dusty in bed; he gives her one last chance. Paul goes to see Meg without notice assuming she will let him see Eliza to keep him quiet, but she gleefully tells him that it is no longer happening. Paul gathers his composure and calmly agrees to her terms because all he wants is to see his daughter, as Meg is unsure of this side of him. Lucy tries to seduce Dusty by telling him that she still loves him, but he doesn’t fall for it. Lucy finally has to tell him what she has been up to and asks him to go along with it to keep Paul off her back so people in Africa don’t get killed. He doesn’t want to pretend to be back in love with her and hurt Meg. Lucy begs him to do this so people don’t get hurt and she also claims that Meg and Eliza could be in danger as well. Finally, Dusty agrees to help her out, as Lucy is thrilled. Dusty asks Meg to trust him no matter what she sees or hears from Paul, but he doesn’t tell her what exactly he is doing though. Lucy tells Paul that she did what the asked and he will see proof that she and Dusty are back together soon, as Paul relishes in the possibility of having Meg left high and dry by Dusty.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Jackie fills Nick in on the news that Bridget told Eric that she is Madame X. He’s okay with that and that she will be staying with them. A banker allows them more time when he also hears that Madame X is a Forrester. Stephanie gives Eric the news that Steffy and Rick are engaged. He doesn’t condone it, but does think that it will make for peace with Ridge around the office. Donna interrupts with one of her honey bear surprises. Stephanie is disgusted and asks if Eric can’t contain these antics in the privacy of his home, not in a place of business. He’s a laughing stock. The snipes escalate when he accuses her of keeping Ridge’s paternity from him for nearly all of his life. She also thinks she was a huge part of the company and in making it a success. Eric tells her if she is so dissatisfied then she is free to go. In fact, this is his company and he wants her to go. She’s not satisfied in being a partner so she is fired. He’s too old and does not know how much more time he might have on this earth. He’ll be damned if he spends it like this. She is negative, too controlling, he does not need her. He does not want her, goodbye. As she walks out, she tells him that when he gets tired of all the various Logans running up and down the hallway at Forrester’s, don’t come knocking on her door. She will not answer.

Donna tells Eric that she is proud of him for standing up to Stephanie. She admits that she has to go and it will be a better place around here. Stephanie is devastated. She tells Ridge that his dad threw her out and she wants to leave the company under those circumstances with the way he feels. Ridge says they will fight Eric on this. She belongs here. She disagrees. Fashion is for the young and her time has come and gone. She no longer wants to be here. Nick confesses to Jackie that Stephanie is a tough old broad, but she knows the fashion industry. Jackie expresses that Lord knows what will happen with Eric and Donna running the company now. Stephanie lovingly picks up family photos in the office and has flashbacks of their glory years. Eric returns and she says she would like to make a clean break from the company, but she is not at the end of her road yet.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Lucas is suspicious that Grace actually belongs to Sami and EJ, but Sami convinces him that isn’t the case, and he drops it when he notes that Grace doesn’t look anything like either of them. Chloe buys a pregnancy test, but is interrupted by Kate before she can take it. Kate offers her a job hosting a new talk show she is putting together. Chloe claims she isn’t feeling well enough to make a decision, and Kate discovers the pregnancy test and silently fears the baby could be Daniel’s. She decides to stick around for Chloe to find out the results. Kate fills Lucas in on what is going on when he arrives home and the two anxiously await the results. Nicole tells Hope that what happened to Toy was an accident. Stefano is outraged, accusing her of lying. Phillip thanks her, and promises to stop blackmailing her and Brady. He continues to blame himself for what happened to Tony, however. Brady is suspicious of the reason why Nicole happened to be at the pier. So is Hope. EJ vows to discover what Tony was trying to tell him. Stefano continues to grieve for Tony.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Robin gets defensive with Liz. Robin later gets defensive with Patrick when he offers to drive her to her psychiatrist. Later, Robin runs into Sonny and confides her fears in him. Patrick conveys his nervousness and doubts about Robin to Liz. Robin meets with her therapist and starts to open up. Carly tells Sonny that Michael moved his hand. Sonny is a bit skeptical at first. Kate overhears the conversation so Sonny fills her in. Sonny tells Carly he trusts her instincts. Jax tells Olivia the latest on Michael. Olivia wonders if Jax hired a specialist out of “guilt” because of Jerry. Jax says he blames himself for Jerry being in Port Charles in the first place. Jax says he’s bringing in a top specialist and will accept the doctor’s opinion. Claudia finds Ric in Sonny’s house watching one of Jerry’s DVD’s. Ric threatens to show the DVD to Sonny and promises that Sonny will kill Claudia. Claudia denies drugging Ric. Claudia agrees to get Ric evidence against Jason and Sonny in exchange for his silence. Lulu suggests Ethan as a replacement for Johnny to attend the public functions with Maxie. Kate vetoes the idea. After Ethan leaves, Maxie discovers that some money is missing. Lulu heads to the Haunted Star but Luke and Ethan won’t give her back the money. Lulu challenges Ethan to a game of poker to win back the money. Claudia asks Johnny to help her find evidence against Jason and Sonny. Ric walks in on the conversation and assumes that Johnny was also involved in Michael’s shooting. Johnny attacks Ric after he makes a threat against Claudia. Sonny runs into Olivia and tells her he may “have a second chance to be a better father.” Sonny expresses his deep love for Michael. Olivia is impressed with Sonny’s paternal devotion. Olivia tells Sonny “you deserve to know.” Sonny wonders what it is Olivia thinks he should “know.”

GL Recap Written by Beth

Josh and Jeffrey continue talking about Reva. Meanwhile Reva is at home with Edmund and is going into labor. At Company, Remy catches Daisy grabbing a beer bottle. He takes it for himself. They talk about Grady. That is until she leaves Company. At Olivia and Natalia's, Emma and Olivia are dressing Natalia for a night out with Frank, who just arrives to put the finishing touches on Natalia, her necklace. Edmund calls Jeffrey, who asks Edmund what is he doing there and what did you do to her. That point Reva grabs the phone and tell Jeffrey to meet them at Cedars. Back at Company, Frank arrives to see Daisy and Remy talking. Frank tells Daisy, "If there is someone like Natalia for me, then there is someone out there for you.". Mallet is joking with Natalia about pre wedding things. Outside 3 miles out of town, Jeffrey and Josh are trying to convince a policeman to let them go. That they are on the way to the hospital. At this point Jeffrey and Josh get into an argument and the police officer tells them to put their hands on their heads. Edmund has gotten Reva to the hospital. Reva says she wants to wait for Jeffrey. Edmund offers to be her coach during birth. Reva tells him she doesn't want him near this baby. Father Ray is asked to perform Frank and Natalia's marriage ceremony. Jeffrey continues to argue with the police. At Cedars, Reva is now laying down on a stretcher all hooked up. She actually asks Edmund to stay with her as she doesn't want to be alone. Edmund tells Reva he's changed and that was due to the lady he was in love with. The doctor comes in saying he is ready to help her deliver. She insists on waiting until Jeffrey gets there. At Olivia and Natalia's, Olivia is in a room by herself getting a drink, Natalia peers in via a doorway to see what she is up to. Father Ray is talking to Buzz and Daisy about a scholarship. Buzz is clueless. Father Ray explains that Coop set up a scholarship for his students. Marina and Mallet and baby Henry are having family time at home while Marina feeds baby Henry. Mallet says his debts with Dinah are paid. Josh and Jeffrey finally arrive at Cedars. Jeffrey thanks Josh for his help. Josh excepts. Jeffrey is now in the room with Reva and Edmund. Edmund wishes her the best and leaves. Reva says she is now ready to have the baby if Jeffrey is ready. At the Coopers, Daisy is about to leave and Buzz wants to know where she is going. Daisy says she loves him for wanting to help her, but this is something she has to do on her own. She leaves. Frank and Natalia are making plans with Fr Ray when Olivia comes down stairs and interrupts. Marina and Mallet enjoy more time with baby Henry. At Cedars, Josh follows Edmund out to the hall and tells him to stay away. Jeffrey tries to help Reva.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Lauren comes into Cole’s hospital room and tells him that his counselor will be right in. Star visits Blair in her hospital just as Blair receives a call from Todd. Blair lets Starr know that Todd doesn’t like the idea of Star and the boys having a stepfather. Marty confronts John about his marrying Blair. Jessica calls Marty and lets her know how good it was to talk to her. She turns around and sees Cristian. She questions him how much of that had he heard. Shane shows Stacy a cartoon that had had drawn of a superhero. Stacy questions him if she can be a superhero. Rex walks in on Gigi and Brody in bed. Brody immediately gets up and begins to put on his clothes. Brody tells Rex that this isn’t’ what it looks like. Gigi tells Rex that she and Brody had slept together. Stacy, reluctantly, tells Shane that the donor had fallen through. When Cole finds out that Schuyler is his counselor, he refuses to open up to Schuyler. Roxanne walks in and finds Stacy with Shane and demands to know what is going on. Rex demands to know from Brody what is going on. Layla and Cristian have a confrontation over her meeting a blind date for sexual pleasures. Jessica tells herself that she will surprise Brody.

Cole confronts Schuyler about his kissing Star. Jessica meets up with Brody in the hall and tells him that she needs to talk to him inside. Layla orders Cristian out of her life. Jessica tells Brody that she likes him more than just a friend. Rex comes out of the room with Gigi and orders Brody to stay away from Gigi and Shane. Star calls Schuyler and tells him that she needs to see him. Gigi tells Brody that she had almost told Rex the truth. Brody tells her that it is not too late to tell Rex the truth. Gigi calls Stacy and tells her that she had told Rex that she had slept with Brody.

OLTL Recap Written by Mandy

Todd tries to have John killed, but Jackie refuses. Dorian tells Jack to pick up the toys, but he says that only his parents can tell him what to do. Dorian tells Jack that “daddy” is there when John shows up, but John tries to assure Jack that he just wants to be a friend and keep them safe. Tea tells Cristian that he is a free man and then tells him that she has a date with Ray Montez. Clint intervenes with Bo, while Nora has a nice reunion with Hank. Talia and Layla talk about Oliver, Layla’s date and Cristian screwing it up, until he comes up and gets into it with Layla again. Kyle and Oliver bump into each other and talk for a couple of minutes until John calls and tells Oliver that he has information about the murders. Oliver meets with John and they discuss the connection between the victims and the letters that were left with each victim. Ray and Tea accuse each other of using the other to make someone jealous. Layla and Cristian get stuck in the men’s room together.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Sharon declines the invitation to go to the party for Billy and Chloe. Chloe and Billy prepare for the party at the coach house. At the Newman house, Victor says good-bye to Ashley before she leaves for the party. Abby comes in and Victor and Abby make plans to go out for the night. Adam comes in from the balcony with Victor’s lawyer. At the Chancellor house, Esther readies for the party despite Jill’s objections. At the cabin, Katherine prepares a special meal for Murph.

Sharon and Noah meet at Jana’s and they decide to go to the party together. Despite how Jill feels, she arrives at the party for Billy and Chloe. Colleen tells Billy how she is against this wedding. Sharon comes into the party much to Billy’s disgust. Chloe asks Sharon to be her matron of honor. Sharon, reluctantly, accepts. During dinner, Jack proposes a toast to Billy and Chloe. Billy lets them all that he may be accepting a job out of town. Jill blasts Billy for not being able to stay in the same place for a long period of time. Jill visits Katherine and still doesn’t’ believe that Katherine is her Mother. Jill begins to blame Murph. Katherine defends Murph and lets Jill know that she is coming back to her family and her business. Katherine orders Jill out.

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