Tuesday 3/31/09 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 3/31/09 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Oak Haven, Annie once again has a bad dream and wakes up with a start. Aidan lies next to her. J.R. visits Jesse at his apartment and is talking to Jesse about Little A when Little A comes running out and into J.R.’s arms. At the ConFusion Bar, Krystal examines her face which resulted from the fall that she had taken during the argument with David. Tad goes after David. At Wild Wind, Tad catches David by the collar and pushes him up against the wall. Tad threatens David that if he ever hurts Krystal again, he will break his neck. Frankie walks out on Randi because he is disturbed over having to go back to Iraq. At Pine Valley Hospital, Brot bumps into Taylor, who shows him her discharge papers. Little A tells J.R. that he wants to go home, but Angie tells Little A that he cannot go home just yet. Tad orders David not to ever touch Krystal again. Aidan promises Annie that he will stand by her. Annie begins to tell Aidan about her dream as she begins to remember more of when she was in the cellar alone.

Tad urges Krystal to leave David, but she refuses. David visits Jesse to find out where Little A is, but Jesse refuses to tell David anything. Brot and Taylor visit Randi and gives her helpful advice concerning Frankie. Frankie comes home to Randi. Aidan tells Annie that he loves her right before he leaves. Annie tells Tori that she is afraid that she had killed someone when she was a child. Tori leaves very abruptly. David comes home to find Krystal waiting for him. David begs her for forgiveness. Krystal tells David to prove himself to her that he is the man that she married. David and Krystal kiss and hug. Opal urges Tad to be there for Krystal.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Katie senses that Henry and Vienna are hiding something from them about the baby and decide to talk to them about it. Vienna feels like she has morning sickness and she heads to her room. A few minutes later Henry thinks that Vienna is going to tell Brad and Katie she was never pregnant and instead she tells them that they could have twins since twins run in her family. Vienna shocks Henry when she tells him that she is pregnant with his baby and not Brad's baby. Vienna tells Henry the baby was probably conceived when they made love after they got home from the doctor's office after hearing the bad news from the doctor about Brad and Katie's baby. Vienna is determined to give Brad and Katie her and Henry's child since Henry made it clear he doesn't want a baby. Henry agrees even though he has doubts about giving his child to Brad and Katie . Henry keeps his doubts a secret from Vienna since she is so happy to be giving Brad and Katie a baby. Brad agrees to allow Henry and Vienna move into the house so Katie can take care of Vienna and the baby.

Luke refuses to do public service announcements about housing discrimination because Damian wants to pay for them. Luke later changes his mind when Lily offers to pay for the public service announcements. Lily tries to persuade Luke to give Damian a chance but he refuses to do it. Lily tells Damian to leave because Luke doesn't want him in his life. Holden and Lily's house is broken into and Holden and Luke suspect Damian. It doesn't help that Holden and Lily's made saw a man wearing the same scare and coat Damian was wearing walking in Lily's garden. Margo questions Damian and tells him not to leave town. Margo also takes Damian's shoes so she can compare foot prints. Holden is worried about his family and is determined to protect them at any cost. Damian asks Noah to help him reach Luke so that he and Luke can build a relationship. Noah tells Damian he will have to do that on his own despite the fact that he thinks Luke is being too hard on his father.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke is happy that Rick is marrying Steffy. He quips that Ridge can’t stop him as he saved old Tommyboy’s butt by keeping him out of jail. Bridget confesses to Eric that she is Madame X and is working for Jackie M. She needed to prove herself. She hopes Eric will be pleased. He is surprised but pleased and now that she has established herself he hopes she will come back to Forrester where she belongs. He’s not displeased though when she says she must stay with Jackie M for now and see this through with the new showing. Owen is surprised that Jackie summons him to Jackie M’s. But instead of offering him a job designing, she thinks his forte is in another direction. Coyingly, she says she needs someone to assist her with contracts, negotiations with suppliers, retailers. He accepts and brings out a bottle of bubbly to celebrate. Rick tells Marcus not to be a sore loser when Steffy tells Marcus that she and Rick are getting married. Rick adds that she deserves only the best and that is what she is getting. Brooke calls Ridge and invites him to the steam room….pronto no matter what he is doing. She is thrilled that their families will be able to heal now…..he deserves a treat. Gone are the towels. Later he shows her the wedding veil he is making for Steffy. She thinks this is so unlike him not to be more concerned about the wedding. In her opinion, he seems to be too accepting and rushing this. He admits that before that happens he is hoping she will come to her senses. On the Santa Monica Pier, Rick and Steffy stroll arm in arm along the boardwalk, skate, play games in the arcade, and in the amusement park they ride the tilt-a-whirl, the ferris wheel, bumper cars, cuddle and watch the ocean and kiss....lots of kisses.

Bridget bursts into Jackie's office and also wants to celebrate when she realizes Jackie is not there and it's just Owen. She tells him that her dad was pleased and she feels the world’s weight is off her shoulders now that she has told him. Owen kisses her when she hugs him, then confesses he should not have done that in a work place. It won’t happen again; he won't cross that line especially now that they are going to be working together. Ridge tells Brooke that Rick is blackmailing him and using his daughter to do it. He lost one daughter because of Rick and now Thomas is in need of dire medical help. He is about to lose Steffy to Rick and he is not sure he can handle that at all. Rick picks the moment they are walking at the ocean’s tide to present Steffy with a lovely engagement ring. She’s surprised, thrilled, beyond words….they share a kiss.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Hope tries to get Nicole to give her statement about Tony’s fall, but Nicole is able to evade her for a while, claiming to be upset. Finally, she admits she can’t tell her story until she learns what will happen to Tony. Meanwhile, Tony attempts to write Nicole’s secret down for EJ, but doesn’t get farther than the letter ‘B.’ Victor comes to see Phillip, apologizing for firing him and disowning him, saying he was wrong to do so. Stefano confronts the two, and makes threats towards Phillip despite his protestations of innocence. Tony has a heart attack and dies while trying to tell EJ the truth, and Lexie isn’t able to save him, despite her best efforts. Rafe talks to Will about Sami and Grace, urging Will to grow up and stop lamenting his bad childhood, and to accept that Sami has changed. He also asks Will to help Sami out with the baby. Will agrees to do so. Roman confronts Sami about her decision to adopt, but Caroline sticks up for her, citing her and his father’s adoption of Frankie and Max despite tough times. Roman agrees to support Sami in her decision to adopt Grace.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Maxie lies and says she and Johnny attended the club opening. Carly excitedly tells Jax that Michael moved his finger. Patrick says it was just “an involuntary reflex.” Patrick is skeptical but Jax is supportive. Carly no longer wants Patrick handling Michael’s case. Carly calls Jason to tell him the news. Jason tells Sam he’s skeptical that Michael will recover. Jason offers Sam and Spinelli money to start their PI business. Rebecca initiates a kiss with Nikolas. Nik says he wants to help Rebecca and not just because she looks like Emily. Ethan does his best to charm Alexis. Spinelli confronts Johnny about not going to the club opening. Spinelli says he’s prepared to fight Johnny for Maxie. Johnny says he has no interest in Maxie but Spinelli challenges him to a fight. Ethan goes to the apartment to return Lulu’s scarf. Maxie accuses Lulu of having a thing for Ethan. Carly visits Jason and tells him Jax is calling in a specialist to examine Michael. Jason wonders if Carly is just experiencing wishful thinking about Michael’s recovery. Jax watches Jerry’s DVD again then breaks it in half. Alexis is concerned about Nik’s relationship with Rebecca. Rebecca gets a mysterious phone call and tells the caller she “can’t go through with this, after all.”

GL Recap Written by Beth

Reva has labor pains that when she gets to the hospital they end. She wants to continue with the pregnancy. The doctors say everything looks fine so far. At Company, Ashley and Josh are wishing for the old Company. Then Marina shows up. She opens up Company saying she talked to Phillip into getting it back. Reva gets the test results for the baby. It is ok to deliver then she can start her chemo. All they have to do is schedule the C-Section. They schedule the C-Section for the next day. At the park, Shayne wants to spend time with Dinah, he suggests a movie, game, dinner, her choice. At the park, Josh runs into Edmund watching Shayne and Dinah. Josh suggests leaving them alone, and Edmund agrees and leaves. Reva and Jeffrey go to Company to celebrate their good news. Everyone there congregate at their table to also celebrate. Jeffrey feels a little left out since they are all looking at Reva. Just as they are about to leave for the hospital again, Jeffrey gets a call that he is wanted in Washington. Reva tells him to go that she can go it alone. Jeffrey is unsure. Shayne and Dinah decide on kite flying but the kites are not cooperating. At the office, Jeffrey is just putting the loose ends of his trip together when Mallet walks in. They talk about Reva and Marina and motherhood and fatherhood. Josh visits Reva. Josh tells Reva he is connecting with Shayne more. That she doesn't have to worry about Shayne. When Josh says he has help from a young lady, Reva guesses it is Dinah and is not to happy. The kite that Shayne couldn't get going goes and flies into a metal fence and he can't get it loose because it is to high up. Dinah suggest she go on his shoulders to get it. Marina catches Daisy asleep on a bench at Company and tells her to go home. Remy and Christina leave Company and go to the back and kiss. Josh and Reva start going down memory lane. Josh wonders what would have happened if things were different. Reva says he does also. Before he leaves, Josh gently kisses Reva on the lips. Christina gets bad new about her scholarship. Josh goes to see Jeffrey saying that he thinks Reva is in danger. Reva makes her last video diary recording for the baby. Just as she finishes Edmund comes by to say he is sorry for all the pain he has caused. Just as she is yelling at him she starts to have pain. Jeffrey and Josh get stopped on the way home.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At the dilapidated old building, Amber wakes up to see that Kevin is already having his first drink of the day. They both look out the door to see If there is any cops in view. At Phyllis’ house, Phyllis and Nikki discuss the article that they are writing on Katherine for the latest version of “Young and Restless.’ At Jack’s house, Nicholas and Noah arrive to pick up Sharon. Jack lets them know that Sharon is not there that she had moved back to the club. At the cottage house, Billy is distraught because Chloe is going out and leaving him to babysit Cordelia. At the diner, Cane and Lily share small talk. Cane picks up Lily’s hand and realizes that she still isn’t wearing her engagement ring. Outside the diner, Nikki and Brock have a conversation about Katherine. At the cabin, Katherine and Murph admire the ring that he had given her. Katherine shows him a few dance steps and he begins to dance on his own. They both share a laugh and they hug. Nikki takes Brock to see Katherine. They hug upon seeing each other. At the Chancellor mansion, Esther goes through fabric samples for the wedding. Jill comes in and cannot believe that Esther is planning Chloe’s wedding and it is going to be at the Chancellor mansion. At Jana’s diner, Chloe meets with Edith and asks her to baby sit for her during the rehearsal dinner that night. Cane and Lily sit at a nearby table and listens to Chloe and Edith’s conversation. Billy carries Cordelia into the living room when Mackenzie comes in. She immediately takes Cordelia from Billy. Billy questions her as to what she is doing here.

Kevin tells Amber it is time to take the money and make a run for it. Amber insists on checking Kevin’s leg first. Amber makes a slip and finds out that Michael and Daniel are looking for them. Noah lets Phyllis know that Sharon had moved back into the club. Nicholas lets Sharon know that he had given her a job recommendation, but is beginning to think that she isn’t ready for a job. Brock suggests to Katherine that she may have Lyme Disease. Cane visits Billy and tells him that he can have the job back as C.E.O of Jabot if Billy will let Cane have custody of Cordelia. Billy orders Cane out .Billy remembers the kiss that McKenzie had given him. Sharon leaves Jack’s house, but not before he invites her to the wedding (Chloe’s and Billy’s). Sharon declines the invitation.

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