Monday 3/30/09 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Oak Haven, the camera shows pics of Emma on the wall. Annie is asleep in her bed and awakens with fright. Aidan stands close by. Annie questions him what was he doing here. Jake takes pics of Amanda in the living room of Tad’s house as she fills out a questionnaire for the internet. Coming out of the courtroom, David blasts J.R. for Little A being in a foster home. Jesse and Angie watch the goings on and doesn’t’ say a word as to where Little A is. Erica arrives at the casino and questions one of the women as to where Zach is. The game of Texas Hold ’Em between Ryan and Zach begins. Erica walks in and wants to know what is going on. Ryan wins the first game. During the break, Erica urges Ryan to walk away from Kendall, but he refuses. Jake fills out the questionnaire for Amanda when Pete comes downstairs and overhears their conversation. Zach tells Kendall, win or lose, they are through. Krystal and David argue over Little A which results in David shaking Krystal, to the point that she falls, hits her head on the table and is knocked out . Pete tells Jake that he will marry Amanda in order to give the baby a name.

Annie and Aidan discuss Tori and how much that Annie had told Tori about her life. J.R. visits Jesse with some toys for Little A. Tad meets Opal at ConFusion to discuss J.R. and the results of the hearing. Krystal comes in and walks up to the bar. She checks the bruise on her face. Tad walks over to say something to Krystal and notices the bruise on Krystal’s face. Tad goes after David .Zach wins the last two games of Texas Hold ’Em with Zach leaving all the chips and his wedding ring laying on the table. At Wild wind, tad warns David if he ever touches Krystal again. Jake lets Amanda know what Pete had said about marrying her.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Casey is tired of everyone telling him that he isn't living up to his potentially being a janitor at the hospital. Casey is hurt when he gets fired by grandpa Bob since the hospital has to cut its budget. Allison tricks Casey into registering for a class at college but he turns the tables on her by choosing the class which is the basics of the African drums.

The judge denies Parker's petition for emancipation but because of Carly's past does remove her as trustee for his trust fund. Parker suggests that the judge appoint Craig as trustee because he thinks Craig will let him do whatever he wants with his money. Carly makes Craig promise her that he won't allow Parker to spend his money on in a reckless way. Margo thinks Craig is in love with Carly but he denies the allegation telling Margo that he and Carly are just friends with benefits. Jack's preoccupation with Craig and Carly continues to cause problems between he and Janet. Janet does finally manage to persuade Jack to focus on Parker and Liberty and how to rebuild the parental relationship between them.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Rick that he made the right decision….pressing charges against Thomas would have only hurt both families. He tells her he is still calling the shots and he will do what is best for him. The family has a pow-wow. Steffy tells Thomas that he gave Rick all the ammunition he needs, and they are all wrong. He is not going to use it. Eric, Bridget and all the others want to know who the perpetrator is. Rick assures them this person has issues, but that has been rectified. Pam will be released due to lack of evidence and that will be the end of it. Eric insists that he will not drop this. Rick says he is not going to the police and he is not going to turn this into a circus. He hugs Steffy and tells all that they don’t have to all thank him at once. A little gratitude would be awesome right now. Thomas gives a semi apology….one said, but probably not really heartfelt. He tells Steffy that she is old enough to make her own choices and he is sorry that he let her down. Rick is not sure about this, but eventually does shake Thomas' hand. Ridge attempts to leave and Rick stops him in his tracks. Thomas said he would not stand in the way…..will Ridge? Ridge says no and thanks him too. Then he shocks Steffy by presenting her with her wedding dress. He’s been designing it for years and it’s been in a vault just waiting for the occasion. He just hopes she will think long and hard about this and who she wants to spend her life with. She gushes, hugs everyone and declares this is a miracle. Taylor asks Ridge what was he thinking, and he replies that he wanted to make a statement. Now they just have to go on Steffy’s good judgment and how she was raised. She sees happiness ahead and all he sees is revenge and despair. He can’t fight Rick on this as Thomas will be charged. He hopes Steffy will come to her senses and see what a disaster this is. Steffy is the innocent victim in this and they can only hope she will open her eyes and see this psychopath for who and what he is.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Sami christens Grace as ‘Grace Raphaela.’ Rafe is both pleased and surprised. She later runs into Will at the pub, who is furious when she tells him she adopted Grace. He cites his own abandonment issues growing up and storms off, despite Sami’s apologies. Rafe confronts him, saying he needs to know the truth about Grace. Stefano is furious when he learns that Tony is in critical condition, and demands that Daniel be taken off the case in favor of Lexie, since he is Victor’s godson. Lexie shows up and refuses to take over the case, stating she will simply assist Daniel. Bo calls Hope in to take Phillip’s statement about Tony’s fall being an accident. She questions Daniel about the nature of the wounds, and while he can tell Tony’s chest was punctured from a fall, he can’t conclude whether or not he was pushed. Nicole sneaks into Tony’s room and confronts him, saying he owes her his life and saying that she’ll find a way to shut him up if he intends to tell EJ about Sydney. She learns from a nurse that Tony can’t speak due to the tube, but she still tries to get him to acknowledge that he will keep her secret. Tony’s heart stops, and Daniel throws Nicole out of his room. He saves Tony, and later, Tony uses a pencil and paper to indicate that he must see EJ. EJ wonders what is so important that Tony feels the need to write it down in his condition. Nicole panics when she learns Tony wants to see EJ. Hope questions her as to whether or not she can corroborate Phillip’s story about Tony’s fall.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Nikolas continued to be supportive of Rebecca, even offering to take her home to Wyndemere. Sonny came knocking on Claudia’s bedroom door. Ric was still passed out in her bed so Claudia dumped Ric onto the floor and answered the door. She then put Sonny off temporarily and called on Johnny for help. Johnny and Maxie (on their way to a club opening) came to the Corinthos house and snuck Ric (still unconscious) out. Claudia tried to keep Sonny busy with the promise of sex but Jason interrupted. Maxie and Johnny managed to drop Ric at the hospital without being seen. Lulu and Spinelli got word that Maxie and Johnny never got to the club opening. Lulu called Maxie out on lying about going to the club opening. When Carly arrived at the hospital to see Michael, Jax was there. On her way out, Carly saw Michael’s hand move. When he regained consciousness, Ric assumed it was Claudia who drugged him and told her she would live to regret it.

GL Recap Written by Beth

At Olivia and Natalia's it is morning and Natalia looks into a pot and ask Olivia what she is cooking. Olivia responds, "Sauerkraut and Eggs". Reva is talking with Christina about her pregnancy at the Mall. Back at Olivia and Natalia's, Phillip stops by to talk to Olivia. Olivia is upset that Emma was at Phillip's trial and was called. Olivia says she read it in the paper. Emma comes down to say hi to her father. The Olivia tells her to go back upstairs while she and Phillip talk more. At the prison where Rafe is, Natalia and Frank visit him. Daisy is with Reva. Daisy goes off on Reva about everyone treating her like a kid. Reva sets her down (sort of) to talk it out. Reva starts to make light and fun of the situation. Reva says that, "I would love to have my granddaughter come over and say, "Hi Gram, how ya doing?". At which point, Daisy smiles. The subject changes to Grady and how bad an influence he was. Reva tells her, "That she shouldn't let anyone upset her. It seems no one want to take Daisy to a dance. Reva suggests she come over and she'll teach her. Back at the prison, Frank finally breaks the news to Rafe that he is marrying his mother. Rafe asks Frank to leave them for just a second to talk. Rafe asks his mom about if she thinks Frank is good for. In short she says yes. Frank comes back. At Olivia and Natalia's, Olivia and Phillip are arguing about what is best for Emma. He then leaves. Olivia meets a woman named Anne. Daisy goes to a bar and asks for a beer. Reva is home trying to put a crib together till she hears a knock at the door. She looks and there is Phillip. They have a strange hello. Reva then warms up to Phillip. Phillip is surprised, but liking it. He tells her everyone is walking on eggshells around him. He sits down put on a pair of glasses and helps her with the crib. She is laughing that he now wears glasses. Then things turn angry at the mention of Sarah, and Reva threatens an all out war between the Lewis' and Spauldings. Phillip calms her down saying he doesn't want that. After things calm down, Phillip and Reva walk up to the fireplace and Phillip picks up the picture of Sarah that Reva has above the fireplace. Again they become friendlier and Phillip and she continue to figure out the crib. Olivia asks Ann questions about her relationship with her same sex partner. Olivia says she is confused. At Company, Frank and Natalia, Remy and Christina have drinks together and talk about marriage. Remy explains they are not "really married". They did it for scholarship money. Then the guy that is supposed to give them the money arrives and hears them talking. This guy denies them the funds. Daisy gets sick at the bar. The bartender tells her to call someone. The bartender calls Reva, Phillip answers the phone and tells her that someone will be right there. He leaves Reva a note and leaves for the Bar.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Even though the judge and everybody questions whether John and Blair have a "real" marriage, she awards custody of the kids to Blair. Yet, Todd believes that Tea has an agenda. Blair and Marty talk about how Marty should go forward with John and not let Blair prevent that. Marty similarly encourages Jessica to go forward with her "relationship". But Marty has no clue that John has agreed to marry Blair. Jessica similarly has no clue what Brody is doing. Gigi tells him of the desperate situation where the only way she can save Shane's life is to break of with Rex so that Stacy can "have" him. And they know that in order for that to happen, Rex has to believe that Gigi is sleeping with Brody.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

At the police station in Minnesota, Michael walks up to Detective Sloan and asks him if that is the video from the bank robbery and Det. Sloan confirms that it is. Det. Sloan lets him know that he cannot get it to work. Daniel offers his help to get it to work. At the diner, Gloria gets a call from Jeffrey. Gloria asks if he found Kevin. Jana overhears and asks if that is Michael. Jeff tells Gloria that the rumors are flying that Amber was involved in the holdup. Kevin finds a place for him and Amber to hide out. Amber notices that the bleeding stopped on Kevin’s leg but it now looks gross and infected. Amber wants to call a doctor, but Kevin refuses to let her. On the phone, Nicholas gives Sharon a very high recommendation. Phyllis walks in and overhears the conversation. Phyllis can't believe her ears. Phyllis reminds Nicholas that Sharon stole from them. At the Abbott house, Jack lets Sharon know that Jill is out of her mind for firing him. Sharon suggests they have a peaceful breakfast. Colleen arrives and yells for Jack. At the cottage house, Esther confirms to Chloe that Billy wants to marry her as soon as possible. Chloe is really excited. Esther offers to give them a big wedding at the Chancellor mansion. Billy interrupts and tells Esther and Chloe, “No” in no uncertain terms. Esther finds out that Jill fired Billy from Jabot. Daniel lets Det. Sloan know that Amber would never do anything like this since he lives with her. Kevin accuses Amber of working with the police, which she denies. Jack lets Colleen know that Jill fired him. Billy visits Jack and meets up with Colleen. Billy tells Colleen the news that he and Chloe are getting married.

At the diner, Jana tells Gloria that she is going to Minnesota to help look for Kevin. At the Abbott house, Sharon lets Billy know that he is doing the right thing in marrying Chloe. At the cottage house, Colleen confronts Chloe about finally getting Billy to marry her. Jana arrives at the police station in Minnesota and finds Michael handcuffed. Jeff also arrives. On the videotape, Amber notices something and tells them to run the tape back. Daniel notices that Amber had mouthed to the hidden camera for them to help her. Sharon tells Jack that she is moving back to the club. Billy lets Chloe know that they are having a big wedding. The sirens sound in the distance and Kevin knows that they are coming after him and Amber.

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