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AMC Recap Written by Mary

J.R. readies for his day in court with encouragement from Tad. Erica comes in and also offers him encouragement. At Wild Wind, David and Krystal also readies for their day in court. Krystal assures David that Little Adam will be with them soon. Kendall comes downstairs, opens the front door and picks up the newspaper. Reading the headlines, she finds out that there had been a hostile takeover of Cambias Industries. Ryan comes downstairs and hugs Kendall as she reads the newspaper headline. Kendall shows Ryan the headline and then questions Ryan as to why he hadn’t told her. Zach, in his hotel room, opens the patio doors and looks out. He remarks that he had lost everything. At the hospital, Brot and Taylor find out that Frankie and Randi’s honeymoon to Hawaii had had to be postponed because of different mishaps. Brot comes up with a plan and tells Angie to keep Frankie and Randi busy while Brot and Taylor plan Frankie and Randi’s surprise. Jesse and Tad arrive at the courthouse for the custody hearing. Kendall confronts Ryan about his stealing everything that had belonged to Zach. Kendall lets Ryan know that Ryan had killed Zach. Erica owns up that she loves Adam. Colby, secretly wishes that Erica did love Adam. Brot and Taylor arrive at Frankie’s apartment to set up the surprise. Zach talks to a pic of Myrtle about his problems. Randi and Frankie discuss their having a whole household of children. The custody hearing for Little A begins. Erica and Reese have a confrontation in Zach’s hotel room while Zach watches.

Reese gives Zach helpful advice to fight for what he wants. Krystal testifies in Little A’s custody hearing as does David. J.R. also testifies. A brawl erupts between David and J.R. Reese vows to Erica that she will get Bianca and the children back. Kendall lets Ryan know that she wants him. Ryan holds a meeting with the staff of the casino. Zach walks in and Ryan wonders what Zach is doing here. Zach challenges Ryan to a game of Texas Hold Em’. The judge rules to leave Little A in foster care.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Janet and Jack argue. She wants to forget about Craig and Carly and just focus on their kids. She knows he’s worried about Parker yes, but he’s more worried about Carly and her association with Craig. She thinks Jack is trying to get back at his ex. He hates it when she is right. She says she hates that Carly can still get to him this way. Parker has four parents now and they need to present a united front. This will not include Craig. That would be a deal breaker. Carly is worried that Parker will get his inheritance and leave town. Craig assures her that won’t happen. He’s keeping them close by so he can keep an eye on them. Lucy tells Paul that she needs more time to get Dusty to sleep with her. He’s committed to Meg now. Paul says it’s either now or dear old dad will find out about her secrets. So don’t even think about double-crossing him. Lucy makes a phone call and states that she will have to do as Paul says as he is crazy by his own admission.

Craig calls and says he is caught at the docks with a shipment and needs Lucy to pick up Johnny. She comes to the docks first and is almost outed by a guy, but with a clever spin Craig buys that they don’t know each other after all. Lucy finds Dusty and invites him along on her date with Johnny. They make plans to spend the night in Chicago. Paul spies on Meg and Dusty at the Lakeview. Alone Dusty tries to convince him that he can be part of Eliza’s life if Paul behaves himself and follows the rules. Paul makes a beeline to Meg to accidentally let her know that Dusty is on his way out of town with Lucy and they will be spending the night. Dusty calls and confirms that he is going to Chicago and he just wanted Meg to know. Meg tells Paul that she is okay with that; it’s called trust. In their hotel room, Lucy pours drinks and re-lives the day they just spent. He thanks her for giving him this chance with his son. He knows her dad would disown her if he knew. She’s putting her neck on the line. She asks if there is anything else she can do to get to those earlier loving times. He tells her that he will always be there for her, but now he’s with Meg. Craig and Carly leave the docks and go back to her house. Drinking and in a silly laughing mood, she kisses him and allows him to haul her off upstairs to bed. Jack and Janet arrive. Jack knocks, but finds the front door unlocked and comes on in. While Janet makes coffee, Jack heads upstairs only to walk into the bedroom at a very inopportune moment. Carly and Jack end up in a shouting match. He spies the vodka bottle and asks how much has she had to drink. He wanted to talk to her about Parker, but he realizes now they can’t. Craig reminds him that Jack doesn’t live here any more and Carly has a right to do whatever she wants, so he should just leave. Jack grabs Janet and does just that. Janet takes umbrage at Jack for saying Carly was sleeping in “his” bed. Craig tells Carly that she has every right to behave how she wants in her own house. He says they should go back upstairs and resume what they started.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge lets go of Rick’s collar, but tells him not to touch his son. Rick tells them that he will not feel safe again until Thomas is locked up. Ridge refuses to let him go to his car or use his cell phone. He asks Thomas for time alone so he can talk some sense into Rick. He tells Rick that when Phoebe died, he gave him a second chance and did not file charges. Now he is asking the same chance for his son. He doesn’t want to make it into a power trip. Rick feels like he is holding all the cards now, so convince him why he should save Ridge’s son. Steffy tells her mom and Thomas that Rick will come through for her and she is sure that he will not turn Thomas in. Jackie joins Owen at his table on the Sky Roof. From where she is sitting, she enjoys the view (him) and admits that he has a lot of potential in his portfolio. He just hopes someone will give him a chance.

Ridge reminds Rick how much this will hurt Steffy if he sends her brother to prison. Rick finally tells him it’s a deal, but it will come with a very high price tag. He states his conditions. He needs his beach house re-painted, his 1967 Buick vintage car replaced. Ridge says done. But there is more, Rick wants to be on equal footing with Ridge at Forrester. He is Eric Forrester Jr. and should be treated with that respect. And finally most importantly of all, he wants Steffy. He taunts Ridge by getting in his face and sadistically laughing. He declares that no matter what he does, if they are kissing in the office, lying in his bed, and there will be a lot of ins and outs, if Ridge catches his drift, Ridge will have to accept that. That’s what he needs for Thomas’s freedom. “I own your ass, and Steffy’s.”

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Hope tries to get Bo to talk about his visions and admit he saw the man she was with in them, but he refuses. Sami tries to get information from Agnes about Rafe’s past, but she refuses to talk. Later, Sami asks Rafe to be Grace’s godfather and he agrees. The two have her christened by Father Matt. Tony accidentally falls down the stairs at the pier after he and Phillip fight. Nicole witnesses the entire thing, but doesn’t agree to help Phillip out by saying it was an accident. Stefano and EJ argue about Tony. EJ wants Stefano to look at things from Tony’s side, but Stefano refuses, saying that Tony is a traitor and is dead to him. Later, they rush to the hospital when Nicole calls, and are grieved to learn that Tony has lost a lot of blood and probably won’t make it. EJ and Phillip nearly fight. Bo interrogates Phillip as Nicole sneaks into Tony’s room. Chloe still isn’t feeling well and is aghast when she discovers she has missed taking a few of her birth control pills.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Nikolas is supportive when Rebecca’s mammogram comes back abnormal. Nikolas is on pins and needles while more tests are run on Rebecca. Nikolas presses Monica about the possibility of Emily having a sister. Rebecca learns she needs a biopsy. Carly wonders why she sees Jerry on Jax’s computer screen. Jax says he got an email from Jerry confirming that Jerry is alive. Carly wants to see the video attachment Jerry sent to Jax but Jax won’t let her. Later, Jax visits Michael and takes responsibility for Jerry’s actions. Jax says he won’t hurt Carly by telling her what Jerry did. Ric gives Sonny inside information that saves his life so Sonny appears to trust Ric. Jason is skeptical of Ric. After Ric leaves, Sonny tells Jason he’s only pretending to trust Ric. Things continue to be strained between Robin and Patrick. Robin is especially upset that Patrick confided in Carly. Sonny goes to see Patrick to discuss Michael but the two end up discussing Robin’s condition. Patrick tells Sonny all about Robin’s Rochester adventure. Meanwhile, Robin runs into Jason and ends up confiding her problems in him. Jason does his best to be supportive. Patrick finds Robin alone on the pier but she isn’t interested in talking things out. Robin says she already talked things over with Jason. Patrick says Robin should be talking to him, not Jason. Ric again presses Claudia for “incriminating evidence” against Sonny. Claudia says she has no info but she agrees to take Ric upstairs to her bedroom. Claudia gives Ric a drink laced with her sleeping pills. Ric and Claudia have sex. Ric says if he dies, a copy of Jerry’s DVD will be sent to Sonny. Ric passes out before Claudia can get any details about where the DVD is. Sonny comes knocking on Claudia’s bedroom door.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Olivia gives Frank a ring box. Inside is a ring Olivia was given. She tells Frank they can have it. Frank then puts the ring on Natalia's ring finger. Marina comes home to find Buzz, Mallet and Daisy playing with little Henry. Buzz has a toy and is telling little Henry to hate the Spauldings. Marina is not too happy with that but doesn't voice it. Phillip and Lizzie meet up again. Lizzie really lets Phillip have it. Telling him he is like Alan. That she doesn't want anything to do with either one of them. This is after he tells her what he did to Grady. Phillip tells her that he did it for her. That Grady told him that she would never be safe. He tells her that he killed him and he'd do it again. Olivia, Frank and Natalia celebrate Frank's asking Natalia to marry him. Phillip feels rejected by Lizzie. At the court house Phillip meets up with Beth. At the Coopers, Frank announces to the family his plans to marry Natalia. Natalia is with him. Marina is thrilled and hugs and congratulates them. Marina starts making a list vocally of what needs to be done. Lizzie and Bill find the money that was supposed to be used to gain her release. Bill then realizes Phillip was not involved. He gets Lizzie to talk about what Phillip used to do with her when she was a little girl. Lizzie tells him about bedtime stories. Doris has something, she tantalizes both Phillip and Beth with it. Then she goes to sit down and the judge comes in. The trial begins. Rick is on the stand, then Beth is called. Doris asks about a night that Phillip came back. Beth admits she was afraid. Then Emma is called to the stand. Phillip tells her to just tell the truth. Beth is smiling at the sight of Emma. In the forest, Bill is talking to Lizzie about her family. He makes some crack remarks and Lizzie defends her family. Bill tells her he was making a point. At Olivia's, Shayne, Edmund, and Olivia are drinking heavily. Shayne and Edmund are drunk. Beth start questioning Emma. Then it becomes Doris' turn. Emma does well. After Emma leaves, the judge asks the attorneys if they have anymore witnesses. Beth says, " I have no more witnesses at this time, Your Honor." Doris tells the judge she wants to call Alan Spaulding. Doris starts to question Alan about his family. Alan says, "Family is everything to me." Doris then asks him about Phillip. At that point Lizzie emerges from the balcony to says she has something to say in her father's defense. Marina is at Company, she is looking it over. She then goes outside, puts the closed sign on and says, "Ok world Company is back.". Lizzie is now questions by the judge. Phillip is smiling as Lizzie tells of how he was there for her as a child. The judge calls it a day. As Phillip and Beth are leaving, Alan corners them. Both Beth and Phillip stand their ground against Alan. The Coopers and Natalia meet at Company. Frank tells Buzz that Natalia has agreed to marry him. Buzz is thrilled. It seems Marina bought back Company. She says it was the right thing to do. Outside Company, Olivia is watching them celebrate. Philip leaves the courthouse and he looks across the parking lot to see Lizzie and Bill hugging each other with their backs turned away from Philip so that can't see him watching them.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dorian and Ray are growing closer after he's helped her with the idea to have Tea represent Blair in the custody suit without Todd knowing and surprise the court by having John announce that he will be Blair's husband and father to her kids. Gigi and Rex get the devastating new that the bone marrow donor whom they thought would save Shane's life cannot. At that point, Gigi finds she has no choice except to beg to Stacy and comply with whatever Stacy wants. Natalie and Jared still do now know how to drop the bombshell that Jessica's baby died and that Chloe is really Starr Manning's baby. Cole is ready to check into the drug treatment facility. But he must get tested before it can happen. At that point, he hasn't a clue what to do since the drug dealer recently sold him more that he consumed only an hour earlier. When he goes the bathroom, the dealer knows that Cole needs his "help".

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

On the way to Canada, Kevin plans another bank robbery and plans on getting Amber involved in this one. Amber voices her opposition, but Kevin refuses to listen. Gloria visits Jana at the diner and canít believe that Jana didnít have a CAT scan done before she left the hospital. Daniel comes in and lets them know that he had visited Memorial and they told him that Jana had left without the consent of her doctor. Jana reveals that she is extremely worried about Kevin. Jana asks Daniel if he heard from Amber. Amber urges Kevin to forget about the robbery, but Kevin refuses. At the Newman house, Victor tells Ashley that her getting fired could be a blessing in disguise. Ashley wonders how Victor figures that. At Jabot, Katherine tells Jill that she is not her daughter. An argument begins between Jill and Nikki. Lily urges Cane to take back his ring, but Cane refuses. Lily owns up that Chloe had been there and had asked her to walk away from Cane.

Gloria promises to take care of Kevinís business and Jana. Once in the bank, Kevin gives Amber her instructions. Amber wants the gun, but Kevin refuses. Kevin shouts to everyone that this is a robbery. Nikki tells Jill that they have proof that Jill is not Katherineís daughter. Olivia visits Ashley. Ashley lets Olivia know that Jill fired her. Jana finds out from Daniel that they found Clintís body in the closet. Jill tells Cane that the DNA test had proved that she was not Katherineís daughter. Amber and Kevin makes their getaway from the bank, but not before the bank has their pictures on their hidden camera. Sirens get closer to Amber and Kevin. Kevin realizes that he cannot move his legs.

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