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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the police station, J.R. talks to Adam on the phone, but suddenly Adam just stops talking. J.R. yells for Adam, but gets no answer. Erica tries to post J.R.’s bail, but Jesse refuses to let her. Angie fixes Little A a sandwich. Little A demands to go home and starts to run from the apartment, when he meets Natalia at the door. At the hospital, Krystal is released from the hospital despite Jake’s protests. At Ryan’s apartment, Zach and Ryan have a confrontation. Jesse refuses to let Erica see J.R. David lets Krystal know about the meeting for that night. Erica finally gets to visit J.R, in the interrogation room and assures him that he will be released. Kendall calls Ryan and tells him, on the answering machine, that she cannot let him go and that she is leaving town for a while. Ryan tells Zach that there is going to be a hostile takeover of Cambias Industries. Colby thanks Krystal for nor pressing charges against her. Natalia plays trains with Little A. Krystal begins to have second thoughts about getting custody of Little A. Frankie and Randi come in while Little A is playing with his train and Frankie and Randi join in the fun. Krystal and David meet with Judge Saw about the custody hearing the next day. After they leave the judge’s chambers, Erica pays him a visit and blackmails him into letting J.R. be released from jail and also wants the judge to step down from being the judge in the custody hearing. Ryan tries to get Zach to confess that he had killed Greenlee.

Judge Saw calls Jesse and tells him to release J.R. Ryan listens to the message from Kendall. At the casino, Zach hits Aidan and Aidan falls to the floor. Erica pays David and Krystal a visit and lets them know that J.R. had been released from jail and that Judge Saw had stepped down from being the presiding judge in the custody hearing. David is more than a little angry. Ryan meets Kendall at the house just before she leaves town.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Parker gets away with the robbery of Al's Diner because Craig lies to the D.A. and says that he gave Parker the $150. Janet admits she didn't actually take the money out of the cash register. Jack tells Janet and Carly he had made a deal with the D.A. to get Parker a suspended sentence in exchange for an admission of guilt and apology. Jack tells Janet and Carly he was trying to make Parker realize that his actions have consequences but that didn't work. Jack feels defeated and tells Parker he has won that he will stop fighting him. Liberty is concerned when she realizes that Parker doesn't want to make things right with his parents he just wants to get his trust fund so he won't need anyone anymore.

Damian tries to make amends with Luke and apologize for not accepting the fact he is gay but Luke is sure that Damian has a hidden agenda and doesn't want him to be a part of his life. Noah tells Luke that Damian was the one that brought him to the hospital and encourages Luke to give his father a chance. Luke tells Noah that Damian is as dangerous as Colonel Mayer and he makes Noah promise to stay away from him. Lily and Holden both tell Damian to get out of town but Damian is determined not to leave until he gets what he wants from Luke.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke is aghast when Ridge tells her that his son tried to kill her son. Ridge confesses that he can’t really condemn Thomas as he feels the same way about Rick. It was strictly accidental that Aunt Pam got caught with all the evidence. Thomas is scared and is afraid to come forward with a confession. And Ridge admits he will not let Thomas do that. They just need to be sure that Rick and Thomas have a lot of distance between them. Brooke thinks that Ridge might be making promises that he can not keep. He reminds her that it wasn’t that long ago that he was there for her when she asked him not to press charges against Rick when Phoebe was killed. Now he’s asking her the same. She vows that Rick won’t find out from her. Owen stops by Jackie M’s and discovers that Bridget is Madam X. He looks at her designs and reveals that she is really good. He asks how hush does she want her secret to stay. She’s flustered when he kisses her. Jackie comes in and Bridget announces that Owen is looking for a job so let him tell Jackie what he can do for her. He states he will take any kind of job, sitting, standing, even lying down. She’s intrigued and interested in him, but says she will have to look over his resume and get back with him if any positions become available.

Thomas tells Taylor that he does not believe Brooke will let this go. Rick catches Thomas home alone. He wants to know what this sudden vendetta with him is about. Thomas says it wasn’t sudden. He watched him for the last few years going after one sister, then his mother and then his second sister. He shrieks that he couldn’t take it any more. Rick realizes it was Thomas behind all the attempts on his life. He proceeds to tell his side of the story how he helped Thomas’ alcoholic mother when neither Thomas nor Ridge were around. And he’s not the bad guy here as both Phoebe and Taylor dumped him. He’s tired of being everybody’s whipping boy. He’s turning Thomas' ass in. When Thomas tries to stop him from calling the police, a fistfight almost ensues, but Ridge rushes in and breaks that up. He warns Rick not to ever lay a hand on his son.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nicole confronts Mia and tries to get her to lie if Tony tells EJ the truth. Mia agrees, but Nicole fears that it won’t work. Meanwhile, Tony decides that he and Anna are moving and leaves the mansion. Stefano disowns him. Tony threatens to call a family meeting to tell EJ the horrible truth. EJ calls Nicole to tell her about it, and she vows to stop Tony. Brady learns of Phillip being fired and tries to counsel him to let him help. Phillip refuses, saying he will handle it on his own. Nicole watches as Phillip confronts Tony at the pier, attacking him. Kate and Brady both lay into Victor for what he has done to Phillip. Brady warns Victor that Phillip may do something destructive. Chloe expresses her fears about Kate not approving of their marriage to Lucas. He reassures her and takes her to the hospital for a checkup, since she hasn’t been feeling well. She has an awkward meeting with Daniel. Kate tells Daniel that she is sorry, and that she was wrong about him and Chloe. She prods him and the nurse for information about the toxic drug Daniel gave her during her cancer treatment. Sami and Rafe make up when she learns Rafe gave up a job in New York to stay in Salem. The two kiss and end up going to the convent to get Grace.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Luke and Ethan put their plan against Edward into motion. They plan to take Edward’s phone so they can access his business. Luke manages to lift Edward’s phone but Tracy is on to him so the phone is returned. Nikolas is concerned when he learns that Rebecca is having a mammogram. Rebecca’s test comes back abnormal. Patrick asks Liz to stay with Robin while he heads to the hospital. Robin tells Liz she can’t understand why she isn’t satisfied with her current life. Patrick confides in Carly about Robin’s PPD. Carly advises Patrick to be supportive of Robin. Sonny wonders what the story is between Claudia and Ric. Ric tells Sonny that Claudia stole money from the Zacchara organization for Johnny. Ric insists that Claudia’s main priority is Johnny, no matter what. Later, Ric again insists that Claudia “feed” him info on Sonny and Jason so he can take over the business with Claudia. Ric says he will tell Sonny the truth about the shooting if Claudia doesn’t comply. After Ric leaves, Claudia calls her doctor and asks for some sleeping pills. Claudia gets the sleeping pills, then calls Ric and says she’s ready to cooperate “and more.” Olivia walks in on Jax while he’s watching Jerry’s DVD. Jax fills Olivia in on the situation with Jerry and Claudia regarding Michael’s shooting. Olivia advises Jax to “burn” the DVD and let the secret remain a secret. Jax is torn about telling Carly the truth but Olivia advises him against it. Carly arrives in the middle of Jax’s conversation with Olivia. Robin gets upset when she learns that Patrick confided her condition in Carly. Patrick accepts Carly’s offer to let Mercedes to help out with Emma. Sonny gives Ric more responsibility within the organization.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Morning, and Phillip is in a good mood. He steals Alan's toast. And when Alan mentions the trial. Phillip makes it sound as if all is going to go well. When he leaves the house, Alan yells, "Let me know how it turns out." Olivia and Natalia are in a waiting room. Olivia's heart beeper goes off. They leave to have it check out. Phillip meets up with Lizzie outside. He tries again to make up for what happened. He says, "Even if it means going to prison." At Cedars Olivia and Natalia are met by Dr Rick, who tells Olivia he'll, "give her a mild sedative and see what's up." Franks calls Bill to have him pick up some old evidence that belongs to him. Phillip goes to see Marina and her family. Daisy gives him a harsh welcome. Buzz tells her to her him out. Phillip wants to apologize for all the hurt he caused the family and Harley. After Phillip leaves, Marina takes off. She doesn't say where she is going. Natalia is trying to cheer a sleeping Olivia up while waiting for Dr Rick to do some test. Natalia's kiss on the cheek and lips wakes Olivia up. They talk, then Natalia leaves saying she'll see her later. Natalia goes to church to pray for Olivia and all her friends. She takes off a ring she has on her finger. Olivia is out of the hospital, she goes to see Doris. She talks to Doris about her feelings for Natalia. Phillip goes to see Dr. Rick, and gets a chilly reaction. Lizzie is worried about Phillip and how he paid for all his stuff while gone. Bill suggests cash. Bill and Lizzie go to the garage to search for the case of money. Nothing was found. Phillip sees Emma. Phillip asks Emma why he hadn't seen her in awhile. Emma replies, "Mommy says you were sick." Phillip says, "Right, but not the kind of sick like a tummy ache, but sick in the heart. But I am better. Emma says," Like Mommy." Phillip again agrees. Marina sees Phillip again and signs a paper. At the Mallet/Cooper house, Mallet is coming in the kitchen door when he sees Buzz holding Henry. Buzz then gives Henry over to Daisy. Mallet compliments Daisy on how she is with Henry. Natalia and Olivia talk about what happened in the hospital exam room. After checking the garage, Bill wants to go get ice cream. Lizzie has other ideas to which Bill agrees. He then tells her he'll drop her off at her place, go home and change and pick her up a little later. Phillip talks to Beth about who he has hurt. He says it includes her. And he feels the trial will do that. Phillip wants Beth to defend him. He wants to win back who he really is, he tells Beth. While Natalia and Olivia are talking, Frank come in. Olivia and Natalia stop talking. Olivia tells Natalia that they will continue later. Phillip and Alan are talking about the trial. Alan tells Phillip, "The only reason you are doing this is to make me pay." Lizzie finds something. Natalia and Frank talk. She excepts his marriage proposal. When they tell Olivia is smiling and hugs Natalia. After Olivia congratulates the couple she leaves them alone to talk more. Doris goes to the Spaulding Mansion and runs into Alan. Alan threatens Doris to leave his son alone. Doris is not amused that Alan show some concern for Philip since he was the one that shot him. Alan says he takes care of his family. Lizzie goes to see Phillip saying Grady is coming back. Phillip tells her that he is not coming back. That he did something to make sure that he doesn't come back.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Matthew and his parents are able to make peace with the fact that he will temporarily be in a wheelchair. Matthew convinces his mother to go easy on Cole. She surprises the court by telling him that the prosecution is offering Cole a suspended sentence where he's on probation under the condition that he checks into an in patient drug and alcoholic treatment facility. But, right before his trial, his drug dealer finds him and persuades him to buy and use more drugs. At the end of the trial, he meets with a counselor who demands that he gets tested before she can admit him. When Stacy is threatening to expose Roxy's secret about Rex's father being the bone marrow donor and Gigi is at her desperate mercy to get the bone marrow in order to save Shane's life, it appears a miracle has come out of nowhere. Michael informs them that he's found a donor whom they've never heard of all the way in Australia. At that point both Roxy and Gigi are ready to defy Stacy. But Michael later finds out that the transplant cannot happen. Starr and Langston talk about her feelings for Schuyler and the fact that she can see that his ex girlfriend is currently staying with him. Stacy admits to Schuyler that her nephew needs bone marrow. But he has no clue just what she is doing to her sister and to Shane's family because she keeps that part a secret.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At the cabin, Nikki asks Katherine if she is ready for her close-up. Katherine shows Nikki her engagement that she had received from Murph. At the Abbotts, Billy is in the living room, on the phone when Chloe comes in with Cordelia. At Cain’s house, Cain and Lily discuss Cordelia. Lily knows that she is a disappointment to Cane because she had said that she couldn’t be a mother to Cordelia. At the Indigo Bar, Jack and Mary Jane have a meeting to improve his public image. Adam wanders around the Newman house, getting used to his surroundings for he won’t bump into things as Victor and Ashley watches. Jack questions Mary Jane about her past. Ashley acts as a mediator when things become too tense between Victor and Adam. Billy and a lawyer meet to discuss the custody hearing. The lawyer advises Billy to marry Chloe. Nikki takes Katherine to meet George, the fashion editor. Chloe visits Lily to try to talk her into getting Cane to back off from seeking custody of Cordelia. Jill meets with Billy in his office at Jabot and tells him that he is no longer C.E.O of Jabot that Cane is.

Katherine’s photo shoot begins. Nikki, Katherine, Murph and Pearl have a celebration have a celebration after the photo shoot. Jill fires Ashley and Jack from Jabot. Cane tells Lily that he is now C.E.O of Jabot. Jack vows revenge on Jill. Jill remembers a conversation with Katherine. Katherine walks in with the D.N.A results and tells Jill that she is not her daughter.

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