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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Angie examines Krystal’s eyes and questions her about if she has any symptoms of head trauma. Tad comes in and interrupts Angie and Krystal. At the police station David demands to know from Jesse where Little A is. Jesse lets him know that Little A is in foster care. Colby is handcuffed to a chair in the interrogation room with J.R. J.R. lets Colby know that Adam had collapsed and was in the hospital. Colby wants to go to him, but J.R. tells her that that isn’t’ such a good idea. Zach is at home with the children when Erica comes to visit. Kendall wakes up beside Ryan. Ryan tells Kendall that this cannot happen again as he gets up out of bed. Cleaning up the mess, Ryan looks at a pic of Greenlee. Ryan orders Kendall to go. Zach lets Erica know that he and Kendall are getting a divorce. Jesse grabs David and pushes him up against the wall and orders him out. Ryan receives a call from Jack concerning Greenlee. Erica tries to convince Zach that Kendall loves him, but Zach doesn’t believe her. Zach starts to leave the house, but runs into Kendall. Colby is released from custody.

Erica tries to convince Kendall to give up Ryan and fight for her marriage to Zach. At the casino, Zach watches a video of Aidan meeting with Ryan. In the interrogation room, Jesse and J.R. argue over where Adam is. David visits Krystal in her hospital room and lets her know that the custody hearing is set for Friday. Angie visits Jesse at the police station and relates a message from David to Jesse. Jesse lets Angie know that he and Angie are Little A’s foster parents. J.R. calls Adam, but while on the phone, Adam suddenly stops talking. J.R. starts to call, “Dad.” “Dad”, but there is no answer. David’s lawyer tells David that the judge will meet with them tonight.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

At Al’s Diner, Luke and Noah meet. Noah wants him and Luke to go and pick out pots and pans. Instead, Luke drags Noah to the Metro to see how Noah would feel about having a gay rights rally there. At Lily and Holden's home, Lily shows Margo a threatening note that she had received. At the Metro, Vienna is thrilled over her first pre-natal doctor’s visit. Henry is less than thrilled. Vienna realizes that she had forgotten to tell Katie about the doctor’s visit. At the rally, Luke introduces his Mother and then goes outside to get some papers when he is mowed over with a car. Holden feels that Luke is taking too long and goes to look for him Holden finds blood on the ground and begins to fear the worst. Someone picks up Luke and takes him to the hospital. Margo suggests to Katie and Brad that they have some legal documents drawn up concerning the baby, but Brad begins to have second thoughts. Katie shows Vienna the legal documents for her to sign. Vienna begins to cry and runs out .Henry goes after her. After a quiet conversation, Henry and Vienna re-join Katie and Brad. Vienna signs the papers. Someone checks Luke into the hospital. Luke wakes up and sees Damian’s face.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas tells Taylor that he doesn’t like the circumstances. He shouldn’t be letting Pam rot in jail for something he has done. He is sure Rick will eventually find out anyway and insist on more answers. Taylor warns Thomas not to brood and hold all his anger in. This is what caused all the problems in the first place. Ridge tells Stephanie that he knows it sounds crazy, but Pam should probably be in jail anyway for all the things she has done in the past. He has thought about this and there is no other answer. He has to protect Thomas and he will not let him confess and go to prison for the rest of his life. He will not let Rick destroy his son too, the way he has done his daughters. Stephanie insists Pam is innocent and doesn’t deserve this. They can not rely on a good lawyer to get her off of these charges as Ridge suggests. Rick cozies to Steffy and says he has noticed that her parent’s deprogramming didn’t work. He keeps pestering her for details. All of them are convinced that it is not Pam, but who? After making love, he tells Steffy there is nothing they can’t share.

Brooke tells Katie that she is worried about Ridge. It’s like he has the whole world on his shoulders. Ridge tells Brooke that he spoke to his mother first, but the person who was after Rick was someone they know and love….a member of their own family. Thomas does not want what he has done to get Taylor or Ridge in trouble. If they cover for him, he is afraid this is what will happen. Ridge tells Brooke that Rick has pushed his family to a limit. Luckily Rick wasn’t hurt. The person who did this was only sending Rick a message. Brooke disagrees. Rick could have been killed. This is her son they are talking about. Ridge is making it sound like no big deal. She is shocked when she finds out it is Ridge’s son they are talking about.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Chelsea and Stephanie decide to get an apartment together. She tells Bo about it and about her dating Max, and he tells her that he is happy for her as long as she is happy. Bo continues to have visions of Hope with Roman, and passes his stress off as worries about work. Hope confides in Roman and he reassures her. Bo, of course, comes along in time to see the two hugging. He cancels his date with Hope angrily and heads for the office. Victor fires Phillip, and when he begs for another chance, Victor disowns him as well. Phillip vows to prove to Victor that he can handle the DiMeras. Phillip packs his belongings at Titan and confides in Stephanie about what Victor has done. She urges him to forget about Victor and the project, but Phillip has decided that he is going to get the project back, whatever the cost. Nicole confides in Brady, and the two hatch a scheme to steal the blueprints from Tony so Nicole can use them to blackmail him into keeping quiet. Brady calls him for a fake meeting and Nicole sneaks into his room to search for the documents. She is unsuccessful and is nearly caught by the butler. Tony calls her later and insinuates that he knows what she did, threatening to tell EJ the truth right way. Nicole heads off to stop him.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Liz and Rebecca witness Nikolas and Lucky bicker over Rebecca. Later, Rebecca talks with Nik about his argument with Lucky. Rebecca says she likes Lucky and feels comfortable with him. Things are strained between Patrick and Robin. Robin casually talks with Dr. Winters about her condition but she panics and runs out in the middle of their visit. Dr. Winters voices her concerns to Patrick. Later, Patrick confides in Liz. Robin runs into Jason and he tries to console her. Robin tells Jason the truth about her condition including what happened in Rochester. Claudia tells Johnny that Ric knows the truth about the shooting. Claudia says she must keep Ric happy so her secret stays safe. Spinelli suggests going into the PI business with Sam. Spinelli asks Winnifred to join them when he learns her FBI employment has been terminated. Luke watches as Ethan steals Edward’s wallet. Luke warns Ethan to stay clear of the Q’s when it comes to his “cons.” Tracy asks Ethan to “run a con” on Edward. Luke is against the idea but he later asks Ethan to work with him to con both Edward and Tracy. Ric throws his position with Sonny in Jason’s face. Ric tries to pitch a deal to agent Rayner. Rayner wants Sonny and Jason behind bars before he will agree to a deal with Ric. Ric blackmails Claudia into giving him incriminating evidence against Jason and Sonny.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Reva is baby sitting Marina's baby. She tries to get Jeffrey involved. She hands the little guy over to him. It wets Jeffrey. Reva goes upstairs to get wipes leaving Jeffrey alone. The there is a knock on their screen back door. It is Josh. Jeffrey is actually glad to see him. Jeffrey hands Josh the baby telling him, "You know what to do with him better than I." At the Spaulding Mansion, the maid is wanting Lizzie to plan a dinner. At the Springfield PD, Dinah is sitting in Frank's office when he arrives. She is angry that she has had to wait. She wants him to arrest her. All he want is a statement. Shayne is there and not saying a word. At Reva's and Jeffrey's, Josh has left and the couple are alone. Reva teases Jeffrey. At the SPPD, Blake is there trying to get info from Frank, who is not talking or co-operating. AT Olivia and Natalia's, Olivia is talking to Natalia about change. That she shouldn't be sad. She has got Frank. Bill and Lizzie are at Company, when they run into a woman that makes Lizzie bored. The woman talks about falling in love again. Jeffrey arrives at the Springfield PD. Frank tells him Dinah won't leave. Jeffrey wants to know if Frank is going to charge her. He says, no. Natalia visits Reva with some goodies. Natalia sits down at the kitchen table and they begin to talk. The conversation is mostly about Frank and she. Reva is happy for them. Reva tells Natalia, "I think it's great." At Towers, Olivia runs into Josh. They go down memory lane. It ends with her saying she just wants to be friends. Bill and Lizzie arrive at the Springfield PD. Bill inquires about Dinah. Frank say, "She won't leave.". Back at Reva's after a phone call, she asks Natalia if she could stay for a bit to watch little Henry. Natalia says, "Yeah sure, take your time." Reva leaves. While at the Springfield PD, Lizzie tells Dinah off. Telling her, "I've got Bill." Lizzie walks away. At Marina's, Frank arrives to find Natalia and little Henry sitting in the kitchen. They both figure out that Reva set them up. They laugh. Reva finds Jeffrey and tells him what she's done. In a baseball park, Bill and Lizzie are talking and fooling around with each other. Dinah is looking at them. She tells Shayne who's with her, "They look happy. I always wanted them to be happy."

OLTL Recap Written by Mandy

Stacy tries to blackmail Gigi into giving up Rex to save Shane’s life. Todd tells Viki that he wants custody of the kids, just as Blair wakes up. Tea goes to Viki for advice and ends up admitting that she is falling back in love with Todd. John tells Blair how she ended up in the hospital. Natalie and Jared get DNA proof that Chloe belongs to Starr instead of Jessica. Jessica takes Brody to visit Shane.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

There is a creaking noise and Marge begins to speak. She lets everyone know that she had been dug up and now, she was going to tell all about Katherine Chancellor and the people in Genoa City. At the trailer, Katherine and Nikki go inside. Katherine is upset because Murph isn’t there, and Katherine wonders if Murph could be avoiding her. At the diner, Murph comes in. Pearl notices that something is bothering him. Murph lets her know that he is making some big decisions. At a restaurant, Jeff questions Jack as to where Gloria is. At Jabot, Jill tells Victor that Katherine is a fraud. Nikki interrupts them and tells Jill and Victor that this would mean a new cover and a new cover story for “Restless Style.” Kay laughs as she join Jill, Victor, Nicholas and Phyllis. There are hugs and laughter all around. Sharon sits alone thinking and wishing that she could hear her Mother’s voice. Gloria comes into the Indigo bar and orders a cranberry and soda. Jack join her. Jack lets Gloria know that Jill had agreed to have the body exhumed. Katherine join Gloria and Jack at the bar. Everyone is glad to see Katherine. Amber and Kevin are on their way to Canada. Amber wants Kevin to stop so that she can call Michael, but Kevin refuses.

Katherine and Victor have a drink together and toast to old friends. Victor questions Katherine about Murph and if it was serious. Phyllis questions Jack if he and Sharon are back together. Nicholas visits Sharon’s apartment building and finds out that she had moved out. Jack lets everyone know that Sharon had moved back in with him. Jack tells everyone that Billy and Chloe are getting married. Daniel join them and asks to speak to Phyllis. Daniel tells Phyllis that he and Michael had found Kevin’s hideout, and that Jana is in the hospital. Jill still doesn’t’ believe that Katherine is alive and threatens to have her put back into jail. At the diner, Murph asks Katherine to marry him. Katherine gladly accepts as they kiss. Marge remarks, “you go, girl.”

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