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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Frankie and Randi arrive at the Justice of the Peace, but find out that they have no witnesses. Angie and Jesse arrive to be their witnesses. At the hospital, someone lays a brown envelope on the desk at the nurses’ station. Someone else picks up the envelope. Jake brings Amanda into the hospital for her ultrasound. Erica gives J.R. the bad news that Adam had collapsed and is in the hospital. Zach serves Kendall with divorce papers. At the casino, Ryan tells Aidan that he is going to bring down Zach. David blackmails the judge to press charges against Adam and J.R. David assures Krystal that they will get Little A back. Ryan, Aidan and Jack arrive to hear the results of the DNA which proves to be Greenlee’s remains.

Erica, at the hospital, asks Jake to recommend a good specialist. David overhears and thinks that she heeds the specialist for Kendall. David tells Erica that they are charges Adam and J.R. with kidnapping. Ryan visits Kendall and finds out that Zach had served Kendall with divorce papers. Ryan tells Kendall that the DNA had come back and the remains was Greenlee’s. Krystal comes to the Chandler mansion, looking for Little A. Krystal lets Colby know that Little A had called her. J.R. appears and Krystal starts to go after him when Colby hits her over the head and knocks her out. Frankie and Randi are married. Amanda has the ultrasound, but doesn’t’ want to see the baby. David sneaks in to see the baby, but is puzzled when Amanda doesn’t want to see the sonogram. Kendall and Ryan make love. Zach arrives home to find out that Kendall isn’t coming home.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Luke and Lily go on the air at WOAK and talk about their experiences as mother an son when Luke told Lily he was gay. Luke and Lily also announce his foundation's intention to file a class action lawsuit in order to fight discrimination against not only gay people but anyone whoo can't rent a house or apartment. The show has a positive response and the landlord who wouldn't rent them an apartment rents to Luke and Noah The Landlord also promises not to discriminate against anyone when he rents apartments. Luke, Noah and Lily celebrate the victory and make plans to move forward with the lawsuit. Luke and Noah later get a note telling them to stop all this or they will regret it. Noah and Lily persuade Luke to report this incident to the police.

Parker and Liberty are frustrated when Parker's lawyer tells them it will take at least six months to get his trust fund maybe longer if things get complicated. Parker and Liberty look for a job but can't find one so Parker steals money from Al's diner. Jack arrests Parker causing a rift with both Carly and Janet who think he is being too tough on Parker and Liberty. Janet later tells Jack that she will stand by him even though she doesn't agree with him. Craig bails Parker out of jail and pays for him and Liberty to stay at the Lakeview for a week. Carly continues to drink to forget her problems and Jack tells her to sober up before she talks to him. Craig tells Carly he is on her side no matter what happen with Parker.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

At the cabin, Taylor wakes up and is surprised to find Ridge lying next to her. He says he dozed off too, just wanting to stay close to her and help her through this nightmare. Ridge tells Thomas that he is not to talk to Rick or the police yet. They still have to figure this out. For now he wants this to be just their own little secret. Steffy wants Thomas’ promise that he won’t do anything else to harm Rick. They’ll go home and come up with a plan. Stephanie stops by Brooke’s and gloats that she must be lonesome rolling around in that big old bed knowing Ridge is spending his nights with Taylor. She also states that whoever did those deeds to Rick is still out there. Whoever it is and who pinned it on her sister will be caught. She will see to it. He will not go unpunished. Katie stops in at Jackie M’s and Jackie states to her that she is bad news for her son and she is not going to let him throw his life away for the likes of her. Katie reminds her that she may not be the woman that Jackie would have chosen, but she is the one that Nick chose. She wishes Jackie could accept that. She’s putting her on notice. She will not tolerate this. Logan girls fight for their men.

Ridge returns home and Brooke explains to him that she went to see Pam. She believes her now that she was not the one. That means somebody else is out there that still could hurt Rick. Without giving details, Ridge tells her that Pam is not to blame. He says that Brooke can call off the security people….. Rick is safe. He has something to do and will be back later. Taylor leaves a message for James. She needs more help for a family member. Taylor tells Thomas that he is not crazy, but he handled this all wrong. She has every confidence in Ridge that he will find an answer and make this better. Steffy goes straight to Rick at the beach house. They waste no time being together…..it’s like the first time. Rick senses that Steffy is holding back and not telling him something. Ridge shocks Stephanie when he tells her it was not Pam but Thomas that intended to scare Rick. Now Thomas is in very serious trouble and he needs her help. She’s even more shocked when he suggests that Pam will have to stay in jail.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

On the plane ride home to Salem, Kate fantasizes about telling Lucas about Chloe’s affair. Instead of actually doing it, she does some internet research to find a way to break the news while keeping herself out of it. Daniel comes by the mansion to see Kate and runs into Brady, who counsels him about the woman who broke his heart. He tells Daniel about his relationship with Chloe and how it was doomed because she felt responsible for his addiction. Daniel is shocked by the similarity in circumstances between Chloe’s marriages to Lucas and Brady, but keeps mum. Brady also confides that Victor wants him to take the company over from Phillip. Meanwhile, Phillip confronts Tony about the blueprints and makes him an offer. Tony refuses. He gives Phillip advice about getting out from under his father’s shadow, claiming he was once in the same position as Phillip. After he leaves, Brady runs into Phillip and warns him not to fight Tony on this. Phillip, however, vows to win the blueprints back. Tony, for his part, vows to bring the DiMera and Kiriakis clans to their knees. Hope reassures Bo about his vision of her in bed with another man, vowing that she will never be with anyone besides him. When he speaks with Roman, Bo gets another startling vision, and this time he sees that the man Hope is in bed with is Roman.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Agent Rayner pressures Jason about Spinelli. Rayner says he plans to prosecute Jason and Spinelli in lieu of Sonny. Carly comes close to seeing Jerry’s DVD. Jax is torn about how to handle what he learned from the DVD. Ric cryptically claims to have info that Sonny needs to hear. Claudia steps in and tries to quiet Ric. Claudia tells Sonny they should “find a place” for Ric in the organization. Sonny is suspicious of Ric and Claudia. Patrick listens to Robin talking with Brad and he assumes Robin has cheated on him. Patrick leaves the hotel without being noticed by Robin. A distraught Patrick goes home and confides in Liz. Lulu is unhappy because Johnny attended Claudia’s “mob party.” Although Lulu still doesn’t know the truth, Johnny is unhappy that Maxie told Spinelli the truth about the night of the hospital crisis. The FBI arrests Spinelli. Spinelli says Jason had nothing to do with his hacking. Sam corrupts the FBI evidence against Spinelli with Winnifred’s help. Rayner temporarily releases Spinelli and Jason. Robin returns home. Patrick doesn’t admit to what he saw at the hotel. Robin tries to explain her actions (minus Brad) to Patrick. Robin says she “invented” a “new identity” while in Rochester. Robin admits that she has PPD and needs help.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Dinah and Shayne enjoying a laugh. Shayne is on the computer with a picture of Dinah trying to edit it to make it look funny. Dinah is on her cell with Marina. Marina asks her to come to the christening. Dinah accepts. Natalia tries to talk an upset Daisy into going to the christening. Daisy keeps saying she wont. That the family doesn't need this to make it whole again. At Towers, Olivia and Doris are acting chummy. Frank and Buzz are already at the church for the christening remembering Marina's. Frank gets a call on his cell and has to go. He is not happy. Just as Frank leaves, Lillian arrives. Buzz acts cruel to her saying this is only for family and invited guests. Marina asks Dinah to become God Mother to little Henry. Dinah is shocked at the request. Daisy is outside Natalia's and Natalia sees here. Natalia goes to the screen door and calls out. She comment that for one that didn't want to go to the christening she is hanging around the church. Natalia finally persuades her to go. Just as the ceremony is about to begin, Frank arrives back just in time to proclaim himself godfather to little Henry. Just as they begin, Dinah mentions that they are about to ask the one involved in Lizzie's kidnapping to be godmother to their son. All are shocked. Daisy confides in Ashley that she was asked to be Henry's god mother and doesn't feel up to it. Outside the church. Mallet give Dinah the 3rd degree about Lizzie's kidnapping. He can't believe a trusted friend would lie to him. Or hide from him. After much thought, Marina and Mallet cancel the christening. Mallet says they will reschedule as soon as they pick new godparents. Just then, Daisy walks up and asks Marina if the offer still stands that she could become godmother. Marina is thrilled that Daisy accepts as is Mallet. The ceremony restarts and within minutes little Henry is christened.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Todd goes to see if Viki can support him in his effort to clean up his act and get his kids back since nobody else can raise them at the present time. She tells her brother she'd like to help him but she finds it despicable that he wants to petition to take the kids away from Blair after what happened to her. Tea goes and informs Viki that she plans to represent Blair in the custody battle. And they both reflect how they both have a habit of having to "rescue" Todd. Blair awakens and asks John what happened. He informs her that she was stabbed. Natalie and Jared have gotten DNA proof that the baby known as Chloe is really Starr's. But they haven't a clue how they can tell Jessica. Jessica is getting closer to Brody. Stacy tells Gigi that if she wants to save Shane's life and have her sister donate the bone marrow, she has to give up Rex and "give" him to Stacy. Gigi tells her sister she is insane.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At the club Jack is relieved that Sharon had moved back into his house, even if it is in one of the other bedrooms. Sharon finds out that Billy and Chloe had moved into the house also. Chloe is on the phone with Rafe and finds out that the annulment to Cane was finally over. Cane asks Lily out on a date. Cane lets Lily know that the annulment is over. Mary Jane interrupts Jack and Sharon at the club. Jill runs into Mary Jane at the club and offers her apologies for the other day and asks for Mary Jane’s help. At the Newman home, Kay blasts Victor for his actions and orders him to stop staring at her. After talking to Katherine for a few minutes, Victor realizes that Katherine is back. Chloe and Billy go through the rules of the house. Katherine finds out that Victor had finally found love in Ashley and they are expecting a child. Victor agrees to help Nikki and Katherine. Chloe surprises Jack and Sharon when they get home. Billy orders Jack to get Sharon out of the house before she hurts Jack again. Cane surprises Lily with a ring, but Lily refuses by telling Cane that she cannot be a Mother to Cordelia.

Victor agrees to give Jill back her Jabot stock in exchange for Jill agreeing to have Katherine’s body exhumed. Jill, at first, refuses but then gives in. Katherine finds out that Amber’s design was on the cover of “Restless Style.” Nikki lets Katherine know that Katherine will be on the next cover of “Restless Style.” Billy blasts Sharon for moving back in with Jack. They discuss how that Phyllis knows about Billy and Sharon slight indiscretions. Victor calls Nikki and lets her know that Jill had agreed to have Katherine’s body exhumed.

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