Monday 3/23/09 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 3/23/09 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Randi and Frankie chase each other into the living room and begin to kiss when they catch each other. There is a knock on the door which they try to ignore, but the knock becomes louder. It is Angie and she is quite embarrassed when she realizes what she had interrupted. Angie wants to discuss wedding plans. At the police station, Jesse questions Erica, with Jack present, about where Adam is with Little A. In the outer office, David blasts his lawyer for Erica not being arrested. J.R. and Colby are also in attendance at the police station. David hurries into the interrogation room and demands to know from Erica as to where Adam is. Kendall comes into work at Fusion and only finds Ryan there. Kendall apologizes to Ryan for Zach’s actions from the night before. Zach visits Reese in the hospital and gets the good news that Reese can see. Kendall assures Ryan that he is her very best friend. Distraught, Kendall starts to leave the Fusion office and runs into Reese on the elevator. Reese wants to assure Kendall that she only wants Bianca and that Zach loves Kendall. Kendall doesn’t believe her. Zach receives the package that he had been expecting. Angie, Randi and Frankie discuss wedding plans. Erica gives J.R. a piece of unbeknownst that Krystal is watching them.

Erica has a confrontation with Reese at Fusion. Reese encourages Erica to have an open mind. Zach and Aidan have a meeting at the casino. Zach grabs Aidan by the hair and asks him why had he covered for Ryan. Aidan tells him that he wasn’t covering for Ryan. But for Kendall. Krystal tells David what had happened between Erica and J.R. J.R. goes to see Little A for his birthday. Randi models her wedding gown for Angie. Frankie sneaks Randi out of the apartment and they go to a justice of the peace to be married. David blackmails a judge to press kidnapping charges against Adam. Zach serves divorce papers on Kendall.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Alison tries to repay Casey his money, but Casey refuses by telling her that she can repay him the next time they go out. Alison questions him how does he know there will be another date. Alison encourages Casey to work things out with his parents. Tom and Margo walk through Old Town until they get to Al’s Diner. Margo lets Tom know that Casey had lost faith in her. At Java, Dusty and Meg have a cup of coffee and he invites her out to dinner. Emily arrives at Fair Winds and sees Paul with a knife in his hand. Emily thinks that Paul is angry with her. Meg and Dusty arrive at the hospital. Meg gives him a quick kiss good-bye. Lucy passes by and refuses to talk to either of them. Paul tells Emily that he is using a knife to make a fresh wound so that he will have to go to the hospital. Paul asks Emily to stab him so that he can go to the hospital. Casey arrives at Al’s Diner to meet with Margo and Tom. Margo apologizes to him for having him arrested. Casey becomes angry and walks out. Tom goes after him. Meg tries to talk Lucy into talking to Craig into giving Dusty another chance with his son. At the Hughes House, Tom finds Casey packing to move out. At the Lakeview, Lucy tells Dusty that she needs to talk to him. Paul arrives at the hospital with a rag wrapped around his hand. Meg wants to treat him, but Paul refuses. Meg treats his hand anyway. At the docks, Lucy meets with Cesar to see if everything had been put into Craig and Carly’s vodka shipment. Casey and Tom come back to Al’s Diner. Casey hugs Margo and tells her that he forgives her.

At Old Town, Casey tells Alison that he had forgiven Margo. Emily arrives at Fair Winds and lets Paul know what Lucy was cooking up behind Craig’s back. Paul visits Lucy and lets her know that he knows what she is planning with Craig’s vodka shipments. Paul blackmails Lucy into doing as he asks or he will tell Craig everything.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Thomas that he is the one that is crazy and sick, not Rick. Thomas has no right to tell her who she can see. He admits it was selfish and stupid, but he was only trying to protect the family. He can not handle her with Rick. Steffy can’t stand that her mom and dad are coddling Thomas, and Pam is in jail taking the blame. Rick calls and Steffy confesses she has something to tell him. There is nothing to keep her at the cabin now and nothing will ever keep them apart. Ridge and Taylor realize that Steffy can blow this sky high by implicating Thomas and do not want her to do that. Ridge says this family has lost far too much already. He is not going to lose Thomas too. Brooke visits Pam and wants some answers. She needs her to confess, just so Brooke will know they have the right person in jail and her family is safe now. Pam says she is not lying, and she is not sick either. She knows what she is saying. Brooke should be out there trying to find the real culprit. Jackie resents Nick insinuating that she needs a love life to keep her nose out of his private business. She admits that she doesn’t want everyone else miserable just because she is. He thinks there is someone out there for her if she’d just get out and give it a chance. Someone who could appreciate her and make her happy. She doesn’t have to stay cooped up in the office all the time.

Brooke tells Rick that Pam looked her in the eye and denied everything. She’s frightened if she is telling the truth and someone is still out there to harm Rick. Thomas apologizes to Steffy and she gives him a big hug. He tells her that she has to do what she thinks is right. Steffy calls Rick and says she is heading home and will be there in a few hours. Ridge tells Taylor that he doesn’t want her to blame herself for all of this. He didn’t see it coming either. Thomas took all the blame and thought he was the man of the house and that was too much pressure on him. He tells Taylor they have to be strong now. She is not alone. They will get through this together, no matter what it takes.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Sami tells EJ, Stefano, Tony, and Nicole that she has decided to adopt a baby. EJ warns her about the legal pitfalls, including the father coming back to take the baby, but Sami flips out and tells him to stay out of her life. Meanwhile, Rafe and Brady talk about Sami, and Brady assumes Rafe is sticking around to help Sami because she is in trouble. Sami rushes into the pub just then, asking Rafe for his help. After Brady leaves, she explains that they must go get Grace. Rafe refuses and Sami throws a fit, telling him that she is tired of men trying to control her life. Rafe leaves, telling her to have a nice life. After more of Tony’s threats, Nicole falls off the wagon and takes a drink. She calls Brady, telling him she must meet with him right away. EJ vows to Stefano to find out how Sami managed to adopt a child in witness protection. Kate confronts Lucas and Chloe about their elopement and demands that they get an annulment. They refuse outright. Kate vows to avenge herself on Chloe. Daniel tells Maggie that it’s over between him and Chloe and that she eloped with Lucas. Maggie admits that she is surprised and pleased that Daniel is agreeing to bow out gracefully. Max and Chelsea bond with Theo. She later asks Max to be her boyfriend.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jax viewed Jerry's DVD and learned Jerry's role in Michael's shooting. Jerry also mentioned the DVD's he hid at Sonny's house. Carly found Jerry's DVD but didn't have a chance to watch it. Lulu was jealous that Maxie seemed to have so much knowledge about Johnny. Jason wore an FBI wire to Sonny's party. Ric told Claudia he was on to her role in Michael's shooting. Jason and Johnny gave Sonny their full support in front of the party guests. Unhappy with the info Jason got on Sonny, Rayner wanted him arrested. Sam, Winnifred, and Spinelli worked to access the FBI evidence against Spinelli. Liz stayed with Emma as Patrick headed to Rochester to bring Robin home. Meanwhile Robin got friendly with Brad but she stopped before things went too far. Patrick caught up with Robin just as she bid Brad goodnight.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Lizzie and Phillip have a nice conversation about Bill. Bill is alone with his dog. Buzz and Daisy are outside talking about what she almost did to Alan. She asks Buzz if he is glad he stopped her from taking another shot at him, the first missed. Shayne is trying to convince Dinah not to jump. Frank questions both Alan and Phillip. Beth and Frank talk about Coop and what his latest and last book feel for her. Marina, Mallet and Buzz enjoy some time with the baby. Shayne starts to make Dinah laugh. She tells him she is so made at him. Bill and Lizzie catch up with each other and talk about nothing in particular. A base ball comes near them. Bill is about to throw it back when he realizes it is Shayne's, he tosses it to Shayne. Shayne thanks him. Then Dinah shows up. They all smile to each other. Then Bill starts in on Dinah. Telling her, "I don't want to have anything to do with you anymore!." As Bill and Lizzie walk away, Dinah yells back, "What do you want from me?" Both Lizzie and Bill keep on walking away. Beth visits with Buzz, who is holding the baby. Daisy leaves her room and is on the top of the stairs looking down on everyone enjoying the baby. Back in the park where Dinah and Shayne are. Dinah tells Shayne she doesn't want to be her. Shayne says he likes her the way she is. He tells her if she took off, he'd be right behind her. She cries on his shoulder. Lizzie and Bill enjoy dinner at Towers. Dinah and Shayne end up at Marina's. They are talking with Marina, Buzz and Daisy about nothing special. Marina hands over her baby to Dinah to hold.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After Addie gets served the subpoena drawn up in Todd's petition, she informs Dorian and Starr. They are outraged. But Todd goes to the house and wins Jack over. He petitions that his kids are in an unsafe environment when their mother has been stabbed by an unknown assailant, their Aunt Dorian does not provide stability for them, Dorian signed over her estate to Moe who lets a murderer into the house (Ray Montez) and Ray is under suspicion for stabbing Blair. Dorian goes to the house and has Todd removed. But Ray is courteous to her and tells her he thinks he might be able to help her. Stacy tells Gigi she has no intention of helping her after the way Gigi and their parents have treated her throughout her life. She will donate her bone marrow to save Shane's life only under the condition that Gigi gives up Rex and lets Stacy "have" him. Roxy is also similarly threatened by Stacy who tells her that she won't reveals Roxy's secret about Rex's anonymous father if Roxy tells everybody that Stacy is the bone marrow donor. Roxy knows she cannot tell Rex what has happened. Tea goes to talk to Cole in his jail cell. At first he is furious that she is bothering him, tells her he does not want any lawyer and deserves the consequences after what he did to Matthew. But she is able to convince him that he deserves another chance and motivates him not to throw his life away and turn out like Todd Manning And it appears he listens to her at that point.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

At Jack’s house, jack and Mary Jane Benson discuss business on how to improve Jack’s image. There is a knock on the door and it is Jill. Jill questions Jack as to where Billy is. Jack lets her know that Billy and Chloe had taken the baby for a drive. Jill confronts Jack as to who Mary Jane Benson is when she comes face to face with Mary Jane . At Murphy’s cabin, Murph and Kate are snuggled together on the sofa. They discuss how that Marge had done a number on a lof of people years ago. Paul and Nikki are at the Indigo. Nikki shows Paul that Kate had left her the ring which proves that Kay is really Kay and not Marge. Paul suggests that they exhume Marge’s body to prove that she is Marge and not Katherine Chancellor. At the crime scene, Michael explains to Sloan, who he is and all about Kevin and Amber. Kevin orders Amber to have a “time out” as he fastens her in the closet. Amber reaches up and turns the light on and begins to scream when she sees Clint’s dead body. Mary Jane and Jack go over plans to redo Jack’s image. Jill visits Victor and wants to call off the whole arrangement. Jill lets Victor know about Mary Jane wanting to improve Jack’s image. Jill wants to buy out Victor out from Jabot, but Victor refuses. Daniel lets Michael know that he had found Amber’s car a few blocks away. Murph unwraps a gift and pulls out a ring box with a diamond engagement ring which he intends on giving to Katherine. Kevin orders Amber back into the closet.

Michael gets a call informing him that Jana had collapsed. Jill join Paul, Nikki and Heather to discuss exhuming Marge’s body. Murphy tells Kay that he has something for her when Nikki and Paul interrupts. Kevin makes a coffin for Clint, but puts Amber in it instead when she threatens to go to the police. Nikki and Paul visit Katherine. Daniel and Michael search Kevin’s apartment and finds Clint’s body plus some handwriting on the wall. Nikki visits Victor to show him the ring and to ask for his help in exhuming Marge’s body. Victor begins to blast Nikki for falling for this line again when Kay walks in.

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