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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Pine Valley Hospital. Jack meets with a medical examiner, who requests that Jack sign some papers that releases Greenlee’s body. Erica walks up and places her hand on Jack’s shoulder. In the corridor of the hospital, Angie tells Krystal that David had poisoned J.R., but Krystal doesn’t’ believe Angie. Colby calls Adam and tells him what had happened to J.R. and tells Adam to come home. David listens to their conversation and smiles that his plan had worked. Krystal visits J.R. and begs him to bring Little Adam home. Ryan visits Kendall and tells her that each other is all they have. Ryan kisses Kendall despite her protests. Zach walks in and overhears their conversation. Zach witnesses the kiss between Kendall and Ryan. Jesse arrives at the hospital to question David about J.R.. Colby rushes up and tells Jesse that David had poisoned J.R. David gets the help of Gail, who tells Jesse that David had been at the hospital all morning. Erica comforts Jack in his bereavement and offers him her help. Reese wakes up, screaming, and urges Angie to make the pain stop. Angie gives her an injection in her I.V. to make Reese sleep. Reese dreams that her mother and father are making her get married to Simon. Colby walks into J.R.’s room and sees Krystal. Colby orders Krystal away from J.R. Krystal questions David as to what he had put into J.R.’s soda. David refuses to tell her. Annie gives Aidan a package to give Emma for her birthday.

J.R. finds out that Colby had called Adam to come home with Little A. J.R. figures out that this is why that David had poisoned him is to get Adam to come home with Little A. J.R. calls Adam and tells him to stay where he is. Krystal meets up with Erica in the hall and wants to know where Adam is. Ryan and Kendall have a visitor from Erica. Kendall lets Erica know that she had slept with Ryan. Erica urges Kendall to fight for her marriage. Reese wakes up, tearing the bandages from her eyes. Reese can see. Aidan visits Ryan at Fusion and gives him the package that Annie had given to him for Emma’s birthday. Ryan lets Aidan know that it isn’t’ Emma’s birthday but it is Annie’s.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda


B&B Recap Written by Wanda


Days Recap Written by Jenni

Sydney’s christening is completed without incident, even though Nicole faints at one point. She later asks Tony what he wants from her, but he tells her he only wants revenge on EJ, and plans on telling everyone her secret once the timing is right. Mia ends up spying on the ceremony and runs into Sami who feels the need to go get Grace. Rafe talks her out of it, but she changes her mind again when she calls Teresa and learns Grace’s rash is worse. EJ overhears Sami telling Teresa that she needs to bring her baby home right away. Rafe confides in Sister Teresa that he and Sami must keep Grace a secret from her father. Teresa worries that he might find out anyway. Will confides in Caroline about Mia, and his relationship with Lucas and Sami. Mia comes back to the pub to get the keys she left behind and she and Will learn each other’s names.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Jason tells Rayner that he won't cooperate by wearing a wire. Rayner finally convinces Jason that he should save Spinelli instead of Sonny. Jason shows up at Sonny's home wearing a wire. Sonny questions Claudia as to why Johnny needs to be at the cocktail party. Sonny wants Claudia to be honest and loyal to him. Claudia is shocked when Ric says he knows about Jerry's DVDs. Jax and Carly spend their honeymoon in a hotel room. Jax finds a mysterious package with a DVD inside. In private, Jax watches the DVD. Jax is shocked to find Jerry about to make a confession on the DVD. Spinelli says goodbye to Maxie before he and Winifred leave together. Maxie, Patrick, and Mac are worried about what happened to Robin. Mac gets a call and finds out Robin is in Rochester. Robin and Brad go out on a date. Robin kisses Brad.

GL Recap Written by Beth


OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Stacy is eavesdropping and spying on Roxy as she gathers the DNA from Rex's mysterious biological father and gives it to the lab technician telling him that it's from an anonymous "John Doe" whom she wants nobody to know the identity of. She confronts Roxy about knowing her secret and threatens to tell Rex if Roxy does not do what she wants. Gigi and Rex are very worried about Shane. But he tells her he believes in miracles with how they reunited after all these years, randomly in Paris, TX. Alone she prays for a miracle. Stacy appears and tells her sister that her wish has been granted. She is the right candidate for the bone marrow transplant. Marty tells Tea she wants her to represent Cole. She has seen Tea in action and although she hates her guts, she believes an unscrupulous lawyer like Tea is what her son needs to prevent him from going to prison and having his life ruined. Tea asks Marty if she's ready for a fight with Nora after Matthew may be paralyzed for life due to Cole's negligence and if she's willing to sacrifice ever being friends with Nora again. Marty tells Tea her son's future is all she cares about now. John and Officer Fish investigate the stabbings. John asks Marty to observe the evidence with him. She identifies the frat house where she was stabbed. Things don't look good for Todd and his new lawyer is not as good as Tea. Cristian and Layla get locked in the freezer room together and are forced to talk and admit what is going on in their minds.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At the Newman house, Victor returns from work in the door and startles Adam who thought he'd moved out. Adam congratulates Victor on him and Ashley having a child. Paul apologizes to Nikki for not being in contact. Nikki assures him that she understands that she knew he was traveling. Nikki lets Paul know that Katherine had left town since the DNA had proved that the woman wasn’t’ really Katherine. Kay returns home to Murph but doesn’t’ really remember the cabin. Gloria questions Daniel as to how Kay had been gone. Daniel lets her know that Kay had been gone 24 hours. Jana gets a call from Amber letting them know that she is outside a bank in Minnesota and is waiting for Kevin. A gunshot fires. A woman tells Amber that the chipmunk bandit had hit an armored car. Kevin spots Amber and tells her that she shouldn’t be here. Amber realizes that Kevin had been shot. Kay tells Murph that the DNA had came back and she wasn’t Katherine. Nikki visits Victor and tells him that Katherine really isn’t’ Katherine. Victor begins to lash out at Nikki at being taken by a con artist again. Jeff comes to visit Gloria and tries to make amends, but Gloria doesn’t want anything from him. Gloria orders Jeff to leave. Amber takes Kevin home to his place.

Jana finds some shocking evidence about Kevin. Victor tells Nikki that Adam is going blind. Jana gives Gloria the good news that Kevin is free. Michael finds blood on the ground outside of the bank. Detective Sloan tells Michael to step away from the crime scene. Michael begins to question a bystander about what he had seen. Daniel realizes that Amber had found Kevin. Nikki realizes that Kay is really Marge. Nikki receives a package from Marge (Kay). An APB is put out on Amber and Kevin. Kevin lets Amber know that his father will be coming back. Kevin orders Amber out.

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