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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Pine Valley Hospital, Krystal arrives, looking for David, but meets up with Angie instead, who lets her know that David hadn’t’ showed up for the board meeting. David sneaks into the Chandler mansion and puts something into J.R.’s drink. J.R. walks back into the room with a phone in his hand and a bucket of ice. Sitting by Reese’s hospital bed, Zach remembers his conversation with Kendall in which she had told him about them finding Greenlee’s body. At Oak Haven, Annie writes in her diary when Tori comes in to visit her. At Pine Valley Hospital, Ryan confronts Ryan as to what he had seen in Connecticut. Jack visits Kendall at Fusion and wants to know what they had found out in Connecticut. Kendall lets him know that it was Greenlee’s body but the DNA would confirm it. Kendall remembers when she and Ryan had made love. At the hospital, Zach notices Ryan and Aidan talking. Ryan hurriedly leaves when Zach appears. Zach questions Aidan as to what that was all about. Zach lets Reese know that they had found Greenlee’s body. Krystal meets up with David at the hospital and begins to question him as to where he had been. Once again, David lies to her. Colby comes in the door of the Chandler mansion and finds J.R. lying on the floor of the living room, unconscious. David questions Krystal as to why she was at the Chandlers. Aidan refuses to tell Zach that he had seen Ryan and Kendall in bed together. Kendall and Jack go through Greenlee’s possessions. Kendall reminisces about Zach. Jack thanks Kendall and for going to Connecticut. Jack and Ryan hug. Jack gives Ryan a brown envelope with a note and a DVD inside.

Aidan visits Annie at Oak Haven. Aidan questions Annie about Tori and what Annie had told her. Krystal tells David that she doesn’t want a divorce, but David doesn’t’ see any other way. J.R. is brought into the hospital unconscious. David comes in to examine J.R., but Colby tells David to get out. Krystal confronts David that he had gone to the Chandler mansion that morning. Ryan watches the DVD of Greenlee. Kendall arrives home to find Zach with the boys. Angie tells Colby and Krystal that J.R. had been poisoned. Colby calls Adam to come home that J.R. is in the hospital. Ryan visits Kendall and takes her in his arms and kisses her when Zach walks in and witnesses the kiss.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva


B&B Recap Written by Wanda


Days Recap Written by Jenni

Sami and EJ agree to make nice and wish each other happiness, even though they both dislike the other’s choice when it comes to romantic interests. Nicole claims that Mia is crazy and that she can prove Sydney belongs to her and EJ. Tony still seems bent on telling EJ and Stefano her secret even as the christening begins. Will and Mia have lunch together, but she rushes off in tears after hearing about Will’s little brother and sister. Rafe tells Sister Agnes about his feelings for Sami, and she alludes to a time in his past when he made a similar sacrifice for another woman. Brady and Stephanie hunt Phillip down and Phillip agrees to take Brady’s advice, which is to make Tony a private offer for the blueprints. Phillip vows to go to more extreme measures if it doesn’t work

GH Recap Written by Laurie

GL Recap Written by Beth


OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

At Buenos Dias, Viki and Charlie are hosting a bone marrow donor drive for Shane. Behind the scenes, Roxy is secretly providing the DNA of Rex's biological father to the lab for testing without telling anybody. Stacy is spying upon her and goes to "Strike a deal" with the lab technician where he tells Roxy that her "mysterious friend" is a match and in order for her to save her grandson's life, she must provide the name of the donor. Stacy wants to blackmail her. In Shane's hospital room, both he and Rex get their hair shaved so they look like father and son. Natalie and Jared seem to know that Tess or Bess went into the hospital to switch Jessica's dead baby for Starr's healthy baby. But they know they better not breathe a word of it to anybody until it's proven and that there's no easy way to drop the bombshell upon the parties involved after proving it.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead


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