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AMC Recap Written by Mary

In a motel room in Connecticut, Aidan picks the lock on Ryan’s and Kendall’s motel room and finds them in bed together. Ryan senses that someone is in the room with tm and begins to arouse from sleep. Angie examines Reese’s eyes and tells Reese that she could have a cyst. At the Chandler mansion, Pete and Colby have just come in from a run. Pete lets Colby know that he and Opal are moving back into Tad’s home. Krystal comes to visit Amanda to give her good news about David. Kathy holds up a “Welcome Home” sign for Opal when she arrives. George meets with David and Jesse at Wildwind. David wants Jesse to serve J.R. with papers that the Chandler mansion can be searched for info on where Adam and Erica could have taken Little A. Ryan searches outside the hotel room to see if he could see anyone, who may have been in their room. Ryan lets Kendall know that last night was a mistake. Kendall doesn’t’ see it like that. Krystal tells J.R. that David is not going to pursue Amanda’s baby. J.R. doesn’t’ really care anything about Amanda anymore since Amanda had lied to him about who the father of her baby was. Jesse and David appear on J.R.’s doorstep with the search warrant. Reese goes into surgery.

Opal gives Amanda pointers on how to be a good Mother. Kendall and Ryan make love again. Zach awaits word on Reeses’ condition. Aidan arrives at the hospital to give Zach an update on what had been going on. Pete lets everyone at Tad’s know that he had taken over Amanda’s old job at Fusion. Kendall tells Zach and Aidan know that they had found Greenlee’s body. Aidan lets Ryan know that he had been in Connecticut also. Zach sits beside Reese’s bed and holds her hand.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Jack orders Parker and Liberty out of Carly’s home, as Carly and Janet are furious, but Jack is standing his ground. Blame is tossed around, as they talk about Parker’s reasoning for this. Craig and Janet both leave, as Janet is frantic to find them and is furious at Jack as well. Jack admits to Carly that he is afraid at what his son has become, as Carly is sure that he is implying Parker is becoming her. Carly wants him to let Parker come home so he doesn’t think they have abandoned him, but Jack is adamant that he be taught a lesson by his behavior if he is so intent on being an adult. Liberty worries about the ramifications of their actions on their parents. Parker feels he did what he had to. Craig finds Parker and Liberty sitting on a bench in Old Town and offers to put them up at the Lakeview for the night. Craig tells Carly what he did, but Carly doesn’t tell Jack. Jack explains that he just wants his family back in one piece, as Carly tells him that will most likely not happen now. Brad and Katie are anxious to know if Vienna is pregnant, as they wait no longer when a thrilled Vienna with a less then thrilled looking Henry show up to tell them the happy news – she is pregnant. They all celebrate their different family to be. Their celebration is cut short when Janet comes and admits to Brad what is going on with Parker and Liberty. Later, Henry wants to sleep with Vienna, but she doesn’t want to risk the baby. Henry is not happy when he points out that she promised nothing would change between them. Vienna tries to help him relax in other ways, but soon they are giving into their passions. Brad is furious, but Janet needs him to be the person that Liberty can come to, as she relays that Jack’s reaction was so similar to her parent’s when she got pregnant. She admits how much she screwed up because of that lack of support. Brad agrees to try to help Liberty and even goes as far to tell Katie that Parker and Liberty can stay with them under close supervision. Carly calls Janet to tell her that the kids are ok, as they agree to not tell Jack. Parker and Liberty are awkward and unsure, as they get settled in for the night and agree now is not the time to have sex – even if it is their wedding night. Carly breaks down, as she is drinking her wine when Craig shows up. Carly is angry at him, even though she is also thankful, as she wonders if she made different choices and not listened to him, if things would be different. Craig is just trying to help, but he realizes he isn’t and decides to leave. Jack and Janet argue about his reaction to Parker and Liberty when Jack won’t change his mind. Jack prays to Hal. Janet tells him that his behavior towards Liberty has left her with a broken heart, as she wants Jack to sleep elsewhere.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor admits to Ridge that it was not Pam who was after Rick. She knows who was. Although, Taylor talks in circles, slowly it becomes clear to Ridge – it was Thomas! Taylor nods yes and says he was only trying to step up as a man to protect his family. Steffy talks to Rick by cell and he is anxious for her to come home. Steffy and Thomas exchange words. She tells him to lighten up and let her lead her own life. Thomas apologizes to his dad. He’s ashamed of himself, but not for how he feels about that bastard and what he is doing to his sister. Ridge tells Thomas that he wished he could have come to him and discussed this. Thomas blasts that he couldn’t. Ridge has another family now and isn’t home. He’s the man of the house now. Stephanie tells Brooke that she is not going to leave her home until Brooke tells her what actions she has taken to keep her family safe. And she warns her not to expect Ridge back. They might be married, but Brooke has always been second choice. He’s back with Taylor now. Rick resents Stephanie being there and they exchange snide remarks. She warns him that somebody is gonna get him and he won’t even see it coming.

Taylor confesses to Steffy that she is not afraid for her safety anymore. The perpetrator was Thomas. He was trying to scare Rick not kill him. Steffy doesn’t believe it. Thomas must be covering for someone. Ridge listens to Thomas pour his heart out how he hates Rick for rummaging through his family of mother and sisters. Ridge hugs him and says he understands. He knows how Rick can push people until they don’t know what to do. He’s hearing Thomas say things that he has said himself. Steffy confronts Thomas, but doesn’t want to hear what he says. She shrieks at him that she doesn’t know him anymore. This was not his right to do this, to dictate who she sees and who she doesn’t. He cries that somebody had to stop Rick. She has to stop seeing him now as Thomas won’t let that happen - her still seeing Rick.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Melanie goes to Tony, looking for more money and a contract to sign, but Tony says she will have to wait. Max confronts Melanie about stealing the blueprints. She tells him about Tony cheating her, and decides to go to Phillip for help. Phillip storms over to the DiMera mansion looking for Tony. Stephanie enlists Brady’s help after she is unable to stop him. Will wonders why Sami has agreed to go to Sydney’s christening and wonders what is going on with her. Nicole and EJ prepare for Sydney’s christening, but fight about Brady attending. Brady later decides to leave before he stirs up any trouble. When Sami arrives, Nicole warns her that no one will be able to pull her family apart. Later, Sami helps EJ with Sydney and he admits that the two of them just look right together. Mia shows up at the mansion and gets into a conversation with Tony. She eventually breaks down and tells him Nicole lost her baby, so she gave her hers. Tony confronts Nicole with the information, telling her that he knows Sydney isn’t her daughter. Will finds Mia crying at the pier.

GH Recap Written by Lauren

Patrick is very worried about Robin and angered when he finds out that she called Mac but not him. Patrick needs a break and goes drinking at Jake’s where he encounters race car driver Jeff Burton. Back at his house, Elizabeth helps Patrick come to terms with Robin having PPD and offers to help with Emma until Robin returns. Meanwhile, Robin is still at the bar and meets a handyman named Brad, who’s wife left him years ago. Robin helps him build shelves and they seem easy with one another until he asks her out and she gets uncomfortable.

Lulu is disturbed by the lipstick on Johnny’s collar, and Maxie doesn’t help by trying to make her jealous talking about all the actresses and models. Johnny tells Lulu he loves her and takes her for a drive. Alexis sees Winnifred under Rayner’s desk and gets Rayner out so Winnifred and Spinelli can have time with the computer. Things seem to be going well but then they encounter a problem.

Sonny and Carly decide to not give up on Michael and he tells her about Claudia’s party and how Claudia is different than Carly because of her family’s past and he may not shut her out the way he did Carly. Carly and Jax renew their wedding vows without waiting for the minister and just say their vows to each other. They pledge their love and kiss. Later Sonny goes to see Olivia who is distracted by a package sent to Jax that looks like a Jerry Jax DVD.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Dinah is on a bridge ledge when Phillip spots her. He goes to her and attempts to talk to her. He climbs over the guard rail and stands next to her. He tells her he knows she is the one who was involved in Lizzie's kidnapping and framing Bill. He also tells her he can't do anything through the law about it. Then he grabs here shoulders as if he is about to push her. But doesn't. Daisy is at the end of her rope and talks to Remy about why. She tells Remy that Buzz won't come home. Buzz is alone when Jenna's spirit returns to talk to him. The Lewis family along with friends continue to celebrate Bill's exoneration. At Towers, both Phillip and Dinah arrive. Phillip warns Dinah to have a good time. A bit later, they are in the corner of Towers having it out. Shayne and Josh are outside talking about Dinah. And what Shayne feels for her. Shayne doesn't want to feel to much because of the woman he once loved and thinks he killed. Buzz is still talking with Jenna about trying to protect Coop. Buzz feels he failed at it. At Towers, Dinah makes a speech to Bill in front of everyone about their brother/sister relationship and how she feels she failed him. Bill is confused. Shayne is pouring his emotions out on Josh about what happened to his girlfriend. At one point in the conversation, Josh asks Shayne if Dinah knows any of what he is being told. Shayne nods his head yes. Then Josh hugs Shayne. Daisy goes to see Alan. She is carrying a gun. And swears she is going to use it if Alan doesn't do as she asks, which is tell her where Grady is. When Alan makes a crack about Grady, Daisy pulls the trigger. Dinah goes and tells all about what happened when Lizzie was kidnapped. Back at the Spauldings, Buzz arrives and Alan tells him to get out and take Daisy with him. Bill gets angry at Dinah and then he and Lizzie leave Towers. Josh tells Shayne that no one blames him for Lara's death. Phillip and Dinah are alone after Bill's blowup and they talk. Phillip tells her he's the darkest before the dawn. Dinah questions if she has lost everyone. Buzz gets Daisy outside. Daisy tells her grandfather that she knows Grady is never coming back. That she trusted him and what a fool she was to do so. Josh gets a visit from Edmund, who wants to know how Shayne is. Edmund tells Josh that he is not trying to come between Josh and Shayne. Dinah goes back to the ledge that Phillip found her on and this time Shayne stops her from jumping at first..

OLTL Recap Written by Mandy

John questions Tea about Lee Halpern’s murder and she finally admits that she didn’t do it, but neither did Todd. Jack visits Todd in jail and asks if Todd hurt Blair to be with Marty. Brody gets discharged from St. Ann’s and Gigi tells him about Shane’s leukemia. Bo tells Rex about Matthew and they discuss their children. Nora comes to arrest Cole and finds out that he went to see Matthew, so she gets into it with Marty. Matthew and Cole each take responsibility for the accident, while assuring each other that it wasn’t their fault.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead


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